Weekly Wishes #7


Another round of Weekly Wishes! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

This week’s picture prompt is Celebration (in honor of Monja’s first birthday, I think! Happy birthday Monja!). I thought it only fitting to put up a picture of something Christmas-y since it’s one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know about you but Christmas is on my mind already. Bring on the cozy decor, festive songs, good food and company. Oh, and I could use a trip to Disneyland too. 😉

So you can probably tell from the lack of posts that we’ve been busy. My ultimate goal for this blog was to have consistent posts but I don’t think it’s possible with busy life going on and dozens of things to handle in the next few weeks so yes, the number of posts per week will go down to maybe 3-4 but don’t worry, you can still keep up with us on Twitter. We will, however, be back in full force when things settle down a bit.

Last week’s wishes were to:

1. Get things done. Eh? I should just take this off my list. I feel like I’m not going anywhere with this.

2. Write. I did get some actual writing done for half the week but then Microsoft Word swayed me and I’m back on the keyboard again. It felt good to hold a pencil though.

3. Reclaim my passion for art. It felt good to get support from everyone who commented last week so thank you. How did I do for this goal? I was actually more inspired this week. I started to look at things from different angles and it’s helping that Skye is my driving force whenever I’m lazy or discouraged.

By the way, it’s been weeks and my drawing hasn’t seen the light of day on this blog. Gomenasai! I hope to build up enough self-confidence to show my drawings to you soon enough.

This week’s wishes are:

1. Get back on track with my workouts. Dare I say I’ve been slacking? Yes, indeed. I’ve been slacking and watching TV during my usual workout time. Guilty! But I’mma step it up this week and watch TV after my workouts. Please, everyone, you have to watch Rurouni Kenshin. I have not been more in love with a show before. I have a post coming up on it but whether or not I finish it depends on how my second goal works out…

2. Finish all these drafts!! I swear I have 15 drafts to wrap up but I can’t seem to just write them out and end them. The posts will slow down but the least I can do is finish a couple, right?

3. Work on thinking of better responses to people. Why am I awkward? Why? Why? I feel like ‘I’m awkward’ is such a cliche, worn out phrase but I can’t think of anything else to describe me as when I talk to people I don’t really know/would like to get to know more. I always feel like my responses are so stiff and formal and in the back of my mind I’m afraid that I’ll be taken as serious or boring. But it’s not in my nature to get pally with people quickly. Um, this goes for comments and Twitter replies too. Does this even make any sense?

What do you think? Manageable or impossible? What are your weekly wishes? Don’t be afraid to tell me in the comment section even if you’re not participating in the link-up. If you choose to write your own post, link up with Melyssa. 🙂

Here are last week’s posts that you might have missed:

  • I only just listened to this song again. It’s adorable.
  • I wrote a guest post for Skye’s art series.
  • Here are some cute Labradors swimming in the water.
  • There is no fall here. Can you live without fall?
  • Last but not least, an outfit worthy of wearing to Fashion Week in this week’s Fashionable Friday #7.

Wish me luck in taking on all the tasks to come! In return, I hope you stay fabulous and composed throughout the week!

By the way, if anyone can recommend a good site to get good rates on flights, please let me know. Thank you!



Weekly Wishes #6


Hey, Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? I could use some sushi and there didn’t seem to be a picture prompt this week thus the sushi rolls! Who’s with me on creating a Sushi Day?

Anyway, let’s do a recap on last week’s goals:

1. Remind myself that I’m awesome. All of you were totally supportive of my goal to write for myself so thank you for that! I didn’t remind myself that I’m awesome but I definitely felt awesome all week long so yay?

2. Write better posts. Hmm, I would say this was a success since I wrote 2 2000word posts – eek, I know! You’ll have to wait and see that later on. I’m just working on it a wee bit more. I give up, I am a perfectionist even though I always say that I’m not. With writing comes my not-good-enough syndrome so that’s why it takes me forever to finally approve of a post and hit publish. Anyone else struggle to ‘perfect’ their posts?

3. Watch more TV. I totally did this. I’ve been watching TV all day every day. Haha, I love that so many of you loved this goal. It was definitely very relaxing to just kick back and watch all the TV I could. Let’s be couch potato friends. 😉


So with last week’s relaxed goals, I neglected quite a few important things but hopefully all the relaxation has helped me regain energy for what I have to do this week. This week’s goals:

The Nectar Collective

1. REALLY get all the non-online things done. I used to wish that Neverland existed so that I wouldn’t have to grow up and be an adult and y’know, have to shoulder all these adult responsibilities. Naive child, that I was. Well, that was then, this is now and as much as I try to reject the idea of me being ‘grown up’ now, it’s real and I just gotta do what I gotta do. Even if it sucks. Because I’d rather watch TV and pretend that all is good. I am an idealist in so many ridiculous ways, sometimes I wonder if it’s a good thing or bad thing. Siiiiiigh. I wonder how you grown-ups do it.

