A few things this mid-May

Hello. I know our blogging has slowed down somewhat but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped spending my free time wondering what to write about here. There are lots of stories from Vancouver to share with you guys but I never quite manage to begin and half the time I wonder if I even have a point to whatever I intend to write about.

Typical thoughts:

Okay I have pictures of food.

So what?

Uh, it was good/bad and we had it at so-and-so restaurant.


Uh, I don’t know. Are food posts supposed to have a point?



Oooh, great picture of the sunset.

So what?

It’s pretty and look at all the colors in the sky.

The story behind it is…?

Hmm I guess I don’t really have a story, I just snapped the picture while coming back from school one day and honestly I don’t even remember what happened at school on that specific day.

So there. HOW do people even do travel posts? HOW?

Moving on the other thoughts:

1. I had a REALLY weird dream last night involving my mom, my sister, Heather, Britt and Emma Roberts. No joke, you gals looked stunning in my dream. And then there were zombies. It started out as such a crazy zombie dream – we were in this building where the zombie outbreak started so we ran for the elevators where we rode it down to the first floor where we thought we’d run out and escape but then suddenly there were no more zombies, just really complacent oblivious people like those Axiom folks from Wall-E. And then we went to have doughnuts (I think) at some rooftop cafe though I have no idea how or why we ended up having a meal lol. I don’t remember the other parts of the dream (what a shame) but it was quite nice.

2. Skye finally finished reading Rurouni Kenshin (guys, take note, best manga ever) and I think she’s still kind of in that post-manga-mode where you feel detached from the real world and don’t really want to go back to it because you’d really rather be right there beside Kenshin and Sano and Kaoru and Yahiko and Aoshi and Saito because their story is amazing and they are amazing.

We’re going to start on Donten ni Warau because….. I don’t know.

3. I’ve been trying to embrace a lot of things about myself lately. I didn’t really think of myself who likes to live in the past but these few days I’ve been catching myself reminiscing a lot about the past. Does that mean I’m living in the past? I’ve just been wondering where the old me has gone. Is anyone sick of me saying that? Because I’m not. I’m just constantly trying to find that part of me that used to be fun and adventurous and full of spunk. But I don’t know where to start. Things have changed since I was 17, I’m just realizing that now. I have changed.

I’m 20. Yes, reality has slapped me coldly across the face ever since I stepped out of high school. You never really feel like there’s a barrier between the real world and your own world until school is over and you find yourself not really sure of what to do with your life. I mean I’m going to college but that’s kind of like the small picture. What’s the big picture? What do I see myself doing? I don’t know.

I’ve also been reading diary entries from a couple of years ago when I was still in school. Ignorance truly was bliss during those teenage years. Now ignorance is foolish. Maybe that’s also what’s contributing to my reminiscing. I look back and laugh at the things that used to be ‘stressful’ and ‘troublesome’ like falling out with friends and unfinished homework and exams and not getting to go out. But that’s just all part of growing up, right?

Ah, what is growing up, really? The world isn’t nice. I know, I know. A lot of you may disagree and say, that’s not true, it’s just the way you view things. But you know what, if the world really was full of niceness, why the hell are there wars and disputes and racism and sexism and jealousy and all kinds of inequalities? Sure, there are nice people, I believe that, and it would nice to think that the world is nice but honestly, the not-so-nice people outweigh the nice folks.

4. Anyway… so… it’s Sunday. Just one of those sluggish days when you don’t really feel like doing anything… at… all… But that’s what I’ve been feeling recently. It’s like I’m being beckoned to snooze… for hours but at the same time, my mind is going, nuh-uh get stuff done!!!!!!!!!!! You tell me who wins.

5. I need lists. I need to make lists and actually manage to cross off stuff on those lists.

And that is all, apparently. I thought I had more stuff to say but nope. Well then. Know that I’m still reading your blogs even if I don’t comment (why don’t I comment???).


Spring anime: First impressions (Part 2)

It’s too soon for another anime post, right? We are definitely watching more than what we initially planned. This is a continuation of Part 1 of our first impressions of spring anime where we talked a little about Kamigami no Asobi, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky, Captain Earth and Haikyuu!!.

