My undying love for K: Missing Kings

The countdown is over. We just came back from watching K: Missing Kings. It was worth the wait, the money and the cinema experience.

k-missing kings logo

Thank you so much, Mom, for agreeing to pay that ridiculous amount for the tickets and for going along with our otaku madness. Thank you for dropping us off on a weekend when the malls are the most crowded and for dropping us off even though the car had a flat tire. I honestly thought we were going to have to walk to the mall haha.

[This post is 2500+ words long so feel free to scroll past if you’re not into anime]

If you haven’t watched it, the trailer for K: Missing Kings is here:

Prepare yourself for spoilers in this post. All the spoilers right below. Do not read if you haven’t watched it. Repeat: Do NOT. It will take the fun and joy out of watching it for the first time.

Here is what I wrote in March about what I hoped would be in K: Missing Kings. Let’s see how many of my dreams came true:

2. Let Anna be the new Red King!!! – Check!
3. Morita Masakazu as the new character Mishakuji Yukari?!?! – Check!
4. Can’t wait to see what Angela brings to the table music-wise. – Check!
5. It would be nice if Yata and Kusanagi get a bigger role! – Check!
6. I hate Fushimi for obvious reasons. I do not, however, hate manga Fushimi as he seems like a slightly better person. – By that I meant I hope his role isn’t ridiculously big. Check!
7. Let there be flashbacks so that we can see young Mikoto and Totsuka! – Check!
8. Somebody needs to make Awashima and Kusanagi kiss already. – Aww, no, but they had cute scenes all-round so I’m happy.


K: Missing Kings Official Poster (which we took pictures with!!)

And now we arrive at my thoughts on K: Missing Kings. Here we go:

The beauty of the opening scenes was just captivating. After the 25-minute long recap of the first season which I thought was unnecessary, K Missing Kings had us from the get-go. It lived up to all the hype that was built up over the past year. You know how some movies just create so much hype that when it’s actually released and people go see it and it’s disappointing and people get crushed? Yeah, that. K did not do that. I fully expected it to go either way – disappointing or pleasantly surprising. It was neither. It was beautiful.

Outside the cinema, I asked Skye, what if it sucks? And she just said, it’s okay, just believe in K. Either way I think it will be satisfying enough for us. Thinking back, it seems kind of cheesy since it’s just a show but K IS NOT JUST A SHOW. -yandere in me rears its head-

We followed Gora, Tsuda Kenjirou, Morita Masakazu, K Anime and angela’s twitter last year so we’ve been keeping up with all the updates. Especially the 100 Days of K Visuals which is a one-picture-per-day countdown. I dunno who their marketing team members are but WELL DONE. The Twitter updates were great and kept us on our toes.

I LOVE that they didn’t waste any time at the start. They just introduced the new characters and kept the ball rolling till the end. There were basically no unnecessary scenes. How is that even possible right? I thought surely there’d be some unnecessary scenes – maybe annoying Fushimi scenes or some Ashinaka Academy scenes – but there were none. If you want to know the plot, Skye is writing that so wait for her post.

k-yukari and kuroh

Beautiful Mishakuji Yukari and Yatogami Kuroh

Yukari. What can I say about this beauty? He was just AMAZING. Who knew that he’d be one of those narcissistic beauty boys? He reminded me of Yumichika from Bleach because of his slight(?) obsession with beauty. That beautiful hair though. Love it. Don’t you just love it when pretty boy characters can fight well? Yah, because I do. Mishakuji Yukari, you have my heart. Well, actually Mikoto does but maybe you can share hahahah.

Anna as the new Red King. I was hoping that it would be true and it was. And it was a hundred times better than I imagined. Anna, we are so proud of you. You deserve to be the new Red King. The warmth of your red. The warmth of Mikoto’s red. Your powers. All of it. You read that right. Anna is a girl – a child even – but she is NOT a queen. She is a KING. Girl power all the way.

Wow, when her sword appeared in the sky. Such a powerful moment. What I love about Anna is her determination to not be a burden to others just because she’s a kid. She wants to be able to protect the others the same way they protect her. Thinking back, her words ‘I want to protect everyone’ carry so much meaning behind them because I think she wanted to protect Mikoto but didn’t know how to.

