Things about this week and next week

A lot of times this week, I felt like a lot of things were going wrong for me. I felt like I was going to see the doctor too many times and that obviously wasn’t a good feeling. I also realized how difficult it is to get certain words out of my mouth. But I’ve gotten over some of it.

Some things that were fun this week:

  1. Going to a fashion show, always an inspirational experience
  2. Volunteering for an event because who doesn’t love running around backstage and feeling important? Not to mention, I won a prize and my sister had to claim it in front of everyone under the K-pop superstar name I listed myself as. Sorry, not sorry but it was memorable and fun.
  3. Watching my friends dance for the event. Let’s face it: I love watching people dance. It makes me want to dance too!
  4. Wood carving. Who knew that could be so fun? It’s very relaxing when your carving tools are fresh and sharp. But once it starts to get blunt, all your energy will be gone just like that. It’s a new experience and I love it though.
  5. Answering “What is your dream job?” honestly for the first time.
  6. Talking to my career counselor for almost 3 hours. I love her, she’s so nice. She even made me hot chocolate.
  7. Finishing a super long lab report hours ahead of the deadline and completing most of it without assistance.
  8. Finishing one of my last few presentations for the semester. I feel like my speaking skills have somewhat improved and I am thankful for the experience even though anxiety was killing me at the beginning.
  9. Classmates bringing food to class.
  10. Bringing some tea for my professor who is facing hard times in her life and seeing her smile.
  11. Another class cancelled for the whole week.
  12. Buying a super cute pocket coloring book to bring on long flights and boring events.

Some things I hope to accomplish the coming week (who am I kidding):

  1. Watch more anime because priorities.
  2. Listen to more music.
  3. Cook.
  4. Go to the gym. Or at least dedicate 10 minutes a day to exercising.
  5. Dress better (if the weather would just get warmer).
  6. Finish assignments (ughhhhhhhhhhhh).
  7. TRY to apply for some things because the first step is so hard and I still don’t know what I want.
  8. Paint and make some cards.
  9. Eat more noodles and pasta. Lunch and dinner were vague and college-student-like this week because of homework and everything. Examples:
    • 2 days of instant noodles
    • Random 30-minute rice, egg and vegetable lunch
    • Pita pizzas
    • Half a sandwich + half a fritter + 3 dates???
    • Granola bar + dates + Goldfish crackers??
  10. Continue being more confident in saying what I want to say (no matter how cheesy and cringe-y).

I’m missing out a bunch of stuff but thank you for making my week wonderful. Let’s stay positive and keep moving forwards!


Weekly Wishes #7


Another round of Weekly Wishes! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

This week’s picture prompt is Celebration (in honor of Monja’s first birthday, I think! Happy birthday Monja!). I thought it only fitting to put up a picture of something Christmas-y since it’s one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know about you but Christmas is on my mind already. Bring on the cozy decor, festive songs, good food and company. Oh, and I could use a trip to Disneyland too. πŸ˜‰

So you can probably tell from the lack of posts that we’ve been busy. My ultimate goal for this blog was to have consistent posts but I don’t think it’s possible with busy life going on and dozens of things to handle in the next few weeks so yes, the number of posts per week will go down to maybe 3-4 but don’t worry, you can still keep up with us on Twitter. We will, however, be back in full force when things settle down a bit.

Last week’s wishes were to:

1. Get things done. Eh? I should just take this off my list. I feel like I’m not going anywhere with this.

2. Write. I did get some actual writing done for half the week but then Microsoft Word swayed me and I’m back on the keyboard again. It felt good to hold a pencil though.

3. Reclaim my passion for art. It felt good to get support from everyone who commented last week so thank you. How did I do for this goal? I was actually more inspired this week. I started to look at things from different angles and it’s helping that Skye is my driving force whenever I’m lazy or discouraged.

By the way, it’s been weeks and my drawing hasn’t seen the light of day on this blog. Gomenasai! I hope to build up enough self-confidence to show my drawings to you soon enough.

