Assassin’s Creed movie review: A hit or miss?

The Tuesday I have been waiting for arrived yesterday. We went to watch Assassin’s Creed, the movie adaptation of a popular video game series that blends science with historical fantasy themes.

It was our first time going to the theaters over here so we were pleasantly surprised to find no lines and that it was totally okay to buy your tickets 15 minutes before the movie began. The nice and sunny morning was destroyed by my awkward mumbling to the box office lady who asked me to repeat myself.

We went inside the building, gawked at how different it was from home, stared at the ridiculous popcorn prices, took a few pictures outside the auditorium and went in, ready to watch our first movie in what seemed like years. It felt strange that we got to choose our own seats and that it was so darned bright inside. Even the ads were sectioned into fun facts and then other movie trailers (and I swear there’s a sequel for Planet of the Apes every other year).

You don’t know how tempted I was to start my post with “As a fan of Assassin’s Creed for EIGHT years…” but I figured it would be too cheesy, too boring, too pompous. I have not played a video game in more than a year until last week, a shocking comparison to my high school days (video games, I love you), so you could say that I didn’t think too much about what the plot was going to be like and that I didn’t have many expectations.

This is the part where you look away if you hate spoilers!

As a non-gamer looking for some good entertainment over winter break, the movie was decent. As a gamer, the movie was mediocre at its best. There wasn’t enough action at all. The three times that the main character went into the Animus was all we got. And if you’ve never played the game, Assassin’s Creed is 90% historical and 10% modern day. The way important moments in history are intertwined with an entirely fictional storyline is part of what makes the game so rich and so compelling. And the movie was quite the opposite – 80% modern day, 20% historical.

There was far too much focus on the modern day story, which, I suppose, was used to appeal to a wider audience and not just those who have played the game. Some parts could have been shorter. It was obvious that the movie was only building and focusing on the main character, Cal, to set up a nice background for its movie sequels. The huge miss for me was that Aguilar, the assassin from 500 years ago, did not have a story of his own. The appeal of AC games lie, as I mentioned earlier, with the historical scenes and characters. We don’t care about the main character but we care about his ancestors.

With that said, I loved how dedicated Michael Fassbender was to this adaptation. In 2011 or something like that, I read he was attached to the project and was very surprised that he did not drop out all this while. I was glad because I thought he really looked similar to Desmond Miles (main guy in the modern day part of the games) and his acting was great in X-Men. He was successful in creating a great character out of Cal who seamlessly fit into the AC universe unlike new characters in movie adaptations of video games or comics who often seem out of place. I thought the other actors/actresses did a great job as well. Some part of me wished that they had kept the original modern day characters like Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca, but oh well.

I also did not expect the historical scenes to entirely be in Spanish. It certainly made it more realistic and interesting but there was something lacking about it. I figured it was because the characters didn’t have enough lines. It made everyone seem really stiff because there was less talking so the characters were either nodding or staring at each other with intense gazes.

The cinematography was messy. I thought the Prince of Persia movie did a better job at recreating the feel of the games. I could barely see the parkour because the scenes were cutting wildly from spurring horses to wide angles of mountains to dark silhouettes and blinding white lights. The eagle was iconic but there was no need to keep following it around because it made the panoramic shot of the city lose all its magic (it’s freaking magical in the game). Another appeal of the games (because I can’t help but compare) is the beauty of the historical cities. With the lack of exploration, there was nothing to appreciate about the dusty and poorly lit locations.

While the movie’s Animus didn’t make me cringe as much as I expected to, though there were cheesy sci-fi elements about flying around with metal arms and football field lights, it was extremely distracting to have the scenes cut from the past to the present just to capture Marion Cotillard’s wide-eyed look of anticipation. It made it more difficult to get immersed in the action that was happening in the historical timeline.

I’m glad they did not throw romance into the storyline. I thought Aguilar and that female assassin were going to have a scene together or something but it didn’t happen, thankfully. That would have racked up the cringe factor. I hope that they won’t in future sequels because that would turn it into another romance/action/sci-fi thing. What they should add is some wit and humor but just a little. Like, really little. Too much would take away its essence. In the game, Desmond Miles was a crappy character but his sarcasm made up for all that he was lacking. At the same time, I suppose the serious tone in the movie wasn’t all too bad either.

