30 random things about me

I love ‘random things about me’ tags so obviously when Bailey did it, I enjoyed reading her answers very much and decided I would pinch it from her and do it as well.

And I figured you know, it’s about time to tell y’all a bit more about myself. I don’t know if we have any new readers who would like to get to know us a bit but anyway here goes:

1. Our first concert would have been Westlife but we were too young (I think I was 7). And now they have disbanded and we have never seen them live. Yes, it’s a bit sad.

2. Things I’m not too crazy about: coffee. Really. Everyone I know likes coffee (or is a caffeine addict) and I’m just here like, no. Once upon a time, I had iced coffee and had a bad brain freeze. The end. Okay, to be fair, nowadays I’m okay with sips of coffee but otherwise I just don’t drink. Which makes me not one of those folks who say they can’t start their days without coffee.

3. When people ask me what time is bedtime and I say 10pm, people give me the WTF ARE YOU A CHILD look. Or they go, WOW I could never do that. My mom trained us to sleep early, rise early. Can I throw in a #WINNING and #SUPERHEROMOM here? I think I will. Okay #coolkidssleepat10pm.

4. I am horribly picky about the way I like my instant noodles. If you volunteered to make instant noodles for me, you’d probably have to be certified by me beforehand. No, seriously. As of now, only my mom can make instant noodles for me.

5. I have never been to a club before. Haha. I’m the uncoolest kid on the block and I don’t even care.

6. I think people who can braid their own hair have secret magic powers. Because I can’t. This would fall under the category of not being an adult.

7. My mom is the coolest person I know. She lets me borrow her clothes, she’s been a sport about going to concerts with us (and even watched all the Simple Plan videos we made her watch when we were nuts about them), she drives us everywhere (and followed me to the driving test center which is located in some shady as heck place far far away in goodness knows where and waited the whole day until I was done), she’s an amazing singer + cook, she inspired me to read and write, and come on, who the heck would I be right now without her? Also, my mom braids my hair.

8. While I don’t have a driver’s license, I am a kickass golf buggy driver.

9. I read all the books I buy even the sucky ones that I regret buying. I don’t understand people who buy 20 books and only manage to read 5 but the next time a sale rolls around, they hoard 20 more books. I’ve just been seeing posts like this around a lot and just want to ask, When are you ever going to finish those books? How do you pick books? Why don’t you finish reading the books you already have before buying new ones? Because I would want to DEVOUR the books ASAP. And I do. I will literally give the new books a wipe then start on one immediately.

10. I will not pay $3.50 for Pocky.


11. I used to play golf. Aha! Bet you didn’t know that. Classy as frick, right? We took lessons, had mini clubs and all that snazzy shiz, wore polo shirts and slacks, spent hours under the hot sun, hated it, eventually quit. There went my chance of being a mini Phil whats-his-name. Okay, I only know Sergio Garcia.

12. I am a dishwasher singer. I sing when I do the dishes. At one point, it was night after night of Maroon 5 – Out of Goodbyes. Now I sing when I mop the floor. Basically I sing when I do chores.

13. I took Mandarin lessons. I retain 1% of what I learned in the few years that I attended classes. I speak it okay, understand it well, read and write nil. But those lessons are coming in handy now that I’m learning Kanji. Score!

14. I am NOT a speed car person in any way. This was inspired by a picture of a Bugatti that someone posted on Fb saying it’s gorgeous and stuff. Since I was young, I’ve always favored monster trucks over flashy fast cars.

15. I often forget to reply to messages/emails/tweets/texts and for that I apologize.

16. I LOVE snow!! Hate me, love me, I don’t care. We didn’t get enough snow days here.

17. My heart belongs to a college town in California.

18. Skinny jeans are not for me. Even if the whole world wears them, you will not catch me in them. I don’t know how people do it but it is just not for me. They’re suffocating.

19. I believe in compassion and empathy.

20. I also believe in quality toilet rolls and pillows.

Quality toilet paper ftw.

21. I currently identify myself as an otaku. Nothing to be ashamed of.

22. I have never fit into any cliques and probably never will but it’s fine.

23. At some point, I was obsessed with Missing You by John Waite. I listened to it on repeat any chance I could get. I still love it very much.

