Weekly Wishes #21


Hi friends! It seems like I’m always late to the Weekly Wishes party these days. I should really crank my posts out the night before.

I kinda miss the picture prompts but at least now I can post pictures of the trees I take… I take pictures of trees. Haha, is that weird? Anyway, the story behind this picture. It was taken in May 2013 during my summer vacation in California while waiting for the car rental guy. It was the coolest day in the entire month that I was there and I just loved how perfect the weather was.

Last week I wanted to:

1. Keep up with my readings for my classes and be active in the online discussion. Check!

2. Draw more. Well, I did draw one or two things so…

3. Brainstorm for ideas. This wish was pretty vague but I’m just going to list writing/finishing posts under here. That is kind of like brainstorming for posts, right?

4. Try not to hate taking the bus. This. This deserves a post of its own and it’s coming. Oh yes, it’s coming really soon.

The Nectar Collective

This week, my wishes are to:

1. Continue keeping up with my classes and assignments (because I’d really rather be re-watching Brave 10 and learning the lyrics to Fast Forward).

2. Start doing nail art again.

3. Draw more. Y’all, the best part of having a data plan for your phone is being able to look stuff up anywhere (except that stupid building on campus that has no reception). I felt like a boss when I managed to visit Ebba’s site and use her pictures as a reference for my drawing last week.

4. Organize my favorite blogs properly so that I don’t miss anyone out and keep up with their posts. I’m sorry if I’ve neglected you. T_T I feel bad.

5. Get the hang of Instagram. You’d argue that there’s nothing much to ‘get the hang of’ and I would agree but where are all my friends?!!! I can’t seem to find any of you there. You can follow me at @RightAsRaine – I would be so happy if you did and I’d follow you right back. I promise to post fascinating pictures of my everyday life that may or may not include a fried egg. I’m so proud of the bio I thought up – am I witty or am I witty? Just kidding, you probably think it’s boring. I have to stop putting myself down.

Wow. I’m really out of ideas. I just have school on my mind. That sucks. You would think that after having to run after the damn bus there should be tons of oxygen going to my brain thus giving me more ideas but apparently not. Maybe it’s because I just had lunch.

Oh well. See you in the next installment. Have a lovely week.



Weekly Wishes #19 + tidbits about life lately


Hey guys! What’s up? Long time no see. I think I may have said something like this last week but the past two weeks have felt like exceptionally long weeks. There is a reason for that – read on to find out!

So today’s picture prompt is 2014 and what could be more fitting than an announcement to go with our picture. I’ll let you in on an insider secret: there are a crap ton of posts waiting to be finished in the draft box. I always seem to start them but then get distracted/unmotivated/uninspired/really distracted/called away before I can finish them.

Which is why I decided what the heck I’m just going to write it all in this Weekly Wishes post which is the post I make sure I write every week to keep this blog alive while we’re busy with other things. I digress.

Our announcement: we made a big move over Christmas to the West Coast of Canada where we will be residing for the next year or two or three while we’re attending uni! I know we didn’t mention much about moving but we wanted to keep it that way because there were quite a few uncertainties. There were applications and deadlines and packing and shopping and you know all that nitty gritty stuff that really gets to you… so yeah, the months before leaving were a whirlwind and you may have noticed that our blogging became far less consistent.

But I know the question on your mind is probably: move? From where? We don’t really talk much about where we’re from but I can tell you that we came from across the Pacific Ocean but not too far North. That gives you a vague/rough (depends on how you see it, really) idea of where we’re from. If that doesn’t help, well, I’ve heard that mysteriousness is quite attractive. Just kidding but hey, if you think so, keep it that way. 😉

So how has it been so far, you wonder? Cold? Strange? Are we suffering from culture shock? Homesickness? Not really as cold as we thought. Shopping for cute winter clothes/scarves/boots is fun. Strange is everywhere. Culture shock… hmm… well, some stores/malls close REALLY early though. 6pm closing hours?? Why? The bus system is pretty awesome though… Back home public transport is, um, unthinkable. Homesickness, what’s that? Oh, you mean crying and rocking back and forth and wishing to go home? Yes, well, some then.

