Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to the one and only queen of our heart!! Every cheesy thing has been said but we want to say it anyway: You mean the world to us, we’re always here for you, and we love you sosososososo much!!

We’d like to dedicate this song to you:

English translation:

(Thank you) I can’t express with words
(Thank you) I’m here because of you
You always embraced my young and immature self

(Love you) Words I couldn’t tell you
(I love you) I’m finally telling you now
Now I know your heart and how you always believed in me

And I know, Yes I know, you always look to me
And I know, Yes I know, even if the world turns away

Love you mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
I endlessly shed tears when I think about you
Love you Mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
Now I’ll be your strength and return that bright smile

And you know, You know,
You know, I love you, I thank you

(Thank you) Wherever you go, don’t be small
(Thank you) Because I’m standing right behind you
Even if your back is hurting or your eyes grow dim

(Love you) Words I’m so bad at saying
(I love you) Finally, I’m saying them
You’re the prettiest in the world, I’ll place you in my eyes

Look at me, don’t rush anymore
Lay down your heart, it’s alright now, slow down
Because of your endless love, your unchanging love
I am here today

Thank you Mother, I love you

And obviously if your mom is already on her way to becoming a Korean karaoke champion, here are the romanized Korean lyrics:

Thank you
Mallo pyohyeonhal sun eopseoyo
Thank you
Geudae ttaemune na yeogi isseoyo
Hangsang gamssajusin naui eorigo
Cheoleopsneun nae moseup

Love you
Haji mot haessdeon geu mal
I love you
Ijeseoya na yaegihaeyo
Hangsang mideojusin geudaeui maeum
Da ije algesseoyo

And I know yet I know
Eonjena nareul barabojyo
And I know yet I know
Sesangi nareul deungjyeodo

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Hayeomeopsi nunmulman heulleoyo
Geudaeman saenggakhamyeon nan

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Ijen naega geudae himi doeeo
Geu hwanhan miso dollyeojulgeyo

And you know you know
You know I love you da gamsahaeyo

Thank you
Eodil gado jagajiji mayo
Thank you
Geudae dwie na yeogi seo isseoyo
Gubeojineun dwismoseube
Heurishan nuni goerophyeodo

Love you
Oh pyohyeoni seotun geu mal
I love you
Ijeseoya na bulleobwayo
Sesang gajang yeppeun geudael
Nae nune geudael dameulgeyo

And I know yet I know
Eonjena nareul barabojyo
And I know yet I know
Sesangi nareul deungjyeodo

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Hayeomeopsi nunmulman heulleoyo
Geudaeman saenggakhamyeon nan

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Ijen naega geudae himi doeeo
Geu hwanhan miso dollyeojulgeyo

Nareul bwayo ijeneun seodureuji mayo
Maeumeul nohayo
Ijen gwaenchanhayo slow down
Kkeuteopsneun geudae sarang
Byeonhameopsneun geu sarang ttaemune
Jigeumui naega issjyo

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Hayeomeopsi nunmulman heulleoyo
Geudaeman saenggakhamyeon nan

Love you mother saranghaeyo
Like no other da gamsahaeyo
Ijen naega geudae himi doeeo
Geu hwanhan miso dollyeojulgeyo

And you know you know
You know I love you
Thank you mother saranghaeyo


The two who think you’re the best singer in the world.


Looking back on 1 year of studying abroad in the US


It’s been a whirlwind of a year. Part of me feels that way but another part of me says, hey, it was kind of relaxed after the first few months. It’s probably a bit of both because you take the slow days with the crazy days.

Well, it’s been a year and I feel like there are things – big and small – I have learned over the year that I’d like to blog about so here it is. In no particular order, after studying in the US for the past year, I have learned:

To dance in public. I used to think that dancing in public was kind of embarrassing especially when my mom and brother did it. My mom and brother studied in the US and came back with this funky, shall we say, quality. In the US, people dance and they dance freely. Everyone’s got moves. Now I dance. I’ve been told that I’m a poor dancer and I kind of think that I am but that hasn’t stopped me. I do think I’m better than Taylor Swift so there.

My sister and I attended a craft fair early this year which I blogged about and there were concerts every afternoon. I still can’t believe we sat on the bleachers, stuffing our faces with fries, and singing along and bobbing our heads to the music. To dance in public is to know how to let your hair loose, I say.

To ask ‘how are you’. Pleasantries are never exchanged back home with store clerks or people you bump into. Here, people ask how you are every. single. time you meet.

