Let’s talk about basketball

I always liked having something to look forward to.

In high school, I was a homework bug. When I wasn’t doing homework, I was doing other homework. Homework was my life. My motto was “Finish all your homework ASAP so that you can do whatever you want.” I was a workaholic without the job industry. When I wasn’t doing homework at school, I wished that I had something to look forward to.

Sometimes I found things to look forward to. Sometimes I didn’t. And those were long and wishful days of wistful daydreaming. I always believed that having something to look forward to would make the days pass quicker. High school was not glamorous for me, which was how I came to adopt this philosophy so strongly. Homework was an interlude when there was nothing to look forward to.

Then there came basketball. Of course I was already past those boring days of high school. I had long forgotten about my little old philosophy. College requires a different kind of focus (ie. cooking, thinking, money, life) so I wasn’t really bothered about having hobbies or having none.

We went to our first basketball game last year. Just one. It didn’t make me thirst for more. I was impressed, but I don’t know why I never thought about it after that. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. I forgot all about it. In fall, my sister suggested we go during the semester. I didn’t quite care. I had homework, the globe I evolved around. I had tests, my universe.

When the tests were done, we went. And guess what? We lost. But we agreed to go again for the next game. My sister likes basketball, we had some free time, why not? So we went. We won. We went again. Another win. And again. A loss. We kept going anyway.

At some point, — Actually, in one day (I was very aware of it at that moment), we learned all the players by heart. We knew their jersey numbers, knew their names, knew who was being swapped in and swapped out. Knowing all that, we just had to have favorites, right? Suddenly we were cheering for certain names when lineups were announced at the beginning of each game.

Soon, we were tripping down the aisles to high-five the players. My god, that was one of the wildest things ever. I remember holding my arm out, feeling nothing but the eagerness of a gambler waiting for lot numbers to be drawn. As people started shouting “great job, man” “great game” “congratulations”, I felt stupid because I forgot to smile or say anything and I was anxious to get a high-five. Who even feels anxious about stuff like that in college?!

I blabbered like an idiot all the way home. Until the season ended, we didn’t miss one high-five session. I even started joining in on the praises and stuff. I even started to wish that I could meet the players. I got excited when I saw them on campus. I read every news article on the very next day. I willingly pulled up articles about basketball to learn more about it. Soon enough, I was throwing around words like ‘turnover’ and ‘alley-oop’. I got to meet at least two of the players, thanks to my sister who has very admirable guts. I wanted to play, too, even though the single memory I have of playing sports is like dust in the ocean. As you can tell, my brain was no longer a brain but a basketball by the end of it.

But wait, that’s not the end. I started to get inspired by one of the players. I have lots to say about him. His sportsmanship was crazy. He helped opponent team players up to their feet, he refused any form of praise without crediting his team and coach first, he demonstrated great trust for his teammates on the court, and he had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve when the ball was in his hand. Watching him, I felt like I could become a great basketball player.

After basketball season ended, I didn’t really know what to do with my life. I wanted to be a basketball player and that was all I knew. Sports is not something that is easily accessible. You need teammates, you need equipment, you need a ton of practice. It also made me wish that I had participated in some sort of sport in high school. Maybe I would’ve been some star athlete?! In those moments, I felt a lot of regret and sadness but I realized that I can’t be everything. There are a lot of us who sit and work behind desks, wishing for the life of a superstar. Ultimately, we should be thankful for what we have… Somehow.. the mood has changed… so I’ll get back to my point.

Fast forward and my delusions have somewhat faded. I’m committed to a lot of hobbies so it’s unlikely that I’ll play ball any time soon. But!! One thing I can take away from this amazing experience I’ve been blessed with is my brand new love for working out. So all those crazy things that I said and did for basketball have not been wasted.

Most importantly, I saw a light, a universe beyond my world of homework. Homework is important, but there should also be fun and that is why we say: ‘Work hard and play hard’. I’m still going to cry when I get a B instead of an A in a class… but probably not as much as I used to.


