This is love

Since we haven’t been able to stop at just one video and I’m prone to turning Youtube inside out to watch as many videos as I can, here are some more Super Junior music videos for you to enjoy:

The drama version of Mamacita is hilarious and tells the full story that this music video doesn’t. We also voted that LeeTeuk looks the best in this video.

I will just admit, we started out hating this song and finding it repetitive but it has grown on us to the point where we find ourselves doing the chorus dance. What has become of us haha?

This was my favorite song last week. The opening makes me want to break out into a dance and everyone – well, that one teacher in elementary school – knows that I am no dancer. The bridge is also my favorite and the fact that LeeTeuk sang it makes me happier (my sister is going to burst out laughing at this… or she might not because she likes it too ahahah).

Throwing in a D&E video because DongHae looks suuuuhhhhh good. *_* After discovering the D&E sub-unit, we’ve started paying more attention to EunHyuk. Now he’s one of our favorites – and also, anyone who saves up 8 years worth of salary to buy his parents a house automatically falls into my good books.

At this point, if you have watched Mr. Simple, you’re thinking that ACha sounds similar. It does… as does Bonamana. They’re all kind of repetitive and follow a similar beat, and though in the beginning it was hard to differentiate, now I don’t think they’re the same song haha.

All the dances are SO cool!! I haven’t found a dance I don’t like. In fact, I feel ready to sign up for a dance class.

Happy Monday.


That time I shook hands with my favorite musicians

Now you probably know that at some point in my teenage years I was head-over-heels for The All-American Rejects. If I remember correctly, we first saw the music for Gives You Hell on TV (ahem, back when we actually watched TV) and promptly decided that, yeah we like their music and they’re not half bad-looking.

Wow, writing this, it sure seems like ages since those days when in reality it was only a few years ago.

Anyway, for most of the year, it was all about Tyson, Nick, Mike and Chris. My favorite was obviously Nick Wheeler. Can I begin to count the number of Youtube videos of them we watched? No, but I swear I watched them all. Can I even begin to count the number of posts on our blog about him? No, and I’m not even going to try. They’re embarrassing anyway so they’re no longer up for public viewing -_-

But just so you know, every day was Nick Wheeler day for me.

Here’s a picture from the enormous AAR collection I used to have:


In the same year that we started listening to their music, they were on tour… and crazily enough, they were touring to our city. My sister and I were ECSTATIC. We were beside ourselves with joy and excitement. I started asking Mom if we could go.

I used to think that concerts were the most exciting musical thing anyone could attend but after going to our first concert (Backstreet Boys, holla), I changed my mind. The BSB concert was AMAZING and perfect and the best first concert experience ever but I did not expect to wait in the pouring rain for 4 hours nor fear getting separated from my family nor fear being caught in a stampede nor keep edging backwards because of the countless smokers puffing away. It was an outdoor concert. No, we do not have organized concerts  except maybe for the Philharmonic orchestra.

I digress.

Mom agreed that we could go to the concert. So you know what I spent a whole week doing? Calling up the radio station to win free tickets. I have never been so focused on hitting the redial button haha. I sat by the radio for a few evenings in a row, trying to get my call in. It. was. frustrating. And tiring because I had to keep listening to recycled songs on the radio for hours on end. I was finally beginning to believe that my call would never get through and that the contest was somehow rigged as the tickets were snagged by other callers when I stabbed the redial button on the very LAST attempt of the day to win tickets.

And you know what happened… My call got through. Someone picked up. The DJ picked up. I could not breathe. My mind went blank. Suddenly words failed me and I had to stutter through the entire conversation with the DJ with my mom and sister urging me on from beside me. All I could say in between my stuttering was, ‘Oh my god’. It didn’t feel real.

I won 10 ‘VIP’ tickets (which were actually normal tickets… LOL brb I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of this) AND I got 2 meet-and-greet passes. HOLY CRAP.

Meet-and-greet passes… Meet-and-greet passes… I was going to meet the members of AAR.

And I did. After a lot of pushing and shoving before the concert, we got to rock out to their concert in the rain (no less) and after the concert was over, those with meet-and-greet passes were told to gather on one side of the stage.

We were over the moon. My sister and I were going to meet the AAR members. How did that even happen? How the heck were we supposed to react when we met them? What would the meet-and-greet session even be like? We had no idea. We thought we’d get to meet them at a table and gush over how great they are and ask for a hug.

Nope. None of that.

