I decline this adulthood thing

I turned 20 not too long ago and it’s kind bizarre to actually realize at random moments that I’m actually 20. HOW? WHY? WHEN? Just some of the questions that sock me in the gut when I think about it. I’m an adult… sort of but no, I refuse to believe it…

So I was just thinking of a few reasons why I should still technically be, like, 16.

1. I forget to bring my credit card out. Yesterday we went to Costco (only about the only place to get our staples) and as I was getting out of the car, I had a mini panic attack. Oh shit, I left my cards at home. ~_~ How’s that possible? Do I have a purse? Why, of course. It’s empty. Haha. I feel so inadequate when I go out with friends and their purses are so ‘grown up’. They have membership cards, credit cards, gift cards, ID, cash, coins, photos, cutesy stuff, whatever, I don’t really know what women carry in their purses… And I have this lovely purse that I got for a steal at Nine West and it’s basically empty. I don’t carry my cards in them neither do I have more than $20 in it. All these strange adult responsibilities like remembering to bring your credit/debit card and being in charge of said plastic cards are really weird.

2. I paint my nails like a 5 year old. To be fair, some 5 year olds have some serious art skillz. Then there’s me… and the mess I make around my nails even after painting them consistently over the span of 3 years… I just won’t get it. I can do a fairly good job of not painting on my skin sometimes but most of the time a cleanup is always necessary before I can post pictures of my nails. I’m actually not too sensitive about posting messy nails because I think it’s kind of like my trademark and I’m okay with never getting perfectly painted nails. However… there are some people who just like dictating the way nail pictures should be – clean and in professional lighting. And the whole superficiality of people only liking perfectly painted nails. It’s just like bloggers saying I won’t ever, ever, ever read your blog if the design is crappy. What douchebags. Just saying.

3. I don’t like going out without my mom and sister. No, really. It’s fine if I go out with friends for a while but on normal occasions, I would much prefer if I’m with my mom or sister. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever really gone out on my own alone before… Or have I? Even last year when my mom and I were in California and Skye stayed back, I kept missing her craploads and wishing she could have come along. Sometimes I would catch myself opening my mouth to tell her something exciting or stupid or funny only to realize that she’s miles away at home haha. Nothing is ever quite as fun without my mom or sister. I have a fairly decent sense of direction so it’s not like I’m afraid of navigating my way around town or whatever. I just don’t do things like catch the bus downtown or go to malls or shop around alone because I don’t like it. I am, however, okay with eating alone if I have to.

4. I need my mom to tag along when I’m at the bank. Nuff said, right? I feel lost and dazed when I have to deal with bank stuff. Just no. I’m a kid. Why am I talking to the teller? T_T

There are definitely more than these 4 but it’s all I can think of right now.

Do you classify yourself as an adult or are you with me?

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