We’ve been adjusting okay, I think. Everything’s a bit more expensive than in the US but then again, who doesn’t know that? Still, our thrifty Asian roots will come in handy now, won’t they? 😉 I’ve got so much more to tell you guys – both funny and sad stories – and I promise those posts are coming!! I even managed to upload the pictures!!


The Nectar Collective


Anyway, let’s get on with the Weekly Wishes. This week is the first week of school so I’d like to:

1. Not make a fool out of myself while I grope and try to find my way around the huge campus. Haha, I had class this morning and I already did something ridiculous but let’s just hope my awkwardness doesn’t lead me to more ridiculousness… (as if)

2. Make at least one new friend. I have always battled between thinking of myself as sociable and finding myself awkward as all heck. What is up with that? Today… nobody sat beside me because I took the aisle seat and ain’t nobody gonna squeeze into the row as I found out. Maybe that should be my next wish…

3. Take the fricking middle seat and hope that someone sits beside me and hopefully talk to that someone. I cry just thinking about whether I’ll be able to do that.

4. Make an Instagram account and follow y’all. Come on, why is all the fun on Instagram? I just need to wait for the new phone to arrive – yah, apparently the sim card doesn’t work for my current phone (WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!! Also, I’ve come to love my S2 so giving it up for another phone is… sad… T_T).

5. Make potato salad. Totally unimportant but comfort food would make me feel x10 better.

6. Buy a chair. Does anyone know where I can get a nice comfy chair for a reasonable price? The current chairs we have… SUCK. They’re squeaky and hard and I just don’t like them.

After writing all this, I realized that Melyssa kinda changed the format for WW to make every first week a monthly goal post. Nice. Uhhhh… I’ll just include them below. My goals for this month would be:

1. To get back on our blogging track, both here and on my nail blog. Meaning, write posts and visit blogs and do tweaking.

2. Make potato salad.

3. Um, go see an advisor??

4. Keep up with my classes.

5. Keep up with the manga I’m reading. My priorities are great.

6. Try not to hate the fact that I have a night class. The last time I ever took a night class… was maybe about 10 years ago when I needed ONE extra math lesson.

Okay, that is more than enough goals right there. I hope I haven’t scared you off/bored you to tears. Link up with Melyssa for your weekly dose of positivity~

I’m off to hunt for more animes to watch because I totally don’t have a PDF file of lecture notes to read before class tomorrow. Catch you later and have a lovely Mondayyy!



2013 in review and Weekly Wishes #18


Hi everyone! Hisashiburi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess it’s only been a week but it seems like forever because within last week, we had a major transition. Can’t do the picture prompt for this week because things are a little hectic right now but thank goodness for having a spare picture in my folder somewhere. That’s me and San Francisco in the distance.

Last week’s post was rather quiet but oh well, we’re in the next week already and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!!

Have we really reached the end of 2013? This year seemed to fly by. I may say this almost every year but the days this year have really seemed to peel by faster than ever. As usual, I’ll be doing my obligatory end-of-year annual reflection which will also serve as this Weekly Wishes post.

In 2013,

I learned a lot about myself. At some points, I felt like I lost myself a bit but I think it’s good to lose sight of yourself sometimes because you discover things about yourself that you never knew existed within you. How philosophical and cliche did that sound? I have my philosophy class to blame but it’s true. Confidence and strength are two of the countless things I’ve gained this year. I guess it’s true that as you grow older you care less about what people say about you and you do things that once upon a time would have made you uncomfortable. I mean, come on, I dance on escalators now, haha.