I also love that they showed her insecurities about herself and about becoming the new Red King. She was shown to be a stony kid in the first season with not many emotions or reactions and I think people got the wrong idea about her but hopefully they’ll see in this show that she’s more human than that.

k-mikoto and munakata

Munakata Reisi confronts Suoh Mikoto in season 1

Munakata made fewer appearances than I thought but every scene that he was in made so much sense. Especially near the ending when the Scepter 4 members saluted Anna as a welcoming of the new Red King and Munakata stood at the end, just waiting. And when Anna went up to him… it was the most awkward yet moving scene.

Like, there’s Munakata – the man who killed Mikoto to stop Mikoto’s Sword of Damocles from falling and creating a huge crater; he didn’t want to kill Mikoto but he had no choice if he wanted to protect the city and its people; he saw Mikoto as a friend even though they had clashing personalities; he wanted to save Mikoto but couldn’t get through to him.

Then there’s Anna – she loved Mikoto so incredibly much but knew that he was reaching his limit and she also knew that Mikoto wanted Munakata to be the one to kill him and there she is, standing in front of the man who killed Mikoto. Her conflict is clear – while she cannot be grateful for Munakata killing Mikoto, she is also not angry at Munakata for fulfilling Mikoto’s wishes.

Complicated. But Anna handled it like a champ. I’m glad that the Red and Blue Clan are on friendly terms with each other now.


Clockwise from extreme right: Kusanagi Izumo, Yata Misaki, Kamamoto Rikio, Kushina Anna, Suoh Mikoto, Totsuka Tatara

I didn’t even think it was possible to bring in Mikoto and Totsuka without the story becoming ludicrous but Gora really blew me away with what they pulled off. It was just one of the rawest and most beautiful scenes in the show. I cried. I cannot even imagine a more appropriate scene in which Mikoto and Totsuka appear. They even had lines!!! And the scene just reflected the core of the Red Clan – the Red King, Mikoto; his serene and easygoing right-hand man, Totsuka, who balances his violent powers; and Anna, the princess that they love and care so much for.

Which is why I can say this: even though Mikoto and Totsuka had barely a few lines, it’s enough. It’s enough for me. I’m happy with how they left things with Mikoto and Totsuka. Wishful thinking though: it would be wonderful if somehow Mikoto and Totsuka could come back or maybe have more scenes in season 3 (maybe in Anna’s dreams again).

Kusanagi is also part of that core that I mentioned above but his purpose was shown in other scenes. He’s the wise and collected one – the one who reigns in Mikoto and Totsuka when they get out of hand. The other who has a steady head on his shoulders and doesn’t give in to whimsical desires or raging fits of anger (except where his bar is involved). I felt a bit sad for him after listening to the drama CD because HOMRA started out with the three of them (him, Mikoto and Totsuka) and now the only remaining founder is himself. How does he feel about that? His friends ‘abandoned’ him, you could say. Surely he must be hurting inside. But Kusanagi isn’t one to openly show his sadness and distress. I wish they showed some of his inner thoughts about Mikoto and Totsuka being gone.

I thought he closed the bar and left to go ‘find himself’ or something like that but yeah, we should have guessed that being Kusanagi, he would only want to move forwards and do what he had to do. He went to Germany! To Germany! What the heck? Haha, I thought that was a bit radical and independent of Kusanagi to go alone to dig up info about the Dresdan Slate. Ugh, Kusaji is the best. So cool and collected and charming. No wonder Seri likes him so much. ;] Can I ever get tired of listening to his Kyoto dialect?

Kamamoto as Anna’s protector brought heart-warming scenes. Haha, thin Kamamoto is not too bad. I thought I would hate him because honestly, roly poly Kamamoto is adorable so why change him into summer Kamamoto? His relationship with Yata was lovely as ever. About Yata – it was heartbreaking to listen to the drama CD in which Kusanagi announced that he was closing the bar and leaving on a trip, HOMRA was disbanding, Anna was going to stay with Kamamoto and Yata being angry at everyone for leaving. The way Yata expressed himself in the drama CD was emotional and quite the opposite of how Kusanagi reacted. Without Yata, I don’t think HOMRA would be the same. I’m glad they gave him a bigger role and made him go after Anna. Love Yata and his pride.


