Something good

This week, I have had several moments. Some bad, some very bad, and some good. When I say very bad, I mean, having at least three moments while walking across campus, feeling extremely exhausted and defeated to the point of wanting to just stop and collapse to the floor. I literally thought, what’s the point of going any further? And wanted to just sink onto the ground and not move. The waterworks might also have turned on in the library twice this week but nobody can confirm that, can they?

I don’t want to talk about the ‘very bad’ today though. I actually want to talk about the bad which turned out to be good in some ways.

I had a phone interview this week for something I applied for (not a job) and it was my first ever phone interview, I believe. And I was calm about the whole thing until the person called. Then I was a word-spluttering tornado who sounded really disorganized even though I had a lot of important stuff to say. The point is, I likely totally bombed that interview. Which sucks, because it would have been nice to not have done that but what’s done is done.

But what I realized after the phone call and in the midst of trying not to replay the conversation over and over in my head to scrutinize (duh) is that I really enjoy talking about what I was interviewed on and I am passionate about that interest. And that solidified yet another layer in my ‘I want to be a teacher’ block.

I want to teach. I want to spread the word, shed light on important things that people should care about, share my knowledge, interact with others, discuss ideas and action plans, help them, help myself.

I spent the next morning in class, coming up with lesson plans on how to teach kids about my topic of interest. And I was shocked at myself because I always told myself that I won’t make a good school teacher. And well, okay, maybe I started decorating my dream office with cool stuff in my head.

This experience has taken me one step closer to realizing my true career goal which is to be a teacher. For that, I’m happy. Maybe I won’t become a conventional school teacher. I just know I want to teach in some way.

Also, I realized that I’m a horrible public speaker. But I try and that’s what matters.


That time I shook hands with my favorite musicians

Now you probably know that at some point in my teenage years I was head-over-heels for The All-American Rejects. If I remember correctly, we first saw the music for Gives You Hell on TV (ahem, back when we actually watched TV) and promptly decided that, yeah we like their music and they’re not half bad-looking.

Wow, writing this, it sure seems like ages since those days when in reality it was only a few years ago.

Anyway, for most of the year, it was all about Tyson, Nick, Mike and Chris. My favorite was obviously Nick Wheeler. Can I begin to count the number of Youtube videos of them we watched? No, but I swear I watched them all. Can I even begin to count the number of posts on our blog about him? No, and I’m not even going to try. They’re embarrassing anyway so they’re no longer up for public viewing -_-

But just so you know, every day was Nick Wheeler day for me.

Here’s a picture from the enormous AAR collection I used to have:


In the same year that we started listening to their music, they were on tour… and crazily enough, they were touring to our city. My sister and I were ECSTATIC. We were beside ourselves with joy and excitement. I started asking Mom if we could go.

I used to think that concerts were the most exciting musical thing anyone could attend but after going to our first concert (Backstreet Boys, holla), I changed my mind. The BSB concert was AMAZING and perfect and the best first concert experience ever but I did not expect to wait in the pouring rain for 4 hours nor fear getting separated from my family nor fear being caught in a stampede nor keep edging backwards because of the countless smokers puffing away. It was an outdoor concert. No, we do not have organized concertsย  except maybe for the Philharmonic orchestra.

I digress.

Mom agreed that we could go to the concert. So you know what I spent a whole week doing? Calling up the radio station to win free tickets. I have never been so focused on hitting the redial button haha. I sat by the radio for a few evenings in a row, trying to get my call in. It. was. frustrating. And tiring because I had to keep listening to recycled songs on the radio for hours on end. I was finally beginning to believe that my call would never get through and that the contest was somehow rigged as the tickets were snagged by other callers when I stabbed the redial button on the very LAST attempt of the day to win tickets.

And you know what happened… My call got through. Someone picked up. The DJ picked up. I could not breathe. My mind went blank. Suddenly words failed me and I had to stutter through the entire conversation with the DJ with my mom and sister urging me on from beside me. All I could say in between my stuttering was, ‘Oh my god’. It didn’t feel real.

I won 10 ‘VIP’ tickets (which were actually normal tickets… LOL brb I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of this) AND I got 2 meet-and-greet passes. HOLY CRAP.

