First craft fair in the US

Hello friends! Last weekend we went to our very first craft fair since coming here last August. It was hot on both days that we went but it was so much fun. This craft fair is the same one our mom attended when she went to school here too!! Crazy, I know.

We didn’t end up buying anything since things were either too expensive or not really to our taste but we browsed a lot and ate a lot. I only have food pictures so bear with me.

Keeping up with the family tradition, I headed straight for the snow cone stall. Mom told us that during her time, her friend worked at the snow cone booth and he actually gave one to her. Unfortunately, the snow cone vendors are now outsiders so we had to pay for them haha.

The girl told me I could pick two flavors so obviously I picked pink lemonade and root beer (pink lemonade for me, root beer for my sister). And if you can’t tell, I chose the largest size. It was SO refreshing!! cfair-icecream

We walked around, looking at all the neat crafts, then decided we were hungry for an ice cream so the ice cream truck it was. We shared this banana split ice cream – banana flavored ice cream with bananas, strawberries, nuts, fudge and sprinkles. The whole works in one scoop! It was heavenly. I’m dreaming of the taste as I write this.cfair-garlicfries

Next, we had garlic fries. It was the most surprising thing I tried because I didn’t expect real garlic paste to be used. It was really good but there was too much garlic at the end and it got too ‘spicy’ for me. My sister finished it right up though so you know who loves a good bowl of garlic fries… ;Pcfair-cinnamonroll

On the second day we went, we walked around some more but mostly we were there to try more fair foods. So here’s our cinnamon roll which a friend said was the best thing ever. The frosting and nuts cost extra but we didn’t want those so we got a plain roll. If anything, I hate frosting on any kind of pastry (also don’t care for whipped cream).

So how did it taste…? It was okay, too sweet; definitely prefer my mom’s apple cinnamon bread more. It was also only after we bought it that I realized that it wasn’t an APPLE cinnamon roll. They only sold cinnamon rolls but excited me jumped to conclusions and thought there were apples inside. Would have been ten times better with apple though.cfair-hotdog1

I really wanted a hot dog. I told my sister this: I really want a hot dog. I’m going to get a hot dog. Can we get a hot dog? Hehe, sometimes I wonder who is older.

I got a chili cheese dog. It was salty. But it satisfied my hot dog craving. I haven’t had a hot dog in a long time. The last time I had a hot dog, it was last year at Costco and I barely remember eating that plain ol’ dog so that doesn’t count.

We actually wanted to try the tri-tip sandwich but the lines were long…cfair-icecream2

Don’t tell Mom but we ran back to the same ice cream truck to try and score more banana split ice cream. BUT! There was none. -cue emo Disney soundtrack- They changed up their flavors every few hours and banana split was obviously long gone so we tried two other flavors instead. One of them had Oreos and the other had toffee bits.

The Oreo-flavored one was better but not as yummy as the banana split one. T_T

And that about sums up our food adventure at the craft fair. Not pictured here is a tostada (not bad) and a bag of kettle corn (popcorn come to me). I know it doesn’t seem like we ate a lot since there was TONS of other food to try but we did our best (and also we didn’t want to spend too much).cfair-basilpasta

Then we came home on the second day and made our favorite tomato and basil chicken pasta. It’s obvious how much we love this pasta. Fairly easy and sooooo delicious.

We haven’t had that much sugar in a while so later that day we felt kind of sick haha. Oh well. We had lots of fun at our first craft fair! Looking forward to more. Another thing we scored over that weekend? A tan. Yeah, now we’re totally Californians, tanned and all.

Can you imagine what we’d be like at a food fair?! You’d better hang onto my wallet for me while I drool over ice cream.

How’s your week going? Have you been to a craft fair lately? Your favorite craft fair? Favorite fair foods?!

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