Bread and butter, again?

I never knew bread could be funny but it’s become a joke now that we eat bread and butter while we’re on the road because there’s nothing else to eat if it’s not McDonald’s or Taco Bell. We’re always on a time crunch so bread is always the way to have something that is both filling and… tasteful (?) since it actually has flavor if you put butter or jam on it. Surfing gallien krueger at doesn’t help me find a better lunch option, but I’m sure I’ll get to it soon.


My new love for homemade granola bars

Now that I have mastered the art of making my own granola bars, I’m no longer interested in the aisles where all kinds of snacks are sold. Homemade granola bars are the most amazing things ever because you can customize it with whatever you want, and the best part is when you use a no bake recipe. I told my close friend about it but she would rather read about boss loop station at so I moved on and continued searching for more recipes. One day, I’d like to try making granola bars with dried dates. I think that’d be really delicious.


An ambitious friend

I was asking a friend how her violin lessons were going and she said that she learned how to play Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. She said that she surfs websites like when she’s not practicing. I learned that she was interested in learning how to play a guitar and was looking into that. I wish I were that ambitious but these days all I’ve been doing is checking out stuff at Amazon.


Post-Thanksgiving shopping

My sister and I just agreed that we’re excited for our Black Friday packages to arrive because it means that we’ll be able to buy more stuff. Kind of like an advising hold before applying for classes. It’s a nice thought and a girl can dream (even with a tight budget), right? It’s nice to be able to see, hear, smell and touch stuff that you buy online. The beauty of online shopping. The wait is what gets to me. I’m usually not very excited when I order stuff online (because money, guys) but as soon as the arrival date gets closer, I realize that it might all be worth it!

I’m already starting to look at music instrument websites and other Christmas deals that are starting to pop up. Who said that winter is just about freezing in your sweatpants and sleeping in like a hibernating bear? There’s stuff to be bought! Sales to go to! Research to be done!

My tip for online shopping for those with a narrow wallet like mine is to think of how you’ll be able to buy something better in the next season. Fashion is always changing so even if you really wanted that pair of harem pants that all your friends are wearing, something new and even better will be popular the next time. Plus it might look really good on you! And it’s not just about clothes. Kitchenware designs, watches, earrings, printers! So don’t fret!


The most random conversation

At the barbeque party my friend had two weeks ago, there was a lot of food (hot dogs, grapes, cakes, potato salad, etc.) but I noticed that there was no music, which was surprising since that usually gets people all excited and energetic. I was sitting at a table with some friends and one of my friend’s friend wouldn’t stop talking about rhythm wolf. Apparently she’s very knowledgeable about musical instruments since she knows how to play the guitar, violin, saxophone and piano! Pretty impressive, huh?


Guitars and stories

Let’s face it: shopping is something that most of us like to think about. My friends are always talking about it when there’s nothing else to talk about. Labor Day was last week and I got a lot of shopping done. I’m already looking forward to the next big holiday where I can get some more shopping done. Well, probably window shopping and browsing since I feel bad about buying too many things. One of the places my friends mentioned was guitar center knoxville to get a new guitar for his nephew.

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