Yatogami Kuroh and Neko

Kuroh. was. great. Kuroh is the star of the show, I think. Well, actually, I can’t decide because everyone’s role was equally important. But Kuroh fighting Yukari was important. Kuroh facing the guy that he once looked up to as his ‘older brother’, Kuroh facing the student who dared to point his sword at Ichigen-sama, Kuroh standing up for his new king and his beliefs, Kuroh wielding Ichigen-sama’s sword (Kotowari), Kuroh with his long flowing black hair, KUROH JUST AHSAKLFHDSFJSDLGJD!!!!! Stop, I love you, Kuroh.

Neko was surprisingly pleasant to watch. I didn’t quite like her in the prequel but she has won me over after watching Missing Kings. She was hilarious and I actually enjoy her interactions with Kuroh. Also, her protectiveness towards Anna <3.

Sorry but I may be the only one who is glad that Fushimi got fewer lines. He wasn’t nearly as annoying as he was in the first season but I still prefer to see less of him.

Moving on to the Green Clan, did the Green Clan’s ninja, Douhan, look like Alex from Kuroko no Basuke or what?!! I didn’t think that Yukari would be in the Green Clan or that he’d be that villainous. I honestly thought he’d come fight Kuroh but eventually join forces with Kuroh (no idea what inspired that thought). Surprise, surprise. And the parrot was an interesting twist… I thought it was Yukari’s pet.

k-seiyuu cast

TsudaKen (in pink), Komatsu Mikako, Sato Satomi, Horie Yui (in red), FukuJun, Namikawa Daisuke (in white), OnoD, Sakupyon (in red), angela (consisting of Atsuko and Katsu)

The music was A class. I mean, just when you think nothing can top the first season’s OST, we are introduced to even more amazing music. All the piano scores and sweet tracks… Anna’s song = tears of joy. Angela’s new song Different Colors is as refreshing as we expected it to be. They need to continue being the official K band.

Where do I even begin with the voice acting? Like Skye said in her K review, the seiyuus are the voice and soul of the characters. Morita Masakazu as Mishakuji Yukari was PERFECT. Sakurai Takahiro as Kusanagi Izumo just gets better. As with Fukuyama Jun as Yata Misaki who seems to really embody Yata’s personality. I may or may not be crying right now. Even if I’m not, know that I’m crying inside. Horie Yui, I LOVE you! You are the perfect Anna.

Also, Ono Daisuke deserves a paragraph of his own for his amazing voice. He voices Yatogami Kuroh and holy mackerel, he is PERFECT. That voice. I love it. I want to meet him one day and tell him that he has a beautiful voice.

And obviously you know I love Tsuda Kenjirou. I’ll just name the rest of the case because they deserve the credit: Tomokazu Sugita as Munakata Reisi, Sawashiro Miyuki as Awashima Seri, Miyano Mamoru as Fushimi Saruhiko, Nakamura Yuuichi as Kamamoto Rikio, Komatsu Mikako as Neko, Namikawa Daisuke as Isana Yashiro, Kaji Yuki as Totsuka Tatara.

k-scenery bridge

This is the sketch of the bridge to the Ashinaka Academy in season 1. It is already so gorgeously detailed. Can you imagine what the second season’s art looks like?

The art… THE ART… Stunning. My favorite scenes were of Yata’s room in the bar (it was inside the bar, right?). Bar HOMRA just gets better. The animation is one of the BEST I’ve seen. So much attention to detail, so many shades and colors, so many subtleties that add to the beauty of the scenes. The characters’ movements and the action scenes were so fluid, you would not believe it.

I especially love the revamped look of the Swords of Damocles. If I told you that MOST of the scenery is inspired by real places, would you believe me? Honestly I was shocked when I saw that the buildings and streets and views are all real places or inspired by real places. Animated, the real places look amazing!! Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer.

Why I love K Project so much can be summarized into one phrase – character-driven story. I can’t even decide who my favorite character is because they are all connected in some ways and their unique bonds are what form the base of the story.