24. One of my favorite movies of all time has to be Waitress. If you have watched it, let me know how you liked it.

25. Teasing Skye is my secret hobby. She will laugh when she reads this.

26. I’m excited for Game of Thrones season 4. I was trying to write a post about this but it has since… stalled. So I’ll throw it in here. Who are your favorite GoT characters (because you can’t just give one)? I love Jamie, Brienne, Tyrion, Jon Snow (that perpetual sulky face though), Arya, Jorah and Daenerys duh. If you have the books, be a dear and lend them to me haha.

27. I would like a jigsaw puzzle set for my birthday this year. Something like this.

28. I also would like a Minnie Mouse cake for my birthday this year as I have failed to get one for the past 2 years. A Minnie Mouse drawn with piping jelly ONLY like this. I don’t want printed Minnie Mouse or a 3D Minnie cake. I’ve been searching high and low for cake stores that still do piping jelly but… but there are none. ๐Ÿ™

29. I’m secretly 3 years old at heart.

30. I could really use a peach Danish pastry right now. You have NO idea how much I LOVE peach Danish pastries… But I haven’t eaten it in a long time.


And that sums up the end of this tag. This somehow turned into a whole essay, didn’t it? I should’ve thrown that in: have a tendency of turning everything into a story.

So now I tag you! If you do do it, tweet me so that I can hop over and read your random facts. ๐Ÿ™‚ No, you don’t have to do 30 but if you do, awesome.


I really enjoyed Kuroko no Basuke and you will read more about it later

What can I say, really? I just finished watching Kuroko no Basuke today and the verdict: Kuroko no Basuke is amazing. I was completely charmed by it. I was sucked into a world of basketball for 25 episodes and loved every minute of it. I am excited to dive into season 2 but Skye, who dropped out after the first episode, said that she wants to watch it as well (YOSHHH!) so I guess I’ll wait for her and watch it again with her.

Anyway, this isn’t a review but I thought I’d post some pictures to satisfy my need to burst out KUROKO NO BASUKE WAS AWESOME to everyone. I’m also going through a post-TV show/movie withdrawal phase where I just want to read up on EVERYTHING Kuroko and not do anything else.

My favorite characters are Kise, Midorima (strangely), Takao, Teppei, Kuroko and Kagami.


Clockwise from the top left: Midorima Shintarou, Murasakibara something, Kise Ryota, Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya, Akashi something


Kise and Kasamatsu


Kise and Kuroko


Takao and Midorima


Kagami and Kuroko


Kuroko and Aomine

If you have watched/are watching Kuroko no Basuke, please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Share your enthusiasm with me! Agree with me that Kise is adorbs. Or tell me what you thought could have been better. Most of all, tell me who your favorite character is!

In other anime-related stuff, Skye’s review of Psycho Pass is out. Please read it. You can read mine here if you like. If you’re wondering how you can be an otaku like us, Skye wrote a brilliant post here.

Kay, that’s it. Have fun.


Some serious blog lovin’ – part 2

Hey, hey! I meant to post this last week but then I had other posts so I had to shift it to this week. Here are a few more blogs that I read on a daily basis because I enjoy them.

1) Bronwyn at IMayB. Can I get enough of Bronwyn? I don’t think so. She writes about so many things! – from the progress of her new house (take me to pick out kitchen counters with you!!) to book reviews to personal posts. She also has a Fiction Friday series where she writes stories and you know I admire people who can put their (amazing) work out there. I’m still struggling to put up anything I’ve written. >< Also, she knits. I love people who knit. I have no idea why.

2) Lauren from My Passion Journey is another favorite of mine. I wish she were my neighbor. I think we’d totally click. She just moved into a new house and she’s already got so many fun stories to tell. Fun fact: she’s got citrus trees in her backyard! She also has a weekly inspirational quote series which I find quite uplifting because she picks out really great quotes, not those overly-used ones.

3) Kayli who writes at Kayli Wanders. I love her blog. It’s like a breath of fresh air every time I visit. She blogs about traveling (to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen), sometimes fashion, sometimes working out, all of which I have love for. She’s always gotย  beautiful photos on Instagram, too – if I could like them twice, I would. Oh, and she was super nice and helpful when I emailed her to ask about college stuff. It’s people like Kayli who make me wish I don’t get nervous when I’m writing emails.