I learned many new things and picked up a few things that I’d left hanging. Drawing is something I picked up again. I never thought I would pursue my interest in art because I always thought you either had talent or didn’t and clearly I thought my talent was nil. Haha, my lack of confidence is a bit disgusting and embarrassing but I’m glad I’m getting better at it. Now I believe anyone can do anything as long as they put their heart and best effort into it so even I may one day be a bona fide pro artist one day. Even if I don’t, I think I’d just be happy that I started drawing again. I’m glad Skye convinced me to draw again. ^__^

I also lost more weight than I ever have and I feel pretty good about myself. -insert proud emoticon- I have been working out consistently and I’m actually enjoying working out. I used to dislike exercising mostly because I had to haul myself out of bed every morning to follow my mom to the gym which wasn’t the greatest of places. The air-conditioning was always switched off, the staff was nasty and the people who frequented the gym do not know how to follow simple gym etiquette (talking loudly on cell phones, hogging all the equipment, leaving their stuff everywhere, being generally unhygienic, stuff like that). Well, eventually my mom and I stopped going and after weeks of convincing ourselves that we would work out in the comfort of our home, we finally did and now we’ve got our own gym corner. It’s fun and just shows that we don’t need a gym with fancy equipment to work out.

Skye and I finished a first rough draft of a fantasy novel. I think that calls for a HECK YEAH! It’s always been our dream to write something together. You know how sometimes you write something, forget about it along the way, find it again some time later, read it and think omg what was I thinking that is so freaking cheesy?! Yeah, well, we reread our draft and it’s actually pretty solid and we still like it. 😀 We also wrote a thriller together – so much fun and such a nice change from all the romance I was writing, haha.

Watched a whole bunch of new shows, got hooked on anime again, in the process fell in love with Japanese songs. Hmm, yeah, you can already tell by our previous posts. 😉 I think we have Skye’s classmate to thank for our revived interest. Here are some of the best animes we’ve watched so far: K Project, Nurarihyon no Mago, Rurouni Kenshin. And here are the good/decent ones: Hakuouki Reimeiroku, Full Metal Panic!, Spice and Wolf, Shingeki no Kyojin. Undecided on whether or not to continue these animes: Magi and Durarara!. I am sure there are way more than these few but I just can’t seem to bring them up in my mind.

I also read some excellent mangas this year: Rurouni Kenshin (first rate manga though the ending was more bittersweet than I would have liked), Natsume Yuujinchou (I only found out the manga is ongoing after I reached the supposed last chapter, haha; beautifully written and I shed a tear at almost every end of a chapter), K: Memory of Red (oh, the emotions while reading this manga… indescribable; beautiful relationships and great short stories that co-relate with the anime and novels). Currently reading: Kuroshitsuji, Natsume Yuujinchou and K: Days of Blue (Munakata Reisi is unexpectedly funny and the Blues have a strange bond). Reading mangas is different from reading books but both are great. The difference is reading mangas is like piecing your own anime together.

As for other movies, TV shows and music, it’s safe to say that we’re outdated… We only watched a couple of movies this year, are keeping up with fewer TV shows – only Person of Interest, Arrow, Elementary – and we’re completely lost on what the radios are playing these days. Yup, marching to our own beat is who we are. Seriously though, apart from Overnight by Parachute – which is a really good album – we have no idea what’s down and awesome. Even if we did, we probably wouldn’t find them awesome. We pretty much stopped listening to the radio two years ago. The ‘new’ music these days isn’t really our cup of tea. Hmm, yeah. I wrote this part a week ago and after spending a good 3/4 of a day on a plane and surfing the music folder, it’s safe to say that we are completely outdated………….

In terms of other reading material, we didn’t buy many new books but the ones that we did were really good. Mostly all thrillers. I can easily count the books we bought on both hands. Why are books so expensive?? And why does reading from a screen suck so much?

Languages. Skye and I tried learning Italian for a while. It was alright. We thought we’d be the next voice actors for Assassin’s Creed if they ever set the game in Italy again. Then we lost interest (what is this, right?) because we started watching anime again and were like, OMG WE ARE HALF-JAPANESE WHY CAN’T WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? I may or may not be kidding about being half-Japanese. 😉 Yeah, so we left our Italian hanging but one day we’ll be back. Who knows, maybe in 2014?