All in all, things added up. Things made sense. All the elements -characters, story, art, music – combined to create a masterpiece. Some unanswered questions were answered but new questions arose with this new movie so that can only lead me to wonder if season 3 is in the works. I mean, dammit there were so many hints of more to come – Yukari saying ‘we’ll meet again’ to Kuroh, the mysteriousness surrounding the Green King who did not appear in the show, Kusanagi’s findings from Germany, Shiro’s words at the ending, Munakata at the special cut scene after the credits with his mysterious ‘the burden of slaying a king… I’ll accept it’.

When I walked out of the cinema, I was brimming with emotions. So many waves of emotions that I didn’t think I could put into words but here they are… some of them, at least. I’m still supercharged with a myriad of emotions towards K: Missing Kings. Now I’m just waiting for people to upload all the gifs and songs so that I can swim in all the loveliness that is K Project.tumblr_mifi364CyZ1r4hwp4o1_500

I applaud you, Gora and GoHands. You have outdone yourself and reignited my undying love for K Project. K Project is one of the reasons why anime has become such a big part of my identity. Not even a bunch of screaming hooligans can ruin the joy of being one of the first few to watch K Missing Kings.

My rating of K Missing Kings: 10/10. My rating of K Project (which I stand corrected): 10/10.

Kizuna, once again.


A story about anime: Happy anniversary!

A long time ago, our evenings were taken over by two animes known as Ranma 1/2 and Saiyuki. Both stories were interesting and funny. We were reprimanded sometimes for shouting too much at the TV screen, but it was all fun, anyway. Not to mention, the animes put smiles on our faces.

Fast forward several years and animes still put smiles on our faces.

Last year, around this time, my sister and mom left for the US. For exactly one week, I sat around, surfing the ‘net, listening to soundtracks of games I played five years ago, doing my homework. It. was. lonely. Even though my grandaunt was staying with me, I felt like I was suddenly living alone and far, far away from my family.

Being one who stalked checked DeviantArt daily, I realized that a lot of my favorite artists were initially inspired by anime. At that time, I was inspired by video game art and concept art… but I was also falling into ‘art block’. Sort of. I didn’t know what to learn. I needed a solid source of inspiration so that I could improve.

And here’s how it all began: I opened a search engine, typed ‘anime list’, scrolled through the image section, randomly clicked a picture and looked at the table of animes. (Note: This did not take one try.) All the anime posters looked foreign and strange to me. I wasn’t sure how I would pick one to watch out of so many, but I did. Judge me all you want, but I went for what looked like the cutest drawing.

That was how Nogizaka Haruka and I met.

What a unique Japanese name this girl has! I thought as I watched the first episode. (I would later realize that Haruka is a common name – i.e Nanase Haruka, Yoshida Haru, Nanami Haruka.) The first episode grabbed a fistful of my shirt and pulled me straight into the crazily beautiful and insanely wonderful world of Japanese cartoons known as ANIME.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is an amazing story about a cute girl called Haruka who is a closet otaku (someone who is obsessed with anime/manga). This secret is found out by a nerdy boy named Ayase Yuuto. From then on, a friendship blooms, then perhaps, a romantic relationship!

I think the reason why I fell in love with this anime immediately was because I could totally relate to Haruka. I wasn’t an otaku back then, but I was a complete geek about video games. I was writing for a video game website and I knew every video game company in the industry. Also, I was drawn to what a complete sweetheart/hero/dream boyfriend Yuuto was.

I caught a brief glimpse of the Japanese voice acting world that would later on, like anime itself, pull me into the highly interesting world of seiyuus (voice actors/actresses). You know how some people have voices that somehow don’t suit their faces? I thought that Hatano Wataru’s (Yuuto’s seiyuu) voice suited his face. I also remember seeing Noto Mamiko (Haruka’s seiyuu) and thinking that she has a really sweet voice!

I also fell in love with my first few Japanese songs since Ranma 1/2’s amazing opening and ending themes. Even though I don’t love the first season’s OP, it made me feel excited and ready for some anime every time I played the next episode! Currently, I still love the last season’s OP, Happy End wa Himitsu, and I Sing by Hitomi Nabatame.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu has shared so many wonderful memories with me. No matter how bad the weather got, its anime arms would wrap around me and hold me through rain and shine. It made me smile when I was sad and put an even bigger smile on my face when I was happy. When I was taking (super long) breaks from studying, I would watch 3 episodes… daily. In short, it inspired me to slack, but the exam grades I received for that term were the best for that year (not even kidding).