It’s automatic to answer with ‘Good, and you?’ now. Sometimes it’s automatic to answer ‘Good’ before you even manage to think, hmm, I’m not doing so good. In Vancouver, sometimes I felt that people ask you how you are for the sake of asking, not so much because they care. Here, I get the feeling that some people actually care about how your day is going and it’s nice.

To hug. Hello hugs, goodbye hugs, all kinds of hugs here. I’m not much of a hugger but I’m getting the hang of it. At least I’m not awkwardly putting someone’s eye out when I reach around them to return the hug.

To be (more) on time. Try attending a wedding dinner back home. If it says it starts at 7pm and you’re the kind who eats dinner before 7pm, please have a Double Double from In n Out before arriving because dinner will start at 8:30pm (hopefully not 9). My parents are the timely type even though the norm back home is to say you’re almost arriving when you’ve just barely put on your shoes. I have gone to wedding dinners at 6:30pm because my dad likes to be early. I have stood in high heels for over an hour at the reception just waiting. I recommend wearing flats and bringing your own chair.

Here, people are timely. Well, probably not as much as the Germans whom I have heard take their timing very seriously but still timely enough. Which is good because who the hell wants to wait for someone who says they’re going to meet you for lunch at 12.30pm but just woke up at 12.30pm?

To be cleaner. Have you seen how proper they are about cooking meat here?! Because there are plastic bags in Costco that have a thermometer printed on them to tell you the proper temperature you’re supposed to cook and store chicken/pork/beef at.

My sister and I now get so fussy about thawing meat and cooling food. T_T I can’t say this is a good thing.

To be dirtier. Yeah, you read that right. The Americans who use soap to wash their hands then the dryer to dry their hands in the bathroom are also the ones who dump their backpacks onto the bathroom floor and put their food on the floor. Other examples: throwing their clothes onto the floor then picking it up later and wearing it; lying face down on the sofa which they know people have placed their feet on. I don’t really get it. @_@

But I’ve somehow become dirtier in less extreme ways. I always put my backpack on the floor now which is something I hardly ever did before this. It just feels so yucky to put your bag on the floor where people’s shoes have tread all over (especially from the bathroom) and I would rather put my bag on the chair but with those chair-and-foldable-desk thingys, it’s impossible so on the floor my bag goes. It feels normal now to do this.

Sometimes you can catch me dumping my jacket onto the table or draping it onto the back of the chair with the sleeves hanging dangerously close to the floor which is something I also never used to do. I even put my umbrella on the floor now omg. Who am I?

To embrace my Asian roots more. More than I’ve ever embraced it, I will admit. I grew up in a half-Westernized, half-Asian household but always liked to think of myself as more Western.

My family doesn’t do many things that Asians do but at the same time, we do do Asian things. It’s complicated. I won’t lie to you: Asians do some seriously strange things but we also do some seriously amazing things too. Well, every culture and ethnicity has its pros and cons. Reminder for those who still think that Asians = Chinese. No, Asians = Asians. You can look up a list of Asian countries.

After coming here, I oddly feel protective and, dare I say, proud of being an Asian. It’s weird to be typing that out. I guess you don’t know how to appreciate your own culture until you’re surrounded by a different one.

How has our assimilation into American life going so far? Well, there are things that we have embraced and other things that we can’t because we didn’t grow up here and the differences between us and them are distinct. I like to think that we have become richer culture-wise. Getting to live in a different culture and learning new things, it’s really fascinating.

Of course we do get looks and strangely ignorant comments now and then and sometimes it can really get to you but racism is everywhere. It just depends on how big or small the scale is.

That it’s okay to be wrong. I haven’t enjoyed being in school more. Back home, if you answer a question wrong in class, you’ll likely either be criticized for not knowing the right answer or be punished for giving the wrong answer. Why yes, being punished for not knowing the right answer… because apparently everyone needs to be Einstein in school and school is NOT the place to make mistakes and learn from them. In elementary school and high school, more often than not, a teacher would make the whole class stand up and you would only get to sit down if you answered correctly.

Maybe that’s why a lot of us come out of the system being scared of being wrong. If you answer incorrectly, you get shot down/mocked/punished in front of the whole class. The teacher will not hesitate to make you feel stupid. Imagine what that does to a person’s self-confidence, motivation and interest.

In college here, there is nothing wrong with giving the wrong answer. You tried your best, you got the wrong answer, it’s okay. Professors will tell you ‘good try’ or ‘not quite’ or something that isn’t mocking or nasty. You’re encouraged to make mistakes in order to learn. I’m not saying all professors are like that because you will meet some mean ones but for the most part, your self-confidence and motivation are not stomped on until they are unrecognizable.

