Me on the kiddies seesaw. Life has its ups and downs alright.

So much to get done. If you read my previous post, you know that I’m down in the dumps and in need of some serious cheering up (preferably in the form of a functional bathroom, a room with A/C on full-blast, gallons of ice water and a truckload of chocolate).

It’s also Thursday – or is it Friday – I need to reset my clocks and readjust to this time zone. I barely know what time it is nor what day or temperature it is. Anyway, it’s probably too late to get onto the Weekly Wishes train so I’ll just dump my goals (long-term and short-term) into this post and try to hold myself accountable to all this:

1. CLEAN. No, really. If I could bold this five times, I would.

2. Look up what is needed to get access to the public library. I haven’t been reading. Maybe that’s why my writing has sucked lately. I just miss reading so much.

3. Get a haircut. I have grown my hair out but in this crazy hot weather, at least a few inches needs to be lopped off.

4. Draw. It is so therapeutic, I tell you. It makes me wonder why I always procrastinate when it comes to drawing.

5. Learn something new. What’s your favorite thing to do? Tell me, I’d like to try learning something new. I’ve always been adventurous but my adventurous streak has faded over the last few years. I miss the old me.

6. Finalize school stuff.

7. Start posting again. I have so many pictures, so many stories, so many things in general to talk about but I just never really had the mood to blog while I was there.

8. Continue learning kanji. Again, our language progress has been stalled and that just really sucks.

9. Unpack my nail polish.

10. Calm down. Pray more. Hold it together. I would really just appreciate it if you could dump a load of motivational quotes into our comment box. Any bit of moral support is greatly appreciated.

In other aka happier news, I got an A for my Astronomy class. I am over the moon (pun freakin’ intended). I feel like I’ve learned so much from my Astronomy class. I regret not attending the stargazing night that was held early in the semester. Had I known that the only other stargazing night would be AFTER the semester ended, I would have gone. I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed those Astronomy classes until the end of the semester. It’s always been my dream to take an Astronomy class so you can say ‘dream come true’. 🙂

What have you been up to?


Weekly Wishes #29


Guess who’s back? Shady’s back. Just kidding. Uh, that was an Eminem reference if you didn’t get that.

I’m baaack. I feel like this is a great time to get back on the Weekly Wishes train. We took a break for 1 month because I felt like I wasn’t really going anywhere with the goals and I was just scrambling last minute to accomplish them for the sake of accomplishing them. But now I feel I’m ready to set goals and get crackin’.

Anyway, I scrolled back to the last two WW posts (one of which Skye did) and I think it’s a good idea to do a recap (is this even the right word?) of how we did and whether we ended up doing any of the things we listed:

1. Reconstruct our blog content/direction. Well, I did write about not conforming and reverting to our freestyle way of blogging.

2. Fitness. Drink more water. Weights. Not really though I should.

3. Be brave and confident. Hmm, I guess I’ve been a bit more gungho lately though I can’t think of any particular instances…

4. Draw. Haha, funnily enough, I have been drawing.

5. Go forth in our Japanese learning. Yeah, definitely. I feel like we’re going somewhere with this. We had a lapse somewhere in between when Skye had her finals but now we’re moving into the kanji zone. Oooh, scary. I’m definitely proud of how far we’ve come since we first dove into learning Japanese. I did not even think we would make it to kanji – gah, I should have more confidence in us.

6. Make notes and study. This was Skye’s goal a few weeks back. I bear witness to all the studying she did. My god is she a hard worker before finals.

7. Draw. I also bear witness to all her amazing drawings. Go, Skye!

8. Increase spiritual well-being. Yeah, I think we could have done better.

9. Join the event for dog lovers. Yes!!! We went for dog therapy and it was therapeutic. The dogs were all really tired and restless from visits to other places before coming to our school but it was still fun. I cannot believe how therapeutic petting a dog is. Stressed? You need to find yourself the closest dog to pet, preferably cute fat Labrador Retrievers though not necessarily ones with hockey player names as their names lol.

The Nectar CollectiveThis week’s goals:

1. Ace these finals. A couple more days to go. Tell me I’ve got this.

2. Get packing. Winter’s over. Time to shove all the heavy gear into corners where they can hide until the next winter.

3. Wear sunblock. It’s spring. The sun is out. I’ll be wearing a cap and toting an umbrella and hopping from shade to shade. What’s that? Picnic at the park on Saturday afternoon when the sun is blazing outside? No, thank you. Enjoy though. I’ll just be here… hiding in the bunker. #asiantothemax That’s just me throwing myself into the Asian category in terms of using an umbrella on sunny days.

4. Show you what Nando’s is all about. I feel like Nando’s is so underrated?? Every time we go in, we’re usually the only ones there. Sometimes there’ll be a couple or two families but that’s about it. Nando’s must live on. It’s so good. Go now. I insist. Okay, wait for my post with pictures. You will be convinced.

