What I need… probably… not really… okay, maybe

This post is not to be taken seriously. Once in a while I sit around and random things that I could use pop into my mind but I know that it’s too long a list and I’m a thrifty college student and I don’t want to buy unnecessary things so I just amuse myself by imagining that I own some of this stuff.

Have a look into my mind:

1) A Backstreet Boys sweater

Because every BSB fan wants Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ and Howie’s face pasted on the front of shirt. JK.

I went to browse the Backstreet Boys official site the other day because I’m a diehard BSB fan and now that I’m in Cali, I wonder if they’re playing at a venue near me that I can go to. The BSB cruise was just last week month… The idea sounds fun but I don’t think I’d like to be crushed in a sea (pun intended) of crazy fans. Remember the concerts that we attended? Yeah, we always stood in the back (no seats and totally disorganized setting, y’know) because 1) there were always tons of smokers, 2) we were there for a concert, not to inhale secondary smoke, and 3) being squashed in a crowd sounds mighty claustrophobic.

Anyway, to their merchandise store: I ‘just want you to know’ that the ‘trouble is’ your sweaters can be ‘everything but mine’ and the prices can ‘quit playin’ games with my heart’. A play on lyrics? I like. I tried. It could have been better but since I’m writing this post before dinner and I’m distracted by the wafting smell of my mom and sister cooking up a lovely storm, let’s just leave it at this and pretend that I’m funny. #KTBSPA

2) A beagle license plate frame

Have I ever told you why beagles are the best dogs in the world? No? Remind to write a post about that.

3) Monkey Majik albums (which apparently cost $80 on Amazon whatiswrongwithyou)

Well, I checked again. They’re only $80 because they’ve included some DVD specials. I still can’t afford the regular CDs.

4) A Lego set (I might be serious about this though)

I saw some at Costco. I also saw a book about the history of Lego sets. I WANT THEM ALL.

5) A one-way ticket to Japan (this too would be great)

I look at exchange program pictures and I secretly weep inside. When will it be my turn?

6) An ergonomic leather swiveling office chair + a foot rest

What can I say? A college student needs proper back and foot support while cranking out a billion assignments and cramming for tests. Let me know you’re with me on this. #operationconvincemymomthatineedafootrest

7) A Snoopy tote bag

The original beagle rocks. If you’re not following Snoopy on Instagram, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING ON INSTAGRAM? JK. It just helps to have adorable Instapics of Snoopy appear in your feed when you zombie into your 8am class and flop onto your seat.

8) More nail polish

I can’t do it anymore. I’m not consistent on my nail blog because my nails have been peeling and apparently I left more bottles at home than I thought. No brown, no orange, no green. Dammit, what was I thinking?

9) All the Target scarves… and leggings… and sweaters…

And you can just hand over the keys to me, Target. I’ll take it from there, thank you.

10) Student discount on everything (including plane tickets)

So that my collective savings will allow me to buy at least one of the above. Clever, right? Here’s a little story for you: a few weeks back, I saw online that AT&T offers student discounts for bills so I was like, YES MORE SAVINGS and dang why didn’t I see this earlier? I already paid my internet bill for this month!! So I tried to do the online thingy to get my student discount but somehow it wouldn’t work. I read the fine print on the page and it said go to your local AT&T store to get your discount. I went.

Listen, I’ve heard unpleasant stories about AT&T’s customer service and well, products in general so can you blame me for being wary about stepping into their store? Anyway, I went in and was promptly greeted by this guy at the door who was toting a tablet and wearing this tool belt around his waist. Whoa, did not know that I’d walked into Home Depot. He greeted me pleasantly enough and asked for my name. I gave it to him, thought he would be attending to me but then he told me to sit down and wait for the next available representative (I totally plucked that from those automated phone call thingys).

I sat down, looked around at the little island tables and suddenly saw my name on the screen above my head. Um… OK. Apparently they don’t do numbers. They put your name up on the board for everyone to see. That’s what everyone who wants to feel important likes, right?

Yeah, and then finally this guy came up to us and asked me what I was here to do. Um, get my student discount, of course. After some back and forth with the guy about the student discount on bills because he couldn’t seem to get my account right, I kind of guessed what the problem was and told him that I had an internet account with them. You know what happens next. He told us that the discounts are only for PHONE bills. Great.

I left. I was dissatisfied. I want my student discount on everythinggg.

Bonus: A butler to pay my rent, utility bills and take care of all that nitty gritty adult stuff. Oh, if he could take my midterms and finals for me too that would be awesome. Sebastian, I’m looking atchu.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for what I have now and hopefully tomorrow it will rain gold coins or something. Jk.

What’s on your mental totally-unnecessary window-shopping list?


I am the kind of person who…

1. Listens to Aitakute – Monkey Majik on repeat in the library/at home and attempts to sing it with dramatic hand gestures. It’s embarrassing but I don’t care. Sometimes I think I would make a great singer… then I realize I can’t hum more than 2 lines before going out of tune. Oh well.

2. Associates Fridays with new episodes of Donten Ni Warau and Garo then gets excited.

3. Puts my phone on silent mode so you shouldn’t be offended if I don’t pick up your calls. I prefer not to be reached at my phone but apparently society expects you to be on standby by your phone.