Meet-and-greet passes… Meet-and-greet passes… I was going to meet the members of AAR.

And I did. After a lot of pushing and shoving before the concert, we got to rock out to their concert in the rain (no less) and after the concert was over, those with meet-and-greet passes were told to gather on one side of the stage.

We were over the moon. My sister and I were going to meet the AAR members. How did that even happen? How the heck were we supposed to react when we met them? What would the meet-and-greet session even be like? We had no idea. We thought we’d get to meet them at a table and gush over how great they are and ask for a hug.

Nope. None of that.

All we were allowed to do was get a picture with them as a group then leave. Um, when I say leave, I mean be physically shoved out the door by security personnel.

I was stumped. Like, um, a meet-and-greet session means meeting and greeting them, right? If not, shouldn’t it just be called a photo op? But I was still too delirious from actually seeing them in person to question so many things at that point.

Some people were bold. Some people threw themselves at Tyson, Nick, Mike and Chris even with the big security dudes pulling at them and telling them to leave. Tyson was larger than life, no kidding. Seeing those cheekbones up close? WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?

After the picture, I looked to my right and there they were, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor.

And I put my hand out without thinking much.

Mike shook my hand. That man honestly has the nicest, softest hands I’ve ever touched. He’s a real sweetheart in real life too. I mean, I didn’t say anything to him but you can just tell.

Then Chris shook my hand. :] Brb stupid smile because I can tell people what their hands felt like.

They both thanked me for coming out to the show.

Meanwhile, my sister was trapped somewhere under Tyson’s arm lol. Just kidding. I don’t know what she was doing but when I turned around, the security dudes were waving their hands impatiently, barking at everyone to get out of the tent.

My sister and I were disappointed and started to leave but at the last minute, I was like, screw it, I didn’t come this far to walk away from Nick Wheeler!!!!!!!

Now you’re thinking, she hugged him, didn’t she? SHE TOTALLY DID! SHE DID THE CRAZY FAN THING!

Um. No. I wish I did.

But no matter how I look at it, I don’t think I could ever throw myself at a celeb and squeeze the life out of them with a crushing hug. That is so NOT me. (My sister insists that I will do that to Fukuyama Jun. TIME WILL TELL! I secretly hope I do get to hug him and not regret it for a second.)

Instead, I turned around to Nick Wheeler who was holding a drink in his hand. He met my gaze (DAMMIT HAZEL EYES) and I …………….

…………. I stuck my hand out. Again.


No joke. I put my hand out.

Later I would think to myself, WHY A HANDSHAKE? WHY?

And I swear he looked at my hand for a split-second (possibly to wonder why I was being so civilized lol) before shaking it and saying, ‘Thanks for coming out to the show’.

Nick Wheeler spoke to me. I’m cryiiiiiiiing.

And that wasn’t just it. He also said, ‘Nice shirt’.

Since then I haven’t worn that shirt out. I washed it but I haven’t worn it out more than 3 times.

I fumbled over words. I don’t remember what I said but I do remember turning around to grab the back of my sister’s shirt to drag her back in front of Nick Wheeler. She, too, shook his hand.

Then we floated out of the tent, delirious. Kidding. We were barked at to get out so we did.

That’s the story.

I dunno, I’d probably ask a celeb or idol if I can hug them. If they say no, I’d be totally cool with that. I’d be happy with a handshake.

Wheels, you might not remember me but I just want to say thank you for being decent. The teenager in me will always think you’re the best guitarist on Earth and look back fondly on the crappy-quality group photo from the meet-and-greet (which I can’t seem to find). The suckiest thing about meeting a band or an actor or someone you admire is if they turn out to be douchebags but Nick Wheeler certainly wasn’t one.

P.S: Nick Wheeler has a very lovely hand and a solid handshake.

Tell me all your concert stories. Have you met your favorite musician before? Were they as nice as you thought they’d be?


I am the kind of person who…

1. Listens to Aitakute – Monkey Majik on repeat in the library/at home and attempts to sing it with dramatic hand gestures. It’s embarrassing but I don’t care. Sometimes I think I would make a great singer… then I realize I can’t hum more than 2 lines before going out of tune. Oh well.

