Just California things


1. People who only brake when they are AT the traffic light. Why do people not brake until they’re at the corner or the light? Why don’t you slow down? And why do you tailgate?!?! This is new to me since the last time I was here. The driving seems to have gotten worse.

2. The word ‘processes’. Pro-cess-sees is how I’ve heard some pronounce it. I’m more used to hearing pro-cess-ses. And other strange pronunciations.


3. I cannot eat pizza here. To be honest I can’t really eat pizza back home either. I’m mildly lactose intolerant so certain dairy products (read: excessive amounts of cheese) set off angry alarms in my stomach. The pizzas here are way oilier and cheesier than the ones back home so you can only imagine what happens (not trying to be disgusting or anything). We got a whole pizza at Costco a few weeks ago and ate it for lunch and dinner. Then yeah, I got sick from it.

Obviously didn’t learn my lesson because we had pizza from Me & Ed’s two weeks ago and yeah, same thing happened. Did I learn my lesson? Nope. We bought a box of pizza from Trader Joe’s and made it yesterday. Ate it and woke up feeling terrible and yeah, I got sick from it. No more pizza for me unless I make my own. Why do they make pizzas so oily and cheesy?

‘Hello, I’d like to order a pizza, please hold the copious amount of cheese you’re about to dump unceremoniously onto my pizza, thanks’ is probably what I should say, right?


I could not resist, I’m sorry

4. Trader Joe’s is everything. Their pumpkin cheesecake is amazing. Their olive oil potato chips are super. Their sausages are delicious. Their bananas and juices and granola bars… seriously yummy. Their tikka masala reheatable dinner is questionable though so I wouldn’t recommend it.

5. Mid-October and it’s still hot as heck. While everyone is already swinging into fall, here we are, still bearing sunny 90 degree days. -melting- Okay, it’s gotten cooler and it’s time to break out the cardigans, yahoo!

how u doing joey tribiani6. ‘How are you’s. I still haven’t gotten into the habit of adding a ‘how are you’ to the end of my ‘hello’s. I’m trying. It’s so weird. If one day I manage to pull off a ‘how you doin” as smoothly as Joey, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll also be invited to my ‘how you doin” party.


7. All the grapes are belong to me. Yes, that’s a Weezer reference. Grapes everywhere but too bad they’re going out of season already. Goodbye grapes, hello apples.

8. American terms. Um, apparently serviettes don’t fly here. Neither do sockets and ports. Napkins do. Power outlets do. Jeez. But for a full list of pretty accurate words that I interchangeably/am forced to remember to use, see here. I have always used American spelling, grew up around more American stuff and have a good grasp of American terms but I do use a handful of British ones.

P.S: Which is it – bathroom roll, bathroom tissue, toilet roll, toilet paper or bath tissue? Trust me, this is a hard one. The hotel staff were like, what the hell you talking about?

Wow, amazing, I actually found some of my own pictures to use. Also, I realize that some of these things are not limited to California but I happen to be fond of the title.


Life goes on

More things that tick me off (read: what ticked me off today):


for your entertainment

A man being condescending to a woman because she’s a woman and he thinks that he is superior to her in certain (read: all) areas.

I’m sorry, just because you’re family does not give you any more right to think that a woman’s opinions are below you. In fact, it makes it worse.

Sorry, bruh, it’s the 21st century. Ain’t no Prince Charming going to come and kiss you to wake you up from your beauty slumber where you are obviously still living in the stone ages where men were superior to women. You might need a tight slap across the face from a woman to wake you up though.

make-you-flight-attendant-hate-you-19aI haven’t been very vocal like other bloggers about female power but it doesn’t mean I’m not behind it all the way. I am. I honestly believe that women can bloody well take charge and lead the way. Being a woman shouldn’t mean having your opinions scoffed at/cast aside as unimportant or having to do all the household chores or having your knowledge of ‘guy’ things believed to be less than a man’s.

I am so grateful for growing up around strong and capable women (and Asian, to boot). Like my mother, for example. She rules and you know it. My great-grandaunt who lived with us was a model example of what a kickass woman should be – compassionate, soft-spoken but capable and independent as all heck. She started her own business which is saying something since this was like 50-60 years ago back and at over age 75, she was still walking to the bank and handling her own stuff well.

