Weekly Wishes #3


Hi everyone!

It’s time for the Weekly Wishes Link Up again. This week Melyssa’s got a main theme for the Weekly Wishes art: beautiful. I admit I was thinking of quite a few things that are beautiful to me but as I scrolled through my photo album, I found this picture of our pup. Well, I didn’t have to go any further. He’s a handsome thing, isn’t he? This was quite some time ago and now he’s bigger but no less attractive 😉

The Nectar Collective

A recap of last week:

Prioritizing: I think I did quite well but I might have missed out some link ups that I usually join. I didn’t feel like I was being crushed by blog work so that’s good, right? I even started what will be a weekly edition of how to Overcome Anger and Stress. Oh, and now I’ve got a small checklist on my screen to remind me of the important things that I should do every day. Planners of any kind are useless to me; I’ve tried to use them during my school years but hardly ever managed to follow a single plan on my list. For those of you who planners, y’all are so dedicated and I truly admire you.

Moisturizing my cuticles more: If I told you that I’ve been on a mad moisturizing routine, would you believe me? I know, right? Me, managing to remember to moisturize my cuticles at least twice every day? It’s true!

Take more pictures: Yup, definitely put the forward-facing camera and the normal camera into more use this week.

As for drawing and exercising, yeaaah, I only drew 3 out of 7 days but I exercised all week (except for Friday and Saturday). I am proud to say that I did 120 squats yesterday (holla!). I wanted to stop at 100 but I thought I’ll push all the way until I’m tired. What are the most # of squats that you’ve ever done? My goal is to reach more than 200.

This week’s wishes:

  1. Get things on my non-blogging list done. I have much to do off the computer and it’s time I got off my butt to do them. It’ll make me and a lot of people feel much better.
  2. Drink more water. Nuff said.
  3. Find easy, delicious recipes (probably off Pinterest) to make. If you have any quick recipes that you love, I’d love to hear it.
  4. Build a light box. Maybe! I have only found one desk lamp and I’m currently searching high and low for another but I really think there’s only one. Can I still build a light box with only one light? Any photographers who can help me out here? ~_~

And a bonus:

Cheer on other bloggers’ projects/ventures. Because their projects are amazing and deserve the recognition. Allie and Codi just started a Busy Blogger’s Book Club which I think is such a great idea!! Unfortunately I don’t have an e-reader, the books here are expensive, online shipping is out of the question because of where I’m located, and my pockets are pretty much empty. Okay, that wasn’t easy to admit. But if you don’t have any of those problems, I would recommend joining Allie’s Book Club. Reading is awesome and so is Allie (she’s got cute blog freebies from time to time).


C is making her slow and steady comeback so be patient as she makes her transition back into the blogosphere. Here is a post she wrote about art and her progress. She also included one of her favorite tutorials in the post. In case you missed out on my other posts, here they are:

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5 things that I learned after going to the movies

I believe many of you are still a bit clueless about who we are and it’s time I share some tidbits about myself so stayed tuned this week for a random facts about me post!

x T

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5 things that I learned after going to the movies

We haven’t been to the movies in… months. Why? Well, we prefer waiting for the DVDs and watching them in the comfort of our own house. I know, we’re so chill, right?

Well, this week we decided to treat ourselves to a movie in premier class (hello wide seats, wide armrests and a comfortable gap between each pair of seats!). If you wanna know what movie we watched, wait for C’s post. She’s better at writing movie reviews than me. I often manage to scramble up my points and get sidetracked and I’m not sure you’d want to read my sidetracked ramblings.


Here are a few pointers to myself that I gathered after going to the movies this week:

1. Sharpen your reflexes so that you can grip the railing of the escalator quickly when it suddenly breaks down otherwise risk being jerked forward and later feel like throwing up. Seriously though, this is one of my biggest fears. More than once I’ve been on an escalator that screeched to an abrupt stop and people were almost flung forwards. I do not want to be in an inclined domino effect so faulty escalators are pretty scary to me.

2. Always check where the venue is at least 2 hours before the show or else risk finding out that it is actually elsewhere (aka far away) and having to scramble to get there. We were just lazing around thinking, oh yeah the cinema is like 10 minutes away, we can get there in no time, only to find out that the cinema that we were supposed to be at was half an hour away. Needless to say there was a spike of panic in the household as everyone tried to grab their stuff and rush out the door.

3. Calm down, don’t speed/rush, it’s just a movie.

4. Don’t be a wiseass and wear wedge heels. You won’t always have someone to swap shoes with when you want to use the soaking wet toilet. Yup, it was me -_- There was a lot of foot-nudging, shoe-kicking and ‘where is my shoe?’s when C and I swapped shoes in the dark.

5. If it’s cold, for the love of your bladder, don’t finish your drink and risk having to use the bathroom halfway through the movie!  Yes, I was the genius who downed the whole cup of soda and had to use the bathroom 3 minutes before the movie ended. I tried to hold it in, trust me it was no laughing matter. 😛 I don’t know about you but I’m not the kind of person who likes squeezing out of the entire row of people to take a bathroom break.