So these are just three more of my favorites. Come back for more! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve been feeling bad about not commenting lately. I don’t know why Firefox won’t let me comment on Blogger and pasting links into Chrome can get tiresome so please forgive me if I haven’t been commenting. I wish there was an easier way to leave comments…

Installment one of my blog lovin’ is here. And just to throw it out there, you can keep up with me on Instagram (@rightasraine – I’m lonely there and I need to post more egg pictures) and Bloglovin’ (pretty sure the button is somewhere on the right) and Twitter (@spuddybuddies) where you will see all my random rants about school updates on life.


My thoughts on Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


Yuu, Chizuru, Shizuku, Yamaken, Haru <3, Natsume, Mi-chan, Sasahara

I really liked this anime. I probably can’t exactly tell you why since I myself am not too sure but there are some things that I’m sure of. It’s stories like this that inspire me to write. I can imagine Skye’s jaw dropping after she read that. Well, that was before she, too, came to understand the beauty of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (to be known as TnK from here till the end of the post). “But the story and characters were all kinds of erratic and neurotic and messed-up,” you might say. True, but that’s exactly it.

Had I grown up in a normal environment – lead a lovely ‘perfect’ life, joined clubs in school, been at least semi-popular, been in a little clique of my own, gotten As for every subject, hung out with friends, kept up with fashion trends, listened to popular music, chatted with my friends about clothes, boys and makeup, etc. – I might have found TnK stupid, childish, unrealistic and weird. Let’s face it, after one episode, I would have left it at that, called it crazy and never come back to it.

But I grew up differently – it had its ups and downs and it’s shaped me to be who I am today and I’m okay with who I am – so I can embrace weirdness better, I guess.

If you didn’t know, I write. I love writing. Writing has been a huge part of me since I was a kid. It’s my outlet, my way of telling my story or someone else’s story, my way of letting my feelings out, my way of making stories from movies or books continue after they end, my way of creating characters, my way of rewriting endings that didn’t satisfy me. And it’s also one of my favorite ways of giving morals to stories. I am ALL about morals in stories.

I didn’t realize until very late in my teenage years that I made a lot of my characters misunderstood or vulnerable and made them go through certain things… and I fixed them along the way. They would start out in pieces but I would try to make them whole, better, more in love with themselves. Someone would come along and ‘fix’ them (do I sound like a Coldplay song already?) or they would rediscover themselves and see themselves in a better light. Know what I mean?

Why? It’s subconscious. Bits of my experience, personality and childhood are in those vulnerable characters and by ‘healing’ (for lack of a better word) them in the stories that I write, I’m making myself better somehow and I don’t know, writing could-have-beens. Like the outcomes are what should have/could have/would have been if things had been different. Does that make sense? Was that too deep and confusing? Did that make me sound like an emo kid? I’m not… haha. It’s life, you know.

AAAnyway, I suppose that’s the reason why I liked TnK so much. Because Haru and Shizuku are really weird. Weird in a good way though. They’re both outcasts and kind of ‘damaged’ in some ways but then the ending is uplifting and I really, really liked that about TnK.


Shizuku and Haru

Brief summary: Yoshida Haru is a delinquent kid who hasn’t been to school since the beginning of middle school (how awesome) because he got into a fight on the first day of middle school and people judged him and became afraid of him. He had a troubled childhood (divorced parents, mean father), is no longer close to his brother whom he looked up to and loved, but is somehow intellectually gifted.

He was sent to live with his Aunt Kyoko and cousin Mitsuyoshi from middle school onwards but because he refused to go to school anymore, his aunt became his teacher and was almost like a mother to him. Then she died and since then he has continued living with his cousin who is 8 years older than him.

I like the way Haru and Shizuku met. She was asked by the teacher to send notes to Haru since he was still suspended from school for engaging in a fight on the first day of school. Then… I won’t spoil it for you. I could write out the whole story here – I really rather like writing freaking long synopses of stories but Skye says that I like spoilers too much and a lot of people don’t so here I am, doing my best to leave the suspense wherever it belongs.

So… this would be a good time to dish out on a bit of why I love spoilers: I hate suspense. If you tell me a secret, I’ll probably forget it. Seriously, friends have told me secrets before and when they ask, oh remember the time I told you this and that? I’ll be like, no when? So yeah, your secret will be pretty much safe with me. But if you ask me to keep a surprise a secret, I’d probably fail you. Sorry but I’m just not good at hiding surprises and I hate surprises.

