What I need… probably… not really… okay, maybe

This post is not to be taken seriously. Once in a while I sit around and random things that I could use pop into my mind but I know that it’s too long a list and I’m a thrifty college student and I don’t want to buy unnecessary things so I just amuse myself by imagining that I own some of this stuff.

Have a look into my mind:

1) A Backstreet Boys sweater

Because every BSB fan wants Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ and Howie’s face pasted on the front of shirt. JK.

I went to browse the Backstreet Boys official site the other day because I’m a diehard BSB fan and now that I’m in Cali, I wonder if they’re playing at a venue near me that I can go to. The BSB cruise was just last week month… The idea sounds fun but I don’t think I’d like to be crushed in a sea (pun intended) of crazy fans. Remember the concerts that we attended? Yeah, we always stood in the back (no seats and totally disorganized setting, y’know) because 1) there were always tons of smokers, 2) we were there for a concert, not to inhale secondary smoke, and 3) being squashed in a crowd sounds mighty claustrophobic.

Anyway, to their merchandise store: I ‘just want you to know’ that the ‘trouble is’ your sweaters can be ‘everything but mine’ and the prices can ‘quit playin’ games with my heart’. A play on lyrics? I like. I tried. It could have been better but since I’m writing this post before dinner and I’m distracted by the wafting smell of my mom and sister cooking up a lovely storm, let’s just leave it at this and pretend that I’m funny. #KTBSPA

2) A beagle license plate frame

Have I ever told you why beagles are the best dogs in the world? No? Remind to write a post about that.

3) Monkey Majik albums (which apparently cost $80 on Amazon whatiswrongwithyou)

Well, I checked again. They’re only $80 because they’ve included some DVD specials. I still can’t afford the regular CDs.

4) A Lego set (I might be serious about this though)

I saw some at Costco. I also saw a book about the history of Lego sets. I WANT THEM ALL.

5) A one-way ticket to Japan (this too would be great)

I look at exchange program pictures and I secretly weep inside. When will it be my turn?

6) An ergonomic leather swiveling office chair + a foot rest

What can I say? A college student needs proper back and foot support while cranking out a billion assignments and cramming for tests. Let me know you’re with me on this. #operationconvincemymomthatineedafootrest

7) A Snoopy tote bag

The original beagle rocks. If you’re not following Snoopy on Instagram, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING ON INSTAGRAM? JK. It just helps to have adorable Instapics of Snoopy appear in your feed when you zombie into your 8am class and flop onto your seat.

8) More nail polish

I can’t do it anymore. I’m not consistent on my nail blog because my nails have been peeling and apparently I left more bottles at home than I thought. No brown, no orange, no green. Dammit, what was I thinking?

9) All the Target scarves… and leggings… and sweaters…

And you can just hand over the keys to me, Target. I’ll take it from there, thank you.

10) Student discount on everything (including plane tickets)

So that my collective savings will allow me to buy at least one of the above. Clever, right? Here’s a little story for you: a few weeks back, I saw online that AT&T offers student discounts for bills so I was like, YES MORE SAVINGS and dang why didn’t I see this earlier? I already paid my internet bill for this month!! So I tried to do the online thingy to get my student discount but somehow it wouldn’t work. I read the fine print on the page and it said go to your local AT&T store to get your discount. I went.

Listen, I’ve heard unpleasant stories about AT&T’s customer service and well, products in general so can you blame me for being wary about stepping into their store? Anyway, I went in and was promptly greeted by this guy at the door who was toting a tablet and wearing this tool belt around his waist. Whoa, did not know that I’d walked into Home Depot. He greeted me pleasantly enough and asked for my name. I gave it to him, thought he would be attending to me but then he told me to sit down and wait for the next available representative (I totally plucked that from those automated phone call thingys).

I sat down, looked around at the little island tables and suddenly saw my name on the screen above my head. Um… OK. Apparently they don’t do numbers. They put your name up on the board for everyone to see. That’s what everyone who wants to feel important likes, right?