I enjoyed the soundtrack. I actually thought Jesper Kyd (musical genius who composed the soundtracks for the games; this might be a bit outdated since I only played until AC3) composed it because it sounded similar, but it wasn’t him. It was good though. The rock music at the beginning was also very AC-like because all the game trailers have really awesome non-mainstream songs that sound epic.

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10. It was a hit AND a miss for me. Would I watch it again? Probably, because Fassbender’s sport shoes and sweatpants look is fab! Just kidding. I wouldn’t mind watching it again but not so soon. People actually clapped after the movie was over! I didn’t yawn or complain which tells me that I found it entertaining. It was nice to be reunited with in-game jargon and understand all the references. I would probably watch the sequel. I was mostly disappointed that people who have never played the game did not get to experience the feeling captured through AC’s use of history as its playground because it was, and still is, a great feeling that inspired me to delve deeper into the subject of history and see video games as a wonderfully unique form of art.

If you want a great story, play the game (preferably, most definitely, infinitely, the second game, AC2) but if you’re not picky and got about 2 hours to spare, I would say give the movie a try.


An ode to Fruit Ninja


I never thought that I’d be writing a post like this – dedicated to an app for slicing fruits on a screen – but here it is.

You were there when I was waist deep in homesickness and trying my best to recall why I even left home (for good reason tbh).

The days were dark and the longing for home was painful.

There were tears and moments of frustration and anger but you distracted me from all that.

You were there with me outside my Physics lab when I arrived too early and didn’t want to look like an idiot hanging around aimlessly in the hallway.

You allowed me some of my happiest moments outside a Physics lab where I somehow always seemed to achieve most of my high scores.

You were there at the bus stop where I experienced some of my shittiest bus moments.

You were there in class with me when the lectures got too depressing and I needed to focus on something else.

You were there in the restaurants (where I probably should have focused more on my surroundings than a screen).

You were there in the dingy hallways before my finals where everyone was busy reciting their notes and thrusting their faces into the pages of their textbooks, where I was seemingly the only one who didn’t want to do last-minute-flipping-through-the-textbook-and-panicking.

You gave me content to post on Instagram with your fun fun facts, bonus score combos and high score achievements.

You have taught me facts about fruits that I would otherwise have never known (and I sincerely hope your facts chart gets updated frequently (p.s: they are validated facts, right?)).

You have challenged me to unlock your achievements even though sometimes the starfruit points tempt me to buy the achievement.

You have amused me when your official Instagram account liked my screenshots.

You have been there for me during the moments I needed comfort most.

You have been here through thick and thin.

You are what I turn to when I need to get away from everything. You may not always take my mind off my worries but you are enough.

I am grateful for your existence.


Celebrating one year since BioShock Infinite’s release

I fell in love with BioShock Infinite on a Sunday. I remember watching the E3 2012 trailer and feeling such intense emotions at the amazing voice acting. Tears were shed, especially when Elizabeth reached for Booker’s hand as the Songbird took off with her in its arms… Sadly, the E3 trailer material never made it to the final cut of the game. What a waste of emotions.

Talking to my friend about this game reminded me that March 26, 2013 was the release date for this widely anticipated game. I remember being so excited. I drew Elizabeth almost every day because I figured that by the time the game was released, I would be a pro at drawing her. Sadly, that didn’t happen… but! I have other proud achievements from playing this game like the 1000 screenshots from my playthrough.

Now, why did I write a post about video games today? It’s because BioShock Infinite was one of, what I like to call, my shooting stars last year. Believe it or not, a video game changed my life.

The only picture of Elizabeth available for my drawing reference long before the game's release

The only picture of Elizabeth available for my drawing reference long before the game’s release

BI is symbolic to me because it was the beginning of standing up for my own opinions and interests. Before that, when my family or friends expressed opinions that didn’t match mine, I would convince myself that I didn’t like whatever it was either. It’s a self-esteem thing, I think.

In this case, I told myself, Yeah, the game does look kind of dark and scary and weird… maybe I won’t play it… after my family/friends said that it looked meh. Then I took a good look at my BI-filled life. I had pre-ordered the game, I had a folder of BI pictures, I had watched every.single.fricking.trailer (and once, woke up at 6 a.m just to watch the latest False trailer!!), I had Booker’s voice ringing in my ears all day at school, I drew Elizabeth almost every other day AND I could recite every line from all the trailers. I couldn’t put that to waste. It was clear that I was totally in love with BioShock Infinite. There were just too many things about it to deny my interest in the game. After much consideration and struggling, I finally decided that I would play it, regardless.