The Sunshine Award #2


We love Britt! Yes, we do. One, because she and her blog are awesome. Two, she nominated us for this blog award which means blog content. I’ve been cracking my head trying to figure out what to blog about. Oh, what’s that? There are more than 20 50 drafts? Who told you that?! No, no, no such thing… maybe 75 sounds about right.

Anyway, let’s get down to this post.


  • post 11 random facts about yourself
  • answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
  • nominate 11 bloggers
  • write 11 questions for them
  • inform the 11 bloggers that you nominated them for this award

11 random facts about me:

  1. I’m grumpy in the morning so don’t talk to me for at least 15 minutes after I get up.
  2. I love big cats. Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, lions, panthers, you name it.
  3. Die-hard Backstreet Boys fan.
  4. I recently fell in love with Uniqlo and I would like to buy up all of their 3/4 lounge pants. Their Heattech shirts and leggings were what helped us survive winter with minimum layers. This is not an ad.
  5. I am currently obsessed with okra. Can’t.get.enough.
  6. I would rather not play board games. Growing up playing with people who always win/never give you a chance to win makes you a sore loser. True story.
  7. I don’t get New Girl (do you want to read my post about it?).
  8. I think I would enjoy teaching a language class and would like to at some point in my life.
  9. Cola-shaped gummies are my favorite. Try to take me away from them, I dare you. But I don’t have them as often as I would like. Probably once every 5 years.
  10. My new favorite flavored tea is apple.
  11. I could probably never eat a picture bento (those bentos that are decorated elaborately and styled to look like characters/buildings/nice things). It looks nice but I would find it too disgusting to eat. You?

If you wanna know more, you can also go here or here or here.

Here are Britt’s questions:

1. skinny jeans or palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants ALL the way.

I mentioned it in a previous post – me and skinny jeans? Probably never. Can you see me in these?


No, I really don’t think so. And come on, even if I could wear skinny jeans, I’d still go with palazzo pants because comfort over trying to squeeze into skintight jeans.palazzo-pants

And look at dem prints. LOVE.

2. one color that completely sums up you personality, and why?


Purple. Because royalty. Just kidding. Why do I feel so sassy today? It’ll probably wear off after I watch a few more episodes of Kingdom because feeeeeeels. Am I doing Tumblr talk?

Purple because what the heck, this is basically me. I don’t know how true any of that is but yeah, that’s just me in a nutshell.

3. yoga/pilates or zumba?


I have always wanted to try Zumba but have never so I’m gonna have to go with yoga.

4. favorite author/book?

Um, off the top of my head: The Watchman by Robert Crais. Joe Pike needs to be my bodyguard. Such a great book. I’ve read it so many times.apebbleforyourpocket

If it’s non-fiction that we’re talking, probably a Buddhist book I read when I was a kid. I just went to Google it and I actually found the title! A Pebble For Your Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh.emotionalintelligence

Another good non-fiction would be Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence is SO important. If we were all a bit more sensitive towards others, things would be much better, wouldn’t they?

5. early riser or night owl?

Early riser. Well, I like to think of myself of kind of in the middle. Bedtime is 10pm, sometimes 11, sometimes 9 (not kidding). Waking up at 6 in the morning is okay with me but if nobody disturbs me, 9am is fine too. Is waking up at 9 late??

6. favorite homemade meal?

Potato anything. Anything my mom makes. My mom’s lasagna, probably. Mmm… sooo good.

7. control freak or controlled chaos?

A bit of both, if I’m being honest. I think my controlling nature comes from wanting to make sure things are done right/efficiently. I feel like I can’t trust people to get things done properly or fast enough so I just take it upon myself to do what needs to be done. Wait… that’s not really categorized under being a control freak, is it?

At the same time, I’m a generally messy person. Not even gonna deny. Wish I were a bit more like Skye (she’s so organized and disciplined, dammit) and while I do try to be a bit tidier, I embrace the hurricane in me. Heh.