2. Associates Fridays with new episodes of Donten Ni Warau and Garo then gets excited.

3. Puts my phone on silent mode so you shouldn’t be offended if I don’t pick up your calls. I prefer not to be reached at my phone but apparently society expects you to be on standby by your phone.

4. Prefers to be reached by instant message. Seriously, why do people not IM? And please don’t say: there’s fb chat because not everybody wants to be logged into fb while chatting (jeez why can’t people get that). Apps like Whatsapp (which apparently isn’t big here because text messages are free) are such a bother to use because, duh, it’s on the phone and the keyboard is only thaaat big.

5. Is kind of old-school and outdated and feels that people make me feel bad about being either one. Am I supposed to feel bad for not being on Instagram or all sorts of social media?! No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not knowing the latest movies/music? No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not getting whatever crappy new age reference (eg. bae which is such a stupid word, where do I begin?) there is? No. But then those judgmental looks come out and make you feel bad. ‘Have you been living under a rock?’ So what if I have?? My preference lol.

6. Finds social media bothersome and often wonders how people can even juggle so many accounts. I’m tiring of my Instagram account already and I only follow like 15 people! Let’s not even talk about how stupid I think Fb is (oh wait, I did) and how I had to make one for school purposes.

7. Has recently been going back and forth between wanting to have bangs but is too afraid of looking weird with bangs.

8. Occasionally thinks way too much of what people think of me but eventually thinks, who the eff cares?! It’s a struggle.

9. Has been sporting Christmas nails two weeks in a row and is loving the current design. I did the design in two minutes. You wanna see?

10. Is attempting to build a reasonable amount of self-esteem. So. hard.

11. Was asked yesterday what fb means. Um, Facebook, if you were wondering…..

Happy Friday.


A few things this mid-May

Hello. I know our blogging has slowed down somewhat but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped spending my free time wondering what to write about here. There are lots of stories from Vancouver to share with you guys but I never quite manage to begin and half the time I wonder if I even have a point to whatever I intend to write about.

Typical thoughts:

Okay I have pictures of food.

So what?

Uh, it was good/bad and we had it at so-and-so restaurant.


Uh, I don’t know. Are food posts supposed to have a point?



Oooh, great picture of the sunset.

So what?

It’s pretty and look at all the colors in the sky.

The story behind it is…?

Hmm I guess I don’t really have a story, I just snapped the picture while coming back from school one day and honestly I don’t even remember what happened at school on that specific day.

So there. HOW do people even do travel posts? HOW?

Moving on the other thoughts:

1. I had a REALLY weird dream last night involving my mom, my sister, Heather, Britt and Emma Roberts. No joke, you gals looked stunning in my dream. And then there were zombies. It started out as such a crazy zombie dream – we were in this building where the zombie outbreak started so we ran for the elevators where we rode it down to the first floor where we thought we’d run out and escape but then suddenly there were no more zombies, just really complacent oblivious people like those Axiom folks from Wall-E. And then we went to have doughnuts (I think) at some rooftop cafe though I have no idea how or why we ended up having a meal lol. I don’t remember the other parts of the dream (what a shame) but it was quite nice.

2. Skye finally finished reading Rurouni Kenshin (guys, take note, best manga ever) and I think she’s still kind of in that post-manga-mode where you feel detached from the real world and don’t really want to go back to it because you’d really rather be right there beside Kenshin and Sano and Kaoru and Yahiko and Aoshi and Saito because their story is amazing and they are amazing.

We’re going to start on Donten ni Warau because….. I don’t know.

3. I’ve been trying to embrace a lot of things about myself lately. I didn’t really think of myself who likes to live in the past but these few days I’ve been catching myself reminiscing a lot about the past. Does that mean I’m living in the past? I’ve just been wondering where the old me has gone. Is anyone sick of me saying that? Because I’m not. I’m just constantly trying to find that part of me that used to be fun and adventurous and full of spunk. But I don’t know where to start. Things have changed since I was 17, I’m just realizing that now. I have changed.