5. Review the crap out of these animes that we’ve been watching. I don’t even care who laughs or sneers at our otaku level anymore. These shows are suuuuuuhhhhh good and you’re missing out. We’ve since finished so many shows but I haven’t had the motivation to review most of them. Also I read a few anime review blogs and have since felt stupidly inferior though why the hell should I be? My writing style may be different but it’s still kickass. More like I’m too emotional and half the time I write what I think. But who ever said that reviews need to be general and formal?

Linking up with Melyssa.

Wow, for someone who has finals, I sure am motivated to write this post. Okay, I will leave now and crawl into my pile of books. Have a wonderful Monday and celebrate the fact that you will not be sitting for a paper of which you have NO clue what you will be tested on.


Weekly Wishes #28


Hello there!

With a spyglass in my hand, I look forward at the week ahead and my, it looks to be a busy week.

This week’s goals:

1. Make notes and study. The end of the semester is coming soon and my stack of assignments are growing. The best thing to do is to get organized to reduce the stress!

2. Draw. My confidence in drawing has wavered a little, so I need to get back on track and draw like I’ve never been before. By that I mean, avoiding drawing the same old thing every day.

3. Increase spiritual well-being. As my teacher would put it about all that well-being stuff. I feel like I’ve been losing touch with my religious side for some weird reason. You know the sentence “May the force be with you” from Star Wars? I haven’t been feeling that ‘force’, so I will make an effort to get that strength back in check.

4. Join the event for dog lovers. Apparently there are going to be puppies and dogs at school this week, so Raine and I are gonna try our best to push aside all homework make time to meet some puppies.

That’s all for this week. I hope you and I will be successful in achieving goals! Have an amazing week filled with positivity!

P.S. Can’t wait for the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji because it is seriously fantastic.


No Weekly Wishes this week

So much going on yet so few decisions made. So many thoughts yet so little said. So many feelings yet so little expressed.

I’ll probably take a break from blogging here and blog less frequently. A part of me wants to tell you everything; another part of me doesn’t know how to. It’s a strange feeling, sitting so precariously on the fence, hesitating. How cryptic. I know. But would saying it out loud here help..?

Nevertheless here’s to you and a great week ahead.



Weekly Wishes #27


Hi everyone. It’s Monday again and we’re in March already!

Sunset on an island aka our favorite local holiday destination haha. Anyway I don’t really have much to say here so we’ll just move on…

These were February’s goals:

1. Finish learning the Katakana characters. ONE.MORE.LETTER. I can freaking read Hiragana sentences and some Katakana ones. BRB crying with joy because I’m this much closer to being a legit Japanese. 2. Keep up with all my readings/procrastinate less/do all my homework. You decide. 3. Fitness. Maintain portion control (sort of), drink more water, get new running shoes, join the gym. 4. Keep drawing. I try to draw whenever I have time to but this month has been crazy.

5. Answer more questions in class. Ahh… no for me but yes for Skye. She does this better than me.  6. Have a birthday bash! And find a worthy gift. We did have a bash though by bash I really just mean an amazing dinner and a delicious cake with just the few of us. Shit here is expensive so I have the birthday present is now on an IOU basis haha. 7. Maybe start writing in a diary again. No. I really had no time for much this month. 8. Do the blog thing. I think I did well.

And last week my goals were:

1. Finish my paper. Oy, I’m done! I finished TWO papers and the online discussion thingamajig. Now celebrate with me!

2. Poke around the school library for fiction section. Apparently uni libraries do NOT have fiction. Haha a friend of mine in Australia told me her uni doesn’t have fiction either. What is wrong with these schools??

3. Really try to connect with old school friends even if it means logging into Fb. Oh why yes I did. I finally logged in fb and sent a few old classmates some hellos. They were responsive and even though the conversations haven’t gotten really far I feel accomplished.

4. Say hello and thank you more. I believe I did very well here.

5. Buy watercolor. Uh, yeah, no. The dollar store carries some really bad watercolor haha. I’ll have to figure this one out.

The Nectar Collective

This month’s goals:

1. Reconstruct our blog content/direction. I know, I know. Everyone’s always saying, oh your blog needs a direction but I’ve always felt like we just like going with the flow. But it seems like people are all about blog directions so I figure it’s time ours goes along some path too. Our path. Things have been changing around here and I feel like the change should take our blog some other way as well. I have so much to say but I don’t know where to start.

2. Fitness. Drink more water. Weights. Maybe one day soon I’ll write about my weight loss journey. I don’t have an ideal weight since I don’t do numbers but I do know that I’d like to drop at least one more jeans size.

3. Be brave and confident. I feel like this says a lot. I need to be less afraid of asking for help and offering my opinion and making mistakes. I need to remind myself that it’s okay to stumble and sometimes fall. What’s important is picking myself back up and not letting things get to me and trying to work my way around whatever is in the way.

4. Draw.

5. Go forth in our Japanese learning.

That’s all for this month. I can’t think of other stuff to add so if I have other goals later on, I’ll just include that in the wrap-up. What goals do you have for the month? Link up with Melyssa.

