Adventures with art #1

Image taken from Tumblr

Image taken from Tumblr

Brilliant. This couldn’t be more brilliant, thanks to T’s suggestion to have my own little ‘series’ of blog posts. I’ve been lazy about blogging because I feel like everything I want to say needs to be said in a single post for full impact. There’s so much I want to talk about, yet it would seem really tiring for readers to read a thousand words in one post, so I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my art progress weekly (hopefully).

Very recently, I reached the peak of my love for art. Something in me just snapped and I haven’t stopped drawing since. Every day I spend at least one to two hours drawing, or you could say ‘studying’ human anatomy through sketches. If my wrist allowed it, I wouldn’t stop drawing. Not for a minute, not for a second.

So, what is the driving force behind this inspiration of mine?

Determination. “If you love art and want to learn it, you will never stop,” I read on Tumblr. I never used to take art seriously. When I was a kid, my mom told me to learn from tutorials and I clearly remember telling her, “I hate drawing/learning these circles and squares (also known as art guidelines). I’m fine without them.” It’s a memory I look back on and smile at fondly today because now I spend nine hours a week drawing dozens and dozens of circles. (*Bonus tip: Listen to your mom’s advice!!)

Anime. I’ve been watching so much of it; I feel like an otaku (people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom; thanks, Wiki!). Not so long ago, I started watching Spice and Wolf and It’s clever, witty, smart, educational and lovable. The main characters are sooo adorable together. Personally I think male anime characters in mediocre anime don’t get as much attention/fan art as female characters due to obvious reasons (such as cuteness or legginess or however it’s interpreted). So yeah, this is definitely one of the strong reasons why I’ve been so inspired lately because I want to do my favorite anime couples some justice.

For some weird reason, I’ve also been inspired by Shingeki no Kyojin (in English, Attack on Titans), “the latest ongoing and popular anime out there”, so says my otaku friend. I’ve only watched the first episode and it was quite depressing, watching giants eat little humans up. ~__~ But I do love the art style and the character designs, especially Mikasa, the female lead who is mysterious with her moody but level-headed facade.

Tablet. Ooh, because I’m getting myself a drawing tablet next year! How exciting! I want to be better at art by then and be able to create some nice digital art to share with the world.

The main thing you need to improve in art is to not give a damn and move on. If you keep correcting your art, it will look worse and worse and it’s going to become a vicious cycle in your daily art life. Identify your mistakes, correct them by learning from real life references and move on. In my personal experience, one of the best ways to improve is ‘shrimping’. You can read all about it here.

x C

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