Yeah, and then finally this guy came up to us and asked me what I was here to do. Um, get my student discount, of course. After some back and forth with the guy about the student discount on bills because he couldn’t seem to get my account right, I kind of guessed what the problem was and told him that I had an internet account with them. You know what happens next. He told us that the discounts are only for PHONE bills. Great.

I left. I was dissatisfied. I want my student discount on everythinggg.

Bonus: A butler to pay my rent, utility bills and take care of all that nitty gritty adult stuff. Oh, if he could take my midterms and finals for me too that would be awesome. Sebastian, I’m looking atchu.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for what I have now and hopefully tomorrow it will rain gold coins or something. Jk.

What’s on your mental totally-unnecessary window-shopping list?


Screen protectors and its delicate process

screen protector

My screen protector arrived the other day. I’d been needing one since I had yet to peel the default sticker off the screen of my new phone. I awaited the arrival of the screen protector after I ordered it from Amazon so needless to say I was excited when I tracked the package and saw that it had been delivered. I pinched out to the mailbox sometime in the afternoon which is the time I am most likely not to step out at and collected my little package. I ripped the parcel open and emptied the contents out.

By the way, I got the screen protector package for a pretty sweet deal. I looked at a $9.95 set which included 3 screen protectors, one microfiber cloth, one squeegee, some dust stickers and an antibacterial wipe. I told my mom and she said it was expensive so I looked some more and found an exact same set for $3.95. Can you say #winning? The reviews were not bad so I decided to try it. I have never bought anything tech-y online before. Usually that job falls to my brother who knows way more about this stuff than me but this time I had to do it myself.

I went to T-Mobile the other day for some other reason but had the brilliant idea of asking the guy to help me apply the screen protector. The guy (let’s just call him H) who attended to us the last time was so helpful and surprisingly a lot more cheerful (maybe he was just having a bad day that day). Feeling like a bimbo who can’t even apply her own screen protector, when H asked me if he could help me with anything else, I asked him if he could apply the screen protector onto my phone. He was more than happy to help and did it like a pro.

Seriously, who knew that putting on a screen protector required so much? You have to dab tape/stickers to pick up all the dust/dirt on the screen then wipe it down multiple times with a microfiber cloth then peel the sticker off the screen protector, align it super carefully (which I would have failed at because I don’t have steady hands), slowly lower it then squeegee it to make sure there are no trapped air bubbles. Oh, then wipe it down a few more times. Honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t have to attempt it myself. H was pretty nice about it too, telling us that the first few times some customers asked him to apply screen protectors onto their phones, he had to get someone else to do it because he was afraid of messing up.

Side story: I have a reason for going to the T-Mobile that is at least fifteen minutes away from our place instead of the one around the corner. One time when I wanted to reload talk time onto my phone, I went to the T-Mobile store nearby. I went in thinking I’d just pop in and be out in five minutes because it’s such a minor thing. I went up to the counter and asked the guy to reload $10 of talk time. And you know what he told me? He said he couldn’t do it.

I was like, ??? The guy at the other store did it for me so what’s the problem? And this guy just looked up my phone plan and immediately told me that he couldn’t do it for me and he didn’t know what ‘the other guy’ did but it’s impossible. His tone of voice wasn’t very pleasant either. He was really rude about it and the way he phrased his words made it sound like it was my problem. My mom tried explaining to him that it could be done but he just insisted very rudely that it couldn’t. I was really ticked off about his behavior – customer service, my foot – but unlike him, I remembered my manners, thanked him and left.

I’ve worked in a customer service department before back home and I’ve seen the way the staff speak curtly and rudely to customers because they want to send the customer off quickly so that they can carry on playing Farmville on their computers (which the customer obviously can’t see from behind the desk) or whatever (ie. slacking and chatting with their colleague at the next desk) and I find that kind of behavior appalling because you’re representing the company at the front desk so you’d do well to be courteous to your customers. But no.

This guy reminded me of the crappy customer service back home so I took my business and went elsewhere. I went back to the original T-Mobile that I first went to which is where ‘the other guy’ who managed to load the credit onto my phone (who was the manager, by the way, so suck on that, rude guy) works. The manager, B, wasn’t in but the guy who attended to us, J, was perfectly nice and efficient. Even though he looked uncertain about whether it could be done, he didn’t tell me he couldn’t do it right off the bat. Instead he looked into it and then managed to do it. And you know what J said? ‘Well, I learned something new today.’ So there.