I’m 20. Yes, reality has slapped me coldly across the face ever since I stepped out of high school. You never really feel like there’s a barrier between the real world and your own world until school is over and you find yourself not really sure of what to do with your life. I mean I’m going to college but that’s kind of like the small picture. What’s the big picture? What do I see myself doing? I don’t know.

I’ve also been reading diary entries from a couple of years ago when I was still in school. Ignorance truly was bliss during those teenage years. Now ignorance is foolish. Maybe that’s also what’s contributing to my reminiscing. I look back and laugh at the things that used to be ‘stressful’ and ‘troublesome’ like falling out with friends and unfinished homework and exams and not getting to go out. But that’s just all part of growing up, right?

Ah, what is growing up, really? The world isn’t nice. I know, I know. A lot of you may disagree and say, that’s not true, it’s just the way you view things. But you know what, if the world really was full of niceness, why the hell are there wars and disputes and racism and sexism and jealousy and all kinds of inequalities? Sure, there are nice people, I believe that, and it would nice to think that the world is nice but honestly, the not-so-nice people outweigh the nice folks.

4. Anyway… so… it’s Sunday. Just one of those sluggish days when you don’t really feel like doing anything… at… all… But that’s what I’ve been feeling recently. It’s like I’m being beckoned to snooze… for hours but at the same time, my mind is going, nuh-uh get stuff done!!!!!!!!!!! You tell me who wins.

5. I need lists. I need to make lists and actually manage to cross off stuff on those lists.

And that is all, apparently. I thought I had more stuff to say but nope. Well then. Know that I’m still reading your blogs even if I don’t comment (why don’t I comment???).


30 random things about me

I love ‘random things about me’ tags so obviously when Bailey did it, I enjoyed reading her answers very much and decided I would pinch it from her and do it as well.

And I figured you know, it’s about time to tell y’all a bit more about myself. I don’t know if we have any new readers who would like to get to know us a bit but anyway here goes:

1. Our first concert would have been Westlife but we were too young (I think I was 7). And now they have disbanded and we have never seen them live. Yes, it’s a bit sad.

2. Things I’m not too crazy about: coffee. Really. Everyone I know likes coffee (or is a caffeine addict) and I’m just here like, no. Once upon a time, I had iced coffee and had a bad brain freeze. The end. Okay, to be fair, nowadays I’m okay with sips of coffee but otherwise I just don’t drink. Which makes me not one of those folks who say they can’t start their days without coffee.

3. When people ask me what time is bedtime and I say 10pm, people give me the WTF ARE YOU A CHILD look. Or they go, WOW I could never do that. My mom trained us to sleep early, rise early. Can I throw in a #WINNING and #SUPERHEROMOM here? I think I will. Okay #coolkidssleepat10pm.

4. I am horribly picky about the way I like my instant noodles. If you volunteered to make instant noodles for me, you’d probably have to be certified by me beforehand. No, seriously. As of now, only my mom can make instant noodles for me.

5. I have never been to a club before. Haha. I’m the uncoolest kid on the block and I don’t even care.

6. I think people who can braid their own hair have secret magic powers. Because I can’t. This would fall under the category of not being an adult.

7. My mom is the coolest person I know. She lets me borrow her clothes, she’s been a sport about going to concerts with us (and even watched all the Simple Plan videos we made her watch when we were nuts about them), she drives us everywhere (and followed me to the driving test center which is located in some shady as heck place far far away in goodness knows where and waited the whole day until I was done), she’s an amazing singer + cook, she inspired me to read and write, and come on, who the heck would I be right now without her? Also, my mom braids my hair.

8. While I don’t have a driver’s license, I am a kickass golf buggy driver.

9. I read all the books I buy even the sucky ones that I regret buying. I don’t understand people who buy 20 books and only manage to read 5 but the next time a sale rolls around, they hoard 20 more books. I’ve just been seeing posts like this around a lot and just want to ask, When are you ever going to finish those books? How do you pick books? Why don’t you finish reading the books you already have before buying new ones? Because I would want to DEVOUR the books ASAP. And I do. I will literally give the new books a wipe then start on one immediately.