Booker and Elizabeth, the protagonists. Loved how amazing Elizabeth's AI was!

Booker and Elizabeth, the protagonists. Loved how amazing Elizabeth’s AI was!

That wasn’t just it; BI opened my mind to a whole new variety of music. The BioShock series is famous for its retro music, so it was no surprise how astoundingly beautiful Infinite‘s soundtrack was. From the fun Scottish-inspired jig Rory O’more Saddle The Pony, Scott Joplin’s Solace (omg, 19th-century piano pieces are freaking amazing!) to the hauntingly mellow Elizabeth and finally Christian hymn Will The Circle be Unbroken, the soundtrack was indescribably fantastic. There were also wonderful vintage versions of Dolly Parton’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Tears For Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Beach Boys’ God Only Knows, etc. which I came to love. It’s mindblowing to think that in this millineum, I would only begin to fall in love with songs from the 1930s-1980s.

Now, I know that Will The Circle be Unbroken is a very popular song about death (correct me if there’s another meaning to the song), but in the context of BioShock Infinite, the meaning of the song was related to the game’s incredibly complex storyline about alternate realities, parallel universes, infinite possibilities and the butterfly effect (this word is SO COOL). I thought it was ingenious how the song came to fit the storyline. Elizabeth and Booker’s voice talents, the lovely Courtnee Draper and the handsome Troy Baker, did a breathtakingly beautiful rendition of that song. It was my favorite song that spring and I thought it was interesting that I ever came to accept that idea…

Since Infinite, I have openly expressed my interest for things that I like. I no longer convinced myself not to like something just because others didn’t enjoy the things I liked. Among them are SnK, Kuroshitsuji, Working!!, Cassadee Pope, Imagine Dragons, NamiDai’s songs, Kaji Yuuki (kya!), etc, etc.

I have also since tried to read up on quantum physics (WHAT?!?!?). I know, don’t even get me started.. I tried reading a sentence or two about Schrodinger’s Cat, an experiment where the cat is both alive and dead at the same time, and felt mentally exhausted after that.

The gorgeous Elizabeth in Finkton

Yeah, so that’s a little something on one of my favorite video games. Interesting, huh? Oh, and last year I told myself, “I’m gonna prove to everyone that I can play BioShock Infinite and do REALLY well in my exams in the same year.” It was just a ridiculous motivator for myself, but I feel kind of disappointed, now that I’ve lost that bet… Oh well.

On the bright side, Elizabeth was my first action figure! I have a figurine of her back home, still in a nice plastic casing. As soon as I find a nice home for her, I’ll display my Elizabeth figurine proudly for everyone to see!

Happy March 26 and BioShock Infinite day! May Ken Levine make more mind-blowing games!


Year in review: 2012

Frankly I don’t remember much about this year. When I’m in the moment, minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days and so forth, but at the end of the day, I look back and realize that time flies faster than light. I haven’t blogged in a while, so I’m feeling kinda rusty right now. I thought a lot about writing art- and video game-related posts but somehow they don’t seem to fit here and I’m saving it to write a book about learning art when I get better. Also, I recently started writing for a video game website and I’m more than just a little proud of it because I hope that it’ll grow into something bigger, just that all the co-writers need to cooperate and make time to write more.

I’m going to start with what I feel is most important which is art. This year, I was officially acknowledged as an ‘artist’ because my mom and sister bought me a sketchpad (yay!) AND my brother asked me for my opinion on his art (I’m grinning so widely now). I’m taking art much more seriously than I did last year. Of course there are the bad days when I think that I’ve got no potential to draw, but on the good days, I’m flying as high as the sky. Whenever I fall, I get back on my feet and keep trying. I understand that the beginning is an endless struggle. It’s a test because you can either choose to stop learning all at once or keep going despite your mistakes. I believe my determination and effort will pay off in the future.