8. favorite pin on your board?

Food, definitely. But this too. You should go check out my boards because so. many. pretty. things. Two reasons why I don’t use Pinterest as much as the next person: 1. Lots of pretty things and awesome tutorials but I’m more of a Tumblr kind of person and Tumblr is easier to use! 2. All my time would be spent trawling the food tag aka counterproductive.

9. best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Oh man, I never quite know what to put when I see this question. Er, don’t talk to strangers? Except on MapleStory and Tumblr. Just kidding. Hmm, I can’t just pick one. My mom has always given us great advice over the years. The best advice she’s given me lately, ‘Who’s stopping you from being you?‘ That kind of woke me up a little.

Or maybe something the monk at the temple told me. Let go of your anger, let go of your hatred, be good to your parents. Basic but vastly important pieces of advice.

10. favorite drink at the bar?

Sky… juice? Lol. Um, can we go for coffee instead?

11. tupperware or mason jars?

Tupperware. We don’t have mason jars here, boo.

Aaaaand I’m done. That was fun~

I nominate:

Seriously, all these ladies are fabulous. Just looking at this list makes me happy that I found their blogs. Thanks for being awesome and for visiting our tiny corner of the blogaverse (that’s what the blog universe is called, right?).

Here are my questions:

  1. When did you learn to drive?
  2. Do you still watch cartoons?
  3. Have you watched the latest X-Men? If yes, what did you think of it? If no, are you a fan of X-Men or not?
  4. Are you the kind of person who can laugh at yourself?
  5. Are you a keychain collector? If yes, what’s the oldest one you have/remember having? (because I totally am and I just found my pencil box from 8th grade still strapped with my old keychain collection)
  6. What are some movies you can watch over and over again without getting bored?
  7. Can you change a light bulb by yourself?
  8. Favorite song at the moment?
  9. What is one language you would like to learn?
  10. A phrase/word you always use?
  11. 3-5 words you would use to describe yourself
  12. Bonus: Do you wanna have bulgogi and Samgyeopsal-gui with us? It’s Korean and it’s tasty, trust me. (you don’t have to answer this but I have a new found love for Korean food so I wanna know if you’d go with us)

And apparently I ran out of pictures to google lol. Have fun with this.


My latest hobby

According to Raine, this is the latest internet hype. Living under a shell, I had no idea, so I decided to try the 2048 game after seeing it on a friend’s Twitter page. I thought that it was an easy game, but hell, I was wrong. This is my second day, working at getting the 11th tile. I have improved a little and it’s noticeable! I’m playing the Kuroko no Baske version of the 2048 game and I’ve only gotten as far as the 9th tile a.k.a Murasakibara Atsushi’s face. I’m not sure whose face comes after that… Akashi? Himuro?

Of course there are other versions. I’ve tried SnK’s Eren version. πŸ˜›

Here’s my highest score:

2048 game

Have you played the 2048 game? Tweet us or comment if you have!


2013 recap

2013 has been filled with ups and downs and hence, taught me a lot of things. When life gives you lemons, take it, peel the skin off, throw it into a blender, add watermelon and make fruit juice!

Goodbye, MSN Messenger! I really loved the emoticons and winks, so I was sad to see MSN Messenger go after using it for years. I might’ve shed a tear or two. Who even decided this without the consent of loyal users? Oh well. I’ll continue to hope that MSN Messenger will be brought back to the computer world.

This year has seen some really great video games and that makes me proud to be part of the video game community.

BioShock Infinite is one of the games gamers will be talking about for the years to come. All that quantum physics and complexity… The characters were also really amazing. I kept up with every single trailer/video/interview released and got excited over all of them mainly because Troy Baker’s voice is music to my ears as Booker and Courtnee Draper brings Elizabeth to life with that beautiful voice of hers (have you heard her sing?!). As for that ending… !! My hands trembled so badly when I was playing the last few parts. It was worth it though!