This week’s wishes are:

1. Get back on track with my workouts. Dare I say I’ve been slacking? Yes, indeed. I’ve been slacking and watching TV during my usual workout time. Guilty! But I’mma step it up this week and watch TV after my workouts. Please, everyone, you have to watch Rurouni Kenshin. I have not been more in love with a show before. I have a post coming up on it but whether or not I finish it depends on how my second goal works out…

2. Finish all these drafts!! I swear I have 15 drafts to wrap up but I can’t seem to just write them out and end them. The posts will slow down but the least I can do is finish a couple, right?

3. Work on thinking of better responses to people. Why am I awkward? Why? Why? I feel like ‘I’m awkward’ is such a cliche, worn out phrase but I can’t think of anything else to describe me as when I talk to people I don’t really know/would like to get to know more. I always feel like my responses are so stiff and formal and in the back of my mind I’m afraid that I’ll be taken as serious or boring. But it’s not in my nature to get pally with people quickly. Um, this goes for comments and Twitter replies too. Does this even make any sense?

What do you think? Manageable or impossible? What are your weekly wishes? Don’t be afraid to tell me in the comment section even if you’re not participating in the link-up. If you choose to write your own post, link up with Melyssa. πŸ™‚

Here are last week’s posts that you might have missed:

  • I only just listened to this song again. It’s adorable.
  • I wrote a guest post for Skye’s art series.
  • Here are some cute Labradors swimming in the water.
  • There is no fall here. Can you live without fall?
  • Last but not least, an outfit worthy of wearing to Fashion Week in this week’s Fashionable Friday #7.

Wish me luck in taking on all the tasks to come! In return, I hope you stay fabulous and composed throughout the week!

By the way, if anyone can recommend a good site to get good rates on flights, please let me know. Thank you!



My idea of a good time

Let me be honest. I’m feeling uninspired today. I peeked into the draft box and realized that there aren’t as many half-written posts that I can continue and put up as I thought. That made me feel even worse for some odd reason.

So that was yesterday. Sometimes I write posts two sentences and leave them hanging when I’m lazy/distracted or don’t know how else to continue it. Mostly the former though. I get distracted really easily. I’ll think of something else and forget all about my post and come back hours later and be all, Oh, you’re still here. Let me save you as draft and log out. Anyone else do this?


My so-good-you-can-just-faint drink from San Francisco Coffee.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about one of my favorite pastimes on our blog before and thought it would make a decent post.

I like hanging out in coffee shops by myself. There, I said it. I first learned to enjoy spending time alone in college. If I thought college would be a great new place where I would make friends I would still be talking to 20 years down the road, I was wrong. Whoever told me that college was fun clearly lied. The college I went to was terrible. But that’s for another post, riiight?

After my first two semesters in college, I learned that the timetables were inflexible and no matter what, the college had planned the classes so that you were forced to take the classes that they wanted you to take and there would be long breaks in between. So I found myself with lots of time in between classes. I couldn’t go home for the breaks for a few reasons, the few people that I knew and actually talked to never had the same break times as me, and at certain hours the library would be so packed and stuffy that I would rather sit on the stairs than be inside. Oh, add to the fact that the shops and restaurants around college all sucked and were too far to walk to in the blazing heat, I found myself very unhappy.

But there was a Starbucks within reasonable walking distance. For a while, I was between a rock and a hard place. I am not a fan of Starbucks. Are you rearing back in horror and disgust yet? Are you going “shut up” in a Mean Girls way in your head? Are you breathing into a paper bag because you’re so shocked that there are people who actually dislike Starbucks? Okay, we’ll take a 10 minute break. Just kidding. Well, it’s true. Give me any other coffee place any day.

Being a non-working college student, I get lunch money from my parents. And I was not happy about the idea of spending money on Starbucks, which is so expensive here. But I did. For the sake of having some place to use wifi and get some homework done. Oh, and the air-conditioning. I think the winning point was the air-con and the fact that I love people-watching so what better place to do it than from behind the tinted glass windows of a coffee place. You have no idea how many fascinating things I’ve seen from spending just a few hours there one day a week. Not that I actually went there every week. That would have burnt holes in my wallet.