Have you encountered bad customer service lately? What do you about it?

Did you apply your phone’s screen protector by yourself? How did you find it? If you didn’t, who did?


Things you first need when moving into an apartment: student edition

Since moving into our new place, I’ve realized that I wish I had known a few things about moving across continents to study. Precisely why I’ve put together this post for students who are just as clueless about moving into a brand new unfurnished apartment in a country completely foreign to them.

I do feel the need to point that this post is US-oriented so you might have to improvise a bit if you’re elsewhere and there is no Target or whatever.

1. Antibacterial wipes

Go to your nearest Target or Walmart or Costco (if you’re like us and are always needing to wipe something down with and need half a dozen bottles of Lysol wipes) and pick up a bottle of Lysol wipes. You will not be sorry. They’re good for everything.

No doubt the apartment will clean your apartment before handing you the keys (though it’s really hard to say whether they do a good job of cleaning or not) but you should really consider wiping things like the toilet bowl, door knobs, counter tops, light switches and just about any surface that you will be touching quite often.

2. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel)

So you may have packed these and brought them with you or you might have accidentally left out something or you were thinking of buying these upon arrival – it doesn’t matter. As long as by the end of the day you got your stuff, you’re good.

You’ll be needing this before you turn in for the night and when you wake up, right?

I know they sell toothpaste at dollar stores so you might want to check that out. Or if you’re thinking long-term, go to Costco and get the 6-pack (or was it 4?). Target had this awesome selection of towels and they were going for a good price so I got one.

3. Bed sheets and pillows

Hopefully you move in AFTER you buy your bed. If you don’t and assuming you don’t have a couch, I’d probably recommend getting an airbed. Airbeds are not too bad in terms of comfort and they come in handy if you ever go camping or stay over at a friend’s place.

So you’ve got your bed, now go get your sheets and pillows. Target has some really cute options especially around August when they have College/Back to School selections but if you’re going for something more affordable, Walmart is the way to go. Tip: if you don’t like ‘hairy’ bedsheets (because I don’t), get the sheets with a higher thread count.

4. Chairs/table

No table, no problem. Chairs are probably what you need more than a table since they are easier to load into a car and you can actually sit on it. We got 4 chairs from Target for $20 each. I know. Why are chairs so expensive? But wait, you have even seen the office chairs? They go for about $80-$150.

I would also recommend getting a dining table first so that you can eat at it. And here’s a tip from me to you, just get a sturdy six foot long table instead of a fancy dining table set. If only IKEA delivered. We planned on going down to get some furniture but then we remembered the fiasco we encountered at Canada’s IKEA where we couldn’t even LIFT the box from the warehouse onto the cart. Yeah, so that was out. I also read reviews that it’s always madness in the IKEAs.

But who needs IKEA when you have Costco delivery?! We ordered two tables from Costco and they were delivered SUPER fast. I literally got the second table the next day!! Kudos to you, Costco. The only problem we ran into was trying to get the dang table out of the box. It took 3 people to do it. Anyone know any tips for getting a table out of its box?

5. Adapters

Let’s just assume that you’re coming from a country with different battery adapters. It’s such a hassle to have to get different adapters for different countries but thank goodness for universal battery adapters.

6. Clothes hangers

We got a bunch from The Dollar Tree but then Target also had great back-to-school sales on household items so we got another bunch. You should see our closet. They are a range of bright pink and green clothes hangers. I was against buying so many but seriously, they’re useful for everything. I will buy more if I see them on sale.

7. Plastic bags

I feel like plastic bags are so necessary whenever you are. They are good for garbage, collecting clean and dirty laundry (if you haven’t already got a laundry basket), keeping all the small things, as an alternate for gloves, wrapping stuff…

Um, who needs those kitchen trash bags with drawstrings when you have plastic bags that you get from grocery stores that you’re going to throw away anyway? #theasianwayisthegreenway

8. Water

Bottled water to be specific. If you’re like us and don’t drink tap water, get yourself a crate of bottled water to last you the first few weeks before you settle down in your new home. You’ll be so tired from running around and moving furniture and going to school that you won’t have time to boil water or even wait for it to cool down.