4. Prefers to be reached by instant message. Seriously, why do people not IM? And please don’t say: there’s fb chat because not everybody wants to be logged into fb while chatting (jeez why can’t people get that). Apps like Whatsapp (which apparently isn’t big here because text messages are free) are such a bother to use because, duh, it’s on the phone and the keyboard is only thaaat big.

5. Is kind of old-school and outdated and feels that people make me feel bad about being either one. Am I supposed to feel bad for not being on Instagram or all sorts of social media?! No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not knowing the latest movies/music? No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not getting whatever crappy new age reference (eg. bae which is such a stupid word, where do I begin?) there is? No. But then those judgmental looks come out and make you feel bad. ‘Have you been living under a rock?’ So what if I have?? My preference lol.

6. Finds social media bothersome and often wonders how people can even juggle so many accounts. I’m tiring of my Instagram account already and I only follow like 15 people! Let’s not even talk about how stupid I think Fb is (oh wait, I did) and how I had to make one for school purposes.

7. Has recently been going back and forth between wanting to have bangs but is too afraid of looking weird with bangs.

8. Occasionally thinks way too much of what people think of me but eventually thinks, who the eff cares?! It’s a struggle.

9. Has been sporting Christmas nails two weeks in a row and is loving the current design. I did the design in two minutes. You wanna see?

10. Is attempting to build a reasonable amount of self-esteem. So. hard.

11. Was asked yesterday what fb means. Um, Facebook, if you were wondering…..

Happy Friday.


Some thoughts about anime and stuff

1. I really like Yamaguchi Kappei’s voice. He voiced Ranma -throws in lots of thumbs-ups and smiley faces and heart emojis- and now he’s voicing Kuroba Kaito in Magic Kaito 1412.

2. I feel like re-watching all the shows we’ve watched so far. Having to wait for a new episode every week and doing a completed anime marathon are two whole different things. I think I prefer marathon-ing all the episodes. It just keeps the rhythm going, you know?

3. Sakurai Takahiro is in everything this fall which is great, Fukuyama Jun is in too few which sucks (he was barely in any summer anime and I was waiting to see more of his roles this fall).

4. The fall anime so far has been, dare I say, pretty good. I’m especially enjoying Donten ni Warau (even if it is going a bit too fast for my liking), Garo (everything that a good mystery/thriller/dark fantasy anime should be), Nanatsu no Taizai (go adventure animes!) and Magic Kaito. Name one fall anime that is proving to be disappointing: Psycho-Pass 2. Kogami needs to show up and that annoying newbie Inspector needs to be kicked off the team.

5. I re-watched a few episodes of Full Metal Panic today and remembered how much I love it. Sagara Sousuke is such a lovable doofus and Chidori is just downright awesome (blue hair and badassery all wrapped in one).

6. A friend of ours asked us what is our most-played song the other day. I couldn’t answer because the only answer flashing in my head was Hikari by Fukuyama Jun. It’s my most-played song in 2014 for sure. But since refreshing my Winamp this summer and discovering Darker than Black, my most-played song is now From Dusk Till Dawn by abingdon school boys. Can you tell how many English songs we’ve listened to this year…? -_-  #embracingyourinnerasian

7. Monkey Majik has amazing music. They are one of my favorite Japanese bands yet. I listened to them ALL WEEK while trying to get through a whole week of midterms and a barrage of assignments. My favorites so far are Sakura, Futari and Pretty People.

And that is all from our otaku life so far.


Our different writing styles

Hey guys! Today’s blog topic was inspired by Skye’s review of Psycho Pass. After I read it, I was blown away and also I felt like I’d been socked in the gut by overwhelming inferiority… nothing new here – I always feel like that after reading Skye’s posts.  Why? Well, by now, you should be able to tell that Skye and I have different writing styles.

If it’s one of the many things and people I’m proud of, it has to be Skye. She is amazing. And I’d also be lying if I didn’t say I’m not envious of her. I mean, wtf is up with that writing style? She’s so detailed and methodical and precise, you know? After reading her stuff, I always wonder if I’ll ever be able to write like that.

In my head I have SO many things to say but when I try to write them out, I usually end up with a big chunk of disorganized thoughts and opinions and sometimes I can’t even put my thoughts into words. I like stating my opinion on things and throwing in ‘haha’s and emoticons (where would I be without emoticons?) and just being casual and simple. And then there’s Skye… who manages to put my thoughts into words in such a beautifully descriptive way.

But then Skye tells me that she likes my writing style and I’m like… why lulz? She says that I write out stuff better and that she’s too technical which is why I can describe things more accurately. According to her, I write in a more relatable and natural manner. ???!!!

It’s true though. I’m so not technical which is probably why I think I suck at writing papers because I’m sure people like seeing big technical words and long, complex sentences. I think it comes with being an INFP who likes to de-jargonize stuff. Sometimes I think, oh wouldn’t it be nice to throw big words and complex sentences into my writing? Then I usually always end up putting things simply.