That is not to say I’m against men or whatever the anti-feminism people say.

Life goes on… and will leave sexist people like you behind.

By the way, if you try to look for words of encouragement or comfort from Asians*, you’re better off giving yourself a pat on the back or wrapping your arms around yourself to give yourself a hug because you will most likely be faced with a) indifference, b) a ‘you got 105% on a test, big effing deal, it’s not enough, do more’ mentality, c) a ‘so-and-so’s child did better than that, why aren’t you doing the same’ declaration or d) all of the above.

* based on personal experience; also referring to most but not all

In other news, I am SWAMPED with homework and tests. Everything in this week, can you believe it? I haven’t caught a break this week and I feel like I might just bash my head on the table. Maybe why this crappy feeling hasn’t quite gone away.

While we’re on the topic of my previous post, my post was actually shared on someone’s site????? This puzzles me as to why someone would share a post about me ranting about my day. Which also made me very self-conscious after I saw the tweet because I immediately thought, did they do it in a sarcastic ‘look at this ranting idiot’s post’ way? But then I thought what the hell, we’re human, we have bad days and we can freaking talk about it if we want. And I could have just been overreacting. Maybe the person could relate to my post and found it interesting so they shared it. Whatever it is, I’m past it.

Part of me wants to eat my weight in pasta and potatoes and Thai curry to make myself feel better, part of me is rejecting the idea of food. You tell me what’s up. Okay, you know what, Thai curry actually sounds good.

In other less depressing and annoying news, today we ran into a new friend from the Japanese club that we joined (our first voluntary participation in a school club no less) and chatted for a bit. It was uplifting and gave me the boost of motivation to pick up where I left off with my Japanese learning (I was doing so well but have been slacking off because of exams and homework). I guess it wasn’t so much of what we talked about but more of his enthusiasm towards wanting to learn Japanese.

Okay, that’s all from me today.

Post title appropriately borrowed from Chemistry’s Life Goes On.


A look at how my Wednesday went

This post was written while I was still in Vancouver and this is actually a good summary of what a normal day in school looked like for me:

1. Was the first to reach the bus stop. A guy came five minutes later. The bus arrived. He got on first. I was NOT aware that you don’t have to queue up at the bus stop. RUDE!

2. The bus driver, who looked a bit like Albert Einstein, was friendly and said, ‘have a good day’ when the bus arrived at school. That lifted my mood. He probably doesn’t know how much his words mean to people who find school a drag. It’s nice when people are friendly.

3. Reached class early, threw open the windows because it was so stuffy, snapped a few pictures of the still-snow-carpeted grounds, sat down and brought out my stuff.

4. A boy walked in. Said hi to him more energetically than I planned. He said hi back.

5. The girl I’ve spoken to a couple of times and is probably the only nice person on campus entered and joked about us always being the first two in class. Managed to have a conversation with her about another class we take together (I only found this out last week).

6. Class started. Was put into groups to discuss a topic. Not the friendliest people in my group but come on, I’ve come to realize that it’s a big deal when you actually find friendly people. Still, the girl beside me was nice and we managed to exchange a few words and she even said, ‘see you next week’ which I took as a good thing.

7. I did tell her that I liked her shirt and she seemed kind of confused/surprised. I guess people here don’t really compliment others..? In all other places I’ve been, I’ve always been the surprised one when people compliment me because the culture I come from was not built on compliments. I grew to accept compliments easier when I was in the US where complimenting people is part of the norm.

8. After class, I went to look for an empty study booth but remembered that I needed to collect my bus pass so I went. Headed for the library after that, remembering my Weekly Wish to seek out fiction books.

9. Surprise! The library sucks. Capital S for Sucks. Disorganized, dingy and disappointing. I didn’t know what I expected but all libraries I’ve been to have been impressive if not well-lit and organized. It was dead quiet but I’ve learned that the college culture here is non-stop studying.

10. Roamed around the library, found the art section, the word ‘impressionism’ caught my eye. Plucked the huge book off the shelf and perused the works of Degas, Monet and Pissaro for a few minutes. Amazing stuff.

11. Roamed down more aisles, found the religion section, studied the titles of a few books, moved down the narrow walkway until the word history caught my eye. There were about 20 aisles of history books… Looked through the European history section for a while then stumbled upon the US history section.