That’s it from me.

Oh wait, a bonus: Enjoy the popcorn!

Have you ever been in the same (or similar) situation movie crises where you had to scramble for the door because you had the wrong venue? Are you a toilet-break-during-movies kind of person? What was the last movie you watched in the cinema? Ever been on a moving escalator that ground to a sudden stop? Tell me all about it.

x T


Annual time for reflection

Happy New Year’s Eve, folks!!


While I’m at it, here’s a cute Peanuts comic strip,peanut-newyear

A few more hours to 2013. Weird to be typing 2013… Anyway I thought I’d do a little summary of how our year has been and what we’ve put on our ‘like’ list and what we’ve dumped unceremoniously into our ‘ugh, hate’ list.

The entertainment part of our year in review.

In the music section, we didn’t really find much worthy to be put on our music player except music from a few bands/musicians:

  • Boys Like Girls
  • Carly Rae Jepsen (you’re judging so hard, I know LOL!)
  • Matchbox 20
  • Owl City
  • Train

You’re probably going, What the heck is wrong with you? How could you have liked only 5 albums in ONE year? Hmm, about 95% of the music on the radio is crap and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. I mean, if we can have G#ngnam and that ‘We are Young’ song playing on the radio, the music industry is pretty much doomed. No, I am not kidding and no, I do not care if you are offended. That G0tye song was just as bad. Yeah, we don’t listen to the radio anymore.

Some other singers/bands we do not quite care for: One Direction, Rihanna, Taylor Swift (Why is she even still considered a COUNTRY singer? And can she stop whining about her ex-boyfriends already?), Nicki Minaj, Fun, Justin Bieber. I’m sure there’s more to add to the list but that’s it for now.

Well, I’m pretty sure if we had looked harder, we might have discovered new non-mainstream music. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell us in the comment box. No, we are not fans of indie music, sorry! Oh my, this is making us look like picky (music) eaters.


In terms of TV shows, we added tons of new shows to our list of ‘watchables’. The pictures below are ranked in terms of how watchable the show is. From top to bottom: watchable to ALL-TIME FAVORITE YOU SHOULD GO OUT AND BUY THE DVD watchable.


Covert Affairs

Possibly the cheesiest spy show anyone could ever add to their list of guilty pleasures. There’s not much to this show – most parts are cliche, the characters are silly (almost undeveloped) and the lines are supremely corny – but we found ourselves watching it till the end. It might also have had something to do with the fact that we were waiting for other TV shows to come back on air again.

Cheesiest part of the whole show: Annie wears Louboutins in almost every single episode and she has tons of designer shoes but she’s new to her job. Somebody please explain to me as to how she pays for her shoes. Maybe there’s a secret to not having a stable income but being able to splurge on Louboutins. Miu Miu heels for me, please, thanks. O:)



Okay, Stephen Amell, you’re ripped and I know lots of guys who would LOVE to be able to do that exercise with the steel bar that you do but can you show a little more emotion and depth while playing Oliver Queen? Also, green leather does not do your superhero alter ego justice.

This show is alright but it does have its ups and downs. Some episodes give hope to the next but sometimes the next one turns out to be a disappointment. But it has potential so we’ll keep watching and keep hoping that it will get – for lack of a better word – epic.



Personally, I like Raylan. He’s great. None of my friends know how to appreciate this show but it’s their loss. There’s always something interesting going on in Harlan County and you can see each character grow in every episode.

I wonder if Winona will have a girl or boy.


The Vampire Diaries

I started watching out of boredom and now I find myself looking forward to the next episode. I have to give it credit for not being overly corny or ridiculous like Twilight. The first season was so-so and now I’m at season 2 and it’s getting exciting. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Have I read the books? Nope. Frankly, after the Twilight saga, I didn’t think I could stomach any more so I didn’t get past the first few chapters of TVD.

I have a soft spot for Damon… shhh! Ian Somerhalder looks disturbingly like someone who used to be my friend. Creepy, I know! Not too big a fan of Stefan who is the Edward of TVD. C and I agree that Jeremy is annoying.


White Collar

Matt Bomer. The only explanation needed to describe this show.

Okay, fine. It’s not just his gorgeous looks (Matt, let’s be friends! I love you!). I like the dynamics of the show and there is real growth in the relationships. Neal and Peter work so well together but there’s always this part of Peter that is afraid Neal will screw up and go back to his old ways which makes their relationship complicated at times. Ugh, and Neal is brilliant and looks oh-so-dapper in a suit! Loved that episode when he parachuted down the building.

Then there’s Mozzie who is basically the secret star of the show with his paranoia and ingenuous wit. We love Mozzie! Peter’s wife, Elizabeth, can be pretty cool and helpful in some cases but we’d love if their adorable Labrador gets more screen time. 😉



White Collar should be down here but I’m too lazy to swap pictures. Discovered this show by accident when one day I was channel-surfing and this was the only show that didn’t look boring. Who else thinks the theme song is hilarious?!