Well, that’s not really the point of this post – to argue who has the best writing style. What I’m trying to say in this post is, this is why we’re so awesome. I just find it so cool that both of us have different writing styles and that we can describe each other’s thoughts through our writing styles.

Does your writing style differ from your siblings’ or someone you look up to? How would you describe your writing style?




Us, in Target, making full use of the pretty mirrors

Welcome to my post about October and November things. My post-titling-skills are completely adequate as you can see.

1. Halloween is a non-event for us. No costumes or candy for us. Just lots of surfing the net… like every other night.

2. We spent Halloween night getting excited over the rain. The first rain we’ve seen here. We did see a few drops of summer rain but I’m discounting that. It felt like home for a while. The smell and sound of rain are lovely and comforting.

3. It’s finally fall. The days have cooled down and the skies are cloudier but there are still some mildly sunny periods in a day. The leaves are turning and falling but rather slowly if you ask me. It’s even cool enough to eat outside haha.

4. I broke my boots out of the plastic bag that they were wrapped in for the past 6 months. It was so exciting to wear them again. Haha, I never thought I’d say that but it was. Once I stepped out onto the rain-soaked path, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia. It was like I was back in Vancouver again, whut?

5. So… NaNoWriMo has started. I forgot. I can’t remember if I joined last year or not but I do know I’ve joined it more than once. I don’t know if I’ll be joining this year (late start, of course, since I forgot that yesterday was the first) but to whoever is, good luck!

6. Throws are amazing. I love throws. They keep you SO warm. I love mine and I’m eyeing the selection at Costco.

7. I have signed up for winter classes. Let’s do this.

8. Okay, what else… October recap: October was kind of fun, I think. We joined a club in school, went to the meetings, met people, went to volleyball games and other social events… I even had a few lunches with friends which is new to me, kind of.

9. Looking forward to: turkey for Thanksgiving.

10. Daylight saving is stupid if you ask me. It just gets darker faster. The point is…? Do you have daylight saving where you are?

And that’s it. What did you do in October? What are you looking forward to in November?


Not your average blogger/blog reader

Here are some things from ‘blogging guidelines’ and ‘blogging must dos’ that I couldn’t give two hoots about:

1. Looks. I rarely ever give two hoots about how a blog looks. As long as I find the content enjoyable and relatable, for the most part I don’t care. I have – and do – read blogs with bright blue backgrounds and horrible font color that contrast poorly against the background simply because I enjoy the content.

Your blog is bare and barely has any icons on the sidebar – I don’t care. Your blog design is so cheesy that you’re mistaken for a kindergartener’s blog – I don’t care. Your blog is fancy and you paid $200 for someone to do it up – I don’t care. As long as I can read what you have to say and find the ‘next page’ and ‘about’ button, I don’t care. If the blog design really starts taking a toll on my eyes (don’t read blogs with blue backgrounds for too long), I’ll just add it to my RSS feed and read from Feedly or whatever.

It would help if you didn’t have yellow words against a black background or light gray words against a white one or strange alignment or a cheesy header but maybe that’s just what you like. Cool. You don’t want to/cannot afford to spend $150 on a fancy schmancy blog design? Cool. I can’t either and I don’t want to.

Once upon a time, back in the day (maybe 3 years ago) when I used to do link-ups where you have to follow people on GFC, I loathed bad blog designs. Specifically, I didn’t quite care for blogs that had their social media buttons all over the place and sidebars the length of twenty posts. But that was only because I couldn’t find the GFC button and that was frustrating.

2. Niches. Whoever started this whole ‘you HAVE to have a niche’ should just sit down. I don’t care about niches. You have one? Good for you. You don’t have one? Cool, neither do we. Why does everyone have to have a niche? Who is to say niche-less-ness can’t be good?

I feel like these ‘blogging guidelines’ try to make everyone fit into a box. Not everyone fits into a box. Not everyone can fit into a box. Being a social oddball and having never been in a clique, boxes just don’t do it for me and I won’t have you tell me what to do because you clearly have never felt like a social outcast before therefore you won’t understand. I can’t believe I actually spent time thinking about what niche we should fit into.

What I do care about:

1. Content. I want to read about your day. I want to read about real stuff that’s happening. I want to read about your feelings about the things that are happening. I don’t want to read a bajillion how-tos. How many ‘how to be happy’ posts can one write? That is the question. Don’t answer it. Some, of course, are really simple and inspirational. Many others seem phony and unrealistic and ignorant.

2. Language. I don’t mind foul language in blogs, if anything some people really know how to use them to create great effects. I do mind poor grammar and spelling. It’s DEFINITELY, not DEFIANTLY. It’s SHOULD HAVE, not SHOULD OF, know your its and it’s. English is a beautiful language and seeing it being used carelessly makes me cringe. I do, however, respect people who are learning English and putting effort into writing a blog in English. Kudos to you and you put all the other ‘native speakers’ to shame.

I know bloggers who don’t use capitalization or punctuations. It used to bug me but I guess I don’t really mind anymore because sometimes I tweet like that and it’s liberating. As long as you got your grammar together, you’re good.

The end. Just felt like getting this off my chest.

What do you look for in a blog?

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