I also turned 20 this year. It was a quiet affair… like seriously quiet. I didn’t even remember it was my birthday and after that I didn’t really get that post-birthday excitement that I usually get. But it was fine. I still can’t believe that I’m in my second decade now, haha.

I also learned more about life. Life is… strange. That’s pretty much all I can say about it. I wouldn’t know how to put my other thoughts into words. There were some turning points in my life this year – some trying, some relieving, some just strange – but I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

Some other highlights of the year: my last semester in college (yeeeaaaahhh!! so glad I’m done with that school), summer in California (I MISS IT SO MUCH AND I WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN), Skye finally graduating from high school (hallelujah!!) and getting accepted to college, me getting accepted to uni (after an arduous process), finding new places to eat (always a highlight) and… and okay my highlights may not be as exciting to read about so I’ll just stop.

I suppose there is one main regret that I have for this year – I wish I learned to drive. Well, I do know how to drive but I probably need a few more hours on my clock to be a certified driver, hah. I dropped out of my driving course last year because the instructor sucked big time and there were more than a few complications with the driving school. Can anyone be a driving course dropout? Yes, they can. Me, apparently, haha. Being a passenger and seeing the crazy vicious drivers on the road really put me off though. I couldn’t see myself behind the wheel at all. Sigh. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to make my debut on the road as a driver. 😉

This about sums up 2013 for me. How was your year? Link your ‘annual reflections’ (or New Year resolutions posts) when you leave a comment. I’d like to read about 2013 from your point of view. I have loads more to tell you all but until then, Here’s to 2014, let’s meet next year!

Thanks for being awesome to us! We appreciate every one of you and promise to be better bloggers. 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful Happy New Year wherever you are!



Weekly Wishes #17


Hi friends! It’s Christmas week. The countdown is on… or has it been on for a long time in your household? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. WHO CAN BELIEVE THAT? Not me.

This week’s prompt is ‘nature‘ and you may recognize it from a previous Weekly Wishes post. I love this picture. We reached Venice Beach late in the day and caught the sunset at the pier just in time. This might sound silly but it was mesmerizing to see the clouds hanging so low in the sky. Also, this picture was taken in the middle of winter and the pier was surprisingly empty (I’ve seen pictures of how the Venice Beach Pier can be during summer) and it was just really nice to stand around and watch the sunset.


Last week I decided to go with the flow. I’m proud to say we got a lot of things done. We did run around a lot – errands and all.

I also don’t know how I forgot to mention this but the week before I worked out 6 out of 7 days! That deserves an honorable mention of its own, don’t you think? I have never worked out 6 out of 7 days in a week before. It felt awesome!!


So this week… we have lots going on and I’ve got no goals that I can mention without giving away what’s happening over here. I’m doing quite a bit of juggling so that’s why you’re not seeing many posts and also why I haven’t got that birthday fundraiser set up. 🙁

Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know what we’ve been up to. In the meantime, you can guess. Hints: we’re doing something a bit exciting, scary and stressful at the same time and if you read some of our previous posts, you’ll see a recurring word that is a pretty big hint.

If you manage to guess what it is that we’re doing, I’mma check out your blog and give you and your blog a shout-out of its own in an entire post. If more than one person gets it right, the shout-out post will be shared. How’s that sound? Leave your guess in the comments. 😉


We finished watching Nurarihyon no Mago – UM, BEST SHOW EVER??? I’m still trying to write up the review so be patient. I also recently finished reading Natsume Yuujinchou up till the latest chapter – SO GOOD and made me so emotional at almost every chapter ending. I highly recommend Nurarihyon no Mago (anime) and Natsume Yuujinchou (manga).

Currently: reading Kuroshitsuji (manga); awaiting the next chapter of Days of Blue; and enjoying anime OSTs and character songs. Can you say otaku??? haha!

