Last week of the semester and some thoughts

The title speaks for itself.

As I write this, I’m stuffing my face with leftover peanut butter & jelly sandwich, Ruffles and Ritz garlic biscuits; resisting finishing Immortal Rain (a manga I discovered last night); and I have 2 papers due (one tomorrow), and some finals next week.

Update: That was a week ago. I have since moved on to pita chips and Carr’s crackers topped with smoked salmon as my afternoon snack. I finished reading Immortal Rain and it was incredible. Loved every moment of it and I highly recommend it. Also, I’ve submitted all my papers and finals are over.

But anyway let’s just take some time off studying to recap how the semester went.

1. I actually made friends. Unlike in Vancouver where I made zero friends in 4 months and not because I didn’t try to put in any effort.

2. I participated in a few activities/events that I would never have seen myself attending. They are not ragers or frat parties, in case you’re wondering. There were some barbeques, dinners, picnics, golfing and orchestras. Needless to say the introvert in me was EXHAUSTED and it’s taken me half the semester to recover from all that mingling and socializing.

3. We joined a club. The meetings were late and we only attended a few but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will be looking at joining other clubs.

4. My classes were 1) so-so, 2) boring, 3) excellent, and 4) boring. Not bad, if you ask me. The workload was okay too.

5. We camped in the library every free moment we had. We tried going to the upper floors a few times because that’s where all the ‘cool kids’ hang but yeah, it wasn’t for us. Find us in the bunker downstairs. Oh, all the library tales we could tell you.

6. We discovered a new eatery on campus (it’s been there for ages; we just never ventured inside) on the 2nd last day of the semester so needless to say we’ll probably go there if we have any pizza cravings. It’s usually also extremely packed, I think, so we’ll have to find a good time to stop by.

Now it’s time for other thoughts:

7. Huang is missing. Yes, Huang, our cat, is missing. We haven’t seen him in over a month. I read (because I secretly enjoy being a cat owner) that cats can go missing for months or years but one day came waltzing back as if they never left. I can only hope that Huang will come back.

8. We go out quite a bit… to Costco. You can say that our Costco membership is quite worth it. No wonder the guy at the checkout counter tells people, ‘see you tomorrow’.

9. We have also discovered Ross Dress for Less and TJ Maxx. They. are. awesome. I bought a Christmas sweater for $10 and it’s gorgeous. The girl handing out food samples at Costco today told me that she loves my sweater. $10 for a pretty sweater, yes please.

10. I have recently discovered coffee. I am certain that in one of my ‘random facts about me’ posts, I stated that I am NOT a coffee person. While everyone is at the Starbucks line ordering a frappe or latte or whatever caffeinated drink of their choice, I’m pondering the juice choices. That being said, on a whim, I decided to have my own cup of mocha (it was from a beverage machine so it was free) and it was heavenly. I loved it so much that I finished the entire cup by myself. That’s unheard of. While I haven’t become a coffee convert, I can now appreciate a cup of coffee better.

11. Holiday shopping and free shipping. Very excellent creations of the 21st century. I approve.

12. Burritos are delicious. So is red curry.

13.What would a recap post be without anime/manga recaps? Psycho-Pass 2 just ended. Let’s just say it was lousy and not get into detail here. Donten ni Warau is also ending today but since I’ve read the manga it shouldn’t be anything too surprising. It was good. Garo is also airing today! Excite! Garo is a pleasant surprise. So is Shingeki no Bahamut (which doesn’t have anything to do with SnK). We’re also getting through the second season of Saiunkoku Monogatari (don’t let the name scare you) which isn’t that fantastic but has its great moments. Other anime worth mentioning: Magic Kaito 1412, Nanatsu no Taizai (A+!!!), Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Orenchi no Furo Jijou, Akatsuki no Yona (not sure where to put this since we’re sitting on the fence with this one). Ah, I’m reminiscing about Darker Than Black so I might have to watch it again sometime.

14. Manga wise, apart from Immortal Rain (which, I have to tell you again because once is not enough, was A fricking +), I’m still reading Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Rinne. I also just caught up with Bleach (ugh, so many things to say, where do I begin?). I’m thinking of doing a top 5 manga post so stay tuned.