If there were two words I could use to describe this anime, it’s freedom and love. I laughed a lot and cried a lot. I remember watching an episode where Yuuto helped Haruka sell her manga book at a convention, and thinking “This must be how love feels” as butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

Across the globe, Raine was bored without me. She frequently sent me mouthwatering pictures of Cold Stone ice cream and godly images of the freaking Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. She had to be totally bored out of her mind, right?! (Kidding!) But when she wasn’t going on such exciting adventures, she was bored. So I told her to watch the aforementioned anime.


Anime was what connected us on different sides of the world. I mean, my side of the conversation was all about eating the same old pork chop during the rare times I visited the mall and studying for exams (thank god for those exams actually because studying isn’t such a bad thing when you’re alone). Anime was our common ground, and it was pretty damn fun bonding over Japanese cartoons.

I also watched Asu no Yoichi!, a samurai anime which I thought was pretty sweet and hilarious until the story changed direction and became totally ridiculous. My favorite character (and first encounter with a ‘tsundere’) was Ikaruga Ayame. I would later on find out that her voice actress is Tomatsu Haruka, currently one of our favorite seiyuus.

There was also another anime I watched, but I forgot the title because I stopped watching after ten minutes. I believe Kamiya Hiroshi voiced the male character…? Anyway, it was about a guy who was climbing a bridge to get his pants or something, and suddenly he saw this beautiful but poor girl sitting by the edge, and they fell in love….?

I also watched Seto no Hanayome that week, but it was kinda slow paced so I gave up before the second episode. The rating is pretty high on MAL as I recently discovered. I might pick it up again because it’s about mermaids.

Whew, that’s a lot of shoujo ecchi love. But seriously, I didn’t even notice because I didn’t know anything about anime genres at that time.

When I first met my otaku friend T.J, he asked me excitedly, “Do you watch anime? How many anime have you watched?” and I was like, “Umm, two, hehe.” (See below for the sharp contrast in anime stats since then, lol.)

I’m really happy that anime/manga reentered our lives because it has taught us a lot of valuable lessons, introduced us to an endless list of whacky but highly interesting characters, inspired all kinds of art and stories, and also inspired us to learn Japanese. During the tough times, anime made us smile. And when anime made us cry, we discovered that stories don’t have to be about tragedy to be sad, but rather love and friendship can also bring about such a heavy emotion. I’m thinking about Natsume Yuujinchou as I write this, and if there is a confusion about what I just wrote, then I would just say that it’s a beautiful story. Beautiful is the word.

Let’s take a look at our current anime statistics:

And it won’t stop increasing as we prep for summer anime to roll in! Thanks for reading!


Spring anime: First impressions (Part 2)

It’s too soon for another anime post, right? We are definitely watching more than what we initially planned. This is a continuation of Part 1 of our first impressions of spring anime where we talked a little about Kamigami no Asobi, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky, Captain Earth and Haikyuu!!.

Here are some fresh and tasty anime we watched after that:

6. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

A pair of siblings enroll at a magic school where they meet other students among many conflicts. We’re not sure what the conflict is, but it’s something about first-class students and second-rate students. Our heroine, Miyuki, is considered to be a first-class student while her brother, Tatsuya, is second-rate. Thus, their social groups hate each other, but Miyuki is not sure what to do because she loves her protective brother. There’s also some school conflict that hasn’t been completely introduced. The pacing of the first episode was slow and unclear. A better explanation of the siblings’ strange actions towards each other would’ve been good. The only thing particularly interesting was the great animation of the fight between Tatsuya and his sensei. Since the episode was so vague, our guess on how the story will progress can only be as good as yours.

Additional commentary from Raine: Nakamura, aaaaaah! Yuuichi fan here!

