Introducing our cat…

…Huang. This is Huang in all his ignorant/regal cat glory:

Isn’t he a sweetheart (in a completely feline way, of course)? Okay, technically he isn’t ours. He doesn’t belong to us and we have no idea where he comes from or if he’s somebody’s pet but we like to think of him as ours. And okay, he might be a she. A few times after we saw Huang, my sister decided to look up on cat facts and stuff (responsible pet owners always want to know how best to take care of their pet lol). We didn’t know if Huang was a he or she… Now we’re 90% sure it’s a she but we’re banking on the 10% that it’s a he.

Where in the Sam’s Club (I know, it’s funny, I’m sniggering) did the name Huang come from? Here’s the story: we named Huang after a character from Darker Than Black. Don’t know Darker Than Black? I admit, it’s an anime and a darned good one at that (remind me to write a review on it though it would probably just consist of me professing my love for Hei). There’s a cat in DTB who looks like our cat and whose name is Mao but we decided to name him after Mao’s handler, Huang. Make sense? Never mind.

Here’s Mao:


The ‘I’m king, you’re not’ look that lots of cats have perfected

Come to think of it we should have named him Ponta after the black Nyanko-sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou… Just kidding, Ponta is the most innocent cat ever.

We have never had a cat before so this is really new to us. We are learning (well, we already knew but are only now experiencing) that cats do NOT respond to you like dogs do. You can crouch down and coo at him but he won’t come. No, he won’t. You can tempt him with bags of takeout but he doesn’t give a damn. You can nudge him with your foot but he’ll just give you a ‘wtf you doing’ look. You can say hello to him and he won’t even look your way.

Still, Huang has his good qualities. He’s cute, super relaxed and his ignorance isn’t annoying unlike how I felt about other cats. Oh, and he isn’t mean like other cats I’ve met before. In fact, Huang’s tagline could be: Take a chill pill, bruh.

We are not cat people and until this year I had never held a cat before. Cats are such unfathomable creatures and compared to dogs, they’re not quite as lovable. Okay, cat people, I know you will beg to differ but that’s just my opinion.

We have a pup at home (no, he’s like 5 this year but yes we will probably always refer to him as a pup because he is a goofball kid at heart) and we love him to bits (except maybe when he’s pulling down the laundry or streaking out of the house the moment the gate opens and doesn’t come home until he’s done with all his sniffing and exploring). I think part of taking a liking to Huang comes from the fact that after 5 years of being with a pet, you jump at any chance to be a pet owner again (even if the animal doesn’t quite belong to you).cat-2

Us and

I had to do a black-and-white picture. It just felt right haha.

Some tales about Huang: he’s tried multiple times to rush into our house and once even managed to make into the foyer.

Huang doesn’t seem to belong to anyone. He just roams about and lies around the area between our houses. He can often be found sunbathing in a puddle of sunlight or people-watching lazily on the cement or pretending that he’s an iguana/tiger by hiding/crouching in the bushes. Who knows if one day he’ll get bored of this place and leave… -cries- Maybe we should start putting food out for him so that he doesn’t leave.

Huang is possessive. Not surprising since he’s a cat. He keeps trying to mark his territory by rubbing himself against the walls outside our house. According to the internet, that is a territorial sign.

Huang hates the rain. It rained for FIVE minutes and in tiny rain droplets the other day (ugh, summer rain) and Huang was so agitated/annoyed by this that he attempted to come into the house. Pfft, get a grip of yourself, Huang.

Some kids living on the other side of the road spotted Huang the other day and thought it would be a good idea to rush across and ‘attack’ him. They went up from behind him and gave Huang a nasty shock by suddenly scratching the top of his head. Huang’s reaction was priceless. He jerked his head and hissed. You bet he looked royally pissed. Moral of the story: Huang hates

We are now one step away from buying him a funky collar with a bell and dressing him up for Halloween. I’m kidding about the Halloween part. Or should I not be?

If you have any cat tips (basically about anything – from what makes them respond to what human food they like to whether he would appreciate having a little cowbell or not), don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Any cat stories? Pray tell. We’re basically cat people now.

P.S: I am on Instagram again. I lost my password for my original account and have been unsuccessful in my attempts to retrieve it so I decided to just make a new one. Please follow me? @raineandraisin Follow me for more pics of Huang and life in California. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Introducing our cat…

  1. What a little cutie! I had a pet cat like this when I was in Greece. He wasn’t mine but I suspected he was a stray so fed him whenever he came by. They are the perfect pets!

    • Haha he is! It’s pretty nice to be the ‘owner’ of a stray cat since cats just come and go as they please unlike dogs who may not keep coming back.

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