2. Write. Again? You’re probably wondering. But yes, haha. This time on actual paper. I actually miss writing on paper and I have to admit that I have been growing too dependent on Microsoft Word. I used to carve out a good portion of my time every night just to write on paper. That was good. Now I think, oh yeah I’m unplugging when I write on Word but then I can’t help checking my Twitter feed and blog and other sites and gah, I just get distracted and I’m kidding myself when I say that I’m unplugging. So yeah, just find some time to actually pick up a pencil…

3. Reclaim my passion for art. And not let anyone stop me. It’s time I got back into the art groove. It’s where my heart has always been and where it should always be. I’ve just stumbled along the way and encountered negativity that turned me off and I was too weak to shove all that crap right back where it belonged. Instead I let it consume me and discourage me. Well, it’s time I climbed over the wall I’ve been looking at and take a look at the vistas beyond it.

Wow, really idealistic goals I’ve got this week. I was going to take it easy again and list down easy goals like watch even more TV or find Halloween nail art for inspiration but hey, what do you know, look at my list. I think in another world I would be a superhero. 😉

What are your weekly wishes? Don’t forget to link up with Melyssa!


Oh, and here’s last week’s posts if you feel like you’d like to stay a while:

  • Skye wrote her fantastic review of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). I caved. I’ve started watching it. LEVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! <3
  • We offered you a smile this week for our Wordless Wednesday. Pretty sure you can still grab one 😉
  • Skye quoted Leonardo Da Vinci in her Adventures with Art and for good reason too. Go be inspired here.
  • The 3 kinds of people we met during brunch.. very interesting folks.
  • I had 6 favorites for last week’s favorite reads.
  • Who else loves the ocean as much as I do? If you do, you’d probably love the outfit I created for my Fashionable Friday post.
  • And it’s back – my weekly anger and stress series.

And that’s a wrap. Hope you kick butt this week!


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Weekly Wishes #5


Hey guys! It’s Monday again. Feeling blue? Kick that feeling to the curb right away. Listen to some good music, do some stretches, watch a funny clip, put a smile on your face even if it’s for five seconds.

Today’s Weekly Wishes picture prompt is happiness (Don’t forget to link up with Melyssa!). I immediately knew what picture I wanted to use. Here’s a picture of a bonsai tree from the temple we go to and a simple quote. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bonsai this big though I’m sure there are bigger ones out there. I believe this photo was taken on the same day I had a deep conversation with an elderly but immensely wise nun and this picture reminds me of her words of wisdom. Why, hello, yes, if you’re wondering, we’re Buddhists. =)

Okay, now on to the recap of last week’s wishes:

  1. Get things on my non-online to-do list done. – Fail.
  2. Leave more comment love.  – I did leave comments on some blogs that I really like so I guess that’s counted?
  3. Write more posts. – Fail. Yes, I even managed to not follow up on my weekly series, boo.
  4. Find a gift for my friend. – Fail. I didn’t manage to find her gift so in my mind, it’s kind of on an IOU basis now. I bought her dinner though.
  5. Cook more. – I made a few meals so yes, success!

Yup, last week was crappy in terms of completing my weekly wishes but I did reach a couple of epiphanies so that’s good right?


This week’s wishes are really simple :

The Nectar Collective
  1. Remind myself that I’m awesome and that I don’t have to please anybody in my posts. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been feeling discouraged lately. But then I re-realized this: If people don’t like our posts because we don’t fit into specific boxes or because we don’t have this or that, the simplest solution is the little button on the upper right corner of the screen ^__^
  2. And because I’m awesome, I should write better posts. I’m open to suggestions as to what kind of posts you like though.
  3. Watch more TV shows. Season 3 of Person of Interest premiered last week and it was just… EPIC. I’m not going to spoil it for you so don’t worry. Let’s just say that this show needs to win awards… oh, and they need to get rid of Root because she’s annoying. Elementary also premiered last week and I just watched it and it was SMASHING (my not-so-subtle hint at Sherlock’s greatness). My mom is considering giving it another shot – she should – so I’m excited. I’ve also started watching Wandering Samurai with Skye and we LOVE it. Can you tell by my many capitalized words that I love these shows?

How relaxed are my wishes this week?! VERY, right? Yup, I’ve decided to take it easier. What shows are you watching this fall?


If you missed out on last week’s posts, here they are:

  • Music Monday #4 – Guess whose Wrecking Ball we’re loving?
  • Adventures with ArtSkye included a weekly wish in the post. She totally achieved it this week so go ahead and congratulate her on achieving her first weekly wish!
  • Wordless Wednesday – What quote did I put up this week? Can you relate to it?
  • I talked about my idea of a good time. What is your idea of a good time? Link your post in the comment, I’d love to read it.
  • This week’s favorites was fun to list down.
  • My Fashionable Friday included a gorgeous leather skirt so check that out.
  • We got our first blog award! We loved answering the questions and everything. We didn’t even mind not receiving much response. I dunno, though. I love a good long post but I don’t think people have the time nowadays to read through a 1000 word post.

That’s it from us! Hope you have an awesome week!


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Double P.S: If you read our blog and love what we write about, please leave a comment. We’d love to know who you are.

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