10. I will not pay $3.50 for Pocky.


11. I used to play golf. Aha! Bet you didn’t know that. Classy as frick, right? We took lessons, had mini clubs and all that snazzy shiz, wore polo shirts and slacks, spent hours under the hot sun, hated it, eventually quit. There went my chance of being a mini Phil whats-his-name. Okay, I only know Sergio Garcia.

12. I am a dishwasher singer. I sing when I do the dishes. At one point, it was night after night of Maroon 5 – Out of Goodbyes. Now I sing when I mop the floor. Basically I sing when I do chores.

13. I took Mandarin lessons. I retain 1% of what I learned in the few years that I attended classes. I speak it okay, understand it well, read and write nil. But those lessons are coming in handy now that I’m learning Kanji. Score!

14. I am NOT a speed car person in any way. This was inspired by a picture of a Bugatti that someone posted on Fb saying it’s gorgeous and stuff. Since I was young, I’ve always favored monster trucks over flashy fast cars.

15. I often forget to reply to messages/emails/tweets/texts and for that I apologize.

16. I LOVE snow!! Hate me, love me, I don’t care. We didn’t get enough snow days here.

17. My heart belongs to a college town in California.

18. Skinny jeans are not for me. Even if the whole world wears them, you will not catch me in them. I don’t know how people do it but it is just not for me. They’re suffocating.

19. I believe in compassion and empathy.

20. I also believe in quality toilet rolls and pillows.

Quality toilet paper ftw.

21. I currently identify myself as an otaku. Nothing to be ashamed of.

22. I have never fit into any cliques and probably never will but it’s fine.

23. At some point, I was obsessed with Missing You by John Waite. I listened to it on repeat any chance I could get. I still love it very much.

24. One of my favorite movies of all time has to be Waitress. If you have watched it, let me know how you liked it.

25. Teasing Skye is my secret hobby. She will laugh when she reads this.

26. I’m excited for Game of Thrones season 4. I was trying to write a post about this but it has since… stalled. So I’ll throw it in here. Who are your favorite GoT characters (because you can’t just give one)? I love Jamie, Brienne, Tyrion, Jon Snow (that perpetual sulky face though), Arya, Jorah and Daenerys duh. If you have the books, be a dear and lend them to me haha.

27. I would like a jigsaw puzzle set for my birthday this year. Something like this.

28. I also would like a Minnie Mouse cake for my birthday this year as I have failed to get one for the past 2 years. A Minnie Mouse drawn with piping jelly ONLY like this. I don’t want printed Minnie Mouse or a 3D Minnie cake. I’ve been searching high and low for cake stores that still do piping jelly but… but there are none. ๐Ÿ™

29. I’m secretly 3 years old at heart.

30. I could really use a peach Danish pastry right now. You have NO idea how much I LOVE peach Danish pastries… But I haven’t eaten it in a long time.


And that sums up the end of this tag. This somehow turned into a whole essay, didn’t it? I should’ve thrown that in: have a tendency of turning everything into a story.

So now I tag you! If you do do it, tweet me so that I can hop over and read your random facts. ๐Ÿ™‚ No, you don’t have to do 30 but if you do, awesome.


Things I miss about home

Today’s post is… about homesickness and all the things I miss about home.

It’s weird to say ‘home’ because where I come from doesn’t exactly feel like home so when I say ‘home’, I usually mean the house I grew up in. But in this case, it’s the things I miss about home and some of the things from where we come from. Have I confused you enough yet? Don’t leave, we’re just getting to the bittersweet sad nostalgic+homesick parts.

I miss the coffee hangout sessions with Skye and our mom. Truth: all the weight we gained last year and the year before? It’s all the weekend trips to the mall that usually end with us sitting at a table in Coffee Bean or San Francisco Coffee, sipping on coffee and occasionally having cake (especially around Christmastime). I miss sitting at ‘our’ table, chitchatting about everything/nothing and just whiling away the afternoon. curry1

Curry. I miss good spicy curry. I miss all kinds of curry. I miss curry with rice/noodles. I want curry now. I like my rice swimming in curry. I like anything with curry. Curry everything!!!


I miss dim sum. I’m sure there are lovely dim sum places here but they’re probably expensive as all heck. Okay, back home, dim sum isn’t exactly cheap but I’m going to place a safe bet that it’s somehow cheaper than here. I cry, just thinking about how I took dim sum for granted. Fried yam dumplings, I love thee.