Here are some fresh and tasty anime we watched after that:

6. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

A pair of siblings enroll at a magic school where they meet other students among many conflicts. We’re not sure what the conflict is, but it’s something about first-class students and second-rate students. Our heroine, Miyuki, is considered to be a first-class student while her brother, Tatsuya, is second-rate. Thus, their social groups hate each other, but Miyuki is not sure what to do because she loves her protective brother. There’s also some school conflict that hasn’t been completely introduced. The pacing of the first episode was slow and unclear. A better explanation of the siblings’ strange actions towards each other would’ve been good. The only thing particularly interesting was the great animation of the fight between Tatsuya and his sensei. Since the episode was so vague, our guess on how the story will progress can only be as good as yours.

Additional commentary from Raine: Nakamura, aaaaaah! Yuuichi fan here!

7. Black Bullet

It reminds us greatly of Shingeki no Kyojin because of the opening song (what the hell, it sounds similar!), the fact that the citizens live behind this wall thingy and how the main protagonists, Rentaro and Kisara, are adoptive siblings. Set in an apocalyptic world where there is a wide-spreading disease known as Gastrea which turns people into giant insect beasts, Rentaro and his Initiator, Enju, are called to an apartment where its tenants have been infected. The strange appearance of a masked man complicates the situation. It also has some Psycho Pass feels (Enforcer-Inspector) to it with the Promoter-Initiator relationship between Rentaro and Enju. The concept and story looks interesting. Introducing the masked man brought enough mystery to keep us curious.

Additional commentary from Skye: Kaji Yuuki seems to have a knack for apocalyptic animes, doesn’t he? Not that’s bad at it! Love his voice acting! P.S this anime looks like Guilty Crown, another anime he lent his voice to.

8. Isshuukan Friends

Girl loses her memory of friends and good memories every Monday. Boy is determined to be her friend despite knowing that. It’s a very simple story. The animations are beautiful and the lineart is simple and clean. The pacing and conversation are a bit too slow for our liking. The character designs are very similar. Everyone has the same sleepy-eyed look. The story started out interesting, but the second half was boring. Also, Raine was very frustrated and distracted by the single strand of hair male protagonist Hase Yuuki has on the right side of his head. If you don’t mind a slow-paced slice-of-life anime, then watch this.

Additional commentary from Skye: I don’t know why, but I was very drawn to the poster. I kept looking at it as I was scrolling through the anime charts website. That made me decide that this anime was worth a shot.

Another anime we’re going to watch later on this week is Mekakucity Actors. The manga is called Kagerou Project, and I have been reading it at a snail’s pace. It’s supposed a branch story of Vocaloid (never played that, but I heard it’s incredibly popular around the world?). The character design was what caught my interest, but the choice of voice actors aren’t the best.

Thanks for reading! Tanoshinde ko ze! ~


Why sleeves were invented; things that move me to tears

This post idea came up while listening to a track off the Rurouni Kenshin album. I was just so overwhelmed by nostalgia, specifically the memories of both of us watching RRK every single freaking day non-stop (think 6/7 episodes back-to-back between lunch and dinner), and it almost made me cry for no reason. Okay, so the reason is that those days were so blissful and I wish I could relive them for even just a short while. But we all have those days and moments, don’t we?

Anyway, I also thought about something else that made me want to bawl my eyes out and thus this post was created. I’m a sentimental person who does NOT need tissue paper when watching a sad movie because my sleeves and pillow work just fine for absorbing tears. Ewww. I’m not kidding. Here are some things – some general, some specific – in no particular order that make me cry.

FrozenFrozen – No joke, I cried from start to end. The whole concept of a bond between sisters struck a chord inside of me and I basically just bawled throughout most of the show. Except of course when those rock thingies were singing and the snowman was doing his happy dance. I listened to Kristen Bell sing ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’ live the other day and I just wanted to cry my eyes out. But I didn’t because Skye was sitting beside me and even though she wouldn’t have laughed at me because basically nowadays I cry openly when watching sad parts of a movie, I would have been embarrassed anyway.

Ratatouille – Well snap, I think this made us all cry. I cried in the cinema while watching Ratatouille and cried while watching it at home for the second time. My mom and I were just a pile of sobbing messes though she probably doesn’t remember this haha.

Rom-coms and Disney movies – Just yes. I can’t just name one rom-com or Disney movie. All those weepy romantic parts? Yes. Oh, I definitely cried loads while watching The Terminal and even more while watching Waitress. Tarzan? I cried. Tangled? Yes. Peter Pan? Yes. Mulan? Yes. Hercules? Yes. Okay. You name it.

