What fall?

All I’ve been seeing lately on the blogosphere is ‘fall is here’ or ‘here’s a list of my favorite things about fall’, followed by a slew of fall-related things. Well, there is no fall here – surprise! So what is life without four seasons?

We have:

  • No fall foliage

  • No pumpkin carving

  • No pumpkin patches

  • No variety of squashes

  • No PSL which I recently found out stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • No fall decor


I made this set on Polyvore

  • No weather cool enough for fall fashion

  • Also known as too hot for boots, sweaters, beanies and scarves of any kind though you will find the occasional person many people who think that it’s winter in the mall and will be walking around in sweaters, boots and scarves… No idea why.

  • No apple picking


  • There will always be a Thanksgiving dinner in our home.

  • If we’re lucky and happen to find turkey in the grocery store, you know there will be a turkey dinner with potatoes and vegetables.


  • Halloween-themed cartoons/movies


I haven’t even put these nails up on my nail blog

  • There is always, of course, Halloween-themed nail art

Having no fall doesn’t bother me… except when it’s hot outside which it usually always is. Okay maybe it does bother me a little but we get by just fine.

Do you think you can survive without four seasons in a year? Tell me all about it in the comment box.


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4 thoughts on “What fall?

  1. So where exactly is ‘here’? I mean, I’m not asking for your street address or anything, just like a state or something! I wanna place this lack of fall.

    • I would tell you but that would take the fun out of keeping people on their toes now, wouldn’t it? 😉

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