I personally would rather go to Target because Walmart is, well, Walmart but things are cheap so sometimes it’s just better. But here’s something I learned: shop online from Walmart. Stuff gets to your doorstep and you don’t even have to set foot in there. Awesome? I think so.

Any questions on where to buy other stuff? Let me know, I’ll be more than happy to send you in the right (read: affordable) direction. If you have any tips or know of any more affordable options, feel free to list them in the comments.




I have a long overdue update of how things have been. Firstly, hello October! I’m seeing lots of excitement over the fact that it’s October.

While the excitement over pumpkin spice latte, October 3 which for some reason is of some importance because of Mean Girls (which I still don’t get why has to be a reference for almost everything) and Halloween everything are beyond us, we do appreciate beautiful fall foliage, cooler weather, and the pumpkin patch that we’ve seen in our neighborhood!!

Halloween is around the corner. We don’t celebrate it but it’s a big deal here, isn’t it? If you need us, we’ll just be here… hiding behind our computer screens LOL. We are wondering if any kids from the neighborhood will come around trick-or-treating. We’ll have to run out to Costco to get candy. Speaking of which, we just came home with a big box of chocolates. Because they were on sale and you know, because chocolate.

Anyway, on with the update:

1. I have a tan. I arrived all white and pasty after four months of winter in Vancouver. I’m approximately three shades darker. -crying in the corner- Even with copious amounts of sunblock and an umbrella, I still got tanned… Oh well. See, you don’t need to go to the beach to get a tan.

2. Girl power prevails. We’re miles away from home and we’ve had to do stuff that we’re not used to doing (read: have never done before).

We did okay, I think. I managed to get a decent phone plan for us, we managed to apply for internet and electricity service AND set up our own modem, I ordered a printer and set it up, we managed to ‘assemble’ our own furniture (okay, it was pre-assembled but we had to cut it out of the damned boxes because the tables were stuck inside), we’ve hauled stuff way heavier than ourselves, we’ve unscrewed bulbs and bought insect spray that we had to use on a cockroach (omg). That’s taken care of at home by our dad and in Vancouver, our brother. So this is all new to us.

Sometimes I am torn between thinking of myself as a princess who would much rather leave the ‘tough’ work and techy stuff to Dad and a do-it-yourself-and-depend-on-yourself kind of girl who takes interest in how Dad fixes the door. I guess that would make me a warrior princess? Just call me Xena. Lol jk. My mom has always told us that girls can do or be anything that guys can, sometimes even better (#badassmom/#ladybossadvice/#onlyfemalemanagerinherdepartment).

In short, you can do this, ladies. You are just as capable as a man. Except maybe for trying to lift a mattress by yourself lol.

3. I occasionally find myself thinking about the astronomy class that I took in my Vancouver uni. I still can’t believe that I finally took an astronomy class and what more the professor’s love and enthusiasm for the subject made it even better. I find nature incredibly fascinating and in part I have my mom to thank for this. We had quite a few books about things like volcanoes, wildlife and nature in general while growing up. Astronomy is one of those things I have marveled at since young and wanted to study even if it was only for the briefest four months in college. And I did it and I’m happy that I did.

I even learned about black holes which was something I have always been very fascinated about. I remember asking my dad how black holes worked (I think it was while we were watching some outer space show, maybe Star Trek) and he couldn’t really tell me. They seemed scary and interesting at the same time. Astronomy tidbit of the day: black holes are massive dead stars that collapse from the sheer weight and pressure exerted onto itself.

And one thing that I took away from the class is that astronomy is for everyone. Everyone can learn stuff about the universe from the internet or books or whatever. It’s not like chemistry where you have to memorize chemicals and stuff (ugh, why). I always thought that you had to be a super physics genius to get astronomy. Which is why I’m motivated to start reading up on astronomy stuff and subscribing to newsletters (if you know any, let me know). Did you guys read about the story of how the ‘Man in the Moon’ came about? The article came out a few days ago and apparently, the craters on the moon aren’t formed by asteroid impact but rather, a volcanic event. Very cool stuff indeed.