The beautiful thing about art is it makes me easily inspired by everything around me, or maybe it’s just me. I also want to prove myself worthy of owning a graphics tablet (unlike what happened between me, guitar lessons and a Takamine). It’s going to take years but, anyway, art is a never-ending experience since we will never fully learn it. Right now I’m working on a portrait of Kristen Bell. I actually LOVE drawing faces (something I’ve been avoiding for years). So excited to get better! I hope to inspire many others whether they want to take up art or looking for novel-writing material and here’s an inspirational quote I saw on DeviantART to go with what I just said: “If you can write, you can draw.”

I found the picture above on Tumblr recently and I experienced some indescribable feeling the moment I set my eyes on it, so here it is. I don't know who the artist is, sadly. I would've posted one of my own pieces but I don't take many pictures of my art.

I found the picture above on Tumblr recently and I experienced some indescribable feeling the moment I set my eyes on it, so here it is. I don’t know who the artist is, sadly. I would’ve posted one of my own pieces but I don’t take many pictures of my art.

Moving on to the counterpart of my passion for art – video games! Why is it called the counterpart? Because both are responsible for shaping my once negative personality into everlasting positivity. No kidding, despite what everyone is reading on the world news. And this year was the first year I followed live E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) coverage. It was pretty exciting, watching those trailers and Tweeting ‘Happy E3 Week’. 🙂 On a side note, two games I didn’t complete were Alan Wake and I Am Alive. Both storylines caught my eye and actually inspired me greatly but the gameplay was disappointing.

I played Crysis 2 earlier this year. The beginning was kinda dull and confusing because I had no idea how to get past the first few maps. Fighting aliens and ‘Pingers’ was what made me sit up and go, hey, I’m not sleepy, playing this game anymore. As the story progressed, I became more interested. I wanted to talk about this game because I felt that Alcatraz’s (in the picture above (he’s a human in a robot suit, BTW)) ending was mind-boggling and unfair. I won’t explain because it’ll be too long, so… But I’ll definitely be getting the sequel next year. Been keeping up with The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 video series and it looks promising.

OHEMGEE, I’ve been waiting for this part. I played both Portal games somewhere in the middle of the year. All I can say is, this brainteaser game is freakin’ amazing. I love how the storyline is so simple yet incredibly effective and how likeable all the characters are. Everything about Portal screams triple A title, especially the humor. This game made me more than just a little smarter and I’m not even trying to be a salesman here! The best part is that anyone can play it and I mean anyone. Thanks to my brother who is an equally big fan of the game, I own a stuffed Weighted Companion Cube toy. Whee! That’s GLaDOS in the image above (right), by the way (to my sister and mom who are wondering who my brother and I frequently mention in conversations). One of the best games in the video game world, ask anyone!

Screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Another screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Another screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Of course, I played Assassin’s Creed 3. That’s not even a valid question anymore. I avoided spoilers for weeks after the PS3 and 360 release. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth it. A new hero called Connor was introduced. He had pretty big shoes to fill in, which is why his character probably fell flat. Ezio, the main character of the Renaissance trilogy, had so much personality. Introducing a new main protagonist is difficult. Wordy details aside since I might end up writing a full-blown review, this sequel left me disappointed in many ways, but I did gain more knowledge about the American Revolution. I still have faith in the next game next year though!

Last month, I was introduced to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I haven’t stopped playing since and I don’t think I will any time soon. My eyesight is going, Oh dear. I can’t believe I’m addicted to the video game everyone used to talk about… Oh, I also played Battlefield 3. I’m late, I know, because my PC crashed repeatedly during the incredibly exciting right-out-of-an-action-movie prologue so I gave up for months. It’s a decent game, though I prefer the Bad Company series.

2012 in video games was boring compared to last year. That’s about to change when the clock strikes midnight. In 2013, my highlights include the Tomb Raider reboot (stoked because we need more action-adventure video games for PC), Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light (big fan of post-apocalyptic games, especially this one), Battlefield 4 (probably because the next year will most likely be BFBC3 year), unannounced Call of Duty game, Assassin’s Creed 4 (hopefully a new setting?) and Watch Dogs (sounds like an interesting game concept).

