Confusion of my mind

I’m feeling a bit blue today, no idea why. I just came home, sat down and suddenly felt kind of bleh.

I had a Ferrero Rocher this evening but it didn’t do much for me. It tasted good but that’s about it.

And then I recently made the ‘mistake’ of creating a new Facebook account for college life and stuff. I hate Facebook. It’s full of fake people and boring stuff. Nobody needs to know what is going on in other people’s lives every minute of the day, jeez.

But yeah I made one because stupid societal pressure. College life somehow requires you to have one to keep up with updates like college events, club events, homework sometimes, group work, whatever the hell else is up there that they can’t post on a freaking web site because they assume that everyone has Fb.

You know why Fb is bad for people like me? Because we don’t add 2000 people that we don’t even know and keep our circle exclusive. When other people see that you only have 100 friends, they wonder what is wrong with you. They might question your friend-making skills but seriously, who the eff even has 2000 friends?

I also don’t add teachers on Fb because er, it’s awkward?? But no, people add their teachers and bosses and maybe even their fishmongers? Things I also don’t do which is so un-Fb-like of me: put up lots of pictures, take selfies and use them as my profile pic, post updates about my life every single day (including exact times and calories of meals and whether or not I just cut my nails because that’s what people want to read, right), ‘like’ every single person’s post even if I dislike the person and think what they’re saying is stupid, play Fb games (I’m so outdated, I don’t even know what Fb games are in these days), spend all day Fb chatting, share other people’s posts/news articles (can you tell I’ve never clicked the Fb share button?).

Bottom line is, fake and boring as heck. I don’t want to see your freaking shirtless pictures of you and your 12-pack at the gym every other day, I don’t want to read the post you wrote to bash your parents, I don’t want to accept your invitations to play Candy Crush, I don’t want Fb messenger to be my main mode of communication, I don’t want to see your gory and disturbing posts that you shared from some other source, I don’t care how many bikinis you wore or how many As (or Ds) you’re getting or how wasted you got last weekend (or every weekend). K.

Wait, did this turn into a post about freakin’ social media? Pfft.

Anyway, another thing annoying about today is this girl in class who had the nerve to just send an email blast to everyone in the class to ask for the midterm notes that the professor gave out today. Please note that this girl has spent every single class since the first week of school either talking loudly to her friend to the point of the professor telling her to stop running her mouth because it’s disrespectful to other people who are actually paying attention OR texting on her phone.

If you had bothered listening in HALF the classes, you would not need to send this email. I’m pretty sure that someone is going to send her the answers which she does not deserve because it’s her own fault she didn’t bother taking notes or listening in class or even reading the notes that the professor put up. The answers are in the notes so yeah.

Sorry about the rant. Can you tell that I’m feeling lousy?

Please, yes, I took this post title from the Free! soundtrack album because it describes my emotions at the moment.

Re-reading this post, I remember my aunt telling my cousins a couple of years ago when we were younger, ‘Oh no, you can’t use the word stupid. It’s bad.’ I beg to differ. Stupid is a valid word for special instances.

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