15. Oh, about the car thing? Done.

Now to gather myself and do something during the break rather than wake up at 8:30 and reblog stuff all day.

Tell me about your week or month! How is your holiday shopping going so far? Happy Friday!


Winter fashion: sweater dress

Hello all. Today I bring you stressed-out post of the week. While I write this, I’m so stressed, I could a) punch a hole through the wall, b) sit in a corner and cry, c) go to sleep and pretend this is all a dream.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we’ve spent two WHOLE months looking for a car, we finally decided at the last minute to give up the idea of getting a new car and are now back to square one. How many hours have I spent browsing the freaking used car inventory and squinting at the screen and not having time to do anything else, I do not know and would rather not know. -punches hole through a wall- Where was I? Oh, never mind that I over-confidently and accidentally missed Target’s Black Friday sale because I thought it would last till Sunday and I have finals coming up.

Anyway, a girl can still continue dreaming that her shopping basket (be it clothes or a car) will be checked out. Here are some pretty sweater dresses that I found in between car-hunting:

Olive & Oak Cowl Be There Navy and Lavender Sweater Dress

Cocoa and Kisses Wine Red Sweater Dress

All Lined Up Black and Ivory Striped Sweater Dress

Mark Your Mayan Calendar Black and Beige Print Sweater Dress

How has your week been? Any tips for car-buying/car-hunting? We would appreciate any input.


What I need… probably… not really… okay, maybe

This post is not to be taken seriously. Once in a while I sit around and random things that I could use pop into my mind but I know that it’s too long a list and I’m a thrifty college student and I don’t want to buy unnecessary things so I just amuse myself by imagining that I own some of this stuff.

Have a look into my mind:

1) A Backstreet Boys sweater

Because every BSB fan wants Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ and Howie’s face pasted on the front of shirt. JK.

I went to browse the Backstreet Boys official site the other day because I’m a diehard BSB fan and now that I’m in Cali, I wonder if they’re playing at a venue near me that I can go to. The BSB cruise was just last week month… The idea sounds fun but I don’t think I’d like to be crushed in a sea (pun intended) of crazy fans. Remember the concerts that we attended? Yeah, we always stood in the back (no seats and totally disorganized setting, y’know) because 1) there were always tons of smokers, 2) we were there for a concert, not to inhale secondary smoke, and 3) being squashed in a crowd sounds mighty claustrophobic.

Anyway, to their merchandise store: I ‘just want you to know’ that the ‘trouble is’ your sweaters can be ‘everything but mine’ and the prices can ‘quit playin’ games with my heart’. A play on lyrics? I like. I tried. It could have been better but since I’m writing this post before dinner and I’m distracted by the wafting smell of my mom and sister cooking up a lovely storm, let’s just leave it at this and pretend that I’m funny. #KTBSPA

2) A beagle license plate frame

Have I ever told you why beagles are the best dogs in the world? No? Remind to write a post about that.

3) Monkey Majik albums (which apparently cost $80 on Amazon whatiswrongwithyou)

Well, I checked again. They’re only $80 because they’ve included some DVD specials. I still can’t afford the regular CDs.

4) A Lego set (I might be serious about this though)

I saw some at Costco. I also saw a book about the history of Lego sets. I WANT THEM ALL.

5) A one-way ticket to Japan (this too would be great)

I look at exchange program pictures and I secretly weep inside. When will it be my turn?

6) An ergonomic leather swiveling office chair + a foot rest

What can I say? A college student needs proper back and foot support while cranking out a billion assignments and cramming for tests. Let me know you’re with me on this. #operationconvincemymomthatineedafootrest

7) A Snoopy tote bag

The original beagle rocks. If you’re not following Snoopy on Instagram, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING ON INSTAGRAM? JK. It just helps to have adorable Instapics of Snoopy appear in your feed when you zombie into your 8am class and flop onto your seat.

