A few things this mid-May

Hello. I know our blogging has slowed down somewhat but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped spending my free time wondering what to write about here. There are lots of stories from Vancouver to share with you guys but I never quite manage to begin and half the time I wonder if I even have a point to whatever I intend to write about.

Typical thoughts:

Okay I have pictures of food.

So what?

Uh, it was good/bad and we had it at so-and-so restaurant.


Uh, I don’t know. Are food posts supposed to have a point?



Oooh, great picture of the sunset.

So what?

It’s pretty and look at all the colors in the sky.

The story behind it is…?

Hmm I guess I don’t really have a story, I just snapped the picture while coming back from school one day and honestly I don’t even remember what happened at school on that specific day.

So there. HOW do people even do travel posts? HOW?

Moving on the other thoughts:

1. I had a REALLY weird dream last night involving my mom, my sister, Heather, Britt and Emma Roberts. No joke, you gals looked stunning in my dream. And then there were zombies. It started out as such a crazy zombie dream – we were in this building where the zombie outbreak started so we ran for the elevators where we rode it down to the first floor where we thought we’d run out and escape but then suddenly there were no more zombies, just really complacent oblivious people like those Axiom folks from Wall-E. And then we went to have doughnuts (I think) at some rooftop cafe though I have no idea how or why we ended up having a meal lol. I don’t remember the other parts of the dream (what a shame) but it was quite nice.

2. Skye finally finished reading Rurouni Kenshin (guys, take note, best manga ever) and I think she’s still kind of in that post-manga-mode where you feel detached from the real world and don’t really want to go back to it because you’d really rather be right there beside Kenshin and Sano and Kaoru and Yahiko and Aoshi and Saito because their story is amazing and they are amazing.

We’re going to start on Donten ni Warau because….. I don’t know.

3. I’ve been trying to embrace a lot of things about myself lately. I didn’t really think of myself who likes to live in the past but these few days I’ve been catching myself reminiscing a lot about the past. Does that mean I’m living in the past? I’ve just been wondering where the old me has gone. Is anyone sick of me saying that? Because I’m not. I’m just constantly trying to find that part of me that used to be fun and adventurous and full of spunk. But I don’t know where to start. Things have changed since I was 17, I’m just realizing that now. I have changed.

I’m 20. Yes, reality has slapped me coldly across the face ever since I stepped out of high school. You never really feel like there’s a barrier between the real world and your own world until school is over and you find yourself not really sure of what to do with your life. I mean I’m going to college but that’s kind of like the small picture. What’s the big picture? What do I see myself doing? I don’t know.

I’ve also been reading diary entries from a couple of years ago when I was still in school. Ignorance truly was bliss during those teenage years. Now ignorance is foolish. Maybe that’s also what’s contributing to my reminiscing. I look back and laugh at the things that used to be ‘stressful’ and ‘troublesome’ like falling out with friends and unfinished homework and exams and not getting to go out. But that’s just all part of growing up, right?

Ah, what is growing up, really? The world isn’t nice. I know, I know. A lot of you may disagree and say, that’s not true, it’s just the way you view things. But you know what, if the world really was full of niceness, why the hell are there wars and disputes and racism and sexism and jealousy and all kinds of inequalities? Sure, there are nice people, I believe that, and it would nice to think that the world is nice but honestly, the not-so-nice people outweigh the nice folks.

4. Anyway… so… it’s Sunday. Just one of those sluggish days when you don’t really feel like doing anything… at… all… But that’s what I’ve been feeling recently. It’s like I’m being beckoned to snooze… for hours but at the same time, my mind is going, nuh-uh get stuff done!!!!!!!!!!! You tell me who wins.

5. I need lists. I need to make lists and actually manage to cross off stuff on those lists.

And that is all, apparently. I thought I had more stuff to say but nope. Well then. Know that I’m still reading your blogs even if I don’t comment (why don’t I comment???).

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