Well, anyway, you could have found me sitting all by my lonesome at a table for six with my backpack sitting regally on its own chair beside me and my phone lined up neatly against my plate of pastry. I’m awkward. As if you didn’t know that. I like to think of myself as sociable – being an INFP, it takes time for me to open up to someone and let me tell you, it’s worth the wait. I like talking. To be specific, I like talking to the right people about things that are bigger than gossip, short shorts, makeup and boys (wut?!). But I digress. I’m awkward so in situations where I’m alone whether or not in a crowd, if I’m not people-watching in deep fascination, I’m texting my mom to tell her how my day went. I know. It would appear as if I were the type of person who texts even while crossing the road. But I’m not. I would never. Look left, look right, then left again. Thanks Mom!

Oh, and it’s my mom who told me that eating alone is perfectly fine. What’s wrong with eating alone? I clearly remember her saying when I first said it would be awkward to eat alone. I used to eat alone on some days while I was working. Well, that was that. If my mom could do it, I certainly could as well. I think she also mentioned that eating alone is quite rewarding and something that not everyone can do. That turned out to be true. Eating by yourself is empowering. People stare at me with eyes that reflect how sad they were for me that I had no companion or they stare at me as if to wonder why the hell anyone would eat alone but I only smile from behind my cup of iced tea and wonder if they know how much they’re missing out on.


Pastry from Starbucks

Eating alone rocks. It’s my me time. I get to do whatever I want – I can eat whatever I want without being afraid that people are secretly judging me (though that doesn’t necessarily mean I gorge myself with unhealthy food), I can sit wherever I want without having to bicker lightly over why the table is better than the booth (or vice versa, depending on restaurants), I can take as much time as I want to finish my meal and relax, I am not forced to make conversation with anyone. My mind is clearer when I’m not distracted by people and I get to recharge my brain juice especially after a tiring class. It is just one of the best feelings ever. After learning to be comfortable just hanging out by myself, I began to wonder why some people find it so daunting. I know a few people who’ve said that they would never eat alone. Beats me.

Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. You don’t necessarily have to eat alone to get this amazing feeling though. Just find some time away from people and noise and distractions. Sit on a bench in the middle of the city and watch people rushing around, getting things done and carrying on with their busy lives; window-shop by yourself, things like that.

Oh, just in case you’re thinking, heck I hang out at coffee houses alone all the time!, I don’t mean sitting at the table, glued to your laptop, checking Facebook updates. Take a minute or two to just enjoy your surroundings and the company of your own thoughts and maybe that fabulous drink that you got yourself.

So. Do you find me time like that often? When was the last time you ate alone? Or have you never? Would you ever? Love SF Coffee?! Me too, let me know in the comment box.

Β zr1


Overcoming anger and stress 101 #2

Last week was the first episode of this series. And I asked some questions which hopefully you answered no to because really, who likes anger and stress?

So today I’m going to explain a few things. Now let’s start with anger. If you’re thinking, oh I get angry a lot, this must be bad. No, not necessarily. Anger is an emotion that comes in different forms and can range from mild annoyance to boiling hot rage.

Anger is healthy as long as it doesn’t blow out of proportion and turn into a manic, rage episode. Anger is healthy as long as we can still think straight and be reasonable in an argument. In fact, anger is necessary for humans as it is part of our fight-or-flight system that is one of the deciding factors when we choose to confront or leave a dangerous situation.

The same goes for stress. Let’s just face it, everyone worries, whether selfishly or unselfishly, frequent or not, we still worry. But I bet you didn’t know that there are two types of stress – the good and the bad. The good stress helps us in terms of motivation. Let’s say finals are around the corner and you want to do well. This stress will (hopefully) motivate you to push yourself to do whatever it takes to get the grades that you want.

Or if you want an example from me, here it goes. Joining the Weekly Wishes Link-Up has made me stressed. In a good way though. It gets me going whenever I feel sluggish or unmotivated. On days when I think, it’s okay to skip today’s workout, right? A part of me will go, No, you have to do it, for your fitness level’s sake and for the sake of not writing an ‘I failed’ report for the recap of your Weekly Wishes post. See? Good stress.

Then there’s the bad stress where you feel like you’re being weighed down and you just can’t find it in you to think positively. Using the same example, if I were to engage in bad stress, my thoughts would probably go along the lines of, oh no this is weighing me down, why did I join it, now I have so much more on my plate, I can’t do it, I just want to give up.