Then there was Tomb Raider with its fun user interface and third-person perspective. The story was kinda cliched and fake at times, but the overall experience was really good. Let’s not forget Metro: Last Light! Despite the problems with the studio and budget, I think the developers did a stellar job, creating such an enjoyable game. I was incredibly surprised by how the game turned out to be. The deep relationships between characters, the plot twisters, the amazing (!!) soundtrack… This game fought its way to the top of my favorites list effortlessly.

I got to know more than just a few interesting people this year and I regret not getting to know them better. One of them was T.J, my friend who introduced me to Shingeki no Kyojin and a few other great anime. Even though I was annoyed at him for many reasons at first, I came to realize that he wasn’t all that bad. His best friend, L was equally interesting. Both of them are real clowns. The things they said and talked about made me laugh when I was struggling through hard days. I’m glad that I can still keep in contact with them online since we’re all going to separate colleges.

I made a speech in front of a thousand people and I thought that was really surreal. I was and still am pleased with my speech, mainly because it was about the benefits of reading. It was great, talking about something I love and even greater when I ended the speech with a quote inspired by BioShock Infinite.

I watched prom proposals happen and wondered what I would do if such a thing were to happen to me. And then it really happened. T.J asked me jokingly if I would go to prom with him. And what did I do? I laughed. I laughed really hard. An amusing answer for an amusing question. I thought it was a fair trade. Yay for good humor!

Then, there’s my otaku/anime/manga phase, need I say more. It affected my drawing style a lot. I used to focus on the semi-realistic drawing style, but now I think I’ll just go with the flow. If I want to draw cartoons, I’ll draw cartoons. Since my current interest is anime, I’ll continue to draw in anime style. Besides, I want to publish my own manga one day. My aim is to continue to improve in art so that I can contribute to the art world and hopefully turn down-turned mouths upside down when they see my art, the way other people’s art turn my frowns into smiles. Honorable mention to the Japanese music I’ve learned to love and appreciate this year. (I’m still looking for that song I heard in a documentary I watched on the plane!!)

Those are a few interesting things that have happened this year. 2013 has been pretty fun, even with all the studying I had to do. I actually miss studying! And maths! Speaking of which, my maths teacher is a really awesome person. She’s the kindest, most patient and dedicated teacher I’ve ever met. Her patience was what made me continue to love maths no matter how hard it was and I don’t regret telling her what an amazing person she is. I felt so emotional when I had to throw away the notes she wrote for me. Nevertheless, she’s someone I won’t forget and a story to pass on through the generations.

Thank you, 2013, I have learned so much. Bring on 2014 with more writing, more art, more music, more smiles, more TV!! Happy New Year, everyone!



2013 in review and Weekly Wishes #18


Hi everyone! Hisashiburi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess it’s only been a week but it seems like forever because within last week, we had a major transition. Can’t do the picture prompt for this week because things are a little hectic right now but thank goodness for having a spare picture in my folder somewhere. That’s me and San Francisco in the distance.

Last week’s post was rather quiet but oh well, we’re in the next week already and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!!

Have we really reached the end of 2013? This year seemed to fly by. I may say this almost every year but the days this year have really seemed to peel by faster than ever. As usual, I’ll be doing my obligatory end-of-year annual reflection which will also serve as this Weekly Wishes post.

In 2013,

I learned a lot about myself. At some points, I felt like I lost myself a bit but I think it’s good to lose sight of yourself sometimes because you discover things about yourself that you never knew existed within you. How philosophical and cliche did that sound? I have my philosophy class to blame but it’s true. Confidence and strength are two of the countless things I’ve gained this year. I guess it’s true that as you grow older you care less about what people say about you and you do things that once upon a time would have made you uncomfortable. I mean, come on, I dance on escalators now, haha.