I miss Nando’s peri-peri sauce. Seriously. They’re freaking expensive here and for such a small bottle too. I wish we had hoarded Nando’s sauce and brought them along.

I also miss my bed. I miss my bed so much. And my pillow.

And the malls. Not the people in the malls. But just the malls in general. There are 10x more things to see and do than here.

Oh, and I also miss the fact that at home, we have an upstairs and downstairs. Here it’s just one measly tiny space. I can’t believe I took my house for granted. All that glorious space, how I regret not using theeeeeeeee.


Most of all, I miss our pup. He’s the naughtiest little thing ever but he holds such a special place in my heart. I miss seeing his silly antics, his ‘it wasn’t me who brought down the flower pot’ look, his bright and mischievous eyes, his wet – sometimes dry – leathery nose, his lopsided grin, his endless energy, his ridiculously strong will to do anything to get his way (beagles, you know), the way he drags us during walks, the way he slowly succumbs to baths (the most precious sight is seeing his ‘get this bath over with already!’ face), the way he will sometimes wink at us, the way he always sits up and begs whenever he sees food, the way he figures things out quickly almost like an intelligent child (he learned to open the door and to whine whenever he topples his water bowl over and wants us to refill it).

I miss his presence. I wish he could have come with us but that’s just wishful thinking.

Here he is, looking in with that wildly curious and intelligent look.pup2

Who wouldn’t miss this face? I miss you, baby!

Okay, I’m crying (sort of). I will sign off now.


Year in review: 2012

Frankly I don’t remember much about this year. When I’m in the moment, minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days and so forth, but at the end of the day, I look back and realize that time flies faster than light. I haven’t blogged in a while, so I’m feeling kinda rusty right now. I thought a lot about writing art- and video game-related posts but somehow they don’t seem to fit here and I’m saving it to write a book about learning art when I get better. Also, I recently started writing for a video game website and I’m more than just a little proud of it because I hope that it’ll grow into something bigger, just that all the co-writers need to cooperate and make time to write more.

I’m going to start with what I feel is most important which is art. This year, I was officially acknowledged as an ‘artist’ because my mom and sister bought me a sketchpad (yay!) AND my brother asked me for my opinion on his art (I’m grinning so widely now). I’m taking art much more seriously than I did last year. Of course there are the bad days when I think that I’ve got no potential to draw, but on the good days, I’m flying as high as the sky. Whenever I fall, I get back on my feet and keep trying. I understand that the beginning is an endless struggle. It’s a test because you can either choose to stop learning all at once or keep going despite your mistakes. I believe my determination and effort will pay off in the future.

The beautiful thing about art is it makes me easily inspired by everything around me, or maybe it’s just me. I also want to prove myself worthy of owning a graphics tablet (unlike what happened between me, guitar lessons and a Takamine). It’s going to take years but, anyway, art is a never-ending experience since we will never fully learn it. Right now I’m working on a portrait of Kristen Bell. I actually LOVE drawing faces (something I’ve been avoiding for years). So excited to get better! I hope to inspire many others whether they want to take up art or looking for novel-writing material and here’s an inspirational quote I saw on DeviantART to go with what I just said: “If you can write, you can draw.”

I found the picture above on Tumblr recently and I experienced some indescribable feeling the moment I set my eyes on it, so here it is. I don't know who the artist is, sadly. I would've posted one of my own pieces but I don't take many pictures of my art.

I found the picture above on Tumblr recently and I experienced some indescribable feeling the moment I set my eyes on it, so here it is. I don’t know who the artist is, sadly. I would’ve posted one of my own pieces but I don’t take many pictures of my art.

Moving on to the counterpart of my passion for art – video games! Why is it called the counterpart? Because both are responsible for shaping my once negative personality into everlasting positivity. No kidding, despite what everyone is reading on the world news. And this year was the first year I followed live E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) coverage. It was pretty exciting, watching those trailers and Tweeting ‘Happy E3 Week’. ๐Ÿ™‚ On a side note, two games I didn’t complete were Alan Wake and I Am Alive. Both storylines caught my eye and actually inspired me greatly but the gameplay was disappointing.