If you remember from last week’s post, my tip of the week was to Breathe. I know it might sound stupid in your head, especially when you get angry or stressed, but it helps. Don’t think about what other people think or say, just draw in deep, measured breaths.

This week’s tip is to walk away. That’s right. Walk away. If you’re engaged in a heated argument that is turning ugly or getting unreasonable, walk away with an explanation. Or if you’ve reached your breakdown point and you can’t see yourself doing anymore work, walk away. But remember to tell the other person that both of you need to take a time-out. Turn and leave. Find a quiet place where you can collect your thoughts and sanity. It’s not okay to walk away without an explanation, knowing full well that the other person can’t handle it and will apologize to you so that you can get your way. That’s a lowly manipulation tactic and complete rubbish.

I realize that some people won’t let you walk away. They’ll get offended and ask you what the hell you think you’re doing by walking away. The thing here is to not just suddenly walk off without explanation because that’s going to be worse the next time there’s an argument. Just try to block out whatever the other person is saying and breathe until you’re calm enough to tell them you need a break. Say, this is going overboard, we need a time-out. Sounds stupid too, right? But it makes sense so say it anyway. Say it as calmly as you can so that it won’t just stir up another bout of anger. Walk away knowing that this is just a break and things haven’t been resolved yet. Come back calmer and with a clearer mind and this time, make compromises or resolve the issue without getting mad.

As for being stressed and on the verge of losing it, I would advise dropping everything. All the balls that you’re juggling? Drop them, step back, walk away for ten minutes, do something relaxing like listening to music, come back with a clearer mind and pick those balls up one by one. Slowly! Sometimes all you need to do is walk away from everything for a minute. Hopefully when you return, you’ll have a clearer mind and be able to look at things from a different perspective.

I’m telling you this from experience. I used to be so frustrated at math questions (for the longest time, math was my most dreaded subject). When I couldn’t get the answer, I would stare at the question harder and harder, trying to make the answer come to me. Soon but not soon enough, I learned that I needed to get away from the book, walk around and do other things for a while then come back to it. More often than not, I would able to look at the question from a different angle and solve it. This method applies to other things in life of course, not just math questions.

Also, try making a list of the things you need to do. A list will help you see what’s important and you can start by focusing on the first important task then going to the next. You will feel much better. You’re not Superman. Cut yourself some slack. Tell yourself it’s okay to take a break because it is.

I hope this helps. Remember, guys, take it easy.






For those wondering who the hot potatoes Raine is, readΒ this!


A bit of an identity crisis

Today’s post is a bit tricky. It’s about who we are or rather what we’re known as in the internet universe. This is the big news that I mentioned in my other post.

Before I made my nail blog, I was quite sure that sooner or later C and I would abandon this blog so I made my nail blog and kind of made up a new ‘identity’ (so to speak) for myself. How I picked the name that I picked is another story.

Now that we’re back on SpuddyBuddies, I find myself suddenly torn between 2 different identities. So you might be thinking, what is so hard about that? You should have just put up your real identity to make things easier. Or maybe you’re thinking, now would be the time to raise the curtains and reveal the masterminds behind SpuddyBuddies. Or you could be thinking, Okay whatever y’all are cray cray and this blog is probably run by robots.


Hi, my name is WAAAAAAAALL-E (image source)

I’ll get to that in a bit but bear with me as I go off-track here. I actually read a blog post the other day where this lady wrote a ‘Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog’… Whoa, harsh. Okay, so haters exist, I knew that. But what got to me most was that she actually said that she wouldn’t read a blog that doesn’t have real pictures of the blogger. I don’t get people who say stuff like that. You’re completely okay with putting up your pictures, good for you. You have a huge photo of yourself on the sidebar, good for you. The display icons of your social media sites are all pictures of you, good for you.

