Things I miss about home

Today’s post is… about homesickness and all the things I miss about home.

It’s weird to say ‘home’ because where I come from doesn’t exactly feel like home so when I say ‘home’, I usually mean the house I grew up in. But in this case, it’s the things I miss about home and some of the things from where we come from. Have I confused you enough yet? Don’t leave, we’re just getting to the bittersweet sad nostalgic+homesick parts.

I miss the coffee hangout sessions with Skye and our mom. Truth: all the weight we gained last year and the year before? It’s all the weekend trips to the mall that usually end with us sitting at a table in Coffee Bean or San Francisco Coffee, sipping on coffee and occasionally having cake (especially around Christmastime). I miss sitting at ‘our’ table, chitchatting about everything/nothing and just whiling away the afternoon. curry1

Curry. I miss good spicy curry. I miss all kinds of curry. I miss curry with rice/noodles. I want curry now. I like my rice swimming in curry. I like anything with curry. Curry everything!!!


I miss dim sum. I’m sure there are lovely dim sum places here but they’re probably expensive as all heck. Okay, back home, dim sum isn’t exactly cheap but I’m going to place a safe bet that it’s somehow cheaper than here. I cry, just thinking about how I took dim sum for granted. Fried yam dumplings, I love thee.

I miss Nando’s peri-peri sauce. Seriously. They’re freaking expensive here and for such a small bottle too. I wish we had hoarded Nando’s sauce and brought them along.

I also miss my bed. I miss my bed so much. And my pillow.

And the malls. Not the people in the malls. But just the malls in general. There are 10x more things to see and do than here.

Oh, and I also miss the fact that at home, we have an upstairs and downstairs. Here it’s just one measly tiny space. I can’t believe I took my house for granted. All that glorious space, how I regret not using theeeeeeeee.


Most of all, I miss our pup. He’s the naughtiest little thing ever but he holds such a special place in my heart. I miss seeing his silly antics, his ‘it wasn’t me who brought down the flower pot’ look, his bright and mischievous eyes, his wet – sometimes dry – leathery nose, his lopsided grin, his endless energy, his ridiculously strong will to do anything to get his way (beagles, you know), the way he drags us during walks, the way he slowly succumbs to baths (the most precious sight is seeing his ‘get this bath over with already!’ face), the way he will sometimes wink at us, the way he always sits up and begs whenever he sees food, the way he figures things out quickly almost like an intelligent child (he learned to open the door and to whine whenever he topples his water bowl over and wants us to refill it).

I miss his presence. I wish he could have come with us but that’s just wishful thinking.

Here he is, looking in with that wildly curious and intelligent look.pup2

Who wouldn’t miss this face? I miss you, baby!

Okay, I’m crying (sort of). I will sign off now.

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2 thoughts on “Things I miss about home

  1. Aww, it’s definitely hard to get used to be away from “home” but I think ultimately it does make you a stronger and interesting person 😉

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