A recent discovery: authentic Thai food at Chad Thai

Hey everyone! Today I’m gonna rave about the delicious food we had at a cozy Thai restaurant because you need to go and check it out. It’s no secret that our family loves spicy food. Amp up the chili level and we will love you. It’s also no secret that hunting for the best Thai food in town is also one of our secret side projects haha.

Back home, we can get so-so Thai food for an unreasonable price and there really aren’t many Thai places to pick from. Because handing our wallets over for meh food is not our style, we usually stuck to one Thai place and ordered 3 small dishes for 4 people. There used to be one or two places that served good Thai food but they closed down years ago.

Naturally we were thrilled to discover that there are TONS of Thai restaurants in Vancouver and around. One week during a grocery run, we were deciding between Vietnamese (another favorite; man, we love our Asian food) and Thai for dinner but I brought up the Thai restaurants on Google maps and just randomly picked one.

Turned out Chad Thai (along Hastings) is a gem of a restaurant. They are SO good. It is super cozy inside and there’s plenty of parking outside. They are run by Thai ladies (I haven’t seen any male staff there) who are just the sweetest.

Sweet and sour pork

This was delicious! There’s a lot going on in this dish – onions, cucumbers, peppers (red and green) and slices of pork. I think there may have been tomatoes but I can’t be sure. They really mean it when they say sweet and sour. It wasn’t overbearingly sweet like some sweet and sour dishes can be.thai-redcurry

Red curry – chicken

Who doesn’t love curry? I have nothing but high praise for this curry. It is the bomb. The consistency is great and the flavors are A+. You can pick the spiciness level for the dishes with a chili icon beside it – from mild to medium to hot to extra hot. We usually go with hot and it’s perfect. I think anything beyond that level would be too hot and we wouldn’t be able to taste the other flavors. It’s on our must-order list every time we go there now.


Gai yang – grilled chicken/beef/pork served with tangy chili sauce.

We picked chicken for this appetizer. The chicken is tender, juicy and marinated very well. This was good but I think the other dishes drowned the flavors of this dish out.thai-eggplant

Pad eggplant

I am in LOVE with eggplants. I have Thai food to thank for my love for eggplants. Before this I used to hate eggplant so much to the point where I would refuse to even have any of it on my plate. Then Thai curry came along with all its glorious eggplant cubes/slices and I just somehow found myself shoveling more and more eggplant onto my plate. Haha. Now I can’t get enough.

This was tasty. If you pick hot for the flavor like we did, you get bits of red chili in the dish. Eggplant can taste quite bland but they seasoned it with just enough salt and pepper that it didn’t neutralize the other dishes. I think it’s the perfect vegetable dish to pair with stronger-flavored dishes like the curry and sweet and sour pork.

P.S: I can’t decide if I prefer calling it eggplant or brinjal. Brinjal just sounds so much cuter. Aubergine is also such a lovely name.


Pad thai

Well, this dish we didn’t quite enjoy as much as we thought we would. 🙁 Before this I have never eaten pad thai (surprise!) so I can’t really compare it to anything. It was too sweet for our liking but it’s a big hit with many folks judging by all the orders we saw coming out haha.

That’s all we ordered. With rice, of course.

Also, when the bill arrives, they give you these AMAZING sweets so TAKE them. SO GOOD. Really just the best. Some guy in front of me paid and left his sweets on the tab so I snagged them – score!

Oh, you should remember this – always check their business hours otherwise you might just show up on a Sunday afternoon when they’re closed haha. Or was it Monday. One of those days. Yes, that was us. We stood outside and were like, huhhhh it’s closed. ==

This is our first food post ever I think. Hope you’re hungry now!

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  1. Oooh I love Thai food!!! I haven’t been to many Thai places in Vancouver outside of my own neighborhood though. Thai Star is REALLY yummy, if you’re ever looking to try a different place. Let’s go to Chad Thai together sometime!! 🙂

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