Weekly Wishes #19 + tidbits about life lately


Hey guys! What’s up? Long time no see. I think I may have said something like this last week but the past two weeks have felt like exceptionally long weeks. There is a reason for that – read on to find out!

So today’s picture prompt is 2014 and what could be more fitting than an announcement to go with our picture. I’ll let you in on an insider secret: there are a crap ton of posts waiting to be finished in the draft box. I always seem to start them but then get distracted/unmotivated/uninspired/really distracted/called away before I can finish them.

Which is why I decided what the heck I’m just going to write it all in this Weekly Wishes post which is the post I make sure I write every week to keep this blog alive while we’re busy with other things. I digress.

Our announcement: we made a big move over Christmas to the West Coast of Canada where we will be residing for the next year or two or three while we’re attending uni! I know we didn’t mention much about moving but we wanted to keep it that way because there were quite a few uncertainties. There were applications and deadlines and packing and shopping and you know all that nitty gritty stuff that really gets to you… so yeah, the months before leaving were a whirlwind and you may have noticed that our blogging became far less consistent.

But I know the question on your mind is probably: move? From where? We don’t really talk much about where we’re from but I can tell you that we came from across the Pacific Ocean but not too far North. That gives you a vague/rough (depends on how you see it, really) idea of where we’re from. If that doesn’t help, well, I’ve heard that mysteriousness is quite attractive. Just kidding but hey, if you think so, keep it that way. 😉

So how has it been so far, you wonder? Cold? Strange? Are we suffering from culture shock? Homesickness? Not really as cold as we thought. Shopping for cute winter clothes/scarves/boots is fun. Strange is everywhere. Culture shock… hmm… well, some stores/malls close REALLY early though. 6pm closing hours?? Why? The bus system is pretty awesome though… Back home public transport is, um, unthinkable. Homesickness, what’s that? Oh, you mean crying and rocking back and forth and wishing to go home? Yes, well, some then.

We’ve been adjusting okay, I think. Everything’s a bit more expensive than in the US but then again, who doesn’t know that? Still, our thrifty Asian roots will come in handy now, won’t they? 😉 I’ve got so much more to tell you guys – both funny and sad stories – and I promise those posts are coming!! I even managed to upload the pictures!!


The Nectar Collective


Anyway, let’s get on with the Weekly Wishes. This week is the first week of school so I’d like to:

1. Not make a fool out of myself while I grope and try to find my way around the huge campus. Haha, I had class this morning and I already did something ridiculous but let’s just hope my awkwardness doesn’t lead me to more ridiculousness… (as if)

2. Make at least one new friend. I have always battled between thinking of myself as sociable and finding myself awkward as all heck. What is up with that? Today… nobody sat beside me because I took the aisle seat and ain’t nobody gonna squeeze into the row as I found out. Maybe that should be my next wish…

3. Take the fricking middle seat and hope that someone sits beside me and hopefully talk to that someone. I cry just thinking about whether I’ll be able to do that.

4. Make an Instagram account and follow y’all. Come on, why is all the fun on Instagram? I just need to wait for the new phone to arrive – yah, apparently the sim card doesn’t work for my current phone (WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!! Also, I’ve come to love my S2 so giving it up for another phone is… sad… T_T).

5. Make potato salad. Totally unimportant but comfort food would make me feel x10 better.

6. Buy a chair. Does anyone know where I can get a nice comfy chair for a reasonable price? The current chairs we have… SUCK. They’re squeaky and hard and I just don’t like them.

After writing all this, I realized that Melyssa kinda changed the format for WW to make every first week a monthly goal post. Nice. Uhhhh… I’ll just include them below. My goals for this month would be:

1. To get back on our blogging track, both here and on my nail blog. Meaning, write posts and visit blogs and do tweaking.

2. Make potato salad.

3. Um, go see an advisor??

4. Keep up with my classes.

5. Keep up with the manga I’m reading. My priorities are great.

6. Try not to hate the fact that I have a night class. The last time I ever took a night class… was maybe about 10 years ago when I needed ONE extra math lesson.

Okay, that is more than enough goals right there. I hope I haven’t scared you off/bored you to tears. Link up with Melyssa for your weekly dose of positivity~

I’m off to hunt for more animes to watch because I totally don’t have a PDF file of lecture notes to read before class tomorrow. Catch you later and have a lovely Mondayyy!



I’m a what now? My love for biology


Image from Google

According to C who is my long time supporter and student (haha), I can now be a certified biology teacher. I’ll take that as a compliment and file into my list of small accomplishments. If you read our about page, you would know that I’m secretly a biology geek who pretends not to be because for as long as my school life lasted, I hated all the sciences and made sure everyone knew that I did.

So how did I end up falling in love with biology? In college it was compulsory to take 2 sciences and since I hated chemistry the most – make me mix chemicals or handle a Bunsen burner and I could blow the lab up, not even kidding – I was forced to take biology and physics. I took biology first because I dreaded physics more and thought that if I put off taking it long enough I could completely skip the class (I’m that delusional, yes).

In school I had a lousy teacher for a couple of years – her explanations were poor and she liked showing slides that weren’t at all helpful – so I spent 3/4 of the time in her classes daydreaming about what next to write in my story (I wrote a kickass story). I can’t even begin to tell you how much of the class I missed just by drifting deep into my own thoughts. Whenever I snapped back into reality I would realize that half the lesson was over and I hadn’t caught a single word she said. I didn’t think too much of missing the class since I was convinced that I would never be able to catch up anyway and that Biology just wasn’t for me. Hah, it would be especially bad during the days we had experiments because I would never know what experiment we were doing. I would ask my seat neighbor what we were doing and try to wing it from there.

So I never learned much from my biology classes in high school.

Then I took biology in college and since then I haven’t looked at it the same. I had classes late in the evening and that already began to turn me off but I had heard from friends who had taken the class that the professor was nice and the class not too difficult. I was like, psh, not difficult? I’ll probably be overwhelmed by all those silly biological terms but still I tried not to have any prejudgments.

First day of class and whaddya know? The professor was super nice and possibly one of my favorite teachers of all time. He was easygoing and his explanations were simple but effective. He never tried to rush the syllabus or dump a crapload of homework/assignments onto us or mark us so strict that we would shiver the next time we heard the word ‘test’. His lab classes were awesome – the sudden wannabe-scientist in me loved putting on the lab coat and getting down and dirty with enzymes and microscopes. I learned how to write a proper report in his class!

I enjoyed all his classes and even though I could have skipped some of the evening classes, I stayed for most of them! Slow but surely, the anti-biology feeling in me morphed into nothing but sheer love and enthusiasm for all things biology and now you can’t stop the biology geek in me, bwahahaha! Okay that cackle was uncalled for but seriously I learned what a difference it makes to have a good teacher. I’m all about learning things efficiently and having a teacher who is willing to be patient with people who learn a little slower.

You know how I solidified my love for biology? I signed up to be a tutor for the next semester… and the following one. And now I’m C’s personal go-to source whenever she needs help with her class.

Now you know the story behind my biology love. Maybe I should have like this weekly online biology lesson. Haha, would anyone even be interested?!

x T


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