I learned many new things and picked up a few things that I’d left hanging. Drawing is something I picked up again. I never thought I would pursue my interest in art because I always thought you either had talent or didn’t and clearly I thought my talent was nil. Haha, my lack of confidence is a bit disgusting and embarrassing but I’m glad I’m getting better at it. Now I believe anyone can do anything as long as they put their heart and best effort into it so even I may one day be a bona fide pro artist one day. Even if I don’t, I think I’d just be happy that I started drawing again. I’m glad Skye convinced me to draw again. ^__^

I also lost more weight than I ever have and I feel pretty good about myself. -insert proud emoticon- I have been working out consistently and I’m actually enjoying working out. I used to dislike exercising mostly because I had to haul myself out of bed every morning to follow my mom to the gym which wasn’t the greatest of places. The air-conditioning was always switched off, the staff was nasty and the people who frequented the gym do not know how to follow simple gym etiquette (talking loudly on cell phones, hogging all the equipment, leaving their stuff everywhere, being generally unhygienic, stuff like that). Well, eventually my mom and I stopped going and after weeks of convincing ourselves that we would work out in the comfort of our home, we finally did and now we’ve got our own gym corner. It’s fun and just shows that we don’t need a gym with fancy equipment to work out.

Skye and I finished a first rough draft of a fantasy novel. I think that calls for a HECK YEAH! It’s always been our dream to write something together. You know how sometimes you write something, forget about it along the way, find it again some time later, read it and think omg what was I thinking that is so freaking cheesy?! Yeah, well, we reread our draft and it’s actually pretty solid and we still like it. πŸ˜€ We also wrote a thriller together – so much fun and such a nice change from all the romance I was writing, haha.

Watched a whole bunch of new shows, got hooked on anime again, in the process fell in love with Japanese songs. Hmm, yeah, you can already tell by our previous posts. πŸ˜‰ I think we have Skye’s classmate to thank for our revived interest. Here are some of the best animes we’ve watched so far: K Project, Nurarihyon no Mago, Rurouni Kenshin. And here are the good/decent ones: Hakuouki Reimeiroku, Full Metal Panic!, Spice and Wolf, Shingeki no Kyojin. Undecided on whether or not to continue these animes: Magi and Durarara!. I am sure there are way more than these few but I just can’t seem to bring them up in my mind.

I also read some excellent mangas this year: Rurouni Kenshin (first rate manga though the ending was more bittersweet than I would have liked), Natsume Yuujinchou (I only found out the manga is ongoing after I reached the supposed last chapter, haha; beautifully written and I shed a tear at almost every end of a chapter), K: Memory of Red (oh, the emotions while reading this manga… indescribable; beautiful relationships and great short stories that co-relate with the anime and novels). Currently reading: Kuroshitsuji, Natsume Yuujinchou and K: Days of Blue (Munakata Reisi is unexpectedly funny and the Blues have a strange bond). Reading mangas is different from reading books but both are great. The difference is reading mangas is like piecing your own anime together.

As for other movies, TV shows and music, it’s safe to say that we’re outdated… We only watched a couple of movies this year, are keeping up with fewer TV shows – only Person of Interest, Arrow, Elementary – and we’re completely lost on what the radios are playing these days. Yup, marching to our own beat is who we are. Seriously though, apart from Overnight by Parachute – which is a really good album – we have no idea what’s down and awesome. Even if we did, we probably wouldn’t find them awesome. We pretty much stopped listening to the radio two years ago. The ‘new’ music these days isn’t really our cup of tea. Hmm, yeah. I wrote this part a week ago and after spending a good 3/4 of a day on a plane and surfing the music folder, it’s safe to say that we are completely outdated………….

In terms of other reading material, we didn’t buy many new books but the ones that we did were really good. Mostly all thrillers. I can easily count the books we bought on both hands. Why are books so expensive?? And why does reading from a screen suck so much?

Languages. Skye and I tried learning Italian for a while. It was alright. We thought we’d be the next voice actors for Assassin’s Creed if they ever set the game in Italy again. Then we lost interest (what is this, right?) because we started watching anime again and were like, OMG WE ARE HALF-JAPANESE WHY CAN’T WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? I may or may not be kidding about being half-Japanese. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, so we left our Italian hanging but one day we’ll be back. Who knows, maybe in 2014?