Tons of people hate me for the fact that sometimes I’ll be reading a book… then I’ll go right to the end and read the ending. HAHA. You’re totally screaming, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I know. I just think that if the story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere or if it’s too exciting, I need to read the ending. If the ending is satisfactory, I will continue and the thrill of reading will still be there. Really. I will enjoy the ending just as much. If the ending sucks, chances are I’ll just drop the book and never return to it. I don’t know. I just see it as if the endings are depressing/ridiculous/pathetic, why waste my time reading something that I know I won’t enjoy?


Haru being Haru. Shizuku being Shizuku.

Back to the story. Haru is a rather complex character in the sense that while he’s prone to violence, he’s actually a pretty naive and sensitive guy. The years of not going to school and being somewhat a genius may have contributed to this strange personality. He says inappropriate things without thinking twice and blurts out whatever is on his mind but he actually means well. Despite everything that he is or isn’t, he’s just an honest guy who wants to have friends and be normal though he doesn’t know how to.

Then there’s Mizutani Shizuku. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like her. She seemed like one of those cold, unfeeling characters who could be arrogant and annoying. But she wasn’t. She’s just a girl who grew up without a mother in the picture. Her father, who is a supposed failure and can’t seem to hold a job for more than a certain period of time, becomes the stay-at-home dad while Shizuku’s mother has to work far away to support their family.

Thus the lack of a maternal figure in Shizuku’s life. She dedicates her life to studying and acing all her exams because she wants to be like her mother who seems to be something of a power woman. She thinks that everything revolves around doing well academically and she won’t let anything/anyone deter her from her ultimate goal of acing her exams and being first.


Anyway, TnK’s story – it was real to me. At times, over-the-top (as most animes can be) but ultimately something I can appreciate. I like how Haru and Shizuku’s relationship was so honest and they helped each other grow. A pair of oddball teenagers discovering parts of themselves through each other, things like love and honesty and friendships. They started out with no friends, slowly gained a few and from there life suddenly looked different, better, less lonely, less self-centered. What can be better than that?

The ending was hopeful and that’s what I look for in shows and books. I love a wonderful, hopeful ending that makes you feel that it’s only just the beginning. It was left hanging but for the first time, I can appreciate an ending like that. TnK is the kind of anime I wish I thought of first. It’s beautiful.

The other characters were likeable. I liked Natsume and wish I had a friend like that. She’s protective of Shizuku, whom she calls Mitty, and is a true girl friend. Haha, the way she kept telling Yamaken that he was interfering with Haru and Shizuku’s relationship. I didn’t like Yamaken and felt like his appearance wasted time that could have been spent showing other characters. I mean, they could have showed more Nagoya – the rooster – and I wouldn’t have minded. Skye loves Yuzan who is Haru’s older brother who pops into the show now and then because he’s so cute and voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.

My other favorite character would be Mi-chan. He’s adorable and such a cool big brother figure to Haru. This would also be one of the first stories where the older guy turns down the younger girl because of an inappropriate age difference. To be honest, if Mi-chan and Natsume had gotten together, I wouldn’t have minded. Their age difference isn’t that huge and they would make a cute couple.

What else? Hmm. The art was nice. I loved all Haru’s outfits and I wish our school uniform had been that awesome. Haru’s character design did remind me of a few male leads from other shows but at the end of the show, it’s clear that Haru is of his own league. The colors used in TnK were very vibrant and fitting for the setting and mood of the show. The setting was also really beautiful – I LOVE the stairs leading up to Shizuku’s house. So dreamy and the last episode when she and Haru stood there? Loved it!

The OVA was beautiful. I loved the ending SO. MUCH.

Skye and I LOVE their soundtrack composed by Elements Garden. One of our favorites is this track called Hope. It’s a beautiful piano composition that will hopefully move you even if you haven’t/will never watch the anime. This 2-minute track perfectly describes the whole show. You’ll get what I mean after you finish watching.

The opening and ending themes were okay, nothing too special but nothing too boring.

Ohhh, I forgot to mention the voice acting. I HEART Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Haru’s seiyuu. I cannot imagine a more perfect voice for him. Kyaaaaa! Haruka Tomatsu as Shizuku was pretty darned perfect especially with that indifferent, unfeeling voice that made us LOL. I don’t know the other voice actors too well but they were good too.

Overall: 9/10. Loved it. I want to rewatch it already! Morals of the story: 1) life is about finding the shades of grey/a balance that works for you – it’s not all or nothing, 2) life doesn’t only revolve around studying and being super successful, 3) love/friendship can be found in the strangest of places (like a batting cage), 4) you can learn a lot about yourself through other people. If only life were that simple though.