Others are not comfortable with that. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. And hello, this is a blog. Nobody is shoving products down your throat and forcing you to buy them. That would unnerve just about anyone but this is a blog… which is an online journal. Twenty years ago when emails and forums were about the only place you could communicate, before you could upload whopping big 4000×3000 pictures of yourself off your DSLR, did you question the person replying to your emails/threads? And now when you buy stuff off Amazon or whatever, do you request to see the seller’s picture before you decide whether or not to buy something? No, duh. You look at other information like maybe the sales history or testimonials from previous buyers. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

So what, may I ask, is so hard about reading a blog that does not have a selfie or professional portrait of the author? How does a blog without a picture of the author suck so much – regardless of the writing/content – that you would avoid it? Imagine that you’re not comfortable putting your picture up (for whatever reason that you may or may not have thought of), imagine that your blog has the best, most helpful content on the internet and someone says that they wouldn’t read your blog because they want a face to the blog. How the flying frogs would you feel about that? And isn’t it up to the author of the blog to decide what he or she wants to be public knowledge? Why are you trying to guilt-trip people because they have no profile picture?

Yeah, way to go for NOT stepping into other people’s shoes for a second, lady.

zbutton1 zbutton3


That’s me on the left and C on the right. πŸ˜‰






Anyway, back to the story here. I know that was a long story, longer than I intended to be but whatever. I know, Captain Eloquence at work again but I love my ‘whatever’s. Take that, public speaking teacher! πŸ˜€

Okay, getting to the real topic at hand for real now. I’m known as T here but known as something else on my nail blog. Had I known that we were returning to the blogosphere, I would not have created a new identity (it is a pretty kickass name that has symbolic meaning, y’know). Now I’m in a dilemma. I have readers on my nail blog and I have readers here (I hope). So the question is, if readers from my nail blog come by here, they’re going to be confused as to why I’m using a different name here and I don’t want them to think that I’m nuts.

Also, Codi replied to me in an email and she said that she would love to know our actual names. In my about page on my nail blog, I did state that my name is difficult enough to spell let alone pronounce and that actually goes for the two of us (C and myself). It’s actually not that hard to pronounce or spell but people have been getting my name wrong for so long that I cringe every time people butcher my name and turn it into something completely unrecognizable.Β  Don’t get me wrong – I love my name, I just don’t love correcting people a bajillion times. I’ve even had people try to tell me how to spell my own name so that’s something I’ll leave for you to figure out, haha!

But while C and I are still doing this whole blog revival thing, I thought it would be good to start afresh. Scrap the initials and just go for simple, meaningful names that hopefully y’all will feel more connected to. I know initials can be a bit iffy. Come on, you know you’re thinking, T & C, LOL terms and conditions apply? I forgive you; we were young and totally clueless about picking out names that we would love. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and besides starting over, I could use a name that I can use in real life when introducing myself. Win-win, right?

So guess what?

We’ve picked out names that mean a lot to us and we’re going to stick with them. Before you scroll down, here’s a hint as to what our new names are.


If you guessed something like, the sky is pouring or it’s going to rain, you’re absolutely on the same wavelength as us! Yay!

T and C will officially be replaced by Raine and Skye. T being Raine and C being Skye. It’s no secret that I love the rain (the sound, sight, smell) and I don’t know, it just sounds so… me. And it’s one of the names I use in my nail blog so that’s convenient. C is the kind of person who doesn’t give up until she succeeds. I mean, can’t you tell by her art posts that she’s determined to be one heck of an artist?! Talk about reaching beyond the Skye – see what I did there?

Are you feeling our new names? Or are you like meh the initials were cute? Haha, whatever it is, let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback.




5 things that I learned after going to the movies

We haven’t been to the movies in… months. Why? Well, we prefer waiting for the DVDs and watching them in the comfort of our own house. I know, we’re so chill, right?

Well, this week we decided to treat ourselves to a movie in premier class (hello wide seats, wide armrests and a comfortable gap between each pair of seats!). If you wanna know what movie we watched, wait for C’s post. She’s better at writing movie reviews than me. I often manage to scramble up my points and get sidetracked and I’m not sure you’d want to read my sidetracked ramblings.


Here are a few pointers to myself that I gathered after going to the movies this week:

1. Sharpen your reflexes so that you can grip the railing of the escalator quickly when it suddenly breaks down otherwise risk being jerked forward and later feel like throwing up. Seriously though, this is one of my biggest fears. More than once I’ve been on an escalator that screeched to an abrupt stop and people were almost flung forwards. I do not want to be in an inclined domino effect so faulty escalators are pretty scary to me.