In terms of weekly wishes, I’m going with the flow this week since I feel like I need a week to get back on track.

I hope you have a wonderful week and kick butt at work/school/whatever. Also, a new chapter of K: Days of Blue came out yesterday and it was one of the best things I read last week.

P.S: Do you think it’s possible to learn two languages at one go?


Weekly Wishes #26


Hello friendsss! How was your weekend? Ours was filled with snow!! Which was really exciting!! I have a post coming up about that.

Last week’s goals were to:

1. Study hard and finish assignments. This I think I did moderately well. I studied for my midterms but I have yet to finish that annoying paper.

2. Organize our table. Ah, no.

3. Secret goal. This secret goal was surprisingly accomplished… through the motivation of something that happened last week.

4. Start cooking up fashion posts again. Check! You can check out my fashion post here.

The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals are to:

1. Finish my paper. Dare I add, like a boss? Research on this paper has been difficult…

2. Poke around the school library for fiction section. Hopefully we’ll find books.

3. Really try to connect with old school friends even if it means logging into Fb.

4. Say hello and thank you more. This is Skye’s wish which I think is great since jaded people are jaded and we shouldn’t let their behavior influence us.

5. Buy watercolor. This is a tentative goal. Ever since my art course one semester in college, I’ve been dreaming of painting again. I think I’ve seen watercolor at the dollar store which would be perfect since I don’t think I would go all out and buy expensive paint before even being sure that I’ll paint like a boss. Not that I can afford paint at places like Michael’s… -.-

And that’s it for the week! Hope you have a lovely week. Linking up with Melyssa as always. 😀


Weekly Wishes #25


Hey everyone. How was your Valentine’s Day? We had fish and chips for lunch, sushi for dinner then slacked at home. Yay, love! How is your Monday going so far?

No nature pictures today even though I have a ton in my folder. I’m missing home a bit today so I went through last year’s pics and found this. This picture was taken just a day before we left – we miraculously found some time between all the packing and last-minute errands to walk our pup – and I would be lying if I said seeing this picture didn’t make me feel even more homesick. That’s me in flip flops and Skye in sneakers.

Anyway, small update on the weather because that’s all I ever talk about these days. Life is so interesting. The wind was supposed to be going at 100km/h last weekend but we walked to the sushi place nearby and back without so much of a sprinkle of rain or being lifted off the ground so I’m not sure what they meant by 100km/h…

Then it rained yesterday… and is still raining. Yay?

So these are last week’s goals and how I did:

1. Finally wash my new sweater. Yup. Did it. Looking forward to wearing it this week.

2. Finishing this Valentine’s Day nail design. Nailed it. Pun intended. I’m funny. Wanna see what I did?


And because I’m trying to be shameless build my self-esteem, I would love if you clicked on over to my nail blog to check out the whole design. 😀

3. Finish my paper and assignment and readings. Check! Realized that the next paper is due in 3 weeks so I’m just kicking back and relaxing. Haha. As for my assignment, it was due on Friday but I logged in on Thursday thinking I would just do a couple of questions to make myself feel better and I ended up finishing the whole thing. Woooot!

4. Connect with some friends. You’re waiting to hear me say, HOORAY I did it, we chatted all night long and bonded over new stories about life lately! Sorry not sorry, I didn’t. It just feels SO good not to be on Fb, y’know? Maybe you don’t. But it is. I haven’t logged into Fb for months and I think it’s a good thing. Is there anyone NOT on Fb?!

The Nectar Collective

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Study hard and finish assignments. As always.

2. Organize our table. Stuff fell so you can probably tell that stuff needs to be rearranged.

3. Secret goal. Haha. Vaguest goal ever? I can’t say what it is right now but maybe later?

4. Start cooking up fashion posts again. Ahhhh, remember at one point I wanted to be a shoe designer? Maybe not since I don’t think I mentioned it here. Well, I still love fashion and I kinda miss doing outfit posts (that aren’t mine haha!). I used ‘cooking up’ because I just fried an egg and I’m feeling like an Egg Yoda.

Okay! That’s that. Easy enough for the week? I think not! Remember to link up with Melyssa if you’ve got some goals for the week.


Also, I think we’ve been posting pretty badass stuff lately. You may agree to disagree. Anyway, here they are –

The week before last I posted my review of Psycho Pass and I’m kinda proud of it. It was an excellent show. Come on, where my otakus at, y’all? Okay, then Skye posted her weekly art series and you should read it because there’s a cute surprise at the end of the post. Then there was my awkward encounter with my TA that ended with the lamest, shortest conversation ever. Read it to feel better about yourself haha.

Last week I wrote about the cool finds at the Asian supermarket because really, where else can you find rows and rows of chili sauce?! Then I posted about the (ever-increasing) anime in our life which, if you must know, are mostly awesome and you should definitely watch our recommended picks. Then there was blog lovin’ where I listed a few of my favorite blogs.

And so, there will be more. Soon. This week. If I stop playing this MMORPG (correct term, yes?) and get to work. Have a fabulous Monday~

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