Overcoming Anger and Stress 101 #1

Anger and stress are two things that we should learn how to control. Having dealt with more than my fair share of these two things throughout my life, I’ve realized it’s obvious that in order to build more positive lives, these two emotions need to be kept in check. Wait, I said dealt with, right? Which means that just in case you’re thinking that I’m a regular Hulk, I’m not. I’ve just dealt with many types of Hulks before and anger can be infectious so it’s only natural that sometimes the ripple effect reaches me and I can’t help but get involved.

I’m guilty of letting things get to me sometimes and you know what? I don’t want them to. I’m a glass half full kind of person and letting other people’s anger/stress set me off isn’t healthy… And also I want to help the people in my life become happier folks by not letting their anger/worries get to them.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to have this weekly edition of Overcoming Anger and Stress where I will discuss ways to turn anger and stress into something more positive. Everyone is invited – you don’t have to be the Hulk or the Sulk – to join in and offer their opinions/tips/constructive criticism. Hopefully in the process, we can learn something from each other and help ourselves/our loved ones manage anger/stress better.

And let me be clear before we go any further, I am not a psychologist or health expert of any kind (business major, holla! looking to change it to something more me though). I would just like to reach out to people who have this anger/stress negativity in their lives whether they are the cause or they have to live with/know others who suffer from extreme anger/stress. Because getting stuck in a pool of negativity doesn’t do anything for us.

Ready to get this ball rollllling?

Of course we all have our bad days or bad moments when sometimes all we want to do is punch someone… figuratively. But it’s when unnecessary anger or stress arises and takes the wheel of our lives that we have a problem. If you’re not sure whether this is happening to you, think about the recent times you were angry or stressed.

  • Was there any basis to being mad or stressed for an extended period of time?
  • Have you been shouting or venting or worrying more than you should have?
  • Have you sat there and seethed longer than your usual ‘angry’ period?
  • Did you feel out of control when you were angry?
  • Have you been sleeping badly because you’re kept up by your nagging worries?
  • Have you been violent during arguments lately?
  • Do you know how to let go of things or do you cling onto the past?
  • Do you hold your anger in until one day you can’t hold it in anymore and just explode?
  • Have you been having frequent breakdowns when you think too much and worry starts to gnaw on your insides?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or in your head, you’re thinking, oh my god I didn’t realize that this is what I’ve been doing), don’t worry. There are things that can be done to get a grip of your anger and stress and keep them in check. There is no fast-track to dealing with these issues – you can’t just think, okay I won’t be angry the next time someone provokes me or I’m just not going to be stressed thinking about all the work I have. If everyone could control their emotions so easily, we’d be fricking robots omg!

Think of it like staying sober. So you can manage your anger and stress levels for a week, but can you make it a habit and keep it up for life? That’s what we’re aiming for here.

This week, try to take note of :

  • the things that trigger you
  • how long you spend seething over them
  • what you say when you’re angry
  • what is bugging you a lot
  • how much time you spend worrying about these things

First tip to overcoming anger and stress: BREATHE. This should be a no-brainer but we’re only human and sometimes we can tend to forget to take five. Before you get angry, breathe. Before you let yourself panic, breathe. Deep, measured breaths that will get oxygen to your brain and help you calm yourself.


x T

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