All we were allowed to do was get a picture with them as a group then leave. Um, when I say leave, I mean be physically shoved out the door by security personnel.

I was stumped. Like, um, a meet-and-greet session means meeting and greeting them, right? If not, shouldn’t it just be called a photo op? But I was still too delirious from actually seeing them in person to question so many things at that point.

Some people were bold. Some people threw themselves at Tyson, Nick, Mike and Chris even with the big security dudes pulling at them and telling them to leave. Tyson was larger than life, no kidding. Seeing those cheekbones up close? WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?

After the picture, I looked to my right and there they were, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor.

And I put my hand out without thinking much.

Mike shook my hand. That man honestly has the nicest, softest hands I’ve ever touched. He’s a real sweetheart in real life too. I mean, I didn’t say anything to him but you can just tell.

Then Chris shook my hand. :] Brb stupid smile because I can tell people what their hands felt like.

They both thanked me for coming out to the show.

Meanwhile, my sister was trapped somewhere under Tyson’s arm lol. Just kidding. I don’t know what she was doing but when I turned around, the security dudes were waving their hands impatiently, barking at everyone to get out of the tent.

My sister and I were disappointed and started to leave but at the last minute, I was like, screw it, I didn’t come this far to walk away from Nick Wheeler!!!!!!!

Now you’re thinking, she hugged him, didn’t she? SHE TOTALLY DID! SHE DID THE CRAZY FAN THING!

Um. No. I wish I did.

But no matter how I look at it, I don’t think I could ever throw myself at a celeb and squeeze the life out of them with a crushing hug. That is so NOT me. (My sister insists that I will do that to Fukuyama Jun. TIME WILL TELL! I secretly hope I do get to hug him and not regret it for a second.)

Instead, I turned around to Nick Wheeler who was holding a drink in his hand. He met my gaze (DAMMIT HAZEL EYES) and I …………….

…………. I stuck my hand out. Again.


No joke. I put my hand out.

Later I would think to myself, WHY A HANDSHAKE? WHY?

And I swear he looked at my hand for a split-second (possibly to wonder why I was being so civilized lol) before shaking it and saying, ‘Thanks for coming out to the show’.

Nick Wheeler spoke to me. I’m cryiiiiiiiing.

And that wasn’t just it. He also said, ‘Nice shirt’.

Since then I haven’t worn that shirt out. I washed it but I haven’t worn it out more than 3 times.

I fumbled over words. I don’t remember what I said but I do remember turning around to grab the back of my sister’s shirt to drag her back in front of Nick Wheeler. She, too, shook his hand.

Then we floated out of the tent, delirious. Kidding. We were barked at to get out so we did.

That’s the story.

I dunno, I’d probably ask a celeb or idol if I can hug them. If they say no, I’d be totally cool with that. I’d be happy with a handshake.

Wheels, you might not remember me but I just want to say thank you for being decent. The teenager in me will always think you’re the best guitarist on Earth and look back fondly on the crappy-quality group photo from the meet-and-greet (which I can’t seem to find). The suckiest thing about meeting a band or an actor or someone you admire is if they turn out to be douchebags but Nick Wheeler certainly wasn’t one.

P.S: Nick Wheeler has a very lovely hand and a solid handshake.

Tell me all your concert stories. Have you met your favorite musician before? Were they as nice as you thought they’d be?


It takes two, you and me

Besides some soul-searching, I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to Chemistry. My sister and I just kick back at the end of the day and watch a full Chemistry concert. It’s been a full month and we’re still discovering songs that we like by them.

Our Shawty play count has gone off the charts. We’ve definitely gone past 500 plays. I would like to say that we’ve reached 1000 plays… but maybe not?

Here are some other songs that I love (and hope that you’ll love too *wink wink nudge nudge*):

Almost in Love. The lyrics of this song are beautiful and so freaking romantic. I’m a sucker for love songs, duh.

Pieces of a Dream. Our new favorite. We know almost all the words and it’s only been a few days. Initially we were fumbling over the words and saying we couldn’t get the tune but now we got it like the back of our hand. B)

You Go Your Way. FAVORITE. Never mind, all these songs are wonderful. This is a short version but I definitely prefer the longer one because the ending is perfect.

You Go Your Way (Live). Ignore Kaname’s somehow-very-Magic-Mike-like outfit and you’ll be fine. LOL, my sister is laughing at this, I know it.

It Takes Two. Yes, please, I like this a lot.