A big accomplishment this year was writing a book with T. Nope, not the NaNoWriMo. Just me, T and a random date. Inspired by our sudden unhealthy obsession for Robert Crais and Barry Eisler books (also crime/fiction and thrillers), we decided one day that we would write a book together in hopes that we will inspire others the same way these two authors inspired us. So we did. We got to work and it worked out at the first try. We wrote a complete story. This was also my first time showing T a story written by me. It really put my confidence to a test. I got cold feet and I couldn’t stop talking when she read it because she, being the pro and all. We hope to publish it soon once we’re fully sure that it’s ready to be sent out to the world. 🙂

Honorable mention, since T already covered the TV show part: Person of Interest. I think we like it because John Reese and Harold Finch are respectable (and total dreamboats; this is for my mom) and because the female characters (protagonists and femme fatales) are all strong. And I’d like to mention The Big Bang Theory since my mind has been singing, The whole universe was in a hot, dense state all day long. Everyone is so cool, especially Sheldon Cooper!

Okay, I’m stuck because I have no idea how to end this. Should it be with wise words of advice? Or what my New Year’s resolutions are? You know what? Neither. Or maybe just a little advice: Hold your head up high in 2013 and don’t let society knock you down just because you don’t succumb to mainstream BS (sorry, this word just feels right).

Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year! Don’t drink and drive!

(Pictures from Google Images)


E3 2012: What I’d like to see

That’s right – the biggest expo in the video game industry is just around the corner. And I won’t be going. Yep, what a bummer. But I will be watching and reading about the expo all day long while hounding Youtube channels for videos. Trust me, it’s way more exciting than it sounds. But here’s a tip for those gearing up for tomorrow: Drink lots o’ water!

I’m looking forward to Ubisoft’s press conference this year. Huge fan of Assassin’s Creed here. I’m excited to finally ‘meet’ the new protagonist/hero of Assassin’s Creed 3, Connor Kenway, and the new elements Ubisoft is bringing to the game such as guilds, weapons, combat moves and ever-changing in-game atmosphere. The sequel will be set during the American Revolution. Hopefully we get to hear more about Benjamin Franklin’s role in the game and a hint of who the main antagonist will be. Who knows what surprises Ubisoft will bring this year? Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of the love interest (there’s always one, isn’t there?). We’ll never know. Until tomorrow, that is. And expect more details about Assassin’s Creed: Liberation for PS Vita.

On the other hand, we’ll be seeing game footage from Activision Blizzard for the infamous Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Thrilled? A little but not really. I’ve not played the first game, hence the lack of enthusiasm. Futurism seems to be taking over video game storylines. The redundancy is becoming increasingly tedious. I mean, I love the super cool, futuristic in-game gadgets, but it gets tiresome when all the video games are about alien warfare and such. What the industry needs is a good change in perspective of the future and we’ll just have to see how it looks like from Activision’s point of view.

For the Electronic Arts press conference, I’m anticipating Crysis 3. I recently started on the second installment and I’m halfway done now. Long story short: It was a bit of downer at the beginning but combat with extraterrestrials awoke me from the confusion of controlling a man stuck in a Nanosuit. I hope we’ll get to see the main protagonist in action with his latest gadget, the bow and arrow, and of course, the beautiful New York environment CryEngine 3 has to boast. EA is also expected to announce the next Battlefield game. It’s likely there’ll be a Battlefield 4 (possible sequel to Battlefield 3) because of its futuristic set, similar to Black Ops II. But if you’re feeling particularly optimistic this year, you can hope for the return of everyone’s favorite misfit squad in Battlefield: Bad Company 3. How superb would that be?

Other anticipated games: Square Enix’s Tomb Raider (Expect Lara Croft’s voice actress to be revealed! Looks interesting, probably because action-adventure games on PC are limited.); THQ’s Metro: Last Light (Face new and tougher creatures of the metro! Hoping for improved graphics and captivating storyline.); LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 (Not a fan but maybe the game will be different. Worth the try? We’ll see.).

All eyes will be on Microsoft’s high profile and iconic game, Halo 4 for Xbox 360 owners as they await the return of Master Chief in the first of the new “Reclaimer Trilogy” of the series. If I had the console, I’d definitely get this. For PS3 users, Sony is revealing footage for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us to give us a glimpse of the gameplay, but the question is, will the game live up to the outstanding reputation of the Uncharted series? Since Naughty Dog wants to center the spotlight on its fresh post-apocalyptic game, we might not hear about Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake’s whereabouts and the possibility of a sequel next year.

