A bit of an identity crisis

Today’s post is a bit tricky. It’s about who we are or rather what we’re known as in the internet universe. This is the big news that I mentioned in my other post.

Before I made my nail blog, I was quite sure that sooner or later C and I would abandon this blog so I made my nail blog and kind of made up a new ‘identity’ (so to speak) for myself. How I picked the name that I picked is another story.

Now that we’re back on SpuddyBuddies, I find myself suddenly torn between 2 different identities. So you might be thinking, what is so hard about that? You should have just put up your real identity to make things easier. Or maybe you’re thinking, now would be the time to raise the curtains and reveal the masterminds behind SpuddyBuddies. Or you could be thinking, Okay whatever y’all are cray cray and this blog is probably run by robots.


Hi, my name is WAAAAAAAALL-E (image source)

I’ll get to that in a bit but bear with me as I go off-track here. I actually read a blog post the other day where this lady wrote a ‘Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog’… Whoa, harsh. Okay, so haters exist, I knew that. But what got to me most was that she actually said that she wouldn’t read a blog that doesn’t have real pictures of the blogger. I don’t get people who say stuff like that. You’re completely okay with putting up your pictures, good for you. You have a huge photo of yourself on the sidebar, good for you. The display icons of your social media sites are all pictures of you, good for you.

Others are not comfortable with that. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. And hello, this is a blog. Nobody is shoving products down your throat and forcing you to buy them. That would unnerve just about anyone but this is a blog… which is an online journal. Twenty years ago when emails and forums were about the only place you could communicate, before you could upload whopping big 4000×3000 pictures of yourself off your DSLR, did you question the person replying to your emails/threads? And now when you buy stuff off Amazon or whatever, do you request to see the seller’s picture before you decide whether or not to buy something? No, duh. You look at other information like maybe the sales history or testimonials from previous buyers. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

So what, may I ask, is so hard about reading a blog that does not have a selfie or professional portrait of the author? How does a blog without a picture of the author suck so much – regardless of the writing/content – that you would avoid it? Imagine that you’re not comfortable putting your picture up (for whatever reason that you may or may not have thought of), imagine that your blog has the best, most helpful content on the internet and someone says that they wouldn’t read your blog because they want a face to the blog. How the flying frogs would you feel about that? And isn’t it up to the author of the blog to decide what he or she wants to be public knowledge? Why are you trying to guilt-trip people because they have no profile picture?

Yeah, way to go for NOT stepping into other people’s shoes for a second, lady.

zbutton1 zbutton3


That’s me on the left and C on the right. 😉






Anyway, back to the story here. I know that was a long story, longer than I intended to be but whatever. I know, Captain Eloquence at work again but I love my ‘whatever’s. Take that, public speaking teacher! 😀

Okay, getting to the real topic at hand for real now. I’m known as T here but known as something else on my nail blog. Had I known that we were returning to the blogosphere, I would not have created a new identity (it is a pretty kickass name that has symbolic meaning, y’know). Now I’m in a dilemma. I have readers on my nail blog and I have readers here (I hope). So the question is, if readers from my nail blog come by here, they’re going to be confused as to why I’m using a different name here and I don’t want them to think that I’m nuts.

Also, Codi replied to me in an email and she said that she would love to know our actual names. In my about page on my nail blog, I did state that my name is difficult enough to spell let alone pronounce and that actually goes for the two of us (C and myself). It’s actually not that hard to pronounce or spell but people have been getting my name wrong for so long that I cringe every time people butcher my name and turn it into something completely unrecognizable.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my name, I just don’t love correcting people a bajillion times. I’ve even had people try to tell me how to spell my own name so that’s something I’ll leave for you to figure out, haha!

But while C and I are still doing this whole blog revival thing, I thought it would be good to start afresh. Scrap the initials and just go for simple, meaningful names that hopefully y’all will feel more connected to. I know initials can be a bit iffy. Come on, you know you’re thinking, T & C, LOL terms and conditions apply? I forgive you; we were young and totally clueless about picking out names that we would love. 😉 Oh, and besides starting over, I could use a name that I can use in real life when introducing myself. Win-win, right?

So guess what?

We’ve picked out names that mean a lot to us and we’re going to stick with them. Before you scroll down, here’s a hint as to what our new names are.


If you guessed something like, the sky is pouring or it’s going to rain, you’re absolutely on the same wavelength as us! Yay!

T and C will officially be replaced by Raine and Skye. T being Raine and C being Skye. It’s no secret that I love the rain (the sound, sight, smell) and I don’t know, it just sounds so… me. And it’s one of the names I use in my nail blog so that’s convenient. C is the kind of person who doesn’t give up until she succeeds. I mean, can’t you tell by her art posts that she’s determined to be one heck of an artist?! Talk about reaching beyond the Skye – see what I did there?

Are you feeling our new names? Or are you like meh the initials were cute? Haha, whatever it is, let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback.



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