Need more Chemistry in your life? Send a nudge, I’ll point you to all our favorite Chemistry songs.


Mid-week music interlude: Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemistry

Hello friends, it’s that time again. When we find a song we like and write about it. I believe the last music post was Monkey Majik’s Gravity which was over a year ago.

What brings us to this post then? Chemistry. Not the science subject. The band. GOOD STUFF. Trust me, it’s hard enough trying to look them up without including the word ‘band’ at the end of the word ‘Chemistry’. They are a R&B/pop Japanese band and I honestly never thought one day I would like R&B this much. I also never thought I would ever type the words ‘R&B’ and ‘Japanese band’ in the same line.

But there you have it. (Mom, don’t flip out at their picture.)


Dochin; Kaname

The band consists of Yoshikuni Dochin and Kawabata Kaname. They can sing. I won’t lie; we looked up their concert video once to see if they could sing live as well as the album tracks and they are the real deal. Brb I’m crying because their voices are beautiful.

Initially we couldn’t tell their voices apart and we thought only one of them sang while the other played an instrument. Nope, both of them sing and now that we’ve listened to their songs about, oh I don’t know, a thousand times, it’s obvious whose voice is whose.

We only had 5 of their songs before this: Life Goes On (side K and side D), This Night, Ai No Wa (ugh, favorite), Period, and Brand New Season, and all of them are EXCELLENT.

The story about how we came to listen to a ton of Chemistry songs goes like this: one day I said, we need to find new music to listen to because we were beginning to get into one of those music ruts. Then on a separate occasion, we were talking about the Life Goes On dance video that I found long ago which I found amusing.

Also, the story behind how we discovered the band Chemistry in the first place: we watched Antique Bakery (laugh-out-loud and actually interesting show, please check it out) and the opening theme was Life Goes On (side K) and the ending theme was an instrumental Life Goes On. The rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway my sister loaded said video:

And subsequently, we enjoyed it so much that we went to look up more songs by Chemistry. We loaded their 2010 Regeneration Tour and the rest, again, is history. What a treasure trove of good songs we stumbled upon.

I don’t know how many times we’ve watched their concert video but rest assured, we’re this close to learning their dance moves. I kid about the dance moves but not about the repeats. I also oddly do not mind their strange outfits and think Dochin’s gold pants are fancy. Brb laughing to myself.

Some of our favorites we found from their 2010 concert include: Go Alone, Yoake Dawn, Crossing, Floatin’, Once Again, Superstar, Here I Am.

Then we found this gem and the number of repeats has gone off the charts. They collaborated with a dance group called Synergy and produced a few good songs coupled with some pretty good dancing. Here you go:

Chemistry – Shawty repeat count so far? I lost count but if the repeat counter is correct, we’ve listened to it over 100 times in just 3 days. That count is probably inaccurate since those 100 times were on my sister’s computer. LOL I think at least 200 views alone on Youtube have been from us.

It might be just me but the word shawty sounds quite weird coming from them. I don’t care. We love it so much.

This Night – Chemistry

Have a winter version of Aishisugite.

Other favorites we’ve found: Merry Go Round, Aishisugite (which means I love you too much and has such a wonderful piano intro), Kimi no Kisu, A Better Tomorrow, Move On and Together (such a fun song that makes us dance). The acoustics are amazing but they don’t have too many of those on Youtube so no video here boo 🙁

We’re embarrassing. We’ve been dancing (us, dancing, what?) and karaoke-ing. A. LOT. Like nobody’s business. Those who do not want to karaoke with us are not allowed. Possibly the only apartment playing Japanese music… Hmm… This post is surprisingly mild even though I’m doing internal star jumps and cheesy dance moves because I LOVE their music.

Sadly, the band has gone hiatus and it’s hard to say when they’ll be back since they seem to be quite happy doing their own solo projects. :'( STOP IT, COME BACK! We’re not thrilled about their solo albums but after being together for 10 years, I suppose a break will do them good?

If they ever get back together, you know we’re going to be at their concert. At the same time, we’ll go seek out Fukuyama Jun and take a selfie with him. My inner lovestruck teenager wants to squeal and draw hearts around his name. Ahem, nothing.

My sister wants to make it clear that she absolutely loves Chemistry. And so do I.

And then I realized that this post is WAY too mild and doesn’t manage to express my delight and joy towards Chemistry so have this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CHEMISTRY SO MUCH AHDJASKLFJSLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO TO THEIR CONCERT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! JSDLFJSDLFASDASJDL!!!!!! My true feelings have been conveyed.