12. Ah, beautiful book spines and coarse covers. Then I found The Oxford History of the United States and flipped through it. Last borrowed: 1980 something. Wow. Well, they have electronic scanners now but still, seeing a 1980 date was quite impressive.

A glance at my watch told me I had 20 minutes to spare before my next class so I found a booth and sat down to read. The familiar terms and names took me back to my history classes. I adored those classes. The book started out really well and reminded me that I don’t only need fiction to sustain my love for reading. Any kind of material will do.

13. Sadly I had to put the book back on the shelf and leave for class. I felt surprisingly lighter after stepping out of the library. I’m glad I sat down to read.

14. Arrived outside the lecture hall early and after a few moments, I decided to pick up a copy of the school paper. I swear I am possibly the only person on the entire campus who even bothers with the school paper… and that’s also kinda only because newspaper comes in handy for things like soaking up oil while frying stuff and cutting nails over and wrapping fragile stuff and other miscellaneous things.

They have a new edition EVERY week which I think is too often because 1) nobody actually gives a crap about the paper (so much so that the editorial people have to promote themselves continuously), 2) nobody picking up the paper means a waste of trees and money (aren’t we trying to be green here? I sure hope they put the stale copies of the paper to good use… hey, why don’t they donate the paper to restaurants to wrap takeout food?), and 3) how much school-related content can you possibly collect in one week?

Nothing new this week in the paper – the usual ‘catchy’ image on the front page, poor content and crude language. I am stunned at the use of foul language in the paper. How is it even professional to drop f-bombs and c-words in articles? I guess that’s why nobody takes the paper seriously…

15. Anyway, class was the usual. There was more rambling than usual but I got through it alright.

16. Hopped onto the bus, found a seat (score) then headed home to ravioli waiting for me on the table.

How did your day go?


Confusion of my mind

I’m feeling a bit blue today, no idea why. I just came home, sat down and suddenly felt kind of bleh.

I had a Ferrero Rocher this evening but it didn’t do much for me. It tasted good but that’s about it.

And then I recently made the ‘mistake’ of creating a new Facebook account for college life and stuff. I hate Facebook. It’s full of fake people and boring stuff. Nobody needs to know what is going on in other people’s lives every minute of the day, jeez.

But yeah I made one because stupid societal pressure. College life somehow requires you to have one to keep up with updates like college events, club events, homework sometimes, group work, whatever the hell else is up there that they can’t post on a freaking web site because they assume that everyone has Fb.

You know why Fb is bad for people like me? Because we don’t add 2000 people that we don’t even know and keep our circle exclusive. When other people see that you only have 100 friends, they wonder what is wrong with you. They might question your friend-making skills but seriously, who the eff even has 2000 friends?

I also don’t add teachers on Fb because er, it’s awkward?? But no, people add their teachers and bosses and maybe even their fishmongers? Things I also don’t do which is so un-Fb-like of me: put up lots of pictures, take selfies and use them as my profile pic, post updates about my life every single day (including exact times and calories of meals and whether or not I just cut my nails because that’s what people want to read, right), ‘like’ every single person’s post even if I dislike the person and think what they’re saying is stupid, play Fb games (I’m so outdated, I don’t even know what Fb games are in these days), spend all day Fb chatting, share other people’s posts/news articles (can you tell I’ve never clicked the Fb share button?).

Bottom line is, fake and boring as heck. I don’t want to see your freaking shirtless pictures of you and your 12-pack at the gym every other day, I don’t want to read the post you wrote to bash your parents, I don’t want to accept your invitations to play Candy Crush, I don’t want Fb messenger to be my main mode of communication, I don’t want to see your gory and disturbing posts that you shared from some other source, I don’t care how many bikinis you wore or how many As (or Ds) you’re getting or how wasted you got last weekend (or every weekend). K.

Wait, did this turn into a post about freakin’ social media? Pfft.

Anyway, another thing annoying about today is this girl in class who had the nerve to just send an email blast to everyone in the class to ask for the midterm notes that the professor gave out today. Please note that this girl has spent every single class since the first week of school either talking loudly to her friend to the point of the professor telling her to stop running her mouth because it’s disrespectful to other people who are actually paying attention OR texting on her phone.

