Long weekends with the SpudBuds

I believe this was our first long weekend since the semester began. You have no idea how thankful both of us are. Talking to people has made me realize that weekends go quick for a lot of people too. That means: Yay, we’re not alone! Responses I got after I asked some friends if they were looking forward to the weekends:

“It’s like I come home, go to sleep and it’s Monday.”


“I don’t think it’ll be long enough.”

How about we protest for a 365-day weekend?

“I think… it’ll be over soon…”

Depressing but 100% true!

Whatever it is, we’ve been winning this weekend! It has been eventful, surprisingly. We went to a basketball game, cheered on our favorite players, and made delicious Hainanese chicken rice in 30 minutes for dinner! We also returned a bunch of clothes we bought, quickly realizing that false advertising is everywhere and that we need a fashion designer in this house ASAP.

We made cranberry salsa to eat with the best damn low-salt potato chips. Finally we were able to replicate the one that Baja used to have ages ago. It was amazing and we need to buy more fresh cranberries to make more!! We also made garlic bread and tomato soup. We realized how we had been doing our soup wrong – red onions instead of sweet white onions. Who cares! The red onions were cheap! screams the broke college student in me.

We cleaned the bathroom – a very strenuous activity that makes me wish technology could do something about this. But I think the most rewarding part was feeling like you have done something important over the weekend. And hey, everything looks nice too! The other part that is my favorite is getting to laze around for the next one and a half days in my sweatpants.

Did I mention that we made no bake PB&J granola bars and banana bread in about an hour early in the morning? Talk about efficiency! Finally getting to open a jar of creamy peanut butter was the most satisfying thing on Earth.

We proceeded to make okonomiyaki and mastered it! Eureka, the shape finally holds up! So delicious too! Shake on some green onions, shrimp furikake and katsuobushi, all done to the beat of GOT7 songs we’ve been repeating for the past few weeks, and life is perfect.

Now that we’re done with the fairytale part of our weekend, the part with lots of reality and adult life consisted of completing a bunch of homework, printing out stuff, checking stuff on checklists, worrying about vacuuming the floor, receiving a steady flow of annoying text messages, and pondering over life matters deeply.

Hope you had an awesome weekend, too!


Weekly Wishes #4


Hi guys! So today is week 4 of Weekly Wishes for me. Can you believe it’s been almost a month since we revived our blog?! Me neither. There have been periods of Wow, is anyone even reading this? but there have been more I love blogging, why did we even stop? moments. I’m learning things about blogging that I didn’t know before, finding great blogs to read and connecting with bloggers but most of all, I’m having fun writing so that’s good, right?

Anyway, today’s Weekly Wishes picture prompt is Innocence. I bet you’re looking at the peacock and wondering what could be so innocent about it. The story behind this photo is that a couple of years ago my mom decided to take us on a spontaneous day trip to the local bird park. Looking back at the pictures, a few years really makes that much of a difference. We were younger, more naive, more carefree with fewer major decisions to make and our biggest responsibility was school. Definitely reminds me of innocence.

A recap of last week’s wishes:

  1. Get things on my non-blogging list done. Okay, I probably worded this wrongly. I meant non-online list. How did I do? Poorly. You know that feeling when you know you should be cleaning up but thinking about it makes you tired and you procrastinate until a whole week is over? Yes, I confess, that was how I felt. I did manage to do small bits here and there but definitely not everything I planned on doing.
  2. Drink more water. This was a semi-success. For the first few days I was drinking enough to actually refill my bottle and then my mom needed to remind me to drink so there you go.
  3. Find easy, delicious recipes to make. I stalked Pinterest for recipes. I probably shouldn’t have done that while I was hungry, LOL. You can go over to my Pinterest account (please click this link, not the button on the sidebar because that account’s not updated) and check ’em out under the board Food. Warning: do not go there if you’re hungry right now. I actually did follow some of the recipes and they turned out better than expected. Skye is a big fan of the Caprese chicken that I made, yay! She even asked me to make it again this week.
  4. Build a light box. Yeah. Fail. Nuff said.
  5. Cheer on other bloggers’ ventures/projects. Hmm, I think I did quite well on this. I actually found more blogs in the process.


The Nectar Collective

This week’s wishes would be to:

  1. Again, get things on my non-online to-do list done.
  2. Leave more comment love especially on posts that I like and could lend my opinion to. I feel horribly awkward when leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Either many people have already commented and I feel like my comment wouldn’t make a difference or I feel like my opinion isn’t worthy of posting or I feel like I’m going off-topic and don’t want people to be like what is she talking about or I feel like I’m annoying people or something along those lines that make me hesitate to comment. What. is. wrong. with. me?
  3. Write more posts.
  4. Find a gift for my friend who is leaving for college in another country soon. Guys, help me out here please. What is small and practical but meaningful and says I appreciate your friendship, good luck in your endeavors overseas? I’m drawing a blank here.
  5. Cook more. Hopefully.

Whew. I think that’s enough for the week. What are your weekly wishes? Don’t forget to link up with Melyssa.


In case you missed them, here’s what we blogged about last week:

  • I picked a song from a rom-com as my song of the week.
  • I did a 20 things you should know about me post since I know we’re kind of ‘new’ to the blogosphere.
  • This ship inspired my Wordless Wednesday post.
  • Skye started her own weekly series called Adventures with Art – yay so proud of her! New and amateur artists are welcome to join her on her mission to acquire mad art skills. Leave her some encouragement! You know how hard it is when you’re just starting out and you have days when you feel like you’re not good enough, right?
  • I featured some of my favorite blogs in this post. I’m glad I made your day, guys. Keep rockin’ that keyboard and cranking out kickass posts.
  • Totally slipped my mind that it was Friday so I was unprepared for last week’s Fashionable Friday. Still, you can check out these outfits and tell me which one you’d most likely pick.
  • Our ‘major’ news came out on Saturday. Hopefully you will embrace the change and find us more relatable(?).
  • Last but not least, my 2nd post in the series Overcoming Anger and Stress.

Wow, did we really blog that much last week?! Crazy. If you enjoy reading most of our posts, wait for more this week. 😀

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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