You can actually go to office hours!!! And it feels good to go to your professor for help and actually get help and understand the subject better and get an A in the class that you thought you wouldn’t be able to ace. -tears of joy-

To be more honest. What I mean by this is being upfront about your financial situation. Here, it’s okay to admit that you can’t afford something.

Like the other day when we potentially needed a ride back from another city, I asked a friend who lives in that city whether it was okay to drive us 45 minutes back home. The honest answer was sure, but could we handle the gas expenses? That’s totally okay by me especially if someone is upfront about it. I understand because we’re students, we’re already forking out enough money for tuition and living expenses, and a 45-minute drive isn’t short. I wouldn’t like it if the someone agreed begrudgingly and expected us to pay for gas without telling us in advance.

How different and refreshing than the norm back home which is to never admit that you’re not well-off. Why? Because people will run. People are so shallow and superficial that they need to surround themselves with ‘rich’ people. I mentioned something similar in this post. It’s so stupid.

To be more self-conscious. I’m more self-conscious about things like my accent which is funny since I didn’t think I’d worry about it.

To be less self-conscious. I’m less self-conscious about the way I look. Another day back home is another day of being judged for how you look. In the US, I can wear a lot more things and not be stared at. That is saying something since I am a semi-conservative dresser and don’t see why women should be stared at for wearing something as simple as yoga capris. ???

To be bigger, braver, better. Living on your own in a foreign country takes some guts and getting used to. It’s strange and scary to be so far away from home and having to do things like getting used to a new culture or buying a car or apartment-hunting in the middle of a semester.

I’ve found more pieces of myself that I like. There were ups and downs, for sure, but at the end of this first year, I’m here, feeling like I’ve learned and grown a lot.

I still have so many stories about my college life in the US to tell but as usual, I’ve been sitting on this post for so long that it really should be published. Any longer and it won’t even leave this draft box haha!

Thanks for reading! <3

Have you studied abroad? Did you like it? What did you learn from your time spent in another country? Anything that struck you as weird or true or funny in my jumbled list?


Happy National Puppy Day!


Today is National Puppy Day. Here is to the most beautiful, most intelligent, most wonderful pup (he’s 6 but it never seems that way with the dogs we love, don’t you think?). You have our hearts.

And to all the other amazing dogs out there, you brighten someone’s day and stay adorable.


Our different writing styles

Hey guys! Today’s blog topic was inspired by Skye’s review of Psycho Pass. After I read it, I was blown away and also I felt like I’d been socked in the gut by overwhelming inferiority… nothing new here – I always feel like that after reading Skye’s posts.  Why? Well, by now, you should be able to tell that Skye and I have different writing styles.

If it’s one of the many things and people I’m proud of, it has to be Skye. She is amazing. And I’d also be lying if I didn’t say I’m not envious of her. I mean, wtf is up with that writing style? She’s so detailed and methodical and precise, you know? After reading her stuff, I always wonder if I’ll ever be able to write like that.

In my head I have SO many things to say but when I try to write them out, I usually end up with a big chunk of disorganized thoughts and opinions and sometimes I can’t even put my thoughts into words. I like stating my opinion on things and throwing in ‘haha’s and emoticons (where would I be without emoticons?) and just being casual and simple. And then there’s Skye… who manages to put my thoughts into words in such a beautifully descriptive way.

But then Skye tells me that she likes my writing style and I’m like… why lulz? She says that I write out stuff better and that she’s too technical which is why I can describe things more accurately. According to her, I write in a more relatable and natural manner. ???!!!

It’s true though. I’m so not technical which is probably why I think I suck at writing papers because I’m sure people like seeing big technical words and long, complex sentences. I think it comes with being an INFP who likes to de-jargonize stuff. Sometimes I think, oh wouldn’t it be nice to throw big words and complex sentences into my writing? Then I usually always end up putting things simply.

Well, that’s not really the point of this post – to argue who has the best writing style. What I’m trying to say in this post is, this is why we’re so awesome. I just find it so cool that both of us have different writing styles and that we can describe each other’s thoughts through our writing styles.

Does your writing style differ from your siblings’ or someone you look up to? How would you describe your writing style?