And in case we forget to put up a post (we really should schedule posts) or you don’t come by our blog this week,

From our family to yours, have a Merry Christmas!!! Eat, drink and be merry! Drive safe and have lots of Christmas pudding on our behalf. 😉



Weekly Wishes #15


Hello everyone! It’s Monday again but I have no idea why I keep thinking it’s Tuesday.

Today’s picture prompt was kind of hard. I opened like a few pictures but none of them felt quite right. But then I found this gem and I think it suits this week’s prompt which is ‘colorful‘! If you’ve never been to Nando’s… I really don’t know what to say to you, haha. We love their Peri sauce ^__^

A recap of last week:

1. Pack even more. Half-check! Not as much as I hoped… again but y’know, the idea of packing really puts off the actual packing.

2. Clear unused/old stuff from the blog. Check!

3. Take our little prince for a walk. Nope. It literally rained all week but today’s starting to get warm again, dang it. Oh well, I guess he’ll get his walk this week and we’ll have to bear the heat.


This week I’d like to:

1. Set up my birthday fundraiser on Crowdrise. I’ve been giving it more thought and I think I’d like to change the charity to ROWW (founded by Paul Walker). I know I haven’t said anything about what happened but it’s just that up till now I still keep thinking, how can he be gone?? It was just too sudden. We believe he was truly an amazing and kind soul, we love all his shows and we would have loved to meet him. So I was thinking it would be appropriate to fundraise for his charity which you can read more about here.

2. Comment on my favorite blogs. I’ve been busy and tired and busy and I’ve been reading and trying to keep up with the blogs that I frequent (you should know who you are :)) but I haven’t left any comments so I guess they wouldn’t know I’ve been there, haha.

3. Listen to some Christmas songs. The malls don’t seem to be playing the classics any more – Five Golden Rings, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman. Ridiculous, right?! So I should make my own playlist or something. Also, this might sound incredibly lame or extremely cool but I really like N’Sync’s I Don’t Wanna Spend One More Christmas and Wham!’s Last Christmas puts me in a Christmas-sy mood at any time of the year. Haha! You decide.

4. Check out my online shopping basket. I’ve got a few things in the cart – so exciting, I love (actual, not window) shopping! I was this close to buying a coat but in the end I put it back on the rack. Yeah, the hunt goes on.

Okay, I think I’ve set some pretty good goals for the week. Let’s gogogo! What are your wishes? Link up with the incredibly sweet Melyssa!


I think a few other things deserve a moment of glory of their own. First, Skye got accepted into a college recently. All grown up! Can’t believe it. She’s still 12 to me, seriously. Second, we bought a load of flannel. I love flannel. Third, Melyssa’s reply to my mail was a highlight of last week. She’s the best. Fourth, if you didn’t read my review of K Project, WHY? WHYYY? Five, quesadillas are delicious. Six, we watched Frozen and it was surprisingly wonderful! Kristen Bell can sing! That’s all.

Have a potato this week and tweet us a picture! Why you would do that, I don’t know but it’d be cool. See ya.



Weekly Wishes #14


Hey everyone. So today’s picture prompt is ‘animals‘ and I’ve chosen this picture of a Siberian Husky I saw last year. I think it’s a she and she was too adorable not to take a picture of. My Photoshop skills obviously need improvement seeing as I’ve done a poor job of erasing the unattractive background. One of my dream dogs is the Siberian Husky. Yours?

Last week’s wishes were to:

1. Pack more. I cleaned… which is almost the same as packing, right? 😉 I threw out some old nail polish bottles… finally.

2. Keep to my lists. I’m getting there.

3. Eat out. Yes, we had loads of good food last week. Except for that one Japanese meal that I’d been looking forward to for a while. It was a let-down. Oh well.

4. Do some early online Black Friday shopping. Britt gave an excellent suggestion to do online shopping on Cyber Monday instead so here I am. Whether or not I manage to buy anything is another story but window-shopping is counted, right?