I also turned 20 this year. It was a quiet affair… like seriously quiet. I didn’t even remember it was my birthday and after that I didn’t really get that post-birthday excitement that I usually get. But it was fine. I still can’t believe that I’m in my second decade now, haha.

I also learned more about life. Life is… strange. That’s pretty much all I can say about it. I wouldn’t know how to put my other thoughts into words. There were some turning points in my life this year – some trying, some relieving, some just strange – but I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

Some other highlights of the year: my last semester in college (yeeeaaaahhh!! so glad I’m done with that school), summer in California (I MISS IT SO MUCH AND I WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN), Skye finally graduating from high school (hallelujah!!) and getting accepted to college, me getting accepted to uni (after an arduous process), finding new places to eat (always a highlight) and… and okay my highlights may not be as exciting to read about so I’ll just stop.

I suppose there is one main regret that I have for this year – I wish I learned to drive. Well, I do know how to drive but I probably need a few more hours on my clock to be a certified driver, hah. I dropped out of my driving course last year because the instructor sucked big time and there were more than a few complications with the driving school. Can anyone be a driving course dropout? Yes, they can. Me, apparently, haha. Being a passenger and seeing the crazy vicious drivers on the road really put me off though. I couldn’t see myself behind the wheel at all. Sigh. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to make my debut on the road as a driver. πŸ˜‰

This about sums up 2013 for me. How was your year? Link your ‘annual reflections’ (or New Year resolutions posts) when you leave a comment. I’d like to read about 2013 from your point of view. I have loads more to tell you all but until then, Here’s to 2014, let’s meet next year!

Thanks for being awesome to us! We appreciate every one of you and promise to be better bloggers. πŸ™‚ Have a safe and wonderful Happy New Year wherever you are!



Weekly Wishes #12


Clockwise from top left: The decked-out tram (and huge Christmas tree in the background) in Disneyland; the magical Sleeping Beauty’s castle at night; Golden Gate Bridge, SF; sunset in Venice Beach in the winter; sunrise at the airport; beautiful tiled wall in the SF airport.

Hey everyone! How fast did Monday arrive? What’s everyone up to today?

This week’s picture prompt is ‘memories‘. Here are a few of many favorite memories from some of our recent vacations. Trust me, there were tons of pics and going through them was like stepping into a time machine or the Cave of Wonders. Getting to see the Golden Gate Bridge this year was like a dream. San Fran and I, we have a connection few can understand. πŸ˜‰ I probably should have included a picture of Mexican food (who else LOVES Mexican food?!?!) but hey, what if one day there’s a Mexican food picture prompt, right?


Last week’s wishes went o-kay:

1. Focus more on my nail blog. Half-check. I think I focused more on this blog than my nail blog but I did do a few more nail designs which I’m excited to show you guys.

2. Look up some winter wear fashion. Check! I enjoyed looking for ideas on how to layer for winter. Watch this space for more cozy sweaters and scarves that I wanna show you guys.

3. Continue my search for more good shows. I didn’t do this but Skye and I did finish another wonderful show with one of the best endings in a long time.

4. Find ways to stop procrastinating so much. Hmm, I have yet to figure this out.

5. I worked out 4 times last week – GO ME! Haha. I didn’t put this as my goal last week but I thought it was worthy of a mention.


This week’s wishes:

1. Settle college stuff. So.much.to.do. Planning classes is no fun. Neither is waiting for email responses nor going to my old college.

2. Pack. And try not to get overwhelmed by the things that need packing.

3. Make time to draw and write. Trying to find a balance between time for daily life stuff and time for art and writing.

4. Make lists. And actually try to follow them. Tips for making and keeping to lists?

5. Plod on with my Hiragana progress. Going to just throw this in but I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t achieve this this week. It’s been a looooong time since I drew left-to-right strokes for Chinese characters so it was definitely awkward in the beginning. I think I’m getting the hang of it now. πŸ™‚

Yup, not much going on. Just kidding. Lots of stuff going on. Wish me luck. As usual, link up with Melyssa and leave her some love – she’s leaving Japan for Cali this week.


