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According to C who is my long time supporter and student (haha), I can now be a certified biology teacher. I’ll take that as a compliment and file into my list of small accomplishments. If you read our about page, you would know that I’m secretly a biology geek who pretends not to be because for as long as my school life lasted, I hated all the sciences and made sure everyone knew that I did.

So how did I end up falling in love with biology? In college it was compulsory to take 2 sciences and since I hated chemistry the most – make me mix chemicals or handle a Bunsen burner and I could blow the lab up, not even kidding – I was forced to take biology and physics. I took biology first because I dreaded physics more and thought that if I put off taking it long enough I could completely skip the class (I’m that delusional, yes).

In school I had a lousy teacher for a couple of years – her explanations were poor and she liked showing slides that weren’t at all helpful – so I spent 3/4 of the time in her classes daydreaming about what next to write in my story (I wrote a kickass story). I can’t even begin to tell you how much of the class I missed just by drifting deep into my own thoughts. Whenever I snapped back into reality I would realize that half the lesson was over and I hadn’t caught a single word she said. I didn’t think too much of missing the class since I was convinced that I would never be able to catch up anyway and that Biology just wasn’t for me. Hah, it would be especially bad during the days we had experiments because I would never know what experiment we were doing. I would ask my seat neighbor what we were doing and try to wing it from there.

So I never learned much from my biology classes in high school.

Then I took biology in college and since then I haven’t looked at it the same. I had classes late in the evening and that already began to turn me off but I had heard from friends who had taken the class that the professor was nice and the class not too difficult. I was like, psh, not difficult? I’ll probably be overwhelmed by all those silly biological terms but still I tried not to have any prejudgments.

First day of class and whaddya know? The professor was super nice and possibly one of my favorite teachers of all time. He was easygoing and his explanations were simple but effective. He never tried to rush the syllabus or dump a crapload of homework/assignments onto us or mark us so strict that we would shiver the next time we heard the word ‘test’. His lab classes were awesome – the sudden wannabe-scientist in me loved putting on the lab coat and getting down and dirty with enzymes and microscopes. I learned how to write a proper report in his class!

I enjoyed all his classes and even though I could have skipped some of the evening classes, I stayed for most of them! Slow but surely, the anti-biology feeling in me morphed into nothing but sheer love and enthusiasm for all things biology and now you can’t stop the biology geek in me, bwahahaha! Okay that cackle was uncalled for but seriously I learned what a difference it makes to have a good teacher. I’m all about learning things efficiently and having a teacher who is willing to be patient with people who learn a little slower.

You know how I solidified my love for biology? I signed up to be a tutor for the next semester… and the following one. And now I’m C’s personal go-to source whenever she needs help with her class.

Now you know the story behind my biology love. Maybe I should have like this weekly online biology lesson. Haha, would anyone even be interested?!

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