Mid-week music interlude: Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemistry

Hello friends, it’s that time again. When we find a song we like and write about it. I believe the last music post was Monkey Majik’s Gravity which was over a year ago.

What brings us to this post then? Chemistry. Not the science subject. The band. GOOD STUFF. Trust me, it’s hard enough trying to look them up without including the word ‘band’ at the end of the word ‘Chemistry’. They are a R&B/pop Japanese band and I honestly never thought one day I would like R&B this much. I also never thought I would ever type the words ‘R&B’ and ‘Japanese band’ in the same line.

But there you have it. (Mom, don’t flip out at their picture.)


Dochin; Kaname

The band consists of Yoshikuni Dochin and Kawabata Kaname. They can sing. I won’t lie; we looked up their concert video once to see if they could sing live as well as the album tracks and they are the real deal. Brb I’m crying because their voices are beautiful.

Initially we couldn’t tell their voices apart and we thought only one of them sang while the other played an instrument. Nope, both of them sing and now that we’ve listened to their songs about, oh I don’t know, a thousand times, it’s obvious whose voice is whose.

We only had 5 of their songs before this: Life Goes On (side K and side D), This Night, Ai No Wa (ugh, favorite), Period, and Brand New Season, and all of them are EXCELLENT.

The story about how we came to listen to a ton of Chemistry songs goes like this: one day I said, we need to find new music to listen to because we were beginning to get into one of those music ruts. Then on a separate occasion, we were talking about the Life Goes On dance video that I found long ago which I found amusing.

Also, the story behind how we discovered the band Chemistry in the first place: we watched Antique Bakery (laugh-out-loud and actually interesting show, please check it out) and the opening theme was Life Goes On (side K) and the ending theme was an instrumental Life Goes On. The rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway my sister loaded said video:

And subsequently, we enjoyed it so much that we went to look up more songs by Chemistry. We loaded their 2010 Regeneration Tour and the rest, again, is history. What a treasure trove of good songs we stumbled upon.

I don’t know how many times we’ve watched their concert video but rest assured, we’re this close to learning their dance moves. I kid about the dance moves but not about the repeats. I also oddly do not mind their strange outfits and think Dochin’s gold pants are fancy. Brb laughing to myself.

Some of our favorites we found from their 2010 concert include: Go Alone, Yoake Dawn, Crossing, Floatin’, Once Again, Superstar, Here I Am.

Then we found this gem and the number of repeats has gone off the charts. They collaborated with a dance group called Synergy and produced a few good songs coupled with some pretty good dancing. Here you go:

Chemistry – Shawty repeat count so far? I lost count but if the repeat counter is correct, we’ve listened to it over 100 times in just 3 days. That count is probably inaccurate since those 100 times were on my sister’s computer. LOL I think at least 200 views alone on Youtube have been from us.

It might be just me but the word shawty sounds quite weird coming from them. I don’t care. We love it so much.

This Night – Chemistry

Have a winter version of Aishisugite.

Other favorites we’ve found: Merry Go Round, Aishisugite (which means I love you too much and has such a wonderful piano intro), Kimi no Kisu, A Better Tomorrow, Move On and Together (such a fun song that makes us dance). The acoustics are amazing but they don’t have too many of those on Youtube so no video here boo šŸ™

We’re embarrassing. We’ve been dancing (us, dancing, what?) and karaoke-ing. A. LOT. Like nobody’s business. Those who do not want to karaoke with us are not allowed. Possibly the only apartment playing Japanese music… Hmm… This post is surprisingly mild even though I’m doing internal star jumps and cheesy dance moves because I LOVE their music.

Sadly, the band has gone hiatus and it’s hard to say when they’ll be back since they seem to be quite happy doing their own solo projects. :'( STOP IT, COME BACK! We’re not thrilled about their solo albums but after being together for 10 years, I suppose a break will do them good?

If they ever get back together, you know we’re going to be at their concert. At the same time, we’ll go seek out Fukuyama Jun and take a selfie with him. My inner lovestruck teenager wants to squeal and draw hearts around his name. Ahem, nothing.

My sister wants to make it clear that she absolutely loves Chemistry. And so do I.

And then I realized that this post is WAY too mild and doesn’t manage to express my delight and joy towards Chemistry so have this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CHEMISTRY SO MUCH AHDJASKLFJSLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO TO THEIR CONCERT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! JSDLFJSDLFASDASJDL!!!!!! My true feelings have been conveyed.

Now that this post is out, back to our Chemistry concert. Over and out. Enjoy.

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