I don’t know about you but I think we had some great posts last week: I guest-posted for Skye’s series, put up a cute Wordless Wednesday post, put up some of my favorite winter coat picks, Skye wrote her own review of Hakuouki Reimeiroku (the bomb), and I had a bright Fashionable Friday look.

How’s the weather where you live? It’s been raining here – SO cold!

That’s it for today! More posts this week.



Weekly Wishes #11


Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s picture prompt is ‘hobbies‘ and what better time and picture to announce my one true love to the world? Reading and writing make up a huge chunk of me and without either of them, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. Reading and writing are my ways of escaping reality and creating my own realities. Does that not sound like the best thing ever? For me, there is no one without the other.

Those are just the books Skye and I have been hooked on for, hmm, two years and counting. It started out with me finding that copy of The Last Assassin under a pile of books and thinking to myself, ‘excellent, new reading material’. Long story short, after we finished reading The Last Assassin, it was hello mystery/thriller aisle, goodbye romance aisle!

Barry Eisler is a brilliant writer and his John Rain series is one of a kind but(!) Rain’s personality is questionable. David Baldacci and Robert Crais are right up there as our favorite mystery/crime/thriller authors. You have no idea how many times we’ve reread The Watchman. Eisler, Baldacci and Crais each have their own unique writing style and you know how I adore seeing different writing styles.

Oh, then there’s The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas which is mind-blowingly good. You have to read it. Well, you don’t HAVE to but you might as well because the plot if wonderfully complex and brilliantly-written. My all-time favorite classics are The Three Musketeers, Anne of Green Gables and probably Little Women since it’s my mom’s favorite classic. What are yours?

See what the topic of reading and writing can do to me? I meant to write a brief paragraph about the picture but ended up saying much more. I’ll stop here before it becomes a full-blown post on my favorite books.


How did last week’s wishes go?

1. Redeem coupons. Bleh, no.

2. Cheer Skye on for her exams and try not to distract her. Check! Well, if you don’t count making her start watching K with me. K has been really good so far, by the way.

3. Scan in more of my drawings. Check!

4. Reply to my friend’s messages and Mallory’s email. Check!

5. Look for a good site to learn Japanese. Check!

6. Stop being so lazy when it comes to working out. Half-check! πŸ˜›

This week’s wishes are:

1. Focus more on my nail blog. Juggling two blogs… hasn’t been easy. I didn’t create a new blog to let it slide so this week I’mma put effort into blogging and connecting more.

2. Look up some winter wear fashion. Yup, if you’ve got any advice on how to dress for winters, I’ll be glad to hear it.

3. Continue my search for more good shows. Recommend, folks. Whatever the language, as long as it’s good and has subtitles (for non-English shows), we’re game. Skye and I have watched French and German movies among other shows in foreign languages. The movies were surprisingly good even though the subtitles were terrible. One of these days I’ll start on the Japanese drama that Mallory recommended. Let’s just face it – I am a TV buff.

4. Find ways to stop procrastinating so much. Suggestions?

Eh, can’t think of any more good goals for this week so I guess this’ll have to do. If I think of any more and manage to complete them, I’ll include them in next week’s post. Join in on this uber fun and motivational link up. Link up with Melyssa.


What else? Oh, wait for either Part 2 of my Hakuouki Reimeiroku review or Skye’s review. Yeah, we both enjoyed it so much that we each wrote a post on it. Also, I’m guest-posting for Skye’s art series tomorrow, yay! I’m uncertain whether or not to post up more of my drawings but we’ll see.

About Christmas… Who’s excited?! I’ve started painting my nails all Christmas-colored. I know some of you have started Christmas shopping but what else? What Christmas prep have you started doing?

Okay, well, I think that’s it from me. Ace this week, folks!


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