Weekly Wishes #9

I’m late, says the March hare! Something came up which is why I’m posting on Tuesday instead of Monday. The Weekly Wishes linkup is my favorite part about Monday.

Listing down these goals actually makes me more productive. I’ve never been a list person – blame it on the INFP in me that loves starting but hardly ever finishing anything – but this linkup has really helped me keep track of things that I need to do.


This week’s picture prompt is selfie but I don’t see us posting selfies just yet so this picture will have to do. Yes! Finally, a scan of my drawings. Aren’t you proud of me? This could be my selfie… okay, not really, but this is equivalent to bearing my soul so in a way, it is a selfie in the art sense. Did that even make sense?

This drawing was inspired by Ebba (ehh, she’s gorgeous and I love her sense of fashion though some of the things she wears, I don’t think I would ever dare step out in). I drew in pencil but the scan came out really light so I tried playing around to darken the lines. In the end, I used a poster filter and really like how it turned out. If you really want to see my raw drawing, I could post it up. Please don’t be too critical of my drawing. ><


So how did I do for last week’s wishes?

1. Not let people’s negativity get to me. – check!

2. Learn the lyrics of Summer’s Picture. – check! I’ve got the chorus and first verse down pat. I have yet to learn the whole song but knowing the chorus is enough for me. I feel like a J-pop star. Just kidding.

3. Do a fun nail art design. – check! I did manage to do some nail art over the color I was wearing so that could be counted as a success, right?


This week’s wishes:

1. Read at least one Buddhist book. I visited 3 temples today and it was amazing. There’s this sense of serenity that always follows after a trip to the temple – kind of like a soul-cleansing moment that makes me reflect on all the things I’ve done and makes me want to be a better person.

2. Write an email to the university. Vague, I know but I’ve put this off long enough and I really need to get this done.

Hmm, I can’t think of any more wishes for this week so I guess that’s it. What are your weekly wishes? Link up with our kickass host Melyssa.

In case you’ve always wondered where our blog name came from, read about it here!



Where Spuddy Buddies came from.. and a surprise!

We’ve got some sorta-kinda big news today. I’m bad at surprises so I’ll just come right out and say it:

SpuddyBuddies turns 5 today!!


Can you believe that it has been FIVE years since we got this domain name and stuck with it? Crazy, I know. Our blog has been through so many phases and I’ll be the first one to say that I’m glad we didn’t dump this blog even though we considered it many times.

Years ago if you had Googled Spuddy Buddies, I’m very sure you wouldn’t have come up with any solid hits. I know because when we were trying to figure out what our blog name should be, we did plenty of research.

Now I know some of you might look at our blog name and go off into fits of giggles or shake your head incredulously or even scoff lightly (I hope) at it but the question remaining at the end of the day is ‘how did they come up with this name?’

It’s not a very complicated story but before I launch into our brief story, you should bear in mind that we were mere hatchlings five years ago. When Mom approached us and asked us if we would like our own domain name, we were both excited and slightly apprehensive. The former because getting a paid domain name is obviously cool and even more so when Mom is offering to pay for it. The latter because we didn’t know whether we would be able to commit to our blog. We had blogs before this but they were just for fun.

We almost gave up on the idea of having our own self-hosted blog but then we learned that there were ways to make money online. Since we were, and still are, on a tight budget, we decided that we’d give blogging consistently a shot. We love writing so to think that we could eventually, maybe, somehow make money through one of our passions was pretty exciting.

Before we could get to the money-making (hah) part, we had to come up with a blog name. There were random brainstorming sessions… for months where we would throw out ideas to see if we liked them… Yeah, no. Most of the ideas/names that came up didn’t quite project our personalities accurately. I think SB was supposed to be launched sometime in the middle of the year but we had no good names until one day Mom said we were waaay off-schedule.

Enter Over The Hedge. Haha. You’re probably wondering what the heck that is? If you haven’t watched the movie, it’s about a raccoon… Okay, never mind. Google it if you really want to know. Yeah, it was the most random thing ever. Thinking back on how we picked our blog name, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Anyway, SpuddyBuddies was inspired by a can of potato chips in the movie. We love potatoes – now and back then – so spuds seemed appropriate. So we had Spuddies but what else? The word Buddies just came from the idea that we’re sisters but also friends. Trust me and Skye to make our blog name rhyme. Spuddy Buddies. Hah.

So there you have it. The most random story about how we picked our blog name. You can laugh now. You know what? I’m also laughing. It’s probably one of the most ridiculous blog names out there – like a bad band name – and trust me, we have thought of coming up with a new domain name but this name has some deep memories attached to it so we’re sticking with it for now.

