5 things that I learned after going to the movies

We haven’t been to the movies in… months. Why? Well, we prefer waiting for the DVDs and watching them in the comfort of our own house. I know, we’re so chill, right?

Well, this week we decided to treat ourselves to a movie in premier class (hello wide seats, wide armrests and a comfortable gap between each pair of seats!). If you wanna know what movie we watched, wait for C’s post. She’s better at writing movie reviews than me. I often manage to scramble up my points and get sidetracked and I’m not sure you’d want to read my sidetracked ramblings.


Here are a few pointers to myself that I gathered after going to the movies this week:

1. Sharpen your reflexes so that you can grip the railing of the escalator quickly when it suddenly breaks down otherwise risk being jerked forward and later feel like throwing up. Seriously though, this is one of my biggest fears. More than once I’ve been on an escalator that screeched to an abrupt stop and people were almost flung forwards. I do not want to be in an inclined domino effect so faulty escalators are pretty scary to me.

2. Always check where the venue is at least 2 hours before the show or else risk finding out that it is actually elsewhere (aka far away) and having to scramble to get there. We were just lazing around thinking, oh yeah the cinema is like 10 minutes away, we can get there in no time, only to find out that the cinema that we were supposed to be at was half an hour away. Needless to say there was a spike of panic in the household as everyone tried to grab their stuff and rush out the door.

3. Calm down, don’t speed/rush, it’s just a movie.

4. Don’t be a wiseass and wear wedge heels. You won’t always have someone to swap shoes with when you want to use the soaking wet toilet. Yup, it was me -_- There was a lot of foot-nudging, shoe-kicking and ‘where is my shoe?’s when C and I swapped shoes in the dark.

5. If it’s cold, for the love of your bladder, don’t finish your drink and risk having to use the bathroom halfway through the movie!  Yes, I was the genius who downed the whole cup of soda and had to use the bathroom 3 minutes before the movie ended. I tried to hold it in, trust me it was no laughing matter. 😛 I don’t know about you but I’m not the kind of person who likes squeezing out of the entire row of people to take a bathroom break.

That’s it from me.

Oh wait, a bonus: Enjoy the popcorn!

Have you ever been in the same (or similar) situation movie crises where you had to scramble for the door because you had the wrong venue? Are you a toilet-break-during-movies kind of person? What was the last movie you watched in the cinema? Ever been on a moving escalator that ground to a sudden stop? Tell me all about it.

x T

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