Suits is SO clever. I’m all for lawyer shows and this one does NOT disappoint. Witty conversations, complicated lawsuits, office politics, office romance, Harvey and Donna – what’s not to like about Suits?! One thing though, Mike becomes a bigger douchebag with every episode.

Watch this and you will get Litt up!



Chaos is a discontinued TV show but C and I love it!!! They should have given it a chance… and a bigger budget. That would have helped. The four of them – Michael Dorset, Rick Martinez, Billy Collins and Casey Malick – are so funny and they work well as a team of misfits. Why couldn’t they have done something to save this show?! I honestly have no idea what TV companies think when they cancel good shows and let stupid reality TV continue airing.

If you have time, go find all 12 episodes and watch them. Admittedly, the sets are bad and story lines are mediocre but the acting is good and with a little more effort, it could have been a hit!


The Big Bang Theory

Oh, this is HILARIOUS. I don’t know why we didn’t discover this earlier. They deserve all the awards they’ve won. It’s funny, smart (beyond smart) and well done in so many aspects. Who writes the dialog?! They should be given awards. Combining witty and intelligent conversations is no easy task, I’m sure.

I started out watching it alone in college during my breaks but now I’m watching it again with C and my mom. We literally roll on the floor laughing while watching every episode. We’re semi-geeks so that’s another reason to be so into it.

Watch it and follow the epic lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny! It’s AWESOME.


Person of Interest

Here we are! At our ALL-TIME FAVORITE TV SHOW. POI is ashdfksdjmind-fricking-blowin’! Have you ever watched anything so deep and well-written? The main idea of the show is stopping crimes before they happen. If this idea seems familiar to you, it’s probably because Early Edition has the same idea. But this is far from Early Edition. POI is in a league of its own.

If the other shows mentioned above are clever, this show is the epitome of brilliance. Slight exaggeration but well-deserved, I’d say. Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson portray John Reese and Harold Finch perfectly. I wouldn’t have anyone else play their roles. Detective Carter and Detective Fusco as their aides just make the show better. There are so many angles to the show and it always leaves us on the edge of our seats.

One word: Bravo!

Oh, and we LOVE Bear! <3


The movie department, however, has been deeply lacking in movies that make an impact on us. We did adore The Avengers and Taken 2 but 75% of everything else was just horrible.

Movies that were good/not too shabby:

  • Man on a Ledge
  • 21 Jump Street
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Lockout
  • Safe
  • The Bourne Legacy (this borders on not that great and boring but the motorcycle scene was cool)

Movies we could not sit through because they were just so bad and movies that made us feel like our time was wasted:

  • The Hunger Games (Sat through the first 10 minutes, couldn’t stand the screaming, skipped the rest)
  • Looper (Oh god, this was bad! We had free tickets so we went to watch this and regretted it. Horrible sci-fi movie)
  • Step Up Revolution (Worst of the lot, no doubt… the script was cornier than Twilight’s, the plot was a mess and the dancing wasn’t even that mind-blowing)
  • This Means War (Eww, it was a bad rom-com)
  • Snow White and The Huntsman (Lots of mumbling and it was a bit too dark for our liking)
  • Magic Mike (Sat through 10 minutes, watched Channing build a roof, gave up on the rest of it)
  • The Amazing Spider-man (First off, we don’t even like Andrew Garfield.. I don’t even know why we tried to watch this. Andrew can never be the Spider-man that Tobey Maguire was. Emma, you don’t measure up to Kirsten Dunst’s MJ Watson either, sorry. Why remake a perfectly decent movie so soon?)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I know y’all loved it but it just wasn’t our cup of tea. The plot had too many holes in it, almost like suggesting we read the book before we watch it??)
  • The Vow (He didn’t end up with her, what the heck?)

Yup, gonna get flak for our list but who cares?! We have yet to watch most of the movies that came out this year but we’ll get there…?

Okay, on to the video game part of 2012. I am proud to say that I managed to play at least 2 new games this year – Batman:Arkham City and Counter Strike:Global Offensive. I didn’t finish Batman but it was a really good game. Catwoman should be with Batman!!

C and the brother bought me CS:GO so I started playing. I’m not too good at it but it’s fun. They’ve been trying to get me to play Portal 1 and 2 but I’m not biting… yet? LOL.

I did watch C play Batman, Crysis 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Battlefield 3 and CS:GO. My observation, AC3 sucks but Battlefield 3 rocks. Connor, you can’t replace Ezio, not with that ‘tude of yours. I’m not too sure how I feel about Crysis 2 since (SPOILER AHEAD!) Alcatraz suddenly became Prophet at the end.


Okay, this is the end of my extremely long post. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment or Tweet us.

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after weeks and weeks without the TV…

… I’m finally excited for a new movie premiering in the cinemas on June 17th.

The Art of Getting By, also known as Homework, is about a loner called George who doesn’t care about anything related to high school and has a talent for art. He befriends Sally and… you know how romantic movies end. Starring a grown-up Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts. You might remember Freddie as Charlie Bucket from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Yeah, that one. Well, he’s no longer a kid but he’s still so cute. 😀


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