I am still upset that I didn’t get to go to at least one star viewing event but I know one day I will go (very Disney-like of me, I know… I’m thinking Rapunzel finding her new dream ahaha). And here’s what I also learned from astronomy which somehow isn’t ingrained into everyone’s well of common sense: there is so much more out there than meets the eye and you are just the teeniest tiniest most microscopic speck in the universe. The end. Infer for yourself.

4. My sister and I are taking an art history class this semester and the professor is HILARIOUS. He throws in the wittiest, driest, most accurate references all the time and we’re just rolling on the floor, laughing. Well, it’s more like trying not to burst out laughing so there’s more shaking and trembling in our chair than anything. The professor knows his stuff – seriously, he’s like the only person I’ve known so far who has endless general knowledge. I highly recommend his class and art history in general because it is such a fascinating subject.

5. The library is awesome. That is all. I am in love with Robert Crais’s Cole and Pike novels and was SO happy to see the whole collection in the library. I know I’ve said this many times before but Robert Crais is just a literary genius. I hope he has a book signing nearby so that we can go and tell him exactly that. Picking out The Watchman out of all the books on the thriller shelf two years ago… amazing. The appeal was mostly in Pike’s name though.

6. About the weather (because what’s a ‘lately’ post without weather updates?)… it was cool for a few days – like the 70s – and now the temperatures are soaring back up again (yay -_-). People showed up in full winter gear on the days when it was cool. That was amusing. It’s like they were just waiting to bust out the scarves, boots and heavy sweaters. Which would have been fine if it hadn’t gotten bleeding hot in the afternoon.

7. About food. We have a hangout spot that we love. We’ve been to a Korean BBQ twice and I personally rather like it. I know my mom loves it (hehe). We tried a Japanese place which is supposedly ‘the bomb’ and has lots of positive reviews on Yelp. Our verdict: a cramped and kinda gross place (and trust me, we’ve been to some pretty yucky places before) with a messy ordering system, no waiting area for takeout orders, abrupt and unsmiling staff, and dry, so-so food. We are on the hunt for better Japanese places.

We also tried a Chinese restaurant which had raving reviews on Yelp. Our verdict: nothing that special, nice interior but super salty food, and what the heck is General Tso’s chicken anyway? I’ve never even heard of it and we’re Asian. If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food and you see General Tso’s chicken on the menu, run. Chinese food tip of the day: chicken dim sum will never be as good as pork dim sum.

Cheesecake Factory was disappointing in terms of service and we discovered that we don’t fancy key lime cheesecake. Oh well, at least the pasta was good. We’ve also just recently discovered a Thai restaurant that’s cheaper and WAY tastier than the one we went to twice. The lady is also much friendlier. Score.

On the home kitchen front, we’ve been cooking like nobody’s business. The oven has been put to good use and I hope we get to roast turkey for Thanksgiving this year. The cooking is fun but the cleaning is another story. Who likes washing the dishes anyway?! Or scrubbing that damned pan with the burnt sides?? Please send kitchen help lol.

8. Oh, you know what we’re excited about for the fall? Fall anime. Ahaha, you totally saw this one coming, didn’t you? Well, we’ve got a lineup of shows to watch and we’ve already kicked one off the list. Hopefully I’ll have time to write some brief reviews of the summer anime we watched.

9. In other random pieces of Spud news: we have a cat (if you didn’t read about that); I am on Instagram (it’s getting lonely there, having only one follower); we are in LOVE with Antique Bakery – it is an excellent show with an opening theme we have been playing on repeat and I love the originality of the idea behind the story; checking the mailbox and seeing the parcels I ordered is always a highlight of the day especially when it’s all wrapped up nicely; we are thinking of getting some fall decor for our place (maybe a cute wreath) but have no idea where to look; and we are also thinking of getting plants since we have a little patio outside but we’re not exactly green thumbs so we don’t know what plants to get. Suggestions?

Pretty sure there are tons of other stuff that happened; they are just eluding me at the moment.