7. Black Bullet

It reminds us greatly of Shingeki no Kyojin because of the opening song (what the hell, it sounds similar!), the fact that the citizens live behind this wall thingy and how the main protagonists, Rentaro and Kisara, are adoptive siblings. Set in an apocalyptic world where there is a wide-spreading disease known as Gastrea which turns people into giant insect beasts, Rentaro and his Initiator, Enju, are called to an apartment where its tenants have been infected. The strange appearance of a masked man complicates the situation. It also has some Psycho Pass feels (Enforcer-Inspector) to it with the Promoter-Initiator relationship between Rentaro and Enju. The concept and story looks interesting. Introducing the masked man brought enough mystery to keep us curious.

Additional commentary from Skye: Kaji Yuuki seems to have a knack for apocalyptic animes, doesn’t he? Not that’s bad at it! Love his voice acting! P.S this anime looks like Guilty Crown, another anime he lent his voice to.

8. Isshuukan Friends

Girl loses her memory of friends and good memories every Monday. Boy is determined to be her friend despite knowing that. It’s a very simple story. The animations are beautiful and the lineart is simple and clean. The pacing and conversation are a bit too slow for our liking. The character designs are very similar. Everyone has the same sleepy-eyed look. The story started out interesting, but the second half was boring. Also, Raine was very frustrated and distracted by the single strand of hair male protagonist Hase Yuuki has on the right side of his head. If you don’t mind a slow-paced slice-of-life anime, then watch this.

Additional commentary from Skye: I don’t know why, but I was very drawn to the poster. I kept looking at it as I was scrolling through the anime charts website. That made me decide that this anime was worth a shot.

Another anime we’re going to watch later on this week is Mekakucity Actors. The manga is called Kagerou Project, and I have been reading it at a snail’s pace. It’s supposed a branch story of Vocaloid (never played that, but I heard it’s incredibly popular around the world?). The character design was what caught my interest, but the choice of voice actors aren’t the best.

Thanks for reading! Tanoshinde ko ze! ~


Spring anime: First impressions

It’s raining wonderful anime! It’s weird without Kuroko no Baske on Saturdays, but at the rate these highly interesting animes are being released, it’ll only be a matter of weeks before K: Missing Kings releases. Okay, that’s unrelated. But here are our thoughts on the anime we have watched so far!:

1. Kamigami no Asobi

Yeah, we love this show already because the characters are designed by Yone Kazuki (her art is amazing) and the voice actors are our favorites! We’re also glad that the main character, Yui, doesn’t sound as annoying as other otome female protagonists. She actually sounds a little like Hanazawa Kana. If you hate bishounen shows with no solid plot, don’t watch this. If you like colorful-haired pretty boys, then watch this!

Additional commentary from Raine: Excellent. Continue watching. I love bishounen shows. I can’t wait to see Mori-mori’s character. At least the woman seems to be able to stand on her own feet.

2. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Shimazaki Nobunaga. That was all that took for us to immediately load the first episode. We didn’t know anything about the story or characters. I guess it was kinda good that we watched it without any expectations because it turned out to be funny and interesting. Fantasy + adventure = our favorite! The female protagonist, Nike, seems like our kind of heroine – witty and pretty and kind. We also like her voice. The setting is beautiful and rustic. If you liked Spice and Wolf, you’ll probably like this.

Additional commentary from Skye: I think I might read the manga. It looks so interesting. The drawing looks so pretty, too! I.. will… read… as soon as I’m done with 100+ more volumes of RuroKen.

3. Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky

Fukuyama Jun. Another voice actor to watch without hesitation. His character looks adorable. The heroine seems to be a little on the ‘Nanami Haruka’ side with her high-pitched voice and sensitivity. Ritsu seems like the controlling tsundere kind of character. Telling your brother and best friend to join your violin team because you want to dominate the world sounds somewhat incredibly demanding. If the storyline stays mediocre and boring, we might not continue to watch this, but since we’re only at the first episode, let’s be positive! I think this anime is similar to Uta no Prince-sama and other musical otome shows.

