Looking back

If you’ve been reading following our blog since we first started it or if you happen to scroll back to previous entries, you’ll find that C and I went through multiple phases in our teenage life. I find it so strange to go back and look at what we used to talk about. Haha, there was some serious teenage angst so if you happen to find some ‘angry’ posts, please don’t think too badly of us. We were young and wild and carefree and totally tactless… on this blog. I think this was just mainly our outlet to let out whatever feelings we had because when I think about it we were and still are decent kids. The most rebellious thing that we’ve done was rant the crap out of things on this blog, bad language and all. I didn’t even know we had teenage angst until I looked back and was like, WHOA who is talking there? Those are some nasty and crazy things you said, guuuurl. I’ve grown out of that – I think, I hope, I’m sure. 😉

Since I’m thinking of reviving our blog again, I just wanted to highlight some of the awesome teenage phases that C and I went through – kind of like a trip down memory lane. If you were obsessed or have kids who are obsessed with the same things as us, let me know in the comment box. Let’s relive some of the good ol’ days togetha!

Our blog was created in late 2008 and that was when our Simple Plan obsession was just budding. My friends were crazy for Simple Plan years ago but C and I were like bleh. Then when we saw the When You’re Gone video on TV a couple of times we started to get more and more into it. After that there was no stopping us.


Ah, this brings back fond memories of Seb, Jeff, Pierre, David and Chuck

When I say obsessed, I mean trawling the Internet for all Simple Plan related pictures and saving them into dozens of folders, checking their website for tour dates and wishing they would come to our town, watching every possible Simple Plan related video and making our mom watch it with us, trying to find every bit of information about each member so that we could feel like we knew them, trying to learn French so that if we ever met them we could converse in fluent French with them (ahaha, fat chance!), and of course getting all their albums and listening to the songs so many times that the number of plays skyrocketed above all the other songs we had on our player.

From our favorite album to our least favorite album from them:

  1. Simple Plan
  2. Still Not Getting Any
  3. No Pads No Helmets… Just Balls
  4. Get Your Heart On!

I mean, have you tried to count the number of Simple Plan posts we have on our blog?! It’s insane, haha! Of course we never got to see them in concert – insert sad face – but we did watch the Simple Plan New Year’s Eve concert in 2008 on Youtube and pretended that we were there. Fun times.

Oh, shoutout to Seb who was our favorite member of SP. He inspired C and I to take up guitar lessons. Ifff you want to know how that turned out, let me put it simply: our teacher was a douche, we tried and failed to learn from Youtube videos and ultimately just gave it up. Our guitar has been sitting in the closet for a couple of years now… Still, one day I would love to pick it up again and try to get somewhere further than the basic chords and strumming.


Our dream guitar in Seb’s hands – the Takamine

Seb also led us to the discovery of Weezer. We heart Weezer!

Then our love for Maroon 5 intermingled with our obsession with SP. I mean, come on Makes Me Wonder. That was like one of the anthems of 2008/2009. Yes, we did have this crush on Adam Levine which our mom didn’t quite care for. She never liked and still doesn’t care for Adam and now if you ask us, we have to agree with her. Haha, change of heart along the way I guess… and it might have something to do with their latest album and some other small details but why go into that? We had our Maroon 5 folder but there were considerably fewer pictures compared to SP pictures.


Jesse, Mickey, Adam, James and Matt

I’m proud to say that we are true Maroon 5 fans, not just Adam Levine fans. We know all the other members’ names (do you? :D) and our favorite member has definitely got to be James Valentine. Look at him, all slick guitar moves, long legs and glorious gold hair that I know I’m envious of. 😉 I’m still waiting for James to tell me what hair products he uses to maintain his hair.

I loved most of the songs off Songs About Jane, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and Hands All Over but Overexposed has got to be the truest definition of the current Maroon 5. Overexposed indeed. I have no love lost for that album, not even Payphone!

Eventually our obsession turned to The All American Rejects. It was SP all over again – the videos, the band trivia, the pictures, the tour dates, everything!! Only we got to see them perform live – more than once!! And seeing them perform live was AMAZING, like mind-blowingly good. And of course after having Nick Wheeler (our favorite AAR member and also second most inspiring person during our quest to be future guitarists lol) wave at us and having our pictures taken with the band backstage, we fell even more in love with them. They were really nice to us so that chalked up another point on our scoreboard for them. Who likes having their dreams of their favorite band members being crushed by unfriendly and standoffish behavior?


Clockwise starting from top left: Mike, Chris, Tyson and Nick

From our favorite album to our least favorite album from them:

  1. When The World Comes Down
  2. Move Along
  3. The All American Rejects
  4. Kids In The Street

And then in between there were a few periods of mild obsession with other bands like:


They’re so underrated and they seem to have disappeared off the face of the music world which is sad because they had some good music to offer. Well, I guess people listen to crap nowadays so all the decent ones get kicked under the rug, never to be seen again.

We also loved Boys Like Girls, One Republic, Cobra Starship, Jesse McCartney and Katy Perry enough to start collections of pictures of them. Oh, there were movies and actors and books and things that we were obsessed with but I’m not going to go into that (we’d be here for days!) Then slowly but surely you can see that our obsession faded. I mean, we found new bands and movies that we love but we don’t stalk the sites or save dozens of pictures or keep track of what’s going on every other day. Weird how teenage phases fade out, huh? Or maybe they don’t… some of my friends still obsess over people (think the latest boy band craze which we are NOT into at all haha).

What are some of the things you were obsessed with during your teenage/pre-teen years? Do you still have these obsessive phases or have you grown completely out of them?

x T

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