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Ancient Coins Ngc

135-37 BC Widows Mite NGC Certified - Maccabean Kings


AD 364-378 Bronze Roman Coin NGC - Roman Christian Emperors


AD 222-235 Silver Denarius Roman Coin NGC - Roman Empire


AD 253-260 Silver Double Denarius Roman Coin NGC - Roman Age of Chaos


Ancient Greece 465-455 BC Athena Transitional Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin NGC XF


Roman Empire Trajan Silver Denarius Ad 98-117 Ancient Silver Coin Ngc Certified


NGC AU. Alexander the Great Drachm. Scarce issue of Abydus. Ancient Greek coin


NGC VF Roman Empire Diocletian Ancient Coin AD 284-305 Bi Nummus Rare Coins $$


Cappodocia, Caesarea Hemidrachm of NERO NGC Choice Fine 4/3 Ancient Coin


NGC AU. Gordian III. Stunning Double-Denarius. Ancient Roman Silver Coin


Widows Mite Ancient Coin NGC Certified Authentic Grade A High Quality!!!




NGC XF. Hadrian. Exquisite Denarius. Ancient Roman Silver Coin.


Pontius Pilate Coin,Judean Bronze Prutah NGC Certified,& Story Certificate


2000 Year Old Widows Mite Guaranteed Authentic (103-76 BC) NGC Certified


✯Ancient Coin Estate Lot ✯ Roman Greek Byzantine✯ Bronze Silver Gold BC Money ✯


The Lost City of Ancient Greece ,Thessaly NGC Graded Coin(F)


Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Hadrian (AD 117-138) NGC VF SKU52255


Roman Empire Augustus Denarius NGC VF Ancient Silver Coin


Pegasus Corinthian Corinth 4th Century BC NGC AR Stater Beautiful Centered Coin


Roman AE of Constantine I, the Great (AD 272-337) NGC (VF)


Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (393-294 BC) - NGC Choice XF


Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (440-404 BC) - NGC VF!


Widows Mite Ancient Coin NGC Certified Authentic Medium Quality


Vespasian Silver Denarius Minted 73 AD. Clasped hands holding Poppies NGC + COA


CARIA, Mylasa. Electrum 1/48 Stater (Perhaps Plated), NGC Ch F


Caria, Isl Of Rhodes Hemidrachm NGC Choice VF Ancient Silver Coin


Lycia, Masicytes Hemidrachm Lycian League NGC XF Ancient Coin


Claudius I with Agrippina Junior. AD 41-54. AR fourree denarius, NGC VF


AD 641-668 Byzantine AE Follis NGC - Constans II


Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (440-404 BC) - NGC Choice XF, Test Cut


Roman Imperatorial. Albinus Brutus. 48 BC. Stunning Denarius Silver Coin, NGC VF


Thrace, Apol. Pontica c.4th Cetury BC - AR Diobol - NGC VF


Egypt, Alexandria Nero Bl Tetradrachm NGC Choice Fine Ancient Coin


Greek Isl Euboea Histiaea Silver Tetrobol 3rd-2nd Centuries BC NGC Ch VF


Roman Empire Otacilia Severa. AR Double-Denarius. Saecular Games Issue NGC CH AU




Gallienus. AD 253-268. Antoninianus. Samosata mint. NGC MS


Widows Mite Ancient Coin NGC Certified Authentic Premium Grade Highest Quality!


NGC XF. Faustina Sr. Stunning Denarius. Mother of Marcus Aurelius. Silver Coin.


NGC AU. Geta as Caesar. Oustanding Denarius. Brother of Caracalla. Silver Coin


Beotia, Thebes - c.425-375 BC - AR Hemidrachm (2.43g) - NGC Ch VF 5/5-3/5


NGC XF. C. Vibius C.f. Pansa. Stunning Denarius. Roman Republic Silver Coin.