To be honest, I don’t think we gave blogging our best shot before our most recent blog revival which is why there were times when we wanted to give up blogging completely. I think there were so many factors that contributed to our blogging hiatuses – long school days that left us more tired than inspired, frustration and disillusionment, the lack of comments, some serious teenage angst that resulted in poor blog content, life in general. You get the idea.

But here we are again after 5 years and we have never been more excited to be here in our little space on the Internet. I am so glad we decided to start blogging again. In just a matter of weeks, we’ve already blogged so much and found so many other awesome bloggers (y’all know who you are). I feel like there are so many doors to great opportunities that we haven’t opened yet. Exciting.

We wish we had an awesome birthday giveaway to host but with our financial situation the way it is, any money we get goes to our college fund. I don’t want to drag this post down with how our financial struggles have been and how we fear we might not even be able to go to college which is of utmost importance to us so if you could help us in any way, we would really, REALLY appreciate it.

Anyway! Hopefully this blog revival has shown you more sides of me and Skye, and we hope that you’ll continue sticking around to read more of our stuff! We look forward to more blogging adventures and getting to know more of the blog community.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Have a potato in honor of SpuddyBuddies’ 5th birthday today!




Weekly Wishes #5


Hey guys! It’s Monday again. Feeling blue? Kick that feeling to the curb right away. Listen to some good music, do some stretches, watch a funny clip, put a smile on your face even if it’s for five seconds.

Today’s Weekly Wishes picture prompt is happiness (Don’t forget to link up with Melyssa!). I immediately knew what picture I wanted to use. Here’s a picture of a bonsai tree from the temple we go to and a simple quote. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bonsai this big though I’m sure there are bigger ones out there. I believe this photo was taken on the same day I had a deep conversation with an elderly but immensely wise nun and this picture reminds me of her words of wisdom. Why, hello, yes, if you’re wondering, we’re Buddhists. =)

Okay, now on to the recap of last week’s wishes:

  1. Get things on my non-online to-do list done. – Fail.
  2. Leave more comment love.  – I did leave comments on some blogs that I really like so I guess that’s counted?
  3. Write more posts. – Fail. Yes, I even managed to not follow up on my weekly series, boo.
  4. Find a gift for my friend. – Fail. I didn’t manage to find her gift so in my mind, it’s kind of on an IOU basis now. I bought her dinner though.
  5. Cook more. – I made a few meals so yes, success!

Yup, last week was crappy in terms of completing my weekly wishes but I did reach a couple of epiphanies so that’s good right?


This week’s wishes are really simple :

The Nectar Collective
  1. Remind myself that I’m awesome and that I don’t have to please anybody in my posts. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been feeling discouraged lately. But then I re-realized this: If people don’t like our posts because we don’t fit into specific boxes or because we don’t have this or that, the simplest solution is the little button on the upper right corner of the screen ^__^
  2. And because I’m awesome, I should write better posts. I’m open to suggestions as to what kind of posts you like though.
  3. Watch more TV shows. Season 3 of Person of Interest premiered last week and it was just… EPIC. I’m not going to spoil it for you so don’t worry. Let’s just say that this show needs to win awards… oh, and they need to get rid of Root because she’s annoying. Elementary also premiered last week and I just watched it and it was SMASHING (my not-so-subtle hint at Sherlock’s greatness). My mom is considering giving it another shot – she should – so I’m excited. I’ve also started watching Wandering Samurai with Skye and we LOVE it. Can you tell by my many capitalized words that I love these shows?

How relaxed are my wishes this week?! VERY, right? Yup, I’ve decided to take it easier. What shows are you watching this fall?


If you missed out on last week’s posts, here they are:

  • Music Monday #4 – Guess whose Wrecking Ball we’re loving?
  • Adventures with ArtSkye included a weekly wish in the post. She totally achieved it this week so go ahead and congratulate her on achieving her first weekly wish!
  • Wordless Wednesday – What quote did I put up this week? Can you relate to it?
  • I talked about my idea of a good time. What is your idea of a good time? Link your post in the comment, I’d love to read it.
  • This week’s favorites was fun to list down.
  • My Fashionable Friday included a gorgeous leather skirt so check that out.
  • We got our first blog award! We loved answering the questions and everything. We didn’t even mind not receiving much response. I dunno, though. I love a good long post but I don’t think people have the time nowadays to read through a 1000 word post.

That’s it from us! Hope you have an awesome week!