What have you been up to lately? Any plans for October?


The Sunshine Award #2


We love Britt! Yes, we do. One, because she and her blog are awesome. Two, she nominated us for this blog award which means blog content. I’ve been cracking my head trying to figure out what to blog about. Oh, what’s that? There are more than 20 50 drafts? Who told you that?! No, no, no such thing… maybe 75 sounds about right.

Anyway, let’s get down to this post.


  • post 11 random facts about yourself
  • answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
  • nominate 11 bloggers
  • write 11 questions for them
  • inform the 11 bloggers that you nominated them for this award

11 random facts about me:

  1. I’m grumpy in the morning so don’t talk to me for at least 15 minutes after I get up.
  2. I love big cats. Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, lions, panthers, you name it.
  3. Die-hard Backstreet Boys fan.
  4. I recently fell in love with Uniqlo and I would like to buy up all of their 3/4 lounge pants. Their Heattech shirts and leggings were what helped us survive winter with minimum layers. This is not an ad.
  5. I am currently obsessed with okra. Can’t.get.enough.
  6. I would rather not play board games. Growing up playing with people who always win/never give you a chance to win makes you a sore loser. True story.
  7. I don’t get New Girl (do you want to read my post about it?).
  8. I think I would enjoy teaching a language class and would like to at some point in my life.
  9. Cola-shaped gummies are my favorite. Try to take me away from them, I dare you. But I don’t have them as often as I would like. Probably once every 5 years.
  10. My new favorite flavored tea is apple.
  11. I could probably never eat a picture bento (those bentos that are decorated elaborately and styled to look like characters/buildings/nice things). It looks nice but I would find it too disgusting to eat. You?

If you wanna know more, you can also go here or here or here.

Here are Britt’s questions:

1. skinny jeans or palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants ALL the way.

I mentioned it in a previous post – me and skinny jeans? Probably never. Can you see me in these?


No, I really don’t think so. And come on, even if I could wear skinny jeans, I’d still go with palazzo pants because comfort over trying to squeeze into skintight jeans.palazzo-pants

And look at dem prints. LOVE.

2. one color that completely sums up you personality, and why?


Purple. Because royalty. Just kidding. Why do I feel so sassy today? It’ll probably wear off after I watch a few more episodes of Kingdom because feeeeeeels. Am I doing Tumblr talk?

Purple because what the heck, this is basically me. I don’t know how true any of that is but yeah, that’s just me in a nutshell.

3. yoga/pilates or zumba?


I have always wanted to try Zumba but have never so I’m gonna have to go with yoga.

4. favorite author/book?

Um, off the top of my head: The Watchman by Robert Crais. Joe Pike needs to be my bodyguard. Such a great book. I’ve read it so many times.apebbleforyourpocket

If it’s non-fiction that we’re talking, probably a Buddhist book I read when I was a kid. I just went to Google it and I actually found the title! A Pebble For Your Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh.emotionalintelligence

Another good non-fiction would be Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence is SO important. If we were all a bit more sensitive towards others, things would be much better, wouldn’t they?

5. early riser or night owl?

Early riser. Well, I like to think of myself of kind of in the middle. Bedtime is 10pm, sometimes 11, sometimes 9 (not kidding). Waking up at 6 in the morning is okay with me but if nobody disturbs me, 9am is fine too. Is waking up at 9 late??

6. favorite homemade meal?

Potato anything. Anything my mom makes. My mom’s lasagna, probably. Mmm… sooo good.

7. control freak or controlled chaos?

A bit of both, if I’m being honest. I think my controlling nature comes from wanting to make sure things are done right/efficiently. I feel like I can’t trust people to get things done properly or fast enough so I just take it upon myself to do what needs to be done. Wait… that’s not really categorized under being a control freak, is it?

At the same time, I’m a generally messy person. Not even gonna deny. Wish I were a bit more like Skye (she’s so organized and disciplined, dammit) and while I do try to be a bit tidier, I embrace the hurricane in me. Heh.

8. favorite pin on your board?