Countdown to K: 1 day

Who are Rikio and Anna running away from? Where did Kusanagi leave to (watch the K Missing Kings radio drama CD before watching the movie; highly recommended!)? Where did Yata run to angrily after the HOMRA bar was closed down? Where did Shiro disappear to? How is the Silver Clansman (?) and Kuroh’s senpai, Mishakuji Yukari involved in all of this? Is Anna the new leader of the Red Clan? Will Mikoto and Totsuka be returning?

So many questions and ambiguous clues left since the movie was announced last year… but how will they be answered when the movie finally premieres this Saturday?!

I wish you saw the face of the guy who sold us the tickets. He looked totally bored and all “feh, here’s another bunch of these Japanese cartoon-loving kids”. Or maybe we were just really self-conscious about ourselves!

After buying the tickets, a million questions ran through my mind. I felt like a true teenager again, like I was falling in love with Simple Plan all over again (lol). Or that time, when we bought the tickets to the Backstreet Boys’ concert that would commence one week before our exams, haha.

Anyway, some of the thoughts that popped up in my head went along the lines of:

  • What should I wear?
  • Should I buy an anime shirt or something?
  • Would it be alright to wear my old t-shirt?
  • Would jeans be okay? Or shorts cooler?
  • Should I tie my hair or not?
  • How do I show my otaku love?
  • Will people wear shirts with Mikoto’s face on it?!
  • Who will sit beside me?
  • Will I hear people in the cinema whispering about voice actors?
  • Will I laugh if I hear someone talking about Miyano Mamoru (voice of Fushimi)? (lol)
  • Should I take some pictures with potential cosplayers that will go?
  • Should we buy popcorn or bring our own snacks?
  • Will there be advertisements?
  • What time should we go?
  • Will my mom be embarrassed if we try to pose with the poster?

Basically the kind of questions one would ask after getting asked out on his or her first date. ^_^ As you can see, some of the questions are highly ridiculous. I decided that I’m going to invest in some anime/manga t-shirts when I head to the States since shipping there would save my mom’s wallet from tears. If you don’t live in Asia, you wouldn’t understand, lol.

The tickets were a little pricey and I did feel a little jab in the oh-my-god-why-is-everything-so-expensive part of me, but I think the experience of watching anime in a cinema is worth it as long as we have strong undying love and passion great interest. It’s not like we’re going for the hype or anything. We’re watching K because we love K and because anime isn’t just a phase. It’s an investment. No pun intended! ?(^?^)-?

K Missing Kings things I’m excited for: Hearing angela’s Different Colors (!!! aaah!!), seeing Mikoto and Totsuka, seeing/hearing Yukari (aaaah Morita Masakazu aaaaaah!), introduction of the Green King, the new background music, the opening scene (opening scenes are very important… and my favorite part of watching a movie/playing a video game)

Things I’m not excited for: crying (don’t be fooled, this anime can be a tearjerker if it wants to!! We were given free tissue… for crying, I think?)

To all people who are watching K Missing Kings in other parts of the world, enjoy! Let’s all hope it won’t let us down!! And hopefully there will be a season 3!!


June in Review

Hey friends. I know we’ve been missing a lot these few weeks. June has been a weird month for us.


1. We lost our grandfather this month. He was easily one of the most carefree people I’ll ever know. It’s funny how I’ve been remembering the tiniest details about him ever since. Sometimes I just find it so hard to believe that he’s gone. We weren’t super close or anything but he was still a prominent figure while I was growing up.

He drove us to and from school for a few years and my, were those days quite the adventure. His driving was reckless and his cussing quite sailor-like but he would tell us, your grandfather has been driving for over 40 years, so trust me. I don’t think I ever once felt unsafe in his car, haha. Sometimes he would forget to close the trunk and it would slam shut when he hit a pothole and I would worry that our bags had flown out onto the road. Then I would think, haha wouldn’t it be great to go to school and tell the teacher that I can’t hand in my homework because my bag flew out the trunk?

Every day in my first and second grade, he would wait outside my class to help me carry my bag down the stairs (no idea why my bag was so heavy) and my friends would be jealous of me. Oh, then more than once he went to confront the kids who bullied me in school. Once, after school, there were these two boys who pushed me. I fell and scraped my knee on the road. It bled. I probably cried. When I reached my grandpa’s car, he was shocked to find my knee bleeding and demanded to know who had pushed me. He went to confront the two boys and gave them a scolding then he took me to wash my knee. Yeah, I felt pretty badass after that. Like, y’all I have a bodyguard.

Then there were the days when we used to go over to his house every single weekend. Thinking back, it was fun. We would just sit around while the adults chatted but it was still fun. Then recently in the last few years, he would go to the mall every.single.day. either by himself or with a bunch of good friends. And they would just walk around or find a place to sit and chat for a couple of hours. And he was there so often that the staff began to treat him like their best friend.