Sometimes you just need a bit of weirdness in your life, even if you’re already weird to begin with. I don’t know what’s better than a weird teenage romantic comedy + slice of life anime.

Haha this may actually be one of the most personal reviews ever. I’ve included bits of myself in this post which I usually wouldn’t.

P.S: I didn’t think that the usual way I review animes would fit for this one so I just wrote it out this way. Let me know what you think.


Weekly Wishes #25


Hey everyone. How was your Valentine’s Day? We had fish and chips for lunch, sushi for dinner then slacked at home. Yay, love! How is your Monday going so far?

No nature pictures today even though I have a ton in my folder. I’m missing home a bit today so I went through last year’s pics and found this. This picture was taken just a day before we left – we miraculously found some time between all the packing and last-minute errands to walk our pup – and I would be lying if I said seeing this picture didn’t make me feel even more homesick. That’s me in flip flops and Skye in sneakers.

Anyway, small update on the weather because that’s all I ever talk about these days. Life is so interesting. The wind was supposed to be going at 100km/h last weekend but we walked to the sushi place nearby and back without so much of a sprinkle of rain or being lifted off the ground so I’m not sure what they meant by 100km/h…

Then it rained yesterday… and is still raining. Yay?

So these are last week’s goals and how I did:

1. Finally wash my new sweater. Yup. Did it. Looking forward to wearing it this week.

2. Finishing this Valentineโ€™s Day nail design. Nailed it. Pun intended. I’m funny. Wanna see what I did?


And because I’m trying to be shameless build my self-esteem, I would love if you clicked on over to my nail blog to check out the whole design. ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Finish my paper and assignment and readings. Check! Realized that the next paper is due in 3 weeks so I’m just kicking back and relaxing. Haha. As for my assignment, it was due on Friday but I logged in on Thursday thinking I would just do a couple of questions to make myself feel better and I ended up finishing the whole thing. Woooot!

4. Connect with some friends. You’re waiting to hear me say, HOORAY I did it, we chatted all night long and bonded over new stories about life lately! Sorry not sorry, I didn’t. It just feels SO good not to be on Fb, y’know? Maybe you don’t. But it is. I haven’t logged into Fb for months and I think it’s a good thing. Is there anyone NOT on Fb?!

The Nectar Collective

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Study hard and finish assignments. As always.

2. Organize our table. Stuff fell so you can probably tell that stuff needs to be rearranged.

3. Secret goal. Haha. Vaguest goal ever? I can’t say what it is right now but maybe later?

4. Start cooking up fashion posts again. Ahhhh, remember at one point I wanted to be a shoe designer? Maybe not since I don’t think I mentioned it here. Well, I still love fashion and I kinda miss doing outfit posts (that aren’t mine haha!). I used ‘cooking up’ because I just fried an egg and I’m feeling like an Egg Yoda.

Okay! That’s that. Easy enough for the week? I think not! Remember to link up with Melyssa if you’ve got some goals for the week.


Also, I think we’ve been posting pretty badass stuff lately. You may agree to disagree. Anyway, here they are –

The week before last I posted my review of Psycho Pass and I’m kinda proud of it. It was an excellent show. Come on, where my otakus at, y’all? Okay, then Skye posted her weekly art series and you should read it because there’s a cute surprise at the end of the post. Then there was my awkward encounter with my TA that ended with the lamest, shortest conversation ever. Read it to feel better about yourself haha.

Last week I wrote about the cool finds at the Asian supermarket because really, where else can you find rows and rows of chili sauce?! Then I posted about the (ever-increasing) anime in our life which, if you must know, are mostly awesome and you should definitely watch our recommended picks. Then there was blog lovin’ where I listed a few of my favorite blogs.

And so, there will be more. Soon. This week. If I stop playing this MMORPG (correct term, yes?) and get to work. Have a fabulous Monday~


Some serious blog lovin’ – part 1

Hey guys.. It seems like it’s been a long time since I shared blogs I love. I believe the last one was this? Yeah, it was back in October.

When it comes to reading books, I’m picky but fiercely loyal. If I really like something, I will not ‘betray’ it for something else. I will reread the books that I love a bazillion times just because I love it. Haha, I guess my behavior applies to blogging as well.

