T’s Fashionable Fridays #4

Hey guys. If you’ve been reading my Tweets (you can check it out on the sidebar >> and follow us if you think we’re awesome), you’ll see that I have utterly and completely failed to realize that I didn’t piece a Fashionable Friday post together for this week. Darn.

Don’t worry. I’ve still got you covered. Here are some pieces from my Polyvore account that I created. I’d love for you to tell me if any of these are down your alley or waaaaay different from your style.



I totally named this outfit after the Backstreet Boys’ song Madeleine and because of the show Madeleine. The cute French girl in yellow? Yes, that one.





Would you wear any of these outfits? Which one do you like best?

Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “T’s Fashionable Fridays #4

  1. If I were choosing one to wear I’d go with the second one, I actually bought that Maybelline nail varnish last weekend. I like the watch from the first one and the rucksack too.

    • Yay! The 2nd one is definitely more me than the others but I like playing around with other styles… that I probably wouldn’t wear but can dream of wearing 😛

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