If you had bothered listening in HALF the classes, you would not need to send this email. I’m pretty sure that someone is going to send her the answers which she does not deserve because it’s her own fault she didn’t bother taking notes or listening in class or even reading the notes that the professor put up. The answers are in the notes so yeah.

Sorry about the rant. Can you tell that I’m feeling lousy?

Please, yes, I took this post title from the Free! soundtrack album because it describes my emotions at the moment.

Re-reading this post, I remember my aunt telling my cousins a couple of years ago when we were younger, ‘Oh no, you can’t use the word stupid. It’s bad.’ I beg to differ. Stupid is a valid word for special instances.


Summer anime review: DRAMAtical Murder (DMMD), Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Sengoku Basara: Judge End

And here, we have part 2 of my summer anime review (part 1 is here):

DRAMAtical Murder (DMMD)


Mink, Aoba, Koujaku, Noiz, Clear (with AllMates Tori, Beni and Ren)

Story: 6/10 Unlike the game, there were no r-rated scenes (please go Wikipedia DMMD for more information and you’ll see why).

I don’t know if my summary is accurate but I guess if I had to tell you what it was about I’d say: the story is about Aoba who doesn’t know that he has a secret power that some bad guy (Touei) wants to get his hands on. I’m quite sure that’s the main gist of the story but you don’t really find that out until halfway through the season. Okay, I think there was some connection to the ‘Rhyme’ game that Aoba used to play but that’s about it.

Set in a futuristic world, Aoba is first put on the path to finding out his ‘true form’ (or something like that) when he encounters a Rhyme game and is forced to play it in another instance when he is transported into the Rhyme world. The person who dragged him into the game is none other than Noiz though I have since forgotten why. Anyway, from there he kind of joins Aoba’s, shall we call it, party (think party quest)?

In Aoba’s original party, there’s Koujaku who is his childhood friend (read further for my thoughts about Koujaku) and Ren who is his AllMate (read this up on Wikia if you want to know what it is). Then Aoba meets Clear who appears seemingly out of nowhere and claims that Aoba is his master. Clear has joined the party. The last person to join his party is Mink… sort of.

I’m sorry there is probably more important information about the story but I forgot so you’ll have to watch it. The story-telling was indeed slow and confusing, the characters had unexplored backgrounds, and the lines were cheesy and suggestive to the point of LOL-ing really hard but DMMD is one of those shows which is so bad that it’s actually good. People are hating on how stupid or boring it was but I actually didn’t find it that bad.


The only two characters you should care about: Aoba and Koujaku (I’m kidding)

Characters: 8/10 Aoba is the main character of DMMD. You can immediately tell who he is from his blue hair and seriously ugly outfit. What is UP with those boots? Are those mutant Uggs or what? And how is that cropped puffer jacket even legal? I don’t get it. Well, I guess his kind and caring personality makes up for the fashion disaster. Aoba is a great friend to have because he seriously goes ALL out to save his friends and even people he doesn’t know.

Koujaku is my favorite character, hands down. He’s sooooo dreamy. Especially in that red kimono. Tall, gorgeous, long-haired, tattooed, and elegant. He’s a freelance hairdresser but is somehow always seen carrying a huge*ss sword on his back. I am partial to tattoos on anime characters (think Kensei, Hisagi and Renji from Bleach and Kawafuji from Barakamon) but I think Koujaku’s tattoos are beautiful. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. It’s not really elaborated in the anime but Koujaku supposedly has a dark past. He’s a sweet and gentle sort (except to Noiz) and basically you would want to invite him over for dinner ahaha.

Side note: Skye says I have a thing for “long-haired, sometimes stoic, sunglasses, punks in general.” (cough Abarai Renji cough Misawa Mitsuyoshi cough Suoh Mikoto cough Nura Rikuo in night form cough) I deny! I like sweet characters like Tachibana Makoto and Maeda Keiji and Kise Ryota too T_T

Clear is a sweetheart whose true form I will not reveal to you. He starts out wearing this gas mask which is actually quite a unique piece of headgear then later he removes it. He can sing and you can trust him to be at Aoba’s side whenever Aoba is in danger.

