An ode to Fruit Ninja


I never thought that I’d be writing a post like this – dedicated to an app for slicing fruits on a screen – but here it is.

You were there when I was waist deep in homesickness and trying my best to recall why I even left home (for good reason tbh).

The days were dark and the longing for home was painful.

There were tears and moments of frustration and anger but you distracted me from all that.

You were there with me outside my Physics lab when I arrived too early and didn’t want to look like an idiot hanging around aimlessly in the hallway.

You allowed me some of my happiest moments outside a Physics lab where I somehow always seemed to achieve most of my high scores.

You were there at the bus stop where I experienced some of my shittiest bus moments.

You were there in class with me when the lectures got too depressing and I needed to focus on something else.

You were there in the restaurants (where I probably should have focused more on my surroundings than a screen).

You were there in the dingy hallways before my finals where everyone was busy reciting their notes and thrusting their faces into the pages of their textbooks, where I was seemingly the only one who didn’t want to do last-minute-flipping-through-the-textbook-and-panicking.

You gave me content to post on Instagram with your fun fun facts, bonus score combos and high score achievements.

You have taught me facts about fruits that I would otherwise have never known (and I sincerely hope your facts chart gets updated frequently (p.s: they are validated facts, right?)).

You have challenged me to unlock your achievements even though sometimes the starfruit points tempt me to buy the achievement.

You have amused me when your official Instagram account liked my screenshots.

You have been there for me during the moments I needed comfort most.

You have been here through thick and thin.

You are what I turn to when I need to get away from everything. You may not always take my mind off my worries but you are enough.

I am grateful for your existence.

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