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Lens for Сamera. FED.


 FED-5 Russian Rangefinder 35mm Camera INDUSTAR-61 L/D 2.8/50 Lens CLA'd


Metal + Plastic 35mm film LEICA/ ZORKI /FED cassette TAKE-UP SPOOL




INDUSTAR-61 "ZEBRA" 2.8/53mm soviet lens Leica M39 Zorki FED RF USSR


INDUSTAR - 61 2.8/53 mm Leica Soviet lens M39 Zorki FED RF


Soviet Lens INDUSTAR - 61. 52mm f 2.8 mount m39 Leica Zorki FED RF.


INDUSTAR-61 L/D 2.8/55 mm Leica lens M39 Zorki FED RF made in USSR


Industar-61 L/D 2,8/53-55mm FED Rangefinder Lens M39 LTM MADE IN USSR


Jupiter 8 2/50mm M39 FED Zorki Leica RF Silver Soviet Lens Sonnar L39 JS8013


INDUSTAR-26M 2.8/52 mm Soviet RF lens (FED, ZORKI, Leica) M39


INDUSTAR-61 L/D 2.8/55 Russian Lens M39 / m42 Sony Fed Zorki Olympus


EARLY EDITION RUSSIAN USSR "FED 2" camera + Industar-26m lens, f2.8/50mm (2)


FED industar-10 3.5/50 F3.5 50mm Soviet Elmar collapsible USSR Lens Leica LTM


FED-5 Rangefinder Soviet Copy Leica Film Camera w/s lens industar-61L/D SUPER


INDUSTAR-61 L/D 2.8/55 Russian Lens M39 Fed Zorki Olympus Lumix Fujifilm


Retro Rangefinder Camera FED 35A Industar-81 Lens F/2.8 38mm Automatic Rare USSR


INDUSTAR 61 "ZEBRA" f2.8 52mm Leica Zorki FED soviet lens USSR №6816322


FED 3.5/50mm Rangefinder collapsible lens M39 screw 8-blades #032890


Lens cap Front Chrome Metal FED D36/A36 Ø36mm for Elmar/FED/Industar-10/-22/-50


Soviet Lens INDUSTAR - 61 ld 55 mm f 2.8 mount m39 Leica Zorki FED RF.


Yellow light filter FED ЖС-17 for russian cameras Zorki, Industar 22


Soviet Lens INDUSTAR - 61 (2,8/52) (M 39). Leica Zorki FED RF. USSR.


Industar 61L/D 2.8/50 M39 Soviet Lens for FED Leica Zorki (Tessar)


RARE FED-1 35mm SOVIET Rangefinder Film Camera copy Leica ws lens FED


Soviet lens ! INDUSTAR 26M I-26M 2.8/52 mm Leica M39 Zorki FED Canon Sony


FED-5S ФЭД-5С 35mm film camera BODY M39 LTM lens mount USSR Leica copy FINE cond


JUPITER-3 LENS - vintage USSR - for FED Zorki Leica camera - with original case


Soviet Lens INDUSTAR - 26M Red P. (2,8/50) (M 39). FED. USSR.


Fed-1 Leica copy from Russia - 1950's - excellent overall condition


SOVIET LENS INDUSTAR-26M USSR ,RED P, 2.8/52 mm Leica lens M39 Zorki FED RF


FED 1 type G Rangefinder Camera Body (LTM, M39, Russia, Russian) #470


FED (INDUSTAR 10).Collapsible rangefinder lens.M39.EXELLENT Condition! #009209


Sawyer's 8mm Kodachrome Movie Scene Glacier Fed River And Mount Rainer Splice In


Fed 3 - M39


Vintage Federal Bakelite Fed Flash Camera Type A


FED 2, rangefinder camera, Industar-26M 50/2.8 m39 mount, Serviced, CLA'd