Music Monday #3

Heart Bling – Sofi Bonde

Because sometimes rom-coms have the best soundtracks. Yes, this is off the When In Rome soundtrack. We have watched When In Rome so many times that we can recite half the script and tell you what happens next.

What’s your favorite rom-com?

x T

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4 thoughts on “Music Monday #3

    • I know! This is just one of the many and off the top of my head songs. I haven’t heard that before. I’ll have to check that out. 😀

  1. Soundtrack-wise? Serendipity. Score-wise? The Holiday. Overall, probably Wimbledon. Or maybe You’ve Got Mail. You’ve Got Mail is classic. I love a lot of rom-coms a lot.

    • How could I have missed Serendipity? I love Kate Beckinsale! Thanks for your input – now I’ve got to watch it. 🙂
      I’m right there with you on You’ve Got Mail. Classic.

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