Food, definitely. But this too. You should go check out my boards because so. many. pretty. things. Two reasons why I don’t use Pinterest as much as the next person: 1. Lots of pretty things and awesome tutorials but I’m more of a Tumblr kind of person and Tumblr is easier to use! 2. All my time would be spent trawling the food tag aka counterproductive.

9. best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Oh man, I never quite know what to put when I see this question. Er, don’t talk to strangers? Except on MapleStory and Tumblr. Just kidding. Hmm, I can’t just pick one. My mom has always given us great advice over the years. The best advice she’s given me lately, ‘Who’s stopping you from being you?‘ That kind of woke me up a little.

Or maybe something the monk at the temple told me. Let go of your anger, let go of your hatred, be good to your parents. Basic but vastly important pieces of advice.

10. favorite drink at the bar?

Sky… juice? Lol. Um, can we go for coffee instead?

11. tupperware or mason jars?

Tupperware. We don’t have mason jars here, boo.

Aaaaand I’m done. That was fun~

I nominate:

Seriously, all these ladies are fabulous. Just looking at this list makes me happy that I found their blogs. Thanks for being awesome and for visiting our tiny corner of the blogaverse (that’s what the blog universe is called, right?).

Here are my questions:

  1. When did you learn to drive?
  2. Do you still watch cartoons?
  3. Have you watched the latest X-Men? If yes, what did you think of it? If no, are you a fan of X-Men or not?
  4. Are you the kind of person who can laugh at yourself?
  5. Are you a keychain collector? If yes, what’s the oldest one you have/remember having? (because I totally am and I just found my pencil box from 8th grade still strapped with my old keychain collection)
  6. What are some movies you can watch over and over again without getting bored?
  7. Can you change a light bulb by yourself?
  8. Favorite song at the moment?
  9. What is one language you would like to learn?
  10. A phrase/word you always use?
  11. 3-5 words you would use to describe yourself
  12. Bonus: Do you wanna have bulgogi and Samgyeopsal-gui with us? It’s Korean and it’s tasty, trust me. (you don’t have to answer this but I have a new found love for Korean food so I wanna know if you’d go with us)

And apparently I ran out of pictures to google lol. Have fun with this.


Enter ModCloth’s fashion design contest to create a scarf print pattern!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

ModCloth is launching its second Make the Cut Contest of the year! Not familiar with Make the Cut? Well, it’s a fashion design contest, and in this edition, they’re giving contestants a template on which to create a print pattern for a scarf.

The talented winner will have their design produced by and sold on ModCloth, plus they’ll receive a $500 prize! But first, the top 10 submissions will be hosted on the Be the Buyer page, where the community will vote for their faves.

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Friday afternoon adventures

Last Friday (or was it the one before), we went on full-on adventure mode. It was around noon when I was picked up from school so we decided to have lunch. We decided on no other than Red Robin because come on, those steak fries?? I love Red Robin. The last time we went we ordered the chicken something something linguine which wasn’t the best… Okay, it was pretty tasteless and the cheese was overwhelming.


Arctic cod burger – YUM

This time I decided to have the cod burger because it’s been so long since I had a good fish burger and this cod burger did NOT disappoint. It was REALLY good, even better with tartar sauce (everything tastes better with tartar sauce, IMO). I even ate the pickles!! I hate pickles so that’s saying something.. And I don’t know about you but I really like plain cold water. Is that weird?

Yeah so after a great lunch we headed to IKEA with the intentions of buying a study table for our room. We actually had a (cheap and decent) table picked out and were just going to run down to get it but as it turned out… we reached the self-serve furniture area and the box was HUGE and SO heavy!!! There was no way the box would fit into the small rental car and no possible way we could lift it from the cart into the car even if it did fit and no way we would be able to carry it up a whole flight of stairs.

Yeah, so we mulled over that in the aisle for a looong minute and finally decided to go look for another table. Can you already tell we spent a lot of time roaming between the rows of tables and standing at the office section trying to find the perfect table? Okay, long story short, we found the ‘build your own’ table section, saw that building your own table is way cheaper and picked one out. Scuttled back down to the self-serve furniture area and got our table and left. Side note: the meatballs here are light and tasty but the salmon with hollandaise sauce was blergh.