2. Always check where the venue is at least 2 hours before the show or else risk finding out that it is actually elsewhere (aka far away) and having to scramble to get there. We were just lazing around thinking, oh yeah the cinema is like 10 minutes away, we can get there in no time, only to find out that the cinema that we were supposed to be at was half an hour away. Needless to say there was a spike of panic in the household as everyone tried to grab their stuff and rush out the door.

3. Calm down, don’t speed/rush, it’s just a movie.

4. Don’t be a wiseass and wear wedge heels. You won’t always have someone to swap shoes with when you want to use the soaking wet toilet. Yup, it was me -_- There was a lot of foot-nudging, shoe-kicking and ‘where is my shoe?’s when C and I swapped shoes in the dark.

5. If it’s cold, for the love of your bladder, don’t finish your drink and risk having to use the bathroom halfway through the movie!Β  Yes, I was the genius who downed the whole cup of soda and had to use the bathroom 3 minutes before the movie ended. I tried to hold it in, trust me it was no laughing matter. πŸ˜› I don’t know about you but I’m not the kind of person who likes squeezing out of the entire row of people to take a bathroom break.

That’s it from me.

Oh wait, a bonus: Enjoy the popcorn!

Have you ever been in the same (or similar) situation movie crises where you had to scramble for the door because you had the wrong venue? Are you a toilet-break-during-movies kind of person? What was the last movie you watched in the cinema? Ever been on a moving escalator that ground to a sudden stop? Tell me all about it.

x T


I’m a what now? My love for biology


Image from Google

According to C who is my long time supporter and student (haha), I can now be a certified biology teacher. I’ll take that as a compliment and file into my list of small accomplishments. If you read our about page, you would know that I’m secretly a biology geek who pretends not to be because for as long as my school life lasted, I hated all the sciences and made sure everyone knew that I did.

So how did I end up falling in love with biology? In college it was compulsory to take 2 sciences and since I hated chemistry the most – make me mix chemicals or handle a Bunsen burner and I could blow the lab up, not even kidding – I was forced to take biology and physics. I took biology first because I dreaded physics more and thought that if I put off taking it long enough I could completely skip the class (I’m that delusional, yes).

In school I had a lousy teacher for a couple of years – her explanations were poor and she liked showing slides that weren’t at all helpful – so I spent 3/4 of the time in her classes daydreaming about what next to write in my story (I wrote a kickass story). I can’t even begin to tell you how much of the class I missed just by drifting deep into my own thoughts. Whenever I snapped back into reality I would realize that half the lesson was over and I hadn’t caught a single word she said. I didn’t think too much of missing the class since I was convinced that I would never be able to catch up anyway and that Biology just wasn’t for me. Hah, it would be especially bad during the days we had experiments because I would never know what experiment we were doing. I would ask my seat neighbor what we were doing and try to wing it from there.

So I never learned much from my biology classes in high school.

Then I took biology in college and since then I haven’t looked at it the same. I had classes late in the evening and that already began to turn me off but I had heard from friends who had taken the class that the professor was nice and the class not too difficult. I was like, psh, not difficult? I’ll probably be overwhelmed by all those silly biological terms but still I tried not to have any prejudgments.

First day of class and whaddya know? The professor was super nice and possibly one of my favorite teachers of all time. He was easygoing and his explanations were simple but effective. He never tried to rush the syllabus or dump a crapload of homework/assignments onto us or mark us so strict that we would shiver the next time we heard the word ‘test’. His lab classes were awesome – the sudden wannabe-scientist in me loved putting on the lab coat and getting down and dirty with enzymes and microscopes. I learned how to write a proper report in his class!

I enjoyed all his classes and even though I could have skipped some of the evening classes, I stayed for most of them! Slow but surely, the anti-biology feeling in me morphed into nothing but sheer love and enthusiasm for all things biology and now you can’t stop the biology geek in me, bwahahaha! Okay that cackle was uncalled for but seriously I learned what a difference it makes to have a good teacher. I’m all about learning things efficiently and having a teacher who is willing to be patient with people who learn a little slower.

You know how I solidified my love for biology? I signed up to be a tutor for the next semester… and the following one. And now I’m C’s personal go-to source whenever she needs help with her class.

Now you know the story behind my biology love. Maybe I should have like this weekly online biology lesson. Haha, would anyone even be interested?!

x T


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