8) More nail polish

I can’t do it anymore. I’m not consistent on my nail blog because my nails have been peeling and apparently I left more bottles at home than I thought. No brown, no orange, no green. Dammit, what was I thinking?

9) All the Target scarves… and leggings… and sweaters…

And you can just hand over the keys to me, Target. I’ll take it from there, thank you.

10) Student discount on everything (including plane tickets)

So that my collective savings will allow me to buy at least one of the above. Clever, right? Here’s a little story for you: a few weeks back, I saw online that AT&T offers student discounts for bills so I was like, YES MORE SAVINGS and dang why didn’t I see this earlier? I already paid my internet bill for this month!! So I tried to do the online thingy to get my student discount but somehow it wouldn’t work. I read the fine print on the page and it said go to your local AT&T store to get your discount. I went.

Listen, I’ve heard unpleasant stories about AT&T’s customer service and well, products in general so can you blame me for being wary about stepping into their store? Anyway, I went in and was promptly greeted by this guy at the door who was toting a tablet and wearing this tool belt around his waist. Whoa, did not know that I’d walked into Home Depot. He greeted me pleasantly enough and asked for my name. I gave it to him, thought he would be attending to me but then he told me to sit down and wait for the next available representative (I totally plucked that from those automated phone call thingys).

I sat down, looked around at the little island tables and suddenly saw my name on the screen above my head. Um… OK. Apparently they don’t do numbers. They put your name up on the board for everyone to see. That’s what everyone who wants to feel important likes, right?

Yeah, and then finally this guy came up to us and asked me what I was here to do. Um, get my student discount, of course. After some back and forth with the guy about the student discount on bills because he couldn’t seem to get my account right, I kind of guessed what the problem was and told him that I had an internet account with them. You know what happens next. He told us that the discounts are only for PHONE bills. Great.

I left. I was dissatisfied. I want my student discount on everythinggg.

Bonus: A butler to pay my rent, utility bills and take care of all that nitty gritty adult stuff. Oh, if he could take my midterms and finals for me too that would be awesome. Sebastian, I’m looking atchu.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for what I have now and hopefully tomorrow it will rain gold coins or something. Jk.

What’s on your mental totally-unnecessary window-shopping list?


Little black dresses for the holiday season

I don’t know about you but I’m doing Black Friday shopping from the comfort of my own home. Isn’t online shopping great?! Click, click, and you’ve got stuff on the way to you.

Anyway, if you’re also bumming around at home, clicking away on shopping sites like us, here are a few dresses you may wanna consider adding to your basket.

Queen of Sequin Black and Gold Sequin Dress

Recipe for Spectacular Black Sequin Midi Dress

Darling Saphyia Black and Gold Sequin Dress

Because The Night Black Sequin Skater Dress

Sequin everyyything. Happy shopping!!


My sister’s tip on how to build self-confidence

1. Watch Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).
snk12. Shout ‘Tatakae’ to yourself after your shower every day (tatakae means fight in Japanese).
eren3. Ta-da! Self-confidence built.

ConfidenceResizeAdvice was given to me in the bathroom. Advice not to be taken seriously… if you haven’t watched Shingeki no Kyojin.

Haha, I found this funny so I had to share.

How do you boost your self-confidence? Let me know.


Fall fashion: black and ivory sweaters

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post that I love prints? Well, I found more prints that I’m obsessing over because they are so freaking gorgeous.

Flip a Coin Reversible Black and Ivory Print Cardigan Sweater

I have been seeing TONS of cardigans like this around school but not in this print. Maybe I should be the first to style it? I also love anything reversible. A piece of clothing you can wear two ways? I’ll take it, thanks.

All Lined Up Black and Ivory Striped Sweater Dress

My sister has been joking (I hope) about buying me a dress for my birthday. She kind of pointed out a dress that looks like this. I was like nonononono at first because I haven’t owned a dress in, um, years but after calming down I realized that I kind of like it.

Matter of Prints-cipal Black and Ivory Print Sweater Dress

Am I going overboard now? I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if someone gifted this to me…? Hahaha! Seriously though. The print is GORGEOUS and I like that the neckline and hemline are modest.

