Music Monday #5

Owl City – The Saltwater Room

Because sometimes we all need a little whimsy in our life. If you don’t like electropop, boo you. Give it a few more chances and if you really don’t like it, come back in 3 months and listen to it. Um, technically it took me 2 years to finally listen to it and realize what I’ve been missing on so don’t worry about being late to hop on the Owl City wagon.



Music we’re looking forward to

Here are some of our new favorite songs of 2013:

Hurricane – Parachute

When Hearts Go Crazy was released, initially we were like, Hmm, this song is okay but it doesn’t really sound like Parachute because the song is so remixed (is that what it is) that Will’s voice is barely recognizable.  When we heard the acoustic version, we were blown away by the rawness of Will’s voice and the arrangement of the song. Needless to say, we adore the acoustic version more than the album version.

Then Can’t Help was released and it’s so catchy that I was humming the tune after listening to it only once.  Then Hurricane came out a couple of days ago and we love it!! Okay, bottom line is, we love everything acoustic from Parachute – I mean, have you even heard Will’s cover of Gavin DeGraw’s Not Over You? Ugh, amazing – and we’re looking forward to their new album, OVERNIGHT, which is coming out August 12.

P.S: I can’t believe people say that Will sounds like Adam Levine. How does he even sound like Adam Levine? Admittedly, at first I thought that they sounded like Maroon 5 but after listening to their songs a few times, it’s obvious that Will’s voice is unique.

Moving on, we also love:

Feels Like Home – Backstreet Boys

Backstreet’s Back! And they are better than ever! I read a negative review about their new album In A World Like This (the album came out two days ago) and I was like, WHUT? This album kicks ass. Their harmonies are amazing, the instrumental parts superb and the lyrics much more meaningful. If they ever made a less-than-worthy album, it would definitely have to be This Is Us. Apart from Bigger, I really couldn’t appreciate any of the other songs. The record was dance-y and upbeat but it just didn’t do their vocals justice and the songs didn’t make much sense.

Kevin has been given bigger parts – his voice is so mysterious! – though Brian’s parts have significantly decreased. We still love you, Brian! Anyway, their album is amazinggg so go check it out, buy it, enjoy it. C and I agree that Feels Like Home is the Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) of IAWLT and it rocks! Our other faves include Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, Breathe, Trust Me, One Phone Call, Soldier and Light On.

Tell us which songs you love most and don’t forget to Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive!

How can we forget Owl City?

Hey Anna – Owl City

I blame C for converting me into an Owl City fan. No, seriously. Before she changed my mind about his songs, I was like, Ugh, not this Fireflies crap again. I’m still not a fan of Fireflies but everything else, yes please!

Adam writes cutesy, whimsy songs that are relatable and his dreamy, electropop music just makes everything sound so good. And, he is a serial Tweeter. He can be seriously funny but don’t follow him if you don’t like your feed to be spammed. He does retweet A LOT. LOL.

His new album The Midsummer Station Acoustic is coming out sometime in the next few months so we’re waiting for that as well!!

If this post is a bit haywire, I apologize. Listening to music and writing a blog post about music doesn’t go well, LOL.

What songs are you listening to these days?


mark the chapter but turn the page

Kids in the Street – All American Rejects

So their new record is out – Kids in the Street. I’m not sure what to make of it. I do like a few tracks, this song being one of them, but I’m pretty much on the fence with the rest of the songs. I like that they’re trying out this new direction but some of the songs are just a bit weird to me, both lyrically and musically.

Anyway, this video is not too bad – kind of made sense – but to me, some parts are just a bit inappropriate (?). What I like about this video is that it shows all four of them and not just Tyson. That’s what a band video should be like, everyone should get their fair share of screen time. Go watch it, tell me what you think.

P.S: Nick, I still love you. Seriously. You and I should get together some time. We would make great friends.
P.S.S: Chris, you’re too cute!


We missed Music Monday AGAIN

Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw.

SO DEVASTATED he got kicked off Dancing With The Stars. We thought he was the star of the show. His personality is brilliant and he’s so gracious and such a great sport. I mean, did you even see how he acted after the results came out and they were eliminated? He was still smiling and he gave the judges hugs (even though I thought they always scored him quite badly).

I love how positive he is and how much he gives when he’s dancing. You can tell from his dances every week that he really gives it his all and even though, yes, he’s not the greatest dancer, he still goes out there and has fun with Karina (they’re so cute together). You know, some people say ‘oh, just have fun’ but they’re actually SUPER competitive. Gavin’s not like that. He’s so laidback, it’s nice to watch his dances.

Anyway, here’s his song. It’s got a funky rhythm and the lyrics are weird but in a good way. Check it out.


we might have missed Music Monday

When Will Anderson from Parachute does a cover of Gavin DeGraw’s ‘Not Over You’ and it sounds like magic.

Message from us to Will, “We love you.”

P.S: Please vote for Gavin on DWTS. Vote on Thanks!

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