So we would often run into him at the mall and we’d chat for a bit. Haha, yeah, the mall is kind of like our second home. A couple of times while I was out with friends, I bumped into him and I would call out to him. I would tell my friends later on, my grandpa hangs out around here a lot and he’s friends with the staff all while feeling some kind of swell of pride lol. I guess maybe that’s the kid in me. Well, those are just some of the good memories I have of my grandfather.

Now when we drive past the places he used to hang out at really often, I still have to stop myself and think, oh, he’s gone. And then I don’t know whether to feel sad or not. It’s such a weird feeling. While I want to feel sad because he’s no longer a drive or phone call away, I’m also glad he’s not in pain anymore. Haha while I’m writing this I’m sobbing and trying not to let my sister see me crying.

Okay I’m a big sobbing mess and I seem to have forgotten what else I meant to say…

I guess I meant to say, I wish all of you could have known my grandfather. He was pretty awesome all the way.

2. My phone died. If you’re wondering, it’s a Nexus 5. Before this I rarely ever updated my phone or the apps. Well, at least until the app expired and forced me to update it. Other than that, I’m usually always wary of updates that supposedly ‘fix bugs’ but sometimes cause even more problems. But somehow this time when I saw a system update, I thought, what the heck I’ll just update it. Yup, wrong move. It was fine after the system update… for 5-6 hours then while I was playing Fruit Ninja, the screen went blank and it hasn’t been able to revive since then. You may now say EFFFFFFFFFFF!

I would send it in for repair but yeah, I have my reasons not to at the moment. We’ll see if I somehow manage to get it to revive again. I’m sad for the data in my phone. All my lovely useful apps and photos that I didn’t manage to upload recently D: Oh well. Moral of the story: DON’T UPDATE YO PHONES. Also, don’t get a Nexus 5 unless you have the patience/strength/ability to pry the fricking back lid off. I broke a nail trying to pry it open so yeah. The design is so stupid omg.

P.S: This also means that my Instagram account is pretty much frozen for now since I don’t have a phone.

3. Oh yeah. Work. Work sucks. I have posts about work coming. Stay tuned.

4. I’ve been having lunch with a high school friend these few weeks since her university is near my work place. It’s been pretty fun. The number of uni friends I managed to make in Vancouver came to a grand total of zero (lol amazing right) so my social life was pretty much nil. And no wonder I began to feel depressed. So it’s been nice to have lunch with friends. We talked quite a bit over chicken rice, pasta and more pasta.

5. I also somehow managed to strike up a conversation with another high school classmate and after talking to him, remembered how nice he was to me in school and how nice it is to just have a conversation with a friend. Dunno about you but having guy friends after elementary school isn’t exactly easy here because if your ‘friends’ happen to see you chatting with the same guy for an ‘unusually long time’ or multiple times, they’re likely to accuse both of you of liking each other. ??? Okay. It took me a while to catch on to this but when I figured it out, I thought it was stupid. Like, why would you accuse someone of ‘dating’ just because two people happen to have similar interests and talk on more than one occasion? How is it dating???

But anyway, yeah, this guy friend is the okay sort. Our conversation wasn’t awkward or anything which was actually really nice. Here’s the thing though. Me, being lovely awkward me, was scrolling through the Fb emoticon list and accidentally clicked on the cat emoticon with the pink heart twirling above its head. O-M-G, MORTIFYING. Yes, so me. A part of me wondered if he would freak out even after I apologized and explained that it was an honest mistake. But he just laughed it off and sent me a huge smiley. Haha, yeah. ==

6. Anime wise, we’re slow on catching up with the shows that we’ve been watching because most of the time I’m tired after work and by the time we feel like watching, it’s late and I have to sleep because I have to get up early for work. Meh. But we finished Kamigami no Asobi (ah-mazing) and Kingdom (doubly amazing) and we’re thoroughly enjoying Haikyuu!! Lots of summer anime coming next month. We gotta gear up for that and watch them all even if we have to wake up at 5am to watch them. Okay, maybe not that extreme… 😛

7. Movie wise (yeah, English), How to Train Your Dragon 2 was good. I enjoyed it. I don’t think Skye enjoyed it as much. I cried in most of the scenes with Hiccup’s mom and (spoiler alert) pretty much couldn’t handle it when they killed his father off. WHY would they do that? Gah, so frustrating. Still, it was better than expected and better than Frozen (don’t hate).