The favorites that I’ve found are the ones I’ve been sticking with. I haven’t actually really found any new blogs to add to my favorites list but I hope to change that. I want to find people who blog like us – random, honest, wholesome, life stuff, you know?? Or, well, any blog that just clicks with me. I have found one blog I clicked with instantly. It’ll be on my list here today, yay!

Anywaaay, this is just part one of my favorite reads so far. If you’re not here, check back next week because you’re definitely going to be there.

1. Britt who blogs at One & Twenty. I love this girl! She’s one of the first blog friends I made and I’m so glad I found her blog. She posts a weekly motivational yoga pose and has great healthy hair tips among other awesome posts. I actually started looking for ACV after reading her post on hair care. One day I would love to skip down to Texas to visit her and do her nails hehe!

2. Bailey at AkaBailey. Also one of my first blog friends who now lives in the same state as us (the word province just sounds weird), woo hoo! All her posts are awesome (and obviously so is she) and her forever crush is Justin Timberlake and I can totally respect that. ^_^ I am obsessed with her drugstore haul posts – I live vicariously through all her LUSH products and other beauty products haha.

3. Heather at Morning Glory. Guysss, I am so in love with Heather’s blog and the way she writes. I feel like we could be bffs in real life though I am not someone who believes in bfffs so that’s saying something. Her blog is in my bookmarks tab (along with all these other kickass ladies) and I get excited when I see a new post, haha I swear I’m not being creepy. I found her through Britt who obviously has good taste in blogs.

And because I think I write posts that are WAAAAAY too long and am afraid nobody will read till the end, I’ll end the list here for today and come back next week with 3 more.

In the meantime, enjoy! Leave me some of your favorite must-read blogs in the comments. I definitely want to check out blogs that you love.



2013 in review and Weekly Wishes #18


Hi everyone! Hisashiburi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess it’s only been a week but it seems like forever because within last week, we had a major transition. Can’t do the picture prompt for this week because things are a little hectic right now but thank goodness for having a spare picture in my folder somewhere. That’s me and San Francisco in the distance.

Last week’s post was rather quiet but oh well, we’re in the next week already and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!!

Have we really reached the end of 2013? This year seemed to fly by. I may say this almost every year but the days this year have really seemed to peel by faster than ever. As usual, I’ll be doing my obligatory end-of-year annual reflection which will also serve as this Weekly Wishes post.

In 2013,

I learned a lot about myself. At some points, I felt like I lost myself a bit but I think it’s good to lose sight of yourself sometimes because you discover things about yourself that you never knew existed within you. How philosophical and cliche did that sound? I have my philosophy class to blame but it’s true. Confidence and strength are two of the countless things I’ve gained this year. I guess it’s true that as you grow older you care less about what people say about you and you do things that once upon a time would have made you uncomfortable. I mean, come on, I dance on escalators now, haha.

I learned many new things and picked up a few things that I’d left hanging. Drawing is something I picked up again. I never thought I would pursue my interest in art because I always thought you either had talent or didn’t and clearly I thought my talent was nil. Haha, my lack of confidence is a bit disgusting and embarrassing but I’m glad I’m getting better at it. Now I believe anyone can do anything as long as they put their heart and best effort into it so even I may one day be a bona fide pro artist one day. Even if I don’t, I think I’d just be happy that I started drawing again. I’m glad Skye convinced me to draw again. ^__^

I also lost more weight than I ever have and I feel pretty good about myself. -insert proud emoticon- I have been working out consistently and I’m actually enjoying working out. I used to dislike exercising mostly because I had to haul myself out of bed every morning to follow my mom to the gym which wasn’t the greatest of places. The air-conditioning was always switched off, the staff was nasty and the people who frequented the gym do not know how to follow simple gym etiquette (talking loudly on cell phones, hogging all the equipment, leaving their stuff everywhere, being generally unhygienic, stuff like that). Well, eventually my mom and I stopped going and after weeks of convincing ourselves that we would work out in the comfort of our home, we finally did and now we’ve got our own gym corner. It’s fun and just shows that we don’t need a gym with fancy equipment to work out.

Skye and I finished a first rough draft of a fantasy novel. I think that calls for a HECK YEAH! It’s always been our dream to write something together. You know how sometimes you write something, forget about it along the way, find it again some time later, read it and think omg what was I thinking that is so freaking cheesy?! Yeah, well, we reread our draft and it’s actually pretty solid and we still like it. ๐Ÿ˜€ We also wrote a thriller together – so much fun and such a nice change from all the romance I was writing, haha.