Noiz is a bunny-loving tech geek with multiple piercings and a stoic personality. Didn’t think much of him in the first few episodes but he got better in the second half. Not that he had many lines or much emotion…

Mink is the vague kind of character that is there but somehow not really there, know what I mean? If I had to describe him, I’d probably say: kidnapper, smoker, biker, cockatoo-owner, dreadlocked macho man. I still don’t really get his story but whatever.

REN IS SO HANDSOME. Virus and Trip are a shady pair whose personalities didn’t get much past manipulative and weird.

Aoba’s grandmother, Tae, is an important part of the story since she’s one of the few people who knows about Aoba’s ability. Then there’s Mizuki… Forget it. I don’t even remember much about the whole gang story.

In any case, character development was poor even though their backgrounds were really interesting and should have been explored.

Sound: 6/10 The OP was weird. I didn’t quite care for the songs in DMMD except for Clear’s Jellyfish song.

The voice acting was not too bad but there were too many deep-voiced characters, making it quite difficult to tell one from another. Kisaichi Atsushi as Aoba, Takahashi Hiroki as Koujaku, Takeuchi Ryota as Ren, Hino Satoshi as Noiz, Matsuda Kenichiro as Mink, Nakazawa Masatomo as Clear, Majima Junji as Virus, Higuchi Tomoyuki as Trip, Takahashi Kenji as Mizuki, Iguchi Yuuichi as Sei. Okay, go figure.

Art: 5/10 Okay, they really screwed up the art. Either the studio was on a low budget or there were screw-ups in other departments. The second episode was aired in its incomplete state; the art was unfinished and it just looked bad. They released the completed one the next week but things went downhill from that unfinished episode. The art was inconsistent and the animation half-shoddy.

Overall: 7/10 While the art was sloppy and the character development barely there, I don’t know, I quite enjoyed watching DMMD. It’s one of those guilty pleasures, I guess – it’s bad but you can’t help liking it somehow. We had a few good laughs from watching DMMD but we probably wouldn’t watch it again.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Story: 9.5/10 Such a unique story about a high school girl (Sakura) confessing her love to a completely thick-headed manga artist (Nozaki) but having him take her as a super fan of his manga instead. Sakura ends up agreeing to help Nozaki out with his manga art and from there, lots of funny things ensue. Along the way, Sakura and Nozaki’s friends come into play and even funnier things happen.

There’s Mikorin, Kashima, Hori-senpai, Seo Yuzuki, and Wakamatsu and a few other side characters. Most of them are Nozaki’s manga assistants even though they think that they’re his only helpers until later on when some of them meet at Nozaki’s house.

I loved the brief glimpses of Nozaki’s manga story in the anime. Kind of like an Inception thing. The ending of Gekkan Shoujo was sweet with a touch of hope. I like my anime to end on hopeful notes.

It’s not your typical romcom anime. Every time you think something is going to happen and you know what it is, it turns the other way and makes you crack up instead. I’ve lost count of how many times the predictable turned unpredictable.


Characters: 10/10 Nozaki is the most ignorant character to ever exist. He doesn’t get hints at all! It’s funny and awkward to watch at the same time because he just keeps letting Sakura down lol.

Sakura is adorable! She’s the poster girl for kawaii, seriously. I love those bows in her hair and her dedication to Nozaki even though he totally doesn’t get it. She is such a great girl and I envy her ability to make friends easily.

My favorite character is probably Hori-senpai though. It was unexpected but he ended up being my favorite. There’s something about his maturity (that none of the others seem to possess haha) and the way he treats Kashima that I like. Oh, and he’s cute with his fringe let down.

Mikorin is the kind of person who adores flattery and likes to act like the flirtatious kind but he’s actually painfully shy and feels embarrassed when he tries to be flirty. Ah, he’s so cute. Kashima’s concept is interesting – a girl being the high school prince – and I love that the only person she listens to is Hori-senpai. Wakamatsu is the bimbo freshman basketball player. His helplessness is hilarious.

Everyone had their moments and everyone’s personalities meshed so well with each other’s.


Sound: 9/10 The OP and ED were really fun and upbeat as were the videos. I didn’t notice the background music though.

The voice acting was A-class. I never expected Nakamura Yuuichi to voice such a doofus but he actually played the role really well. Side note: I ADORE him as Kumo Tenka in Donten ni Warau which started airing recently. I’m new to Ozawa Ari who voiced Sakura but I’m impressed by the non-whiny-ness and will look out for more of her roles.

