Weekly Wishes #2

I’m linking up to Melyssa‘s Weekly Wishes again this week. Y’all are so awesome – thanks for the encouraging comments ! It was what kept me going throughout the week. 🙂

Recap of last week:

Monday – I managed to draw and exercise and blog even before my weekly wishes post came out, whut?!

Tuesday – I didn’t draw because I lost track of time while doing some spring-cleaning. I remembered to exercise at the last minute – I did 4 out of the 5 squats from the squat challenge (I found out about it through Rachel’s Weekly Wishes post. Thanks Rachel!) among other strength training moves. That squat challenge is no joke – y’all should try it. My glutes were buuurnin’.

Wednesday – I made up for not drawing on Tuesday with 1 1/2 drawings (haha!) and I did a light workout since I was way tired from the past two days.

Thursday – I woke up early, did a lot of blog stuff in the morning and managed to come up with 2 drawings before lunch.

Friday, Saturday – No drawing, no exercise 🙁

Sunday – Exercise but no drawing, boo.

I know some of you asked me to post my drawings but I have yet to step out of my comfort zone – I have never showed anyone my piles and piles of unfinished stories/stories in-the-works (can I call them that?) so to post my drawings would be taking an even bigger step. I will try to post them next week… or after C posts hers.

Anyway, throughout last week I blogged about my love for biology, the TV shows I’m looking forward to (tell me yours!) and I went all 70’s hippy chick for our Fashionable Fridays. If you want to know what I listened to, here it is. And if you want to know what I didn’t say on Wordless Wednesday, check it out over here. And more recently, I went to a dinner party and learned 10 new things.


In addition to last week’s wishes of drawing and exercising consistently, this week’s weekly wishes are:

1. Prioritize. Last week I meant to blog consistently every day and I said I wasn’t going to complain but it was brutal. Okay, not to an extreme extent but I just felt like I had so much to do. I have to maintain this blog and my nail blog in between all the other things that I’m juggling. So this week I’d like to prioritize better and do what’s most important first and the let the rest of the unimportant things take a backseat. I would also like to use my time more wisely, like not spend too much time on one thing.

2. Moisturize my cuticles more. Is this considered a wish? ~_~ It’s not easy to remember to moisturize my cuticles but I would like to make it a habit. Before painting my nails regularly, I never bothered with any kind of hand cream or cuticle cream but now I can see that moisturizing does make a difference. I use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, if you’re wondering.

3. Take more pictures. I don’t know why we’ve been taking fewer and fewer pictures over the course of this year. I feel like it’s such a shame to not document moments in pictures. Let me tell you that forward-facing cameras are the most ingenious creation of the 21st century. They make taking snapshots in the car so much more fun.

What are your weekly wishes?

x T

P.S: I’m so excited to tell you that C finally updated her section on our about page! Go check it out if you haven’t.

Double P.S: I’ve been asking this on my nail blog but nobody has given me an answer so I hope someone here might. Should I make an Instagram account?

Triple P.S: Check out the nails that I did last week:


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