K Project movie out in July


If you didn’t already read my excited tweets about the K movie coming out, I’m announcing it here. I LOVE K PROJECT ASJdlksFJLDSKF!!! This post would be in all caps but you would freak out and think that I’m shouting (which I am) and run away. I’ll try to contain my excitement and not burst out in sporadic DFSHDLJGDFLSHLFDs which I am prone to doing (just ask Skye; our IMs are filled with these strange strings of capitalized letters that I bang out on my keyboard when I’m excited).

A few thoughts on the K Project movie:

1. PLEASE LET MIKOTO BE IN THE MOVIE! I LOVE Mikoto. Words just fail me when I try to describe my love for Mikoto. He’s only the most badass character to ever exist, in my humble opinion. He’s the one with red hair standing at the very back in the poster. Also, part of his appeal comes from the fact that he’s voiced by the amazing Tsuda Kenjirou.

My reaction when I think about Mikoto

2. Let Anna be the new Red King!!! Anna kicks ass and I wanna see her as the king of the clan. I’m SO excited about this and hope that the rumors about her being the new Red King are true. Kusanagi as her right-hand man puh-lease.


3. Morita Masakazu as the new character Mishakuji Yukari?!?! YES PLEASE! This came as such a pleasant surprise. Skye and I literally danced around in the room when we saw the news about this. His voice is just UGH. We love him and you should too. I mean, have you even watched Kingdom? He voiced Shin and we were head over heels for his voice the moment we heard Shin speak. He’s the reason why we’re going to start watching Bleach. 370+ episodes of Morita’s voice? Yes please!

4. Can’t wait to see what Angela brings to the table music-wise. We love the opening theme for K Project and a couple of other songs from the promotional trailers. We’re always happy to add good songs to our playlist.

Kusaji <3

5. It would be nice if Yata and Kusanagi get a bigger role! Those two are my other absolute favorite characters besides Mikoto, Totsuka, Anna, Kuroh and Awashima. Come on, they’re voiced by my two utmost favorite voice actors: Fukuyama Jun and Sakurai Takahiro.

Yata-chan doing his thing

6. I hate Fushimi for obvious reasons. I do not, however, hate manga Fushimi as he seems like a slightly better person.

7. Let there be flashbacks so that we can see young Mikoto and Totsuka!

8. Somebody needs to make Awashima and Kusanagi kiss already. Their relationship is adorable and I don’t see why it shouldn’t advance.

Awashima and Kusanagi


And here’s a mini interview I did with Skye.

Me: Anything you want to say about K?

Skye: I LOVE K!!

I’m excited about Morita being in K. I’m sure I will like Morita’s character.

I hope there will be Mikoto and Totsuka because… because… suki yade (side note: means I love you in Osaka dialect according to Fukuyama Jun). And I hope that there’ll be more new Angela songs and that the movie will last for more than 2 hours and there will be a Kusanagi+Awashima part and that the other red clan members will have more significance and that Kuroh will tie his hair up. Oh, and I hope there will lovely character songs and that the green clan members will be cute. I know that’s shallow but what can I say?!

After 1 minute, she adds: I want someone to buy me tickets to watch the movie… I hope that someone uploads the movie quickly.

That’s a lot of ‘I hope’s right there.

Anna and Mikoto


Okay, that’s it from me! Please give K a go if you’re free. Or if you like, read my review of it here and here.

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