P.S: We’re still doing button swaps so email us if you’d like that.

Double P.S: If you read our blog and love what we write about, please leave a comment. We’d love to know who you are.


Weekly Wishes #4


Hi guys! So today is week 4 of Weekly Wishes for me. Can you believe it’s been almost a month since we revived our blog?! Me neither. There have been periods of Wow, is anyone even reading this? but there have been more I love blogging, why did we even stop? moments. I’m learning things about blogging that I didn’t know before, finding great blogs to read and connecting with bloggers but most of all, I’m having fun writing so that’s good, right?

Anyway, today’s Weekly Wishes picture prompt is Innocence. I bet you’re looking at the peacock and wondering what could be so innocent about it. The story behind this photo is that a couple of years ago my mom decided to take us on a spontaneous day trip to the local bird park. Looking back at the pictures, a few years really makes that much of a difference. We were younger, more naive, more carefree with fewer major decisions to make and our biggest responsibility was school. Definitely reminds me of innocence.

A recap of last week’s wishes:

  1. Get things on my non-blogging list done. Okay, I probably worded this wrongly. I meant non-online list. How did I do? Poorly. You know that feeling when you know you should be cleaning up but thinking about it makes you tired and you procrastinate until a whole week is over? Yes, I confess, that was how I felt. I did manage to do small bits here and there but definitely not everything I planned on doing.
  2. Drink more water. This was a semi-success. For the first few days I was drinking enough to actually refill my bottle and then my mom needed to remind me to drink so there you go.
  3. Find easy, delicious recipes to make. I stalked Pinterest for recipes. I probably shouldn’t have done that while I was hungry, LOL. You can go over to my Pinterest account (please click this link, not the button on the sidebar because that account’s not updated) and check ’em out under the board Food. Warning: do not go there if you’re hungry right now. I actually did follow some of the recipes and they turned out better than expected. Skye is a big fan of the Caprese chicken that I made, yay! She even asked me to make it again this week.
  4. Build a light box. Yeah. Fail. Nuff said.
  5. Cheer on other bloggers’ ventures/projects. Hmm, I think I did quite well on this. I actually found more blogs in the process.


The Nectar Collective

This week’s wishes would be to:

  1. Again, get things on my non-online to-do list done.
  2. Leave more comment love especially on posts that I like and could lend my opinion to. I feel horribly awkward when leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Either many people have already commented and I feel like my comment wouldn’t make a difference or I feel like my opinion isn’t worthy of posting or I feel like I’m going off-topic and don’t want people to be like what is she talking about or I feel like I’m annoying people or something along those lines that make me hesitate to comment. What. is. wrong. with. me?
  3. Write more posts.
  4. Find a gift for my friend who is leaving for college in another country soon. Guys, help me out here please. What is small and practical but meaningful and says I appreciate your friendship, good luck in your endeavors overseas? I’m drawing a blank here.
  5. Cook more. Hopefully.

Whew. I think that’s enough for the week. What are your weekly wishes? Don’t forget to link up with Melyssa.


In case you missed them, here’s what we blogged about last week:

  • I picked a song from a rom-com as my song of the week.
  • I did a 20 things you should know about me post since I know we’re kind of ‘new’ to the blogosphere.
  • This ship inspired my Wordless Wednesday post.
  • Skye started her own weekly series called Adventures with Art – yay so proud of her! New and amateur artists are welcome to join her on her mission to acquire mad art skills. Leave her some encouragement! You know how hard it is when you’re just starting out and you have days when you feel like you’re not good enough, right?
  • I featured some of my favorite blogs in this post. I’m glad I made your day, guys. Keep rockin’ that keyboard and cranking out kickass posts.
  • Totally slipped my mind that it was Friday so I was unprepared for last week’s Fashionable Friday. Still, you can check out these outfits and tell me which one you’d most likely pick.
  • Our ‘major’ news came out on Saturday. Hopefully you will embrace the change and find us more relatable(?).
  • Last but not least, my 2nd post in the series Overcoming Anger and Stress.

Wow, did we really blog that much last week?! Crazy. If you enjoy reading most of our posts, wait for more this week. 😀

Have a great Monday, everyone!



A bit of an identity crisis

Today’s post is a bit tricky. It’s about who we are or rather what we’re known as in the internet universe. This is the big news that I mentioned in my other post.

Before I made my nail blog, I was quite sure that sooner or later C and I would abandon this blog so I made my nail blog and kind of made up a new ‘identity’ (so to speak) for myself. How I picked the name that I picked is another story.