Watched a whole bunch of new shows, got hooked on anime again, in the process fell in love with Japanese songs. Hmm, yeah, you can already tell by our previous posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think we have Skye’s classmate to thank for our revived interest. Here are some of the best animes we’ve watched so far: K Project, Nurarihyon no Mago, Rurouni Kenshin. And here are the good/decent ones: Hakuouki Reimeiroku, Full Metal Panic!, Spice and Wolf, Shingeki no Kyojin. Undecided on whether or not to continue these animes: Magi and Durarara!. I am sure there are way more than these few but I just can’t seem to bring them up in my mind.

I also read some excellent mangas this year: Rurouni Kenshin (first rate manga though the ending was more bittersweet than I would have liked), Natsume Yuujinchou (I only found out the manga is ongoing after I reached the supposed last chapter, haha; beautifully written and I shed a tear at almost every end of a chapter), K: Memory of Red (oh, the emotions while reading this manga… indescribable; beautiful relationships and great short stories that co-relate with the anime and novels). Currently reading: Kuroshitsuji, Natsume Yuujinchou and K: Days of Blue (Munakata Reisi is unexpectedly funny and the Blues have a strange bond). Reading mangas is different from reading books but both are great. The difference is reading mangas is like piecing your own anime together.

As for other movies, TV shows and music, it’s safe to say that we’re outdated… We only watched a couple of movies this year, are keeping up with fewer TV shows – only Person of Interest, Arrow, Elementary – and we’re completely lost on what the radios are playing these days. Yup, marching to our own beat is who we are. Seriously though, apart from Overnight by Parachute – which is a really good album – we have no idea what’s down and awesome. Even if we did, we probably wouldn’t find them awesome. We pretty much stopped listening to the radio two years ago. The ‘new’ music these days isn’t really our cup of tea. Hmm, yeah. I wrote this part a week ago and after spending a good 3/4 of a day on a plane and surfing the music folder, it’s safe to say that we are completely outdated………….

In terms of other reading material, we didn’t buy many new books but the ones that we did were really good. Mostly all thrillers. I can easily count the books we bought on both hands. Why are books so expensive?? And why does reading from a screen suck so much?

Languages. Skye and I tried learning Italian for a while. It was alright. We thought we’d be the next voice actors for Assassin’s Creed if they ever set the game in Italy again. Then we lost interest (what is this, right?) because we started watching anime again and were like, OMG WE ARE HALF-JAPANESE WHY CAN’T WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? I may or may not be kidding about being half-Japanese. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, so we left our Italian hanging but one day we’ll be back. Who knows, maybe in 2014?

I also turned 20 this year. It was a quiet affair… like seriously quiet. I didn’t even remember it was my birthday and after that I didn’t really get that post-birthday excitement that I usually get. But it was fine. I still can’t believe that I’m in my second decade now, haha.

I also learned more about life. Life is… strange. That’s pretty much all I can say about it. I wouldn’t know how to put my other thoughts into words. There were some turning points in my life this year – some trying, some relieving, some just strange – but I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

Some other highlights of the year: my last semester in college (yeeeaaaahhh!! so glad I’m done with that school), summer in California (I MISS IT SO MUCH AND I WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN), Skye finally graduating from high school (hallelujah!!) and getting accepted to college, me getting accepted to uni (after an arduous process), finding new places to eat (always a highlight) and… and okay my highlights may not be as exciting to read about so I’ll just stop.

I suppose there is one main regret that I have for this year – I wish I learned to drive. Well, I do know how to drive but I probably need a few more hours on my clock to be a certified driver, hah. I dropped out of my driving course last year because the instructor sucked big time and there were more than a few complications with the driving school. Can anyone be a driving course dropout? Yes, they can. Me, apparently, haha. Being a passenger and seeing the crazy vicious drivers on the road really put me off though. I couldn’t see myself behind the wheel at all. Sigh. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to make my debut on the road as a driver. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This about sums up 2013 for me. How was your year? Link your ‘annual reflections’ (or New Year resolutions posts) when you leave a comment. I’d like to read about 2013 from your point of view. I have loads more to tell you all but until then, Here’s to 2014, let’s meet next year!

Thanks for being awesome to us! We appreciate every one of you and promise to be better bloggers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a safe and wonderful Happy New Year wherever you are!


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