A short post about music and movies

Good evening! Let’s start my post with a lovely picture of the sunset. It’s funny how the same sky and sun that we all live under can look so different in another country.


I guess this is the part where I type hashtag ‘no filter’.

Moving on to the movies I watched recently and what’s new on my music playlist because I just, you know, find strange joy in updating everyone about my latest interests.

I watched Focus on the plane. The story begins with how con man Nicky met Jess, an amateur con artist. He takes her under his wing and she soon becomes even better at his game of cheating. In the process, they become a couple. Nicky decides he doesn’t want romance mixing in his type of lifestyle and breaks up with her. A few years later, he meets Jess again. This time, she’s a professional con artist, but he doesn’t know it yet.

Without giving any spoilers away, I found the synopsis a little misleading because it sounded as if the movie was about Nicky meeting Jess years later. In reality, half of the movie was about how they met and how things went from there. The ending seemed a little underdeveloped and rushed for me.

To my surprise, I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I thought it was just another action/romance flick, but I was deeply entertained by the chemistry between Nicky and Jess. Margot Robbie as the sexy and sophisticated Jess was absolutely delightful to watch. I was surprised to find out that she’s Australian. Will Smith as the lead was surprisingly different in a good way.

I also watched Cinderella. Finally. I think the story emphasizes a very important message that everyone should remember: Have courage and be kind. I loved how the modern retelling of this fairytale explored new themes like perseverance, loss, and humbleness. The Prince had his own story, which made him better than the usual romantic blockhead in previous adaptations.

Cate Blanchett did a stellar performance as the Stepmother. Lily James as Cinderella was perfect in looks and expressions, though she could’ve been a little less breathy and little more natural. Richard Madden as Kit/the Prince was incredibly charming. His looks remind me of a young Brad Pitt. Loved and enjoyed the movie. Oh, and the ending song, “Strong” by Sonna Rele, is beautiful in a magical Disney way!

I watched the Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of documentary. It made me sad in many ways because I was reminded of what entertainers have to go through while trying to put on their best show for fans. They have to smile through the thick and thin just to live up to public expectations. It made me think twice about my teenage dream to be a singer (haha). The documentary is a real treat for fans who love the Backstreet Boys. I wish that they included performances in the documentary, though.

I listened to music for more than an hour on the plane (a really fantastic way to make time pass quicker). I’m actually glad I picked up Taylor Swift’s new album during the summer because I listened to a great deal of her songs. It was fun, though the woman sitting beside me was probably highly irritated by my singing.

I also listened to my first Korean pop album… ever. I always knew I would have a K-pop phase because I love dance pop and electropop music; it was just a matter of when it would happen.

The Korean girl group is called AOA (short for Ace of Angels) and the album is Like A Cat. Catchy pop songs with a touch of amazing R&B? I had this album on repeat. I watched some of their dance videos and was reminded that Korean bands/groups have extremely tight training schedules to perfect their performances and public image. I was impressed. Synchronized dancing? Not something anyone can do. Dancing on high stilettos and in whatever outfits their managers/stylists decide? Definitely not an easy task.

If I had to pick my favorite out of the AOA members, I would probably say Choa because of her distinctive voice and her bold, blond bob that totally suits her. Yes, I’m totally in my K-pop mode right now, talking about the members and all!

That’s all from me today.

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