Now that we’re back on SpuddyBuddies, I find myself suddenly torn between 2 different identities. So you might be thinking, what is so hard about that? You should have just put up your real identity to make things easier. Or maybe you’re thinking, now would be the time to raise the curtains and reveal the masterminds behind SpuddyBuddies. Or you could be thinking, Okay whatever y’all are cray cray and this blog is probably run by robots.


Hi, my name is WAAAAAAAALL-E (image source)

I’ll get to that in a bit but bear with me as I go off-track here. I actually read a blog post the other day where this lady wrote a ‘Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog’… Whoa, harsh. Okay, so haters exist, I knew that. But what got to me most was that she actually said that she wouldn’t read a blog that doesn’t have real pictures of the blogger. I don’t get people who say stuff like that. You’re completely okay with putting up your pictures, good for you. You have a huge photo of yourself on the sidebar, good for you. The display icons of your social media sites are all pictures of you, good for you.

Others are not comfortable with that. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. And hello, this is a blog. Nobody is shoving products down your throat and forcing you to buy them. That would unnerve just about anyone but this is a blog… which is an online journal. Twenty years ago when emails and forums were about the only place you could communicate, before you could upload whopping big 4000×3000 pictures of yourself off your DSLR, did you question the person replying to your emails/threads? And now when you buy stuff off Amazon or whatever, do you request to see the seller’s picture before you decide whether or not to buy something? No, duh. You look at other information like maybe the sales history or testimonials from previous buyers. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

So what, may I ask, is so hard about reading a blog that does not have a selfie or professional portrait of the author? How does a blog without a picture of the author suck so much – regardless of the writing/content – that you would avoid it? Imagine that you’re not comfortable putting your picture up (for whatever reason that you may or may not have thought of), imagine that your blog has the best, most helpful content on the internet and someone says that they wouldn’t read your blog because they want a face to the blog. How the flying frogs would you feel about that? And isn’t it up to the author of the blog to decide what he or she wants to be public knowledge? Why are you trying to guilt-trip people because they have no profile picture?

Yeah, way to go for NOT stepping into other people’s shoes for a second, lady.

zbutton1 zbutton3


That’s me on the left and C on the right. 😉






Anyway, back to the story here. I know that was a long story, longer than I intended to be but whatever. I know, Captain Eloquence at work again but I love my ‘whatever’s. Take that, public speaking teacher! 😀

Okay, getting to the real topic at hand for real now. I’m known as T here but known as something else on my nail blog. Had I known that we were returning to the blogosphere, I would not have created a new identity (it is a pretty kickass name that has symbolic meaning, y’know). Now I’m in a dilemma. I have readers on my nail blog and I have readers here (I hope). So the question is, if readers from my nail blog come by here, they’re going to be confused as to why I’m using a different name here and I don’t want them to think that I’m nuts.

Also, Codi replied to me in an email and she said that she would love to know our actual names. In my about page on my nail blog, I did state that my name is difficult enough to spell let alone pronounce and that actually goes for the two of us (C and myself). It’s actually not that hard to pronounce or spell but people have been getting my name wrong for so long that I cringe every time people butcher my name and turn it into something completely unrecognizable.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my name, I just don’t love correcting people a bajillion times. I’ve even had people try to tell me how to spell my own name so that’s something I’ll leave for you to figure out, haha!

But while C and I are still doing this whole blog revival thing, I thought it would be good to start afresh. Scrap the initials and just go for simple, meaningful names that hopefully y’all will feel more connected to. I know initials can be a bit iffy. Come on, you know you’re thinking, T & C, LOL terms and conditions apply? I forgive you; we were young and totally clueless about picking out names that we would love. 😉 Oh, and besides starting over, I could use a name that I can use in real life when introducing myself. Win-win, right?

So guess what?

We’ve picked out names that mean a lot to us and we’re going to stick with them. Before you scroll down, here’s a hint as to what our new names are.


If you guessed something like, the sky is pouring or it’s going to rain, you’re absolutely on the same wavelength as us! Yay!

T and C will officially be replaced by Raine and Skye. T being Raine and C being Skye. It’s no secret that I love the rain (the sound, sight, smell) and I don’t know, it just sounds so… me. And it’s one of the names I use in my nail blog so that’s convenient. C is the kind of person who doesn’t give up until she succeeds. I mean, can’t you tell by her art posts that she’s determined to be one heck of an artist?! Talk about reaching beyond the Skye – see what I did there?

Are you feeling our new names? Or are you like meh the initials were cute? Haha, whatever it is, let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback.



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