Blogs I’m loving this week

These past few days I’ve been getting lots of comment love from you guys and for that I just wanna say Thank you so much! I appreciate every single comment and the fact that you actually take the time to read my super long posts (I can’t shut up, I know – to think that our posts used to be 3 pictures long, no, seriously). You have no idea how big a part of my day you make just by leaving a comment.

Moving on, I’ve got a couple of blogs that I love so much that it would be selfish of me to keep them to myself. I hope you love them as much as I do.

  1. Bronwyn from IMaybShe – First off, what an awesome name! (I’ve only ever known one girl whose name is also Bronwyn and I’ve always thought it was special) Bronwyn keeps it honest on her blog and her brilliant writing style makes every post so interesting. You will want to know her. Can’t you tell from her blog title that she’s quirky?! Oh, and she makes these super cute coffee cozies – one of which was the prize for her first giveaway. I’m still mad that I didn’t join the giveaway for a chance to win it, haha.
  2. Bailey from Aka Bailey – Bailey was one of the first few commenters on my nail blog and I’m so glad she came over because then I went to her blog and fell in love with it and well, there’s no going back. She’s awesome and seems like such a fun person. Her blog posts range from life in Vancouver to trips back to her Massachusetts to her workout routines (this lady is a beast when it comes to work outs!) to her fun drawings to her awesome thrift store finds. Aaand I might or might not have learned the word HOLLA from her first. I would go thrift store shopping with her in a minute if she asked me to go along.
  3. Rebecca from Highs and HumDrum – Rebecca recently joined the Weekly Wishes Link Up and that’s how I found her. Also, she was super nice to me when I wrote to her about swapping buttons and who doesn’t like a kind soul? If that alone doesn’t make you visit her blog, I don’t know what to do with you. She’s been joining in on the Blogtember fun and I adore the genuine way she writes. I might have shed a tear or two when reading her post for Day 10 of the Blogtember challenge.
  4. Melyssa from The Nectar Collective – She recently started a discussion that encourages people to contribute their views and opinions on a certain topic. This week the topic is Define what it is to be a woman. Need I say more? She’s fabulous and got such an infectious positive energy about her. I’m dying to join her Snail Mail Collective but I can’t just yet but I’ll definitely join it eventually. Were there too many ‘but’s in the last sentence? 😀
  5. Metin from We Met In A Park – Metin is an English major from New Jersey. I found his blog through a Tumblr picture taken by him and have bookmarked his blog since then. I LOVE the way he writes, definitely some writer’s envy going on inside of me. He spent an entire semester in Paris (ugh, take me there) and has put up gorgeous photos of his time spent in Europe. You have to check him out. Oh, and I like that we share something in common – ‘complicated’ names. He has equipped himself with an introductory sentence to avoid awkward name-butchering. Thus, we met in a park. Geddit? Brilliant. Early this year I too came up with my own sentence to use when introducing myself – makes life easier for me and the people who fumble over my name.

There are other amazing blogs out there that I read but if I listed them all it might take me days to write this post and you might not even bother reading my wordy post. So please don’t think that I hate your blog if I didn’t link you up this time.

Stay tuned for a majorly important post about something that’s gonna change about our blog. -cue dramatic Disney movie soundtrack when the evil stepmother sweeps down the stairs in a long black cape and raven claw staff-

Seriously though, if you miss that post and you notice something different about us, you’re gonna wanna read that post. Don’t worry I’ll link it up at the end of every post for a week… or a month… just in case. 😛

Thanks for reading!

x T

P.S: We’re still doing button swaps so email us if you’d like to swap buttons with us. The button size details are on the sponsor page.

Double P.S: If you would like me to check your blog out, please send us an email. I love finding new blogs to read even if it does take up most of my morning just catching up on all of everyone’s posts.

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3 thoughts on “Blogs I’m loving this week

  1. Yay! I adore you too!! I have loved getting to chat back and forth and getting to know you via our blogs. Very cool! Thanks so much for mentioning me. AND for liking me. As dorky as that is. I’m a 12 yr old at heart and I am thrilled by every friend.

    • You’re most welcome. What can I say, I tell it like it is. If I like something, I like something ^_^ Thanks for liking us back, haha.
      p.s: darn, I forgot to turn off the comments for the pages – sometimes I get spam there and it’s bothersome – but I read your comment and I know what you mean. If I hadn’t seen ‘buttons’ on other blogs, I woulda thought they were real buttons. That would be uber cool.

  2. Such a lovely surprise to see my name on this list, thank you so much T. I’m looking forward to checking the other blogs on it over the weekend, I’m already a fan of Melyssa’s blog and have joined in with the SMC for the first time this month.

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