Now that this post is out, back to our Chemistry concert. Over and out. Enjoy.


And they said…

I wish that I could be like the cool kids.

Cool Kids – Echosmith

Guys, we have discovered our first and new favorite English song of 2014. So going to a volunteer center does have its benefits aka involuntarily listening to the radio. We heard Cool Kids on the radio and when I came home, I Googled the song. That is how we found Echosmith, my friends.

The lyrics of this song is pretty spot-on too. I think everyone at some point in their lives has had that ‘I wish I were in the cool clique’ moment. And it depends on how much that thought actually affects them because I have seen some friends go to a ridiculous extent just to try to fit in. It’s sad but true. I suppose I wish there was some kind of conclusion in the lyrics like telling kids that ‘cool kids’ are not everything (which they are not) but I guess it could be a cliffhanger ending.

It’s a catchy song with a cool beat. We’re not really into indie but nowadays we don’t go for labels. We like what we like whether it’s heavy metal or synth pop or indie folk (is there even such a genre?). So… are we in on the loop again? I haven’t gotten ANY references to recent music in the past 2 years so I think we deserve some kind of award ahaha.

Can I have hair like Sydney’s? Lol. Sydney reminds me of Mandy Moore. A lot. They’re both gorgeous and talented.

We will be keepin’ an eye out for more music from Echosmith.

On a side note…

Kids out there, ‘cool kids’ in high school are not everything. They may look like they’re having the most fun or ‘having it all’ but trust me, you’re pretty cool without trying to be like them. Be grateful for what you have and know that you are unique even if you’re clique-less.

I knew a ‘cool girl’ in school – we attended the same elementary and high school – and I remember coming home one day and telling my mom that she’s the ‘cool’ type.

And this is how our conversation went:

Mom: who says she’s cool?

Me: well, she’s popular and hangs out with the other cool kids.

Mom: pfft, who is to say who is cool or not? So she’s popular. So what?

Me: -thinking my mom doesn’t get it because um, obviously cool kids are different- she’s very uppity-up, you know… just because she’s cool. She doesn’t talk to me because she’s too cool for me.

Mom: wait, hold on, what exactly does ‘cool’ mean in the first place? What qualities deem a person ‘cool’ or not?

Me: @_@ -stumped-

Mom: well, I think you’re cool so now that makes you just as cool, doesn’t it? Don’t pay those ‘cool kids’ any mind. Just do your thing. So what if she doesn’t talk to you?

This may seem like just another ‘my mom thinks I’m cool’ story (there is nothing wrong with that because your mom’s support should mean the goddamned world to you) but it helped me move past that ‘omg I’m not a cool kid’ phase. It’s not to say that I didn’t still get those feelings around popular kids but it was usually a touch-and-go feeling. Nowadays I sometimes still do wonder why I’m not in a clique and it’s only normal when you’re around people who are in groups but at the end of the day, I’m me so yeah.

When I first heard Mike Posner’s ‘Cooler Than Me’, I immediately pictured this ‘cool girl’ and have since associated with her every time I hear it. Um, the irony being that I heard it on the radio right after Echosmith’s ‘Cool Kids’.

Funny thing, this ‘cool girl’ who didn’t speak to me for many years now follows me on Twitter and we occasionally have conversations. Haha. So there you have it. High school is tricky, believe me I know it, but you’ll get through and maybe after you’re done, you’ll look back and be like, WHAT? I was bothered by such trivial things?

And how did this post turn into a long rambling one about high school and popular kids lol?

P.S: Who else thinks that Cool Kids is reminiscent of Jodi Watley’s I’m Looking For a New Love?


Wake me up, I’m hypnotized

Gravity – Monkey Majik

I am OBSESSED with this song. It is SO good! My absolute favorite kind of pop. Add to the fact that there’s a bunch of Japanese in the song? Perfect.

I am so glad we watched Nurarihyon no Mago. I think everyone should watch it if only to discover Monkey Majik.

Thank me later. 😉


Music Monday #6

Matchbox 20 – I Believe in Everything

I was going to post a favorite ending theme but then I thought y’all might not appreciate it as much until I put up my post about the anime we watch. Until then, here’s a Matchbox 20 song for you. Matchbox 20 has been one of my favorite bands since I heard Unwell. I can’t get sick of that song. It is the bomb.



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