Other names were more familiar: Okamoto Nobuhiko as Mikoshiba Mikoto (hey, I got his name right on my first try), Nakahara Mai as Kashima Yuu (she voiced Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko!!), Sawashiro Miyuki as Seo Yuzuki (Miyuki-san never fails to impress me), Ono Yuuki as Hori Masayuki (lol who would have thought?!), Kimura Ryohei as Wakamatsu Hirotaka (as always, Ryohei-san played the air-headed jock perfectly).

Art: 10/10 Great character designs, great settings, great colors and wonderful animation. The art was fantastically detailed, especially the manga scenes. I like!

Overall: 10/10 An unpredictable and hilarious romcom that has gone into my book of favorites.

Sengoku Basara: Judge End


Sengoku Basara: Judge End From L-R: Ishida Mitsunari, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune

Story: 6/10 This was just a remake of Sengoku Basara: The Last Party and a worse one, if I may say so. I don’t know why they couldn’t have just left it at The Last Party which was already pushing the limit of freakin’ absurdity. There was WAY too much going on in The Last Party for the absurdity to be awesome and funny. Can you even imagine what they did to Judge End? Yeah, it was crappy from the get-go.

The only thing I got from the whole season: Mitsunari and Ieyasu are enemies after Ieyasu killed Hideyoshi. Mitsunari feels betrayed by Ieyasu but more importantly, he wants to take revenge for Hideyoshi so he sets out to rally allies to go to war against Ieyasu. Then there’s Ieyasu who overuses the word ‘kizuna’ to make a point which we kind of got after the first three times he said it. He doesn’t believe in Hideyoshi’s plans to take over the world by force and instead aims to create a world made of bonds.

Basically Judge End tried to do WAAAY too many things at the same time – the battle of Sekigahara, the attempt at reviving Oda Nobunaga, Mitsunari and Ieyasu’s clashes, the introduction of new characters ON TOP of bringing back tons of old unimportant characters. The lack of exaggerated fights also made me think that Judge End shouldn’t have made the cut. We watch Sengoku Basara for the ridiculous fights and epic characters. There was nothing epic about Sengoku Basara: Judge End.

If you were looking for heated Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura action this season, you’ll be sorely disappointed like we were. They had minor roles this season and even then their fights were unimpressive. We did get to see the addition of Saika Magoichi, Kuroda Kanbei and Fuuma Kotaro but they weren’t even important.


From L-R: Katakura Kojuro, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Sarutobi Sasuke

Characters: 8/10 Ishida Mitsunari was even more extreme this season. His actions and words were too much for me. Great haircut, poor personality. Two words about Tokugawa Ieyasu: just no.

Masamune and Yukimura had significantly fewer lines but Kojuro and Sasuke had a few more. I feel like there was less emotion in Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura’s voices. Masamune had a hissy fit this season but was quickly put in his place by Kojuro <3

Saika Magoichi was interesting but she didn’t get much character development. I would have loved to see more of her relationship with Maeda Keiji(<3). Maeda Keiji = my number 1 sweetheart.

The characters mostly stayed true to their personalities from previous shows so… moving on…

Sound: 6.5/10 The OP and ED were unimpressive. The ED sounds more suited for Hakuouki and the OP for DMMD -_-

The voice acting was good but nothing great except maybe if you count Seki Tomokazu’s screaming power. That guy can raise his voice by 20 pitches, seriously.

Art: 7/10 I’m not sure I dig this season’s art since it’s different. It’s not bad but I prefer the old style. Nothing much stood out so not much to say here.

Overall: 6.5/10 It was okay. Let’s endless rumble party… away from Sengoku Basara: Judge End.


Sorry not sorry about my giddy teenage crush on all these characters. I also know I use a lot of ‘probably’s and ‘sort of’s and ‘maybe’s and ‘quite’s (prolific writers shake their head at me) but bear with my uncertainty lol.

Which of these three shows have you watched? What did you think? What fall anime are you watching? Let us know.


Not your average blogger/blog reader

Here are some things from ‘blogging guidelines’ and ‘blogging must dos’ that I couldn’t give two hoots about:

1. Looks. I rarely ever give two hoots about how a blog looks. As long as I find the content enjoyable and relatable, for the most part I don’t care. I have – and do – read blogs with bright blue backgrounds and horrible font color that contrast poorly against the background simply because I enjoy the content.

