Conversations about music

The summer class I’m taking has way too many group discussions. The other day we were given yet another assignment to do and we ended up talking about guitarcenter store hours instead of the main points of our topic. My teacher said that study groups aren’t all that popular as they used to be and I can totally see why now. It’s easy to deviate from the original topic when there’s so much to talk about.


When there are group discussions…

In my class, we were put into groups and asked to discuss about how to critique others properly. For 5 minutes, we were talking about that. But after that, we drifted off into another topic and one guy ended up talking about his Music Friend’s yamaha yas-23. It was interesting to hear about different kinds of instruments and how they worked. When the teacher came back into the classroom, she guessed that we hadn’t discussed much about the topic she had given. She was definitely right!


The story of a keyboard

I finally understand why English is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. So many different meanings, so few words. My friend was telling me about how she bought Fulterer keyboard slides and I kept imagining it as a piano keyboard. I finally asked her how one would attach slides to a piano. She actually meant that the slides were for computer keyboards. No wonder I was so confused! We had a good laugh after that.


Old friends, new stories

Just when I was leaving an event the other day, I saw someone familiar. It was my old friend, Watson, whom I met in my first semester of college. I caught up to him and asked him how he was. He said he was fine and somehow we ended up talking about mesa boogie 6l6 tubes. I was reminded of his interest in music. He used to play the guitar but stopped because he was taking too many classes. He said that he was trying to get back into music by managing his time better.


The radio in her car

My friend was driving me to an Asian restaurant for lunch that day when I asked her what type of music she listened to. She was enthusiastic and said that she would turn on the music player in her car to let me listen to her current favorite song. Once she turned the volume knob, extremely loud music started blasting out from the speakers. A few seconds into the song and there was an awesome guitar solo that sounded exactly like a les paul classic guitar. Needless to say, I have that song playing in my headphones whenever I put them on.


Standing tall and proud

I’m not really big on burgers but I do like those paper bags my order comes in when I grab the occasional burger to go. Those bags are like the cutest things ever. Somehow they have a retro feel to them unlike the boring plastic bag.

Another thing that paper bags have over plastic bags is character. Seriously! Why did they ever replace paper grocery bags with plastic ones? They’re not only bad for the environment, they have no character whatsoever.

Sorry, plastic bags, you knew that was coming! I have nothing against you. You can be really useful, just that you’re nothing compared with a paper bag. Even your crunch is kinda stilted, unlike the crunch of real paper.

Now I don’t know about you but I hate that plastic bags have no backbone. The minute you let it go, it flops down. Unlike the paper bag who is still standing tall and proud!


New guitar

In music class, we were asked to discuss about different instruments. One of the guys in my group said that he just purchased a dean acoustic guitar and said that it was a nice change from the electric guitars that he had been using for the past five years. He also said that the sound that the guitar produced was clearer than he thought.

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