Reading or watching animal stories, sad and touching alike – I refuse to read stories about animals rescuing their owners or waiting by their injured owners sides or animal accident stories in public because I’ll probably be a hot mess and nobody wants to see that! Or, you know, they might ask me what’s wrong and I’ll show the article to them and we’d all be hot crying messes.

harry-potter-booksBooks – Let me be honest. When I first cried after reading a sad part in a book, I thought something must be wrong with me. I was like, come on, it’s a book. But what the hell was I even thinking when I thought that? It’s not just a book. It’s a story and it touches my very core and those tears are valid.

I think I cried bucketfuls when I read the part where Sirius died (in Harry Potter, if you didn’t get that reference; shame on you for not getting it – no, I’m kidding, I’m not judging). Oh, and more bucketfuls when Lupin and Fred died. Sirius and Lupin are my favorite Harry Potter characters, by the way.

Rurouni_Kenshin_v28_000_CoverRurouni Kenshin manga – Oh dear me, I didn’t think a manga would make me tear up. I relate to Nobuhiro Watsuki on so many levels and when I read RRK, it felt like I was reading my own thoughts. The principles and values found in Rurouni Kenshin are things that are important to me and things I didn’t know someone else could feel and describe so well. Rurouni Kenshin is definitely one of those stories I wish I’d written but I’m happy Nobuhiro Watsuki wrote it because he’s brilliant.

Natsume YuujinchouNatsume Yuujinchou manga and anime – Like Frozen, I cried throughout most of the manga. At every chapter end, I was sobbing into my pillow. Is it even possible to write chapter after chapter of deeply moving stories? Yes. The simplicity and beauty of Natsume Yuujinchou is what makes this one of my all-time favorite mangas AND anime. There’s nothing complex about the stories but the central theme of someone being caught between two worlds and trying to find a place between both worlds is crafted so well by the mangaka that you can’t help but relate to everything Natsume feels. Every character plays a role in shaping Natsume’s life and helping him understand where he belongs. Just, hands down, amazing.

Looking through a photo album – All.the.memories.

Why sleeves were invented

And I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m really happy, I feel like crying. I guess that’s what they call tears of joy??

Seriously, just writing this post is making me close to tears. I need to stop right here.

Are you the kind of person who cries during sad parts in movies or are you one of those tough folks who just doesn’t? What moves you to the verge of tears?


Spring anime: First impressions

It’s raining wonderful anime! It’s weird without Kuroko no Baske on Saturdays, but at the rate these highly interesting animes are being released, it’ll only be a matter of weeks before K: Missing Kings releases. Okay, that’s unrelated. But here are our thoughts on the anime we have watched so far!:

1. Kamigami no Asobi

Yeah, we love this show already because the characters are designed by Yone Kazuki (her art is amazing) and the voice actors are our favorites! We’re also glad that the main character, Yui, doesn’t sound as annoying as other otome female protagonists. She actually sounds a little like Hanazawa Kana. If you hate bishounen shows with no solid plot, don’t watch this. If you like colorful-haired pretty boys, then watch this!

Additional commentary from Raine: Excellent. Continue watching. I love bishounen shows. I can’t wait to see Mori-mori’s character. At least the woman seems to be able to stand on her own feet.

2. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Shimazaki Nobunaga. That was all that took for us to immediately load the first episode. We didn’t know anything about the story or characters. I guess it was kinda good that we watched it without any expectations because it turned out to be funny and interesting. Fantasy + adventure = our favorite! The female protagonist, Nike, seems like our kind of heroine – witty and pretty and kind. We also like her voice. The setting is beautiful and rustic. If you liked Spice and Wolf, you’ll probably like this.

Additional commentary from Skye: I think I might read the manga. It looks so interesting. The drawing looks so pretty, too! I.. will… read… as soon as I’m done with 100+ more volumes of RuroKen.

3. Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky

Fukuyama Jun. Another voice actor to watch without hesitation. His character looks adorable. The heroine seems to be a little on the ‘Nanami Haruka’ side with her high-pitched voice and sensitivity. Ritsu seems like the controlling tsundere kind of character. Telling your brother and best friend to join your violin team because you want to dominate the world sounds somewhat incredibly demanding. If the storyline stays mediocre and boring, we might not continue to watch this, but since we’re only at the first episode, let’s be positive! I think this anime is similar to Uta no Prince-sama and other musical otome shows.