Your blog is bare and barely has any icons on the sidebar – I don’t care. Your blog design is so cheesy that you’re mistaken for a kindergartener’s blog – I don’t care. Your blog is fancy and you paid $200 for someone to do it up – I don’t care. As long as I can read what you have to say and find the ‘next page’ and ‘about’ button, I don’t care. If the blog design really starts taking a toll on my eyes (don’t read blogs with blue backgrounds for too long), I’ll just add it to my RSS feed and read from Feedly or whatever.

It would help if you didn’t have yellow words against a black background or light gray words against a white one or strange alignment or a cheesy header but maybe that’s just what you like. Cool. You don’t want to/cannot afford to spend $150 on a fancy schmancy blog design? Cool. I can’t either and I don’t want to.

Once upon a time, back in the day (maybe 3 years ago) when I used to do link-ups where you have to follow people on GFC, I loathed bad blog designs. Specifically, I didn’t quite care for blogs that had their social media buttons all over the place and sidebars the length of twenty posts. But that was only because I couldn’t find the GFC button and that was frustrating.

2. Niches. Whoever started this whole ‘you HAVE to have a niche’ should just sit down. I don’t care about niches. You have one? Good for you. You don’t have one? Cool, neither do we. Why does everyone have to have a niche? Who is to say niche-less-ness can’t be good?

I feel like these ‘blogging guidelines’ try to make everyone fit into a box. Not everyone fits into a box. Not everyone can fit into a box. Being a social oddball and having never been in a clique, boxes just don’t do it for me and I won’t have you tell me what to do because you clearly have never felt like a social outcast before therefore you won’t understand. I can’t believe I actually spent time thinking about what niche we should fit into.

What I do care about:

1. Content. I want to read about your day. I want to read about real stuff that’s happening. I want to read about your feelings about the things that are happening. I don’t want to read a bajillion how-tos. How many ‘how to be happy’ posts can one write? That is the question. Don’t answer it. Some, of course, are really simple and inspirational. Many others seem phony and unrealistic and ignorant.

2. Language. I don’t mind foul language in blogs, if anything some people really know how to use them to create great effects. I do mind poor grammar and spelling. It’s DEFINITELY, not DEFIANTLY. It’s SHOULD HAVE, not SHOULD OF, know your its and it’s. English is a beautiful language and seeing it being used carelessly makes me cringe. I do, however, respect people who are learning English and putting effort into writing a blog in English. Kudos to you and you put all the other ‘native speakers’ to shame.

I know bloggers who don’t use capitalization or punctuations. It used to bug me but I guess I don’t really mind anymore because sometimes I tweet like that and it’s liberating. As long as you got your grammar together, you’re good.

The end. Just felt like getting this off my chest.

What do you look for in a blog?


You’re a pretty little flower, I’m a busy little bee

I heard this song the other day when I was bored and shuffling through songs. Beekeeper’s Daughter by AAR if you’re wondering.

A little list of the things I’ve picked up about work:

i-dont-mind-going-to-work1. 9-5 hours suck.

home-from-work2. Don’t take your work back home. It’s unhealthy. Also, by the time work is over, is there even time to do anything??


3. Pen and paper do wonders when you’re bored/the internet is down.


4. … because most of the people don’t get work done UNTIL it’s 6pm. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with these people?


5. You know nothing, Jon Snow. I’m impressed by how little working people actually know. Or maybe it’s just this place…

foodcourt6. The food court won’t change much within 3 years so expect to fight for tables (in my case, let people snag the empty tables because I’m not aggressive enough) and eat less-than-mediocre food for lunch every day.

publictoilets7. When in doubt, go to the clean ladies’ room. Really. Don’t do anything stupid by going to the toilet on the ground floor.


Me after tasting the ‘honey green tea’

8. The drink machine spits out horrible drinks.


9. There are snakes in the office. Figurative ones. Watch yer backs.


10. You learn something new every day…

Bonus: You re-discover music you haven’t listened to in ages.

Looking back, this post describes my feelings exactly at the time I was slogging away at the office.

What’s work like for you? Ever worked a crappy job?