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Guys, come on, who doesn’t like Elementary? Okay, don’t answer that. I know there are some freaking diehard Sherlock fans out there who are ready to bash Elementary at a moment’s notice. Seriously, though, please don’t leave me a miles-long comment about why Sherlock is superior to Elementary because I’ve seen all that I need to see on Tumblr and it is naaasty.

I like Elementary so there. Admittedly the first episode wasn’t exactly stellar and usually I cast aside TV shows whose pilot episodes don’t catch my attention but I decided that I was going to be more optimistic and give it a longer test period. So I kept watching and it kept getting better and at the end of the season I was crying, silently begging for more. Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller who has the most fascinating array of facial expressions) and Joan (Lucy Liu) are so cute together – I love the dynamics of their multifaceted relationship which is strictly not romantic. Finally, a decent TV show without any wild and unnecessary sex scenes (Suits, I’m looking at you and looking hard).

P.S: I love Sherlock’s cute/fugly sweaters.


Person of Interest

Person of Interest, you will not force that ridiculous routine of one-episode-every-other-week-or-whenever-you-feel-like-showing-up-on-TV onto us this season!!

This is our FAVORITE TV show of all time. Jim Caviezel, hellllllll yeah. Did you see him in the Count of Monte Cristo (which I typed as Mount of Conte Cristo before realizing and backspacing it)? You should. The book is ALHDSFLDJG SO GOOD and the movie was just as good. And Michael Emerson from Lost? I never watched Lost though…

I do have to warn you that you will get hooked to this show and you will never be the same person again after watching it. Hahah! How true that is, you’ll have to decide for yourself by watching it. Note that I’m trying to persuade you to watch it in every sentence because it really the most mind-boggling, well-written show.


White Collar

Gah, the storyline has been getting poorer and poorer so I’m hoping that this season they’ll do something to bring it back to its old awesomeness. Why does this happen to most TV shows anyway – start out great but slowly get crappy and off-topic?

P.S: At the risk of sounding shallow but not caring, we’re still going to watch it because of Matt Bomer.



Yes, Arrow has slowly crept up our list of TV-shows-to-watch. It started out as a filler for us while we were waiting for other shows to come back on air but what the heck we watched it till the end and we don’t have many complaints about it except some parts of the acting and script. We need to see some Olicity (Oliver + Felicity) because Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy have zero chemistry so that part really needs to go.

Can’t wait to see what next season brings.

Now moving on to TV shows that we need to catch up on:


The Big Bang Theory

Hah, I’ve been stalled at season 6 for months now. I really need to catch up to whatever season they’re at. C is still stuck somewhere in season 4, not sure if she’ll keep watching though.



We kind of stopped watching after they took out Bobby but we’re thinking of picking back up where we left off. Is anyone up-to-date with Supernatural? What’s the deal with the Winchester brothers and Cas now?

We’reĀ  happy that they’ve put Misha back in as Castiel. The only reason we kept watching after season 3 is Destiel’s (Dean and Cas) bromance. C and I are not on the Sam bandwagon, in case you were wondering.

What shows are you looking forward to most? Who else is with us? Do you watch any of the same shows that we watch?

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    • Another POI fan!! We have yet to watch Scandal – heard that it’s really good. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for it on TV.

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