Being sisters in college: annoying things

All my sister and I ever wanted was to go to school together. And bam, now we are. We’re a couple of years apart in age so we only got to ‘go to school together’ for two years in elementary school and another year in high school. By that, I mean we were in different grades but the same school.

What I never imagined was to receive so many strange remarks or witness strange behavior from people upon hearing that we are sisters. I would even go so far to say that some behavior we have been shown is discrimination.

Here are some examples of annoying things (ranging from mildly annoying to very annoying) that people do or say to us. Also take this as a guide of what NOT to say to sisters.

Category 1: Not seeing the similarities.

“So you’re relatives? Cousins?”

Apparently we don’t look alike to some people.

“I thought you were best friends.”

Apparently we look like friends.

“You’re sisters?”


These first 3 aren’t too bad since most of the time they’re harmless comments.

“I looked at the name list and wondered why there were two of the same names!”

Gee, I don’t know, maybe because our names AREN’T the same and you’re only looking at the first half of our names. Our names are actually quite unique so the logical conclusion would be that there are TWO of us and we’re related.

Category 2: Not seeing the differences.

“You and your sister have the same name.”

Because that’s what parents do. They name all their children the same name because they enjoy being amused when all the kids answer to one name.

Dad: “JOHN!”

And five kids (boys and girls) come rushing into the living room.

Dad: “Which of you broke the TV?”

All the kids: “JOHN DID.”

Now the parents are going to have a good time figuring which kid broke it because OOPS they gave all 5 of their kids the same name.

“Oh, you’re the twins!”

No? After twice from the same person, this comment gets old really fast.

“You look so alike, I can’t tell the difference!” (after seeing us more than twice)

I call bullshit on that because even identical twins have slight differences and guess what, we are not identical twins.

“Oh okay, whatever, I just know you two as twins.”

Thanks for your display of ignorance. I now know who to not waste my time on.

“You even eat the same food.”

Why? Is it that strange? My sister and I grew up on our mom’s cooking and as a family we ate out together at the same places so is it that strange to acquire the same liking towards certain types of food?

“Where is your sister?”

When only one of us shows up. Said in different tones, this can either be harmless or annoying. Annoying when they give you that ‘WHY is only one of you here? WHY?’. I don’t know, do identical twins go everywhere and do everything together? Oh wait, we’re not identical twins!

Assortment of other strange things:

The ‘who is older’ game.

This is fun because hearing people’s answers are in and of itself a sociological experiment.

Example of answers – #1: ‘you (my sister) because you’re taller’. Gee, that was an intelligent and totally accurate guess because HEIGHT is a valid way to estimate someone’s age.

#2: ‘you (me) because you have a more mature look’. One of the most interesting answers yet. Acceptable too.

Placing us on opposite ends of the classroom for a test.

You know, in case we wink, wink, nudge, nudge. We can totally send each other code through brainwaves.

Giving us strange looks when we happened to get the same score on a test.

Because we can really totally send each other messages in the form of brainwaves. I don’t think the same look would be given if a pair of friends got the same score on a test.

Giving us things (eg. test papers, envelopes, packages) and asking us to sort it out between the two of us because apparently people cannot be bothered to learn who is who.

Like, here you go, I can’t tell who is who.

??? Really?

Telling us that we should do our presentations on different days.

Reason: because there will be more variety.


Apparently because we sit together and wear the same glasses. If that makes sense to you, raise your hand.

People actually think that my sister and I will make a presentation that will be SO alike in nature that the whole presentation time will lack ‘variety’.

Bringing us back to the identical twin thing. Even identical twins don’t have the SAME personalities, jeez.

I can bet you that people who have seen us present before know that we do NOT lack variety because we have different styles.

Having professors reply to my sister’s email thinking that she’s me.

“I already sent you an email about xxx the other day.”

Awkward moment when my sister has to explain that she’s not me. This is actually fine since somehow our name shows up as the same in our emails. We do sign off differently though so…

Staring at us questioningly when we insist that sharing one drink is fine.

I don’t know why people don’t bat an eyelid when friends share food and drinks but look at us as if we’ve done something completely out of this world when we share food and drinks.

I don’t get it.

Making comments like ‘it’s so cute that you wore matching hoodies’ with an underlying mocking tone as if to suggest that we’re lame to dress the same.

When we heard this, we looked at each other’s hoodie and were like wtf? Because we didn’t even realize that we were wearing the same color. So yeah. We did NOT come to school matchy matchy but if we did, so what?

People do that with their BESTIES and it’s fine.

Basically people give us strange looks and make strange comments about us for doing or saying things but wouldn’t to a pair of friends.

I wrote this meaning to sound light-hearted but reading back, it’s dripping with sarcasm. Haha. Oh well.

Have you gone to school with a sibling before? Any interesting sibling stories to share?

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