Our next stop was Walmart – our trips to Walmart in the US were not at all memorable so I was hesitant about going the first time but the Walmarts here are actually decent – where we planned to get some kitchenware (for our tiny kitchen) and notebook paper for school. We were also there to drop by the shoe stores in the mall adjacent to Walmart since Skye needed waterproof shoes and I was looking for boots (that’s actually awkward to say because where we come from, boots are SO unnecessary and even considered ridiculous because of the weather that calls for nothing but flip flops).

The mall closes at 6 but we were in Walmart till 5.30 so we had to hustle. The first shoe store we entered had a nice selection of shoes and while Skye was trying on her waterproof boots, my mom pointed out a pair to me. Having never worn boots before, I was extremely skeptical about the idea of me wearing boots but almost everyone and their mothers wear boots here and they don’t look half bad so I decided to try them on.

I tried them on and bam, that was it. I was in love! The boots were calf-length, have a little fur trimming and my feet feel quite comfortable in them. They were on sale but at $110 – steep!! Dare I admit that I can be a bit of an impulse buyer sometimes? Yes, especially when I’m enthusiastic about something. I was convinced not to buy them so I put them back (pats self on the back for such self-control… oh, wait, who would have forked out that $110? haha, I’m dreaming..) Then we left.

Were we done yet? Nope, we were just getting started for the day. No, I’m kidding. We planned our day quite nicely actually. We reached Coquitlam Mall and headed in search of decent dinner. Who knew I’d order Indian curry rice and get less than satisfactory food? I love curry. If you didn’t know, now you know. I love curry – give it to me extra spicy and I’ll be singing your praises for weeks. I’m sad to say that the curry rice I had was below par – it was watery, bland and just… meh. The Chinese food that Skye and my mom had was much better.

We were tired by then and all we wanted to do was get the rest of our shopping done but what did we do instead? We entered a shoe store and thus began shoe hunt session #2.


Super cute transparent Rock Candy boots!

They had these really cute transparent combat boots but they didn’t come in Skye’s size and while I would have LOVED to get them, I wanted to stay on track. The track being getting waterproof boots and a pair of running shoes (since my old pair fell apart recently, boo). We spent an hour in the store… and left empty-handed because the pairs that Skye tried either didn’t come in her size or the color that she wanted and the pair that she did want was the last pair and last pairs are usually worn out and just not as good a fit as if they were new.

Okay, then we headed for T&T which is this amazing Asian supermarket. Like they seriously sell almost everything that we know/love/can’t live without. How Asian did that statement make us sound? Sadly the dim sum section of T&T was closed (well, it was 8pm) otherwise you know what supper would have been, haha. We found lots of tasty Asian sauces and instant noodles and snacks (Meiji panda biscuits anyone?) but yeah, nothing much actually made it to our cart because we’re in  buy-it-if-you-need-it mode. The next time we go back, I’ll definitely have to look for some flat rice noodles though because who can live with flat rice noodles? NOT I.

We were more than ready to go home – I was out since 8:30a.m. and my feet were beginning to ache (come to think of it, I was out a full 12 hours, whoa) – but we had one last stop. Winners. I’d been reading all about Winners on Canadian nail blogger sites and thinking, oh wonderful, my nail polish one stop shop will be Winners since Target isn’t really all that fancy here. We hauled our butts to Winners and when we entered, we immediately spotted the scarf section… where I promptly found a scarf. It’s ruffled and super sweet and I got it in gray even though I thought white looked pretty. The scarf hunt is officially over for me at least. Skye has yet to find a scarf and beanie she likes.

The shoe section was bare. It looked like everyone had grabbed all the good stuff and all that was left on the shelves were leftover shoes that nobody wanted. Needless to say, Skye did NOT find the perfect pair of boots there. She did, however, get a pair of Nikes for a discounted rate and according to her, they’re comfy so it was a win-win situation. We checked out and headed home~ On the way home, we spotted a Nando’s AND a Cold Stone Creamery. My day = made. Problems can be solved by a good ice cream parlor.

Whew! End of a long day. By the way, can you tell that I’m terrible at spacing out posts with pictures? ^__^


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