I’ll just be here…

… studying. Finals this week so you can only imagine what my week looks like.

I have a thing for gifs now so here goes:

Two weeks before finals when I had two papers to hand in:

gif-reality-study-anime-gif-808794Story of my communications life (complete with steam coming out of brain):studygif1Story of my life before finals – literally:

tumblr_mq4u4tLHf81rvkw6no1_500After hours of studying:studygif2This is the best gif yet.

After hours and hours of studying and feeling close to vomiting random facts or vomiting at the sight of practice questions, I’m like:tumblr_m8deo7W0xu1qk7yc8o1_500How I’m feeling about the exams:


I have a thing against people who recite their notes aloud outside the exam hall:annoyedgif1

Which leads me to think: shut uptumblr_inline_mtonrmF7Si1rj7vp8

Me, during the exams, hopefully not:tumblr_lwx52sUGNC1r906vao1_500And as soon as I finish my last paper:

iGDcxkQrivy8O And just because they’re cute, here’s Shizuku yelling at Haru for disturbing her concentration because he wants to eat monjayaki:tumblr_mbric3Yn2T1r93b45o1_500The end. Please hold while I power through these papers.

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