My thoughts on Riddick

Aliens — That was the only thing I knew about Riddick. I was pretty sure it would turn out as bad as Oblivion because of the word aliens. The poster didn’t look attractive at all. But my sister was going and it was the weekends, so I went… and I didn’t regret any minute of it. (I also had no idea that Riddick was a sequel and a movie based on a book.)

Riddick wasn’t just an alien show. There were no aliens, actually. There were only two kinds of predators, three if you count in the humans. The movie was a survivor’s tale. A survivor who was being hunted after being labelled for violent crimes. The first thirty minutes of the movie was about survival and problem solving. I didn’t mind that for one thing. It kept the tension going and slowly unfolded the story of Riddick. As a post-apocalyptic fiction fan, I find the perception of daily life in a destroyed world (or in this case, a planet with nothing but vast fields of land) incredibly interesting.

Riddick went on to fight the scorpion-like creatures inhabiting the land and caught himself a puppy who would later on become his loyal companion. In between all this, there was some humor, which really surprised me. It’s not often you find humor in a futuristic movie about danger and survival. (Ahem, I’m totally referring to Oblivio– yaaawn.)

The CGI wasn’t that great, but the action scenes were good. It wasn’t the kind of action that made you cower in the seat with your hands over your face. It was action you find in a normal action movie. You know, all the stealth takedowns, gory violence and several intense moments. No explode-in-your-face action (like Looper, by far one of the worst futuristic movies ever) that made me jump in my seat.

As for the acting, Vin Diesel was nothing short of stellar in his performance. His portrayal of Riddick was an A+ for me because for not one moment I felt that he was an action hero or a hero at all. He was a survivor with a set of useful skills that helped him through the tough days and that was a really good feeling for me because for once, I wasn’t watching some antihero vigilante guy or a hero who was there to play the super good or the super selfish guy. It was like he could only be classified in adjectives — deadly, charismatic, gritty, intelligent, fast.

All in all, I enjoyed it and I would definitely watch it again. If there is a specific kind of sci-fi genre that I love, then this is it.

Freaking plot twister: I wrote this post almost THREE years ago and I did not post it!! Why!! I don’t know why because this post is fabulous in the most mediocre way. I love writing movie reviews and reflecting on this and that about the plot. I believe I was writing for a gaming blog in that year, so you can see how I absolutely loved inserting a load of adjectives to describe Mr. Diesel’s character. I still do. Adjectives and characters – we belong together. Rereading this post makes me miss the movie theaters (cries) and all the fun times we all had. Nostalgic, so darn nostalgic.

Well, I hope you have a new movie to add to your to-watch list now!

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