What do you think? Potential Christmas presents for family/friends… or yourself? Haha. Let me know if you’re just as in love with prints as I am.


I am the kind of person who…

1. Listens to Aitakute – Monkey Majik on repeat in the library/at home and attempts to sing it with dramatic hand gestures. It’s embarrassing but I don’t care. Sometimes I think I would make a great singer… then I realize I can’t hum more than 2 lines before going out of tune. Oh well.

2. Associates Fridays with new episodes of Donten Ni Warau and Garo then gets excited.

3. Puts my phone on silent mode so you shouldn’t be offended if I don’t pick up your calls. I prefer not to be reached at my phone but apparently society expects you to be on standby by your phone.

4. Prefers to be reached by instant message. Seriously, why do people not IM? And please don’t say: there’s fb chat because not everybody wants to be logged into fb while chatting (jeez why can’t people get that). Apps like Whatsapp (which apparently isn’t big here because text messages are free) are such a bother to use because, duh, it’s on the phone and the keyboard is only thaaat big.

5. Is kind of old-school and outdated and feels that people make me feel bad about being either one. Am I supposed to feel bad for not being on Instagram or all sorts of social media?! No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not knowing the latest movies/music? No. Am I supposed to feel bad for not getting whatever crappy new age reference (eg. bae which is such a stupid word, where do I begin?) there is? No. But then those judgmental looks come out and make you feel bad. ‘Have you been living under a rock?’ So what if I have?? My preference lol.

6. Finds social media bothersome and often wonders how people can even juggle so many accounts. I’m tiring of my Instagram account already and I only follow like 15 people! Let’s not even talk about how stupid I think Fb is (oh wait, I did) and how I had to make one for school purposes.

7. Has recently been going back and forth between wanting to have bangs but is too afraid of looking weird with bangs.

8. Occasionally thinks way too much of what people think of me but eventually thinks, who the eff cares?! It’s a struggle.

9. Has been sporting Christmas nails two weeks in a row and is loving the current design. I did the design in two minutes. You wanna see?

10. Is attempting to build a reasonable amount of self-esteem. So. hard.

11. Was asked yesterday what fb means. Um, Facebook, if you were wondering…..

Happy Friday.


Springing into fall with pretty skirts

I am well aware that it’s already midway through fall but I couldn’t help being cheeky about the title. Springing into fall instead of falling to spring, geddit? I’m lame haha.

Anyway, since I’ve been meaning to talk about my interest in skirts lately. I stopped wearing skirts for a few years because well, I don’t know how people can feel comfortable wearing skirts back home. Since coming to California, I’ve been wearing skirts more than ever. It’s awesome to wear skirts and I’ve been on the hunt for more (don’t tell my bank account lol) so today I’m sharing a few that I’ve got my eye on.

Billabong Fading Too Soon Red Print Skirt

I know I’ve mentioned feeling too short for maxi skirts but I really think I could work this. So breezy and beautiful. Beachy fall look anyone?

Rhythm Polka Daisy White Print Skater Skirt

This is such a cute skirt! I have never owned a white skirt before so I think this would be a great addition. It’s California so the weather is still mild now so I think it’s wearable in the fall!

Baroque and Roll Black and Ivory Bandage Skirt

Oh my, how I love prints. The registers on this skirt class it up and since it’s black and white, it’d be pretty easy to style.

Jacquard Shark Fuchsia Jacquard Skirt

Give me all the jacquard prints, please! I LOVE this print and color. I probably need this…

Glamorous Long-Stemmed Pose Wine Red Mini Skirt

Nothing screams fall outfit more than a wine red skirt. I don’t see myself doing high-waisted anything but the model is rocking it. The subtle flare gives this skirt an elegant spin, don’t you think?

Here for the Jacquard-ty Black Jacquard Midi Skirt

Oh here’s another jacquard skirt. LOVE. I’m usually not one for overlays but this is gorgeous. So much class in one piece of clothing and I love the black-on-black thing going on with the model.

Which ones are your favorite? What is your go-to skirt length? Tell me I need at least one of these skirts.

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