Additional commentary from Raine: Fukuyama Jun. Explodes with joy. ^_^

4. Captain Earth

Because Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya – literally the cutest voice actor/actress couple in the anime industry. We suspect that the characters were created just for them because Amara and Moco were asked if they were ‘an item’. Kyaaa, so cute! Haha, anyway, it reminds me a little of Star Ocean EX with all those spaceship control panels and technical terminologies. I’m not a huge fan of the mecha genre… but we will be watching the next episode to see what happens to Teppei and Daichi. If you like mecha/sci-fi/action anime, give Captain Earth a try! After all, it’s an original story by the creators of Star Driver!

5. Haikyuu!!

Three minutes into the show, I had this strong gut feeling that I wouldn’t like it all. But! It turned out to be funnier than we expected. Shoyo sure is a strange boy… and the way he flips two times after flying across the court to hit the volleyball. Super LOL moment! I have also decided that Kageyama Tobio is my favorite character because I have a thing for angry shonens. I didn’t really like how the first game was completely anti-climatic with choppy scenes inserted in between, but I loved the idea of putting Shoyo and Tobio on the same team. That secures some great camaraderie scenes in the future and those are my favorite kind of scenes. If you like sports anime, without doubt, you’ll love to see some teamwork and sports action in this anime!

Additional commentary from Raine: Chickpea (literally every anime character with dark blue hair fashioned into a bowl cut. Nickname inspired by Nova from Arcana Famiglia) – one , Shoyo – zero.

For more anime-related posts, go here. Tanoshinde ko ze! ~



Upcoming anime we’re excited about

Spring is finally here!

Noragami just ended and we have a review of it coming soon! The second season of Kuroko no Basuke also just ended a little disappointingly, but nevertheless its basketball-loving fans (a.k.a us) are excited for the next fight between Shuutoku (yeaaaah, Midorimacchi!) & Rakuzan (Akashiii!) and Kaijo (kyaaaaa, Kise!) & Seirin (yoshhh, Kagami~)!

Here are some spring / near-future / not-so-near future anime we’re looking forward to:

Black Bullet


Kamigami no Asobi

Donten ni Warau

Strange+ Season 2

Uta no Prince-sama Season 3 (2015)

UnconfirmedShingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Noragami Season 2, Kingdom Season 3, Kuroko no Basuke Season 3

Whew! That’s a lot of colorful bishounens. This is one of our most picture-heavy posts in a loooong time because anime just never seems fun without a picture. ^__^ As you would expect, most of these anime have our favorite voice actors in them and some of them are premiering this weekend, so yay~



How to be an otaku: Part two

Alright! Remember when we taught you how to be an otaku last week? Now, that was just the first stage of otaku-ism in life. Just like there are a thousand different kinds of cheese in the world, there are different kinds of otakus. This second stage is how to be a music otaku! Read on for a higher possibility of gaining more worldly knowledge!

1. Watch a good anime
2. Determine which voice you like best
3. Find out who the voice actor/actress is
4. Watch all anime starring that voice actor
5. Listen to all music sung by that voice actor

If he or she is an anime voice actor, he or she is most definitely a singer as well. If he or she isn’t a singer, he or she will most probably have character songs out there in the internet world.

(Not sure what a good anime is?! It’s okay to ask Raine-senpai and Skye-senpai for recommendations!!)

*This post was also inspired by a true story.

Can’t get enough of the word ‘manga, ‘anime’ and ‘otaku’ on our fansite blog?! There’s more here, here and here and the anime/manga tag!


How to be an otaku

Are you bored? Looking for some godly inspiration to help you finish that unfinished book?! Trying to find a new hobby to reduce procrastination? Having too much time on your hands in a busy school year?! This guide will change your life!!

1. Watch a good anime
2. Determine which voice you like best
3. Find out who the voice actor/actress is
4. Watch all anime starring that voice actor

(Not sure what a good anime is?! It’s okay to ask Raine-senpai and Skye-senpai for recommendations!!)

Apparently we don’t have a category for ‘humor’, but thank you for spending one minute on this utterly ridiculous post that may or may not get a sequel in the near future. (This post was inspired by a parody post on dA named ‘How to Art Block’.)

*This post was based on a true story.

Tired of hearing the word ‘manga’, ‘anime’ and ‘otaku’ on our blog?! There’s so much more out there in our ocean of posts: here, here and here to name a few!

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