Additional commentary from Raine: Fukuyama Jun. Explodes with joy. ^_^

4. Captain Earth

Because Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya – literally the cutest voice actor/actress couple in the anime industry. We suspect that the characters were created just for them because Amara and Moco were asked if they were ‘an item’. Kyaaa, so cute! Haha, anyway, it reminds me a little of Star Ocean EX with all those spaceship control panels and technical terminologies. I’m not a huge fan of the mecha genre… but we will be watching the next episode to see what happens to Teppei and Daichi. If you like mecha/sci-fi/action anime, give Captain Earth a try! After all, it’s an original story by the creators of Star Driver!

5. Haikyuu!!

Three minutes into the show, I had this strong gut feeling that I wouldn’t like it all. But! It turned out to be funnier than we expected. Shoyo sure is a strange boy… and the way he flips two times after flying across the court to hit the volleyball. Super LOL moment! I have also decided that Kageyama Tobio is my favorite character because I have a thing for angry shonens. I didn’t really like how the first game was completely anti-climatic with choppy scenes inserted in between, but I loved the idea of putting Shoyo and Tobio on the same team. That secures some great camaraderie scenes in the future and those are my favorite kind of scenes. If you like sports anime, without doubt, you’ll love to see some teamwork and sports action in this anime!

Additional commentary from Raine: Chickpea (literally every anime character with dark blue hair fashioned into a bowl cut. Nickname inspired by Nova from Arcana Famiglia) – one , Shoyo – zero.

For more anime-related posts, go here. Tanoshinde ko ze! ~



Upcoming anime we’re excited about

Spring is finally here!

Noragami just ended and we have a review of it coming soon! The second season of Kuroko no Basuke also just ended a little disappointingly, but nevertheless its basketball-loving fans (a.k.a us) are excited for the next fight between Shuutoku (yeaaaah, Midorimacchi!) & Rakuzan (Akashiii!) and Kaijo (kyaaaaa, Kise!) & Seirin (yoshhh, Kagami~)!

Here are some spring / near-future / not-so-near future anime we’re looking forward to:

Black Bullet


Kamigami no Asobi

Donten ni Warau

Strange+ Season 2

Uta no Prince-sama Season 3 (2015)

UnconfirmedShingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Noragami Season 2, Kingdom Season 3, Kuroko no Basuke Season 3

Whew! That’s a lot of colorful bishounens. This is one of our most picture-heavy posts in a loooong time because anime just never seems fun without a picture. ^__^ As you would expect, most of these anime have our favorite voice actors in them and some of them are premiering this weekend, so yay~



That Kuroshitsuji Season 3 announcement

Kuroshitsuji in one sentence: In Victorian era London, Ciel Phantomhive, a young earl with a tragic past, and his demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, solve mysteries and crimes together while Ciel awaits the day he gets revenge on the people responsible for his parents’ murder.

I don’t know if anyone out there knows this, but the Circus Arc is a really big deal to Kuroshitsuji fans. The main reason would be because it is the first story arc among other arcs to tell Ciel’s dark backstory – how Ciel came to make the Faustian contract with Sebastian. And trust me, it is something readers don’t want to miss because it. is. AMAZING. No words can describe how wonderfully dark that part of the arc is. Among other incredibly valid reasons is, that it was the next potential story material for the anime. And guess what?! That came true today!

Not so long ago, the anime adaptation of Kuroshitsuji Season 3 was green-lit. (Needless to say, I was thrilled!) I didn’t watch Season 2 and I wasn’t sure what story they’d tell next, but I had high hopes. Anyway, I had no idea there was going to be an anime event this week; otherwise, I would’ve gone crazy excited! Anime Japan 2014 happened today… And this:

Beast, Joker, Ciel, Sebastian

Beast, Joker, Ciel, Sebastian

KYAAAAA! Like omgwhatisthisasdfghjkl!!

My immediate response was to think about Snake, one of my favorite characters from the story arc. Imagine him coming alive in animation!! That will be amazing to see, I’m sure of it! My second response was to wonder about his voice actor. It turns out that Terashima Takuma will voice him. I’m not a fan of his, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that the role ultimately went to him. I mean, WTH, imagine Ittoki Otoya’s high-pitched voice coming out from Snake’s mouth. I think Shimazaki Nobunaga’s voice would’ve suited Snake better because (for those who haven’t reached that arc or have not read the manga) Snake is a pretty taciturn/neutral person. He had a terrible childhood like the other circus performers and he speaks for his pet snakes (that are named after famous poets) by ending his sentences with “says (name of snake)”.