I would love to cover what I call semi-predictions for all the games but this will have to do. Will be staying tuned to gaming sites. Happy E3 week, gamers!


5 Things in 2011

Lately I’ve been M.I.A due to lack of inspiration, but today, something random sparked. So here I am with this, what do you call it, ‘meme’. It’s that time of the year when you decide to look back at what you’ve done and try to make a list of New Year Resolutions. I don’t follow to-do lists but if you do then, hey, it’s a good thing. 2011, like the years before and the years to come, has its ups and downs, and of course, first-time moments.

Cheers to epiphanies, revelations and self-discovery. Here are five random things that happened this year:

1. My first attempt at reading a non-fictional book

Having a pet helped me discover a lot of things because taking care of it – him – requires plenty of research. I recently picked up Stanley Coren’s How To Speak Dog and it’s surprisingly good. Among interesting facts, there are witty and amusing stories (worth laugh-out-loud moments) told by the writer’s acquaintances or simply experienced by the writer. If you think that the spotlight of this book is centered solely on canines, you’re wrong. I learned a lot about other animals. I won’t deny it – this book is life-changing and thought-provoking. You’ll be surprised at what your dog is really trying to say. A dog’s actions are not what humans assume them to be.

2. The year I spend more than an hour on DeviantArt

I don’t, like, have my own page but sometimes when I get bored, I wander over there just so I can search up video game art or whatever I think of and spend hours admiring, observing and appreciating. The art created there is beautiful beyond words. The way talented DeviantArt artists perceive the world is indescribable. And hey, I even found out that getting a BFA in game art is possible. Wow. Never knew that. Am enlightened. On the side note, I’d like to own a Wacom tablet someday.

3. Keeping up with the Kardashians? Heck, no! Keeping up with game updates

I wouldn’t say that I’m an avid gamer, but I wouldn’t say that I’m not. I like playing video games twice and earning in-game achievements. Gaming isn’t just for the sake of winning or completing it faster than your friends. If gamers would just stop rushing through their games, they might actually learn a thing or two and prove that gaming isn’t just a brainless activity you do for entertainment. Okay, I’m going waaaay off-topic. I’ve been reading game news for the past three months or so because, you know, celebrity news is ‘so 2008’. I’m kidding. I know just about any game out there now – Skyrim, Super Mario, Soul Calibur, Portal, Alan Wake – and I even remember a few company names of video game developers. You ask it, I name it. Just don’t ask me this question, please– Call of Duty or Battlefield?

4. Taking the time to learn how to pronounce Constantinople (and other words, of course!!)

Surprise, surprise! More intellectual stuff! Reading, writing, learning, it never gets boring. New challenges are great. When I come across a word that I’ve never seen, I try to pronounce it mentally. It always sounds perfect in my head, but it’s a total tongue-twister disaster when I say it out loud. Not weird at all. ‘Constantinople’ was one of these words. Other words include ‘Machiavellianism’, ‘meringue’, ‘harangue’, ‘juxtaposition’ and most recently, ‘conversazione’. It’s those words I hardly use, but ’tis the season to be curious, I went to search them up this year. Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to satisfy your inner curiosity!

5. Everything starts with a base (even cheesecake)

For architecture, it’s called ‘blueprints’. For fashion design, it’s a ‘croquis’. ‘Outline’ for stories, ‘biscuit crumbs’ for cheesecake. Everything has a base. I didn’t notice this until I started sketching. I used to start out with a letter ‘U’ as the head and chin. Then I would draw hair, features and so on. But I wouldn’t know where the legs of the human belonged on the drawing. Are they too near to the right? Are they too short? Too long? I had no idea. So I did some research and decided to begin my next drawing with a croquis. I sketched the entire human form and then ‘dressed’ the sketch with clothes, accessories and such. Eureka! She shoots, she scores, she wins! Thus, the base is a very important element of whatever you’re trying to create.

Wow. This is seriously long-winded. I have so much more unrelated things to say. But I think I’m done. Okay, I’m done. This makes up for all the action I’ve missed. 🙂

Now it’s your turn. Five random and memorable things that you’ve achieved / learned / realized in 2011. It doesn’t really matter. Whatever that comes to your mind. This is a live-in-the-moment meme. What are you staring at? The clock is ticking, the year is ending. Get your notebook out and get creative!


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