I played Crysis 2 earlier this year. The beginning was kinda dull and confusing because I had no idea how to get past the first few maps. Fighting aliens and ‘Pingers’ was what made me sit up and go, hey, I’m not sleepy, playing this game anymore. As the story progressed, I became more interested. I wanted to talk about this game because I felt that Alcatraz’s (in the picture above (he’s a human in a robot suit, BTW)) ending was mind-boggling and unfair. I won’t explain because it’ll be too long, so… But I’ll definitely be getting the sequel next year. Been keeping up with The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 video series and it looks promising.

OHEMGEE, I’ve been waiting for this part. I played both Portal games somewhere in the middle of the year. All I can say is, this brainteaser game is freakin’ amazing. I love how the storyline is so simple yet incredibly effective and how likeable all the characters are. Everything about Portal screams triple A title, especially the humor. This game made me more than just a little smarter and I’m not even trying to be a salesman here! The best part is that anyone can play it and I mean anyone. Thanks to my brother who is an equally big fan of the game, I own a stuffed Weighted Companion Cube toy. Whee! That’s GLaDOS in the image above (right), by the way (to my sister and mom who are wondering who my brother and I frequently mention in conversations). One of the best games in the video game world, ask anyone!

Screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Another screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Another screenshot from my AC3 gameplay

Of course, I played Assassin’s Creed 3. That’s not even a valid question anymore. I avoided spoilers for weeks after the PS3 and 360 release. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth it. A new hero called Connor was introduced. He had pretty big shoes to fill in, which is why his character probably fell flat. Ezio, the main character of the Renaissance trilogy, had so much personality. Introducing a new main protagonist is difficult. Wordy details aside since I might end up writing a full-blown review, this sequel left me disappointed in many ways, but I did gain more knowledge about the American Revolution. I still have faith in the next game next year though!

Last month, I was introduced to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I haven’t stopped playing since and I don’t think I will any time soon. My eyesight is going, Oh dear. I can’t believe I’m addicted to the video game everyone used to talk about… Oh, I also played Battlefield 3. I’m late, I know, because my PC crashed repeatedly during the incredibly exciting right-out-of-an-action-movie prologue so I gave up for months. It’s a decent game, though I prefer the Bad Company series.

2012 in video games was boring compared to last year. That’s about to change when the clock strikes midnight. In 2013, my highlights include the Tomb Raider reboot (stoked because we need more action-adventure video games for PC), Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light (big fan of post-apocalyptic games, especially this one), Battlefield 4 (probably because the next year will most likely be BFBC3 year), unannounced Call of Duty game, Assassin’s Creed 4 (hopefully a new setting?) and Watch Dogs (sounds like an interesting game concept).

A big accomplishment this year was writing a book with T. Nope, not the NaNoWriMo. Just me, T and a random date. Inspired by our sudden unhealthy obsession for Robert Crais and Barry Eisler books (also crime/fiction and thrillers), we decided one day that we would write a book together in hopes that we will inspire others the same way these two authors inspired us. So we did. We got to work and it worked out at the first try. We wrote a complete story. This was also my first time showing T a story written by me. It really put my confidence to a test. I got cold feet and I couldn’t stop talking when she read it because she, being the pro and all. We hope to publish it soon once we’re fully sure that it’s ready to be sent out to the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

Honorable mention, since T already covered the TV show part: Person of Interest. I think we like it because John Reese and Harold Finch are respectable (and total dreamboats; this is for my mom) and because the female characters (protagonists and femme fatales) are all strong. And I’d like to mention The Big Bang Theory since my mind has been singing, The whole universe was in a hot, dense state all day long. Everyone is so cool, especially Sheldon Cooper!

Okay, I’m stuck because I have no idea how to end this. Should it be with wise words of advice? Or what my New Year’s resolutions are? You know what? Neither. Or maybe just a little advice: Hold your head up high in 2013 and don’t let society knock you down just because you don’t succumb to mainstream BS (sorry, this word just feels right).

Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year! Don’t drink and drive!

(Pictures from Google Images)

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