Miyano Mamoru as Joker… hmm, I’m quite excited to see that even though I’m not a fan of his. I can totally imagine Fushimi Saruhiko / Matsuoka Rin’s voice with Joker’s face. Hopefully he will not confuse his characters again by making Fushimi’s ‘tch’ for, like, every character he voices.

As for the other characters, I’ve never heard of the voice actors (except Nobuhiko, but I don’t mind him as Dagger since that guy is a side character anyways), but apparently the voice actress for Beast has an amazing voice. So other people say. Not sure what to say about the other characters since I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Let’s just say that readers will be conflicted: to love or to hate them?

Finally we get to the exciting part of Ciel and Sebastian!! Ono Daisuke and Sakamoto Maaya are returning to voice both of them. If you haven’t heard, OnoD’s voice was the reason why I took interest in Kuroshitsuji… among many other anime (lol). It makes many fan girls get nose bleeds. I also absolutely adore Sakamoto-san’s voice as Ciel! Yay, Mrs. Suzumura Kenichi! ^__^ Hopefully the producers will be able to perfect Ciel and Sebastian’s characters this time, not turn them into something else.

There's a dramatic and dark story behind image of Sebastian, covering Ciel's eyes, that will leave you breathless with anticipation!

There’s a dramatic and dark story behind image of Sebastian, covering Ciel’s eyes, that will leave you breathless with anticipation!

I’m also glad that Kuroshitsuji Season 3 will include Agni and Prince Soma because no matter how annoying they are, they’re really funny and like all characters Ciel encounters in the manga, they provoke a side of Ciel some people might be interested in seeing 😉 . There’s also the notorious Grell Sutcliff (voiced by the one and only Fukuyama Jun!) who will be returning with the other shinigami. I’m almost positive that the producers are going to force them into the story like they did in the anime, just because of how popular the characters are. Quite discouraging, actually, since the manga remained king of the hill even without them; not to mention, their presence had much more of an impact when they returned in later story arcs.

I can’t wait to see the trio of Phantomhive servants again: Bard, Finny (kyaaaaa, Kaji Yuuki!!), Mey Rin. They are frigging kickass in this story arc! Without giving any major spoilers away, I’ll just say that what I perceived them to be was a lie. What the servants of Phantomhive can be truly terrifying.

Oh! And as if that wasn’t enough to blow our minds, the fourth story arc of Kuroshitsuji, Phantomhive Manor Murder Case, will be adapted into an OVA. It’s my favorite story arc of the manga, mainly because of its brilliance and suspense which gave off Sherlock Holmes-like vibes.

Sebastian (in picture), Ciel, Finny, Mey Rin, Bard, Fred Abberline (Why?! He's not in the manga, feh), Tanaka

Sebastian (in picture), Ciel, Finny, Mey Rin, Bard, Fred Abberline (Why?! He’s not in the manga, feh), Tanaka

I believe this awesomeness will be coming out in July this year. !!!!! is all I can say. I highly recommend reading the manga before watching the anime because it is indescribably ingenious! Hence, that concludes the tale of how our list of anticipated 2014 anime list grew.


How to be an otaku: Part two

Alright! Remember when we taught you how to be an otaku last week? Now, that was just the first stage of otaku-ism in life. Just like there are a thousand different kinds of cheese in the world, there are different kinds of otakus. This second stage is how to be a music otaku! Read on for a higher possibility of gaining more worldly knowledge!

1. Watch a good anime
2. Determine which voice you like best
3. Find out who the voice actor/actress is
4. Watch all anime starring that voice actor
5. Listen to all music sung by that voice actor

If he or she is an anime voice actor, he or she is most definitely a singer as well. If he or she isn’t a singer, he or she will most probably have character songs out there in the internet world.

(Not sure what a good anime is?! It’s okay to ask Raine-senpai and Skye-senpai for recommendations!!)

*This post was also inspired by a true story.

Can’t get enough of the word ‘manga, ‘anime’ and ‘otaku’ on our fansite blog?! There’s more here, here and here and the anime/manga tag!

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