Nonstop was also good. Liam Neeson, y’all. He’s so great. I just adore his movies. I mean, his movies give new meaning to the thriller genre. A+! Bravo!

I can’t remember if we watched X-Men this month or the last but it oddly enough it wasn’t that bad. I have watched two other X-Men movies before but remember them only vaguely so I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect. If you have never watched a single X-Men movie in your life, definitely go into Days of Future Past without worrying that you won’t know what’s going on. It’s easy enough to understand and I give it a solid 7/10.

Right, we watched Spiderman 2 last month. What a bore. Jeez.

8. In other small random pieces of news, I’ve been drawing quite a bit this month and been quite happy with my drawings (when I’m not erasing the drawing 50 times because I can’t get the mouth right). As for learning Japanese, it has stalled again. Because of work. But I don’t want work to be an excuse because I really want to get going with our Japanese progress so I gotta put more effort into making time to learn new words and stuff. I have also been painting my nails and using my tools, yay. With my phone kaput, pictures are lacking though.

I have quite a few other things to say but somehow I don’t feel like they fit into this post. I deeply apologize for being missing on your blogs. I gotta take things one step at a time and prioritize. :/

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


February in review


This month, I bring you another wrap-up. Here’s my review of January. Side note: how did I even manage to get similar colors for the circles in both pictures?! I think I rather enjoy writing these month-in-review posts… Mostly because I enjoy making picture collages on PicMonkey but you didn’t need to know that. 😀

  • We witnessed our first ever snowfall. Can I get sick of seeing snow fall? Maybe but not right now.
  • Still keeping up with Strange+ and Noragami. Started on Saiyuki, Kuroko no Basket and Natsume Yuujinchou San. Currently rewatching Nurarihyon no Mago. Trying to finish watching Special A (third time watching it for me, holla). Finished Free (read my review and Skye’s), Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Arcana Famiglia, Psycho Pass (my review is here and Skye’s is coming), Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.
  • Changed our blog theme. I like it. It’s very clean. How do you like it?
  • Still hate taking the bus. Hate it even more now that the route has changed.
  • Discovered an AMAZING Thai restaurant waaay down the street. It is authentic and the bomb. The level of spiciness makes me cry with joy. We need to go back there and I need to write about it.
  • In terms of college life, not much to say. Still trying to finish these papers. Not many people to talk about either… unless you count the couple sitting two rows in front of me who clearly don’t understand the concept of ‘getting a room’. Just sayin’.
  • Oh, then there was also the bus driver who used the PA system to announce, ‘we have arrived at the last stop… welcome to Winter Wonderland’ when the bus arrived at school. Yes, the school did look amazing with all that snow on every surface. I thought that was the friendliest, most encouraging thing that happened the whole month.
  • I also started to wonder how bloggers do it. Sometimes, don’t you find the blogging world very high-school-like? Everyone seems to be in cliques. It seems you can never really escape high school life, eh? If you think about it, life is one big high school… If you disagree, why? I would like you to disagree to show me that there’s still hope in life not being high-school-like haha. When I say high school, I mean all the cattiness and clique-ness (read as clicky-ness please ;)).
  • Lunar New Year flashed by. Sometimes I think we should make a bigger fuss of it in our household. Sometimes I think meh, whatever.
  • Also, I had a couple more awkward things happen to me.
  • Managed to gain like 3 more followers on Instagram. Wooo hooo, thanks guys! Here are the pictures I Instagrammed in February:


  • Row 1 from L-R: Hello Panda, only the best panda-shaped biscuits ever; floral nails; a dragon roll.
  • Row 2 from L-R: I was obsessed with China Glaze – First Mate for a week; found ACV in Target; then I picked up Orly – Hot Shot from Winners and subsequently became obsessed with it.
  • Row 3 from L-R: perfect blue skies; my Valentine’s Day nails (tell me you love them); my Timberlands which is probably my best buy from 2013.


  • Row 1 from L-R: I’m a Fruit Ninja; snow on a plant; fish and chips (we love this)
  • Row 2 from L-R: my Eastland moccasins (aren’t they cute?!?!); snow on the sidewalk
  • Row 3 from L-R: floral nail art (a redo of the nail art I did last year); a tree half-buried under snow; my Timberlands and the snow that turned into ice
  • Yes, the flower background in the middle is a random image from graphicriver.net

And that is apparently it for my long-winded month-in-review. How was your month? Did we do anything similar to you this month? Which is your favorite Instagram pic of mine?

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