Apart from that, something exciting happened last week. I won $20 from Britt’s giveaway (thank you for being so generous!). That was completely unexpected and such an awesome surprise!


This week’s wishes are:

1. Pack even more. Boring, I know.

2. Clear unused/old stuff from the blog. Time for some spring cleaning inside the blog.

3. Take our little prince for a walk. We commonly refer to our pup as the little prince. He’s really quite the regal beagle and he will not have you think otherwise. We meant to take him for a walk the past few days but it’s been raining… a lot.

Can’t think of any more goals for this week. What are your wishes? If you’re looking to be motivated, link up with Melyssa every Monday.


Just in case you missed last week’s posts, here they are:

1. November in Pictures

2. My review of K Project

3. It’s all about scarves this week

That’s all from me today. Catch you later. I’m off to listen to some good old soundtracks.



Weekly Wishes #13


Hi friends! I’m rocking neon yellow nails on a Monday. Technically I painted them yesterday but who’s counting, right? It’s just one of those days when you feel a need a punch of neon. What color are your nails?

Today’s picture prompt is ‘new beginnings‘. So this is one of the first few pictures I took with my beloved crappy phone that has since been retired during my very first week of college two years ago. I think this picture is significant in so many ways. College was the start of something new and completely foreign to me. College life has brought so many things to light and maybe one day I’ll find time to talk about all of that. Another first day of college awaits me this spring semester.

Even if you hate animal print, you can’t deny that these sneakers are too cute/fabulous. I wish I wore them more often.. maybe that should be one of my weekly wishes, haha. The laces are crazy long and since this picture, I started looping them around my ankles once. What could boost your confidence on first days more than wearing a pair of cute shoes?


A recap of last week’s wishes:

1. Settle college stuff. Check! I think I did awesome and before I get into the details, I’d like to give a shout-out to Kayli for being so awesome and offering to lend an ear if I needed to vent. That was what I really needed to hear after having to deal with horrible people the week before.

Anyway, I enrolled for my classes, didn’t get into one but got a message on Friday saying they added more seats and I got into the class! Wooot! My class schedule is o-kay but I have a night class. Not sure how that’s gonna be since I’ve never had a night class before and I’m not much of a night owl. Also, my brother helped me sort out a couple of other things so yay!

2. Pack. And try not to get overwhelmed by the things that need packing. Um, no. I only started packing this morning.

3. Make time to draw and write. Check! Happy that I didn’t make excuses not to draw. 😀

4. Make lists. And actually try to follow them. Check! I made two lists and managed to strike off 3 things out of the bajillion other things, haha.

5. Plod on with my Hiragana progress. Check! I’m doing okay but trying to remember which character is for which word is getting challenging.


This week, I’d like to:

1. Pack more. Why, yes, it would be nice if I could kick my own butt to get packing and also I would like to pretend that I do not actually have that many clothes. Please send me reminders or motivational messages on Twitter throughout the week. I would appreciate that.

2. Keep to my lists.

3. Eat out. Skye has been busy nonstop for the past 3 or 4 weeks so we’ve gone out significantly fewer times than we usually do. Thus the cabin fever. I would love to go out and have a nice meal. I would love to have tacos but sadly there are places around here that serve tacos. A huge plate of nachos or maybe a giant helping of chili cheese fries will suffice, I suppose. Yup, not even ashamed. 😉

4. Do some early online Black Friday shopping. Yeah… still looking for a coat. Is there nowhere I can find a coat at an affordable price? Coats/jackets more than $100 are out of my budget. :'( Also, I think I’ll be needing some thick tights. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If I manage to get other stuff done that I can’t think of now, it’ll go into next week’s list. Link up with Melyssa for your weekly dose of motivation.


I have some potentially exciting news to share with you. How vague, I know. I don’t like being